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What Is The Difference Between America The Beautiful Pass And Senior Pass

Seniors line up to buy lifetime national park passes before price hike

The most widespread national park passes are the America the Beautiful Pass and America the Beautiful Senior Pass. Both passes provide access to more than 2,000 recreation sites with the National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, US Forest Service, and US Army Corps of Engineers. However, the Senior Pass offers more than the standard pass.

The Senior Pass includes discounts on special use permit fees, concessionaires, transportation, tours, and camping. Discounts vary by the site, so inquire whenever youre making any reservation. However, the deals can amount to quite a savings if you take advantage of them!

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Its spectacular for those who love the wilderness and getting up close and personal with it. Enjoy Yellowstone for RV travel.

How To Qualify For A National Parks Senior Pass

All of the passes under the National Parks system are known as America the Beautiful passes. The pass is your ticket to all of the National Parks, as well as more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. There are different passes available for members of the military, students, volunteers, and regular citizens.

The senior pass falls under this umbrella. Like most senior discount policies, you have to be a certain age in order qualifyin this case, 62 years or older. You also must be either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. Youll need to provide documentation providing your age and residency as part of the application process.

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General Information About The Senior Pass

The Senior Pass is a card available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents aged 62 years and older. It provides access to recreation areas managed by six federal agencies, including National Parks. It also provides the pass owner a discount on some amenity fees, such as camping.

As of August 2017, the cost of a lifetime Senior Pass is $80. An annual pass is $20. A yearly pass can be traded for a lifetime pass if four annual passes were purchased in four consecutive years. Annual passes cover two people. Yearly passes do not cover expanded amenity fees .

If you have one of the older Golden Age Passports, know that they are still valid for a lifetime and are equivalent to the new Senior Pass. Plastic Golden Age Passports are good for a lifetime. However, if you want the new Senior Pass, you may purchase one with proof of identification . Paper Golden Age Passports will be exchanged free for the new Senior Passes with proof of identification .

How Much Does The Lifetime Pass Cost

Buy your $10 lifetime National Park Senior Pass before its too late ...

Lifetime Senior Pass provides seniors with free entry into all National Park sites for the remainder of their life. Prior to August 28th, 2017, the Lifetime Senior pass was only $10. The cost of the Lifetime Senior Pass now is $80. Seniors can also get an Annual Senior Pass, which provides seniors with free entry into the parks for one year. The cost of the Annual Senior Pass is only $20. The reason for the increase was due to the Centennial Legislation P.L. 114-289, which passed by the US Congress on December 16, 2016. The increase helps the park service maintain the beauty of the national parks and the land which it stands on.

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Castillo De San Marcos National Monument Florida

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Virtual Exploration: You can visit the National Park Service website to virtually explore an array of parks via live webcams and photo galleries. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with possible destinations or to prepare for an upcoming trip.

The National Park Senior Pass: Lifetime Access To America The Beautiful

The National Parks are the crown jewels of the United States. With the National Park Senior Pass, seeing them all is even easier!

One of the advantages of living in the United States is the National Park System. Championed by Teddy Roosevelt, and established by Woodrow Wilson, theyâre the nationâs crown jewels. Our country has some of the most iconic parks on the planet. Thereâs the Grand Canyon, the Hawaiâi Volcanoes, and Yellowstone. Each has its own charm and personality.

With so many different national parks, it may seem impossible to see them all. If you want to, though, you have an ace in the hole â the America the Beautiful â the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass.

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Which National Parks Accept The Senior Pass

The America the Beautiful â the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass gives you access to it all. The Senior Pass covers entrance fees and the standard day-use recreation fees at more than 2,000 sites around the country. The pass gives you access to sites managed by:

  • The National Park Service
  • US Forest Service and
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers.

The Senior Pass is accepted at any of the 118 locations with an entrance or standard amenity fee. The other 299 National Park sites, as well as many other locations, donât have an entrance fee. If the entrance fee is per vehicle, the pass covers the pass holder and the occupants of the non-commercial vehicle. If itâs a per person entrance fee, it covers the pass holder and three other adults.

