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Transportation Discounts For Canadian Seniors

The Top 6 Senior Discounts

Via Rail: Via Rail offers a 10% seniors discount on the Economy Plus fare and on regular Sleeper Plus and Touring fares . In VIA 1 and sleeper classes they may offer you up to 75% off your travel companions fare!

Greyhound: Greyhound offers a 5% discount to seniors on any unrestricted passenger fares . Also have significant discounts when senior travels with other adults or related children, some restrictions apply.

Amtrak: Amtrak offers a 10% seniors discount on select Amtrak trains . Also offers seniors discount though other passes and discounts may offer superior value

Aquabus: offers seniors discounts on individual pass and many other passes

Translink: offers concession fare of $1.75, monthly passes

OC Transpo: Free on Wednesdays, Monthly pass: $40 regular or express routes.

Per trip: Regular route $2.55 or 2 tickets Express route $4.80 or 3 tickets.

Para Transpo $4.65 between 6:30 – 9:00 a.m. $2 after 9 a.m. & weekends

BC Ferries: British Columbia residents over 65 can ride for free Monday to Thursday, although the vehicle fare applies. Holiday Mondays are excluded.

Provincial Buses: Provincial Bus Pass program for low-income seniors receiving GIS or other allowances , one-time-payment of $45 for year, some restrictions apply

British Columbia Transportation System: offers discounted fare rates and a bus pass program to seniors

Calgary Transit: Seniors are eligible to apply for Calgary Transits Regular Senior Yearly Pass and Low Income Seniors Yearly Pass .

Pharmacy Discounts For Seniors

As we age, our healthcare expenses tend to increase. Thankfully, senior citizens can save when they fill prescriptions and shop at some of Canadas largest drug stores.

Lawtons Drugs: Lawtons Drugs advertises a 55+ Appreciation Day, which they say is held at least once per month. It features a 20% discount on several store items, including prescriptions, giftware, select mobility products, stamps/post office, gift cards, and more.

Rexall Pharma Plus: Rexall Pharma Plus has partnered with the Canadian Association of Retired Persons to provide a 20% discount on thousands of in-store items every day. As I mentioned earlier, there is an annual fee for a CARP membership, but at only $19.95, the cost is reasonable.

Shoppers Drug Mart: If youre looking for a senior discount at Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadas largest drugstore chain offers 20% off on hundreds of in-store items every Thursday. To qualify, you will need to be a PC Optimum member. The Shoppers Drug Mart senior discount is available to anyone 65 and older.

Retail Store Discounts For Canadian Seniors

Carlton Cards: offers a 10% seniors discount on all purchases every day

Michaels: Seniors get 10% seniors discount on all purchases every day

Giant Tiger. senior discounts varies per store

Pet Valu: Seniors get a 10% discount on the last Thursday of every month and when you can sign up for the Pet Valu Rewards program

Global Pet Foods: Seniors get 15% off their purchase on the last Tuesday of every month for rewards card holders at participating locations

Thrift Stores

Salvation Army Thrift Stores: Senior citizens get 10% off their order at participating Salvation Army Thrift Stores . Some stores may offer no federal or provincial tax.

Value Village: Seniors are eligible for a 30% discount every Tuesday at participating Value Village outlets

Goodwill Alberta: Goodwill in Alberta offers a 15% discount every Wednesday to seniors

Goodwill Amity: Seniors get a 10% discount at Goodwill Amity every day of the week .

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Travel And Transportation Discounts For Age 50 And Up

  • Budget: one rental day free with rental of intermediate through full-size 4-door car for 3 consecutive days, including a Saturday night
  • Budget: up to 20% off moving-truck rentals
  • Zipcar: 43% off car share membership

Up to 10% off at

  • Best Western
  • The Luxury Collection
  • Sheraton

AARP membership also gives you discount options for car insurance, dental coverage, vision care and eyewear, prescriptions, and many other must-haves.

Age: Varies Usually 50 65

45+ Senior Discounts &  Freebies

The age to receive senior citizen discounts at restaurants and other retailers varies according to each retailers policy. Some senior discounts are available for those with an AARP card, so these seniors would be aged 50 and older since thats age AARPs requirement. Other establishments have age requirements of 55, 60, or 65 years of age. Senior can often find discounts for restaurants, hair salons, hotel accommodations, airfare, cell phone service, and movie theaters. Seniors tend to be on fixed incomes, so this is a great way for retailers to encourage seniors to do business with them.

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Death Benefits For Senior Citizens

While death can be a tough subject to handle, its good to know that death expenses are part of the benefits for senior citizens in the Philippines.

Families of deceased senior citizens can claim a 20% discount on funeral and burial services. This death benefit applies to hospital morgues, caskets or urns, and embalming and cremation services.

If the deceased senior citizen was a member of the SSS, the family can claim an SSS death benefit, provided that the late member had paid at least 36 months of contribution before the semester of their death.

Apart from SSS death benefits, the family or whoever paid for the burial expenses of the senior citizen can claim a funeral benefit. The amount for this benefit ranges from 20,000 to 40,000, depending on the late members number of paid contributions and average monthly salary credit.

How To Compute Senior Citizen Discount

Senior citizens in the Philippines are exempted from paying Value Added Tax . To get your VAT computation, divide the selling price by the VAT rate. Below is a sample computation:

Product price: 500

Formula: Selling Price ÷ VAT Rate = VAT Exempt Sales

Total: 500 ÷ 1.12 = 446.43

Senior citizens are entitled to a 20% discount upon purchase of goods and services. To compute the discount, deduct the percentage by multiplying the VAT-exempt sales by 20%.

Formula: VAT Exempt Sales x 20% = Senior Citizen Discount

Total: 446.43 x 0.20 = 89.29

To identify the billable amount, subtract the VAT exempt sales by senior citizen discount.

Formula: VAT Exempt Sales Senior Citizen