The Senior Pass covers your entry to the 118 state parks with entrance or standard amenity fees.

They can also give discounts on certain recreation fees at some locations. These recreation fees may include services like camping, swimming, or access to a boat launch. Other sites discount amenity fees for facilities. The Senior Pass does not cover special recreation permit fees or concessions, however.

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Decide Between A Yearly And Lifetime Pass

National Parks raise lifetime senior pass prices 700 percent

Your first step is to determine if you need a yearly pass or a lifetime pass. There are benefits to both. Of course, the annual pass is less expensive. That makes it a good fit if youre not sure how much youll use the pass. If you only plan to visit a handful of National Parks or if you have under a year’s worth of travel plans, save your money by choosing an annual pass.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of plans to see a variety of National Parks across the country, consider a lifetime membership. Remember, an America the Beautiful pass includes more than just National Parks.

Over 2,000 recreation areas are included, so you might discover you get a lot of use out of this pass, even in your own town. Ultimately, the lifetime pass is a great long-term option where you dont have to worry about price changes in the future.

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Final Thoughts On The Lifetime Senior Pass

Staying active as we age is important for not only our physical health but our mental health. For those who love to take nature trails, go camping, and experience our countrys beautiful land, then getting a Lifetime Senior pass at a National park is the way to go. Most national parks are open annually, although hours may vary during prime season or due to weather conditions. Some parks even offer large conference halls or buildings for special occasions. Calling ahead is recommended, especially if you plan on having a special event like a reunion. According to the national park service, most parks have no entry fee. In fact, only 118 out of 417 national parks throughout America will charge an Entry fee to seniors and other patrons. The national parks that do charge this fee are usually the most popular sites, such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park.

Seniors should plan their adventure early. Some national parks can become crowded, especially during the prime season. Using your Lifetime Senior Pass in the off-season may be a better idea. Sunset and Sunrise times are more crowded, as we all expect them to be. However, seeing the sky full of stars on a clear night can take your breath away. Campgrounds around the parks can also be in high demand. Making sure you choose the right location is essential during the parks busy season.

What Is The National Park Senior Pass

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Theres so much natural beauty and magnificence across the country, but nowhere is it more evident than throughout our National Parks.

The United States has 63 National Parks, each featuring grandeur unique to the region.

One extraordinary gift to this countrys senior citizens is the National Park Senior Pass, which makes exploring the countrys natural wonders affordable to Americas elders.

Lets dive in to the details!

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Senior Military Access Or Other Passes

Senior, Military or Access Passes require additional verification steps. Weve outlined the details of these passes below:

Purchase at Entrance

Available at most National Park Entrance Stations. Call park or federally managed land to confirm availability. List of all federal recreation sites

  • For U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 or over.
  • May be obtained in person at a federal recreation site.
  • Provides entrance or access to pass owner and accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle at Federal operated recreation sites across the country.
  • Passes are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Purchase at Entrance

Available at most National Park Entrance Stations. Call park or federally managed land to confirm availability. List of all federal recreation sites

  • For U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 or over.
  • May be obtained in person at a federal recreation site.
  • Provides entrance or access to pass owner and accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle at Federal operated recreation sites across the country.
  • Passes are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen

Purchase at Entrance

Available at most National Park Entrance Stations. Call local office of park or federally managed land to confirm availability. Must have documentation of permanent disability. List of all federal recreation sites

Purchase at Entrance

Everything You Need To Know About The National Parks Senior Pass

National Parks Lifetime Senior Pass Increase

If you love adventure and getting outdoors, the National Parks Senior Pass may be just for you. For individuals over age 62, you can apply for an annual pass that grants you access to national parks at a discounted rate. And for true outdoor enthusiasts, the National Park Senior Citizen Lifetime Pass offers lasting value.

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What Are The Discount Guidelines

The pass program is managed by six Federal agencies that operate under different regulations and have different fees. Therefore, the discount program for the Senior Pass is not handled in the same way on all Federal recreation lands.

In general discounts are honored as follows

  • Individual Campsites: The discount only applies to the fee for the campsite physically occupied by the pass owner, not to any additional campsite occupied by members of the pass owner’s party.
  • Campsites with Utility Hookups: If utility fees are charged separately, there is no discount. The discount may apply if the utility fee is combined with the campsite fee.
  • Group Campsites and Facilities: : There is no discount for group campsites and other group facilities that charge a flat fee. If the group campsite has a per person fee rate, only the pass owner receives a discount others using the site pay the full fee.
  • Guided Tours: The pass offers discounts on some guided tours. Only the pass owner receives a discount if one is offered.
  • Transportation Systems:

Discounts On Annual Passes

The following discounts on the purchase of annual entrance passes are offered to persons who present satisfactory written documentation that demonstrates their eligibility:

Discounted and free passes must be obtained in person at a state park with a staffed ranger station. See our list of eligibility documents required for presentation in order for the passes to be sold/issued. Discounted and free passes cannot be issued or renewed online or by mail.

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What Is A National Park Lifetime Pass

National Parks have various passes you can purchase, but did you know you can buy a lifetime pass? You can, and we think its worth it for any eligible person!

National Parks are a fantastic way to see some of the best landscapes and environments the United States has to offer. Admission fees often vary from one park to another, so people often purchase an annual pass to make entry easier and cheaper throughout the year.

But imagine buying one pass the valid for the rest of your life. Keep reading to find out why we think a Lifetime Pass is an excellent value.

Lets explore!

What Does The National Park Pass For Seniors Cover

Lifetime National Park senior passes are going up from $10 to $80

If you want admission to 2,000+ recreation sites that six federal agencies maintain, youll need the national park pass for seniors. At locations where access is per-vehicle, the pass covers the pass holder and the occupants of the non-commercial vehicle. However, the pass only covers the pass holder and up to three adults in locations that use a per-person fee.

Pass holders love the discounts on some amenity fees. The pass includes discounts on special-use permit fees, transportation systems, guided tours, boat launching, swimming, and camping. Depending on how often you use these services, this pass can save hundreds!

Keep in Mind:If youre not a senior and considering if a park pass is worth it for you, check this out!

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How And Where To Get A National Parks Senior Pass In 2020

Your golden years are all about putting yourself first. This is the chance to explore the world beyond your backyard. One of the best ways to see this great country is with a National Parks Senior Pass. This pass is specifically designed for those over the age of 61 to gain entry into National Parks all over the country.

Jump ahead to these sections:

If youre hoping to cross some of the countrys best parks off your travel bucket list or your retirement bucket list, now is your chance. The cost of visiting multiple National Parks adds up quickly, so a pass saves you big on some of the best sights in the world. In this guide, well explain how and where to get a National Park senior pass this year.

Free Lifetime Access Pass

A Federal Recreational Lands Pass covers entrance fees to more then 2,000 sitesincluding national forests and grasslands. There are a number of passes available, many of them discounted or free for certain groups. These include seniors, youth, volunteers, military and their families, and those with permanent disabilities.

Those with permanent disabilities can receive a free, lifetime pass to these Recreational Lands.

The Interagency Access Pass can be issues to citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. who have been medically determined to be permanently disabled as defined in 29 U.S.C 705. This defines a permanent disability as a permanent physical, mental, or sensory impairment that substantially limits one or more of the persons major life activities.

Passes must be applied for in person. The issuing officer will need to see appropriate documentation. Applicants are required to show one of the following forms of identification:

  • A statement signed by a licensed physician attesting that the applicant has a permanent physical, mental, or sensory impairment that severely limits one or more major life activity
  • A document issued by a Federal agency, such as the Veterans Administration, which attests that the applicant has been medically determined to be eligible to receive Federal benefits as a result of disability. Other acceptable Federal agency documents include proof of receipt of Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income due to disability.
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    Annual Entrance Pass Options

    Individual Annual Entrance Pass – $60, plus tax.

    Family Annual Entrance Pass – $120, plus tax.

    *A group is defined as:

    • All the occupants of one vehicle , including the passholder.
    • Up to two motorcycles, including the passholder.
    • Up to a total of eight people entering on foot or bicycles, including the passholder.

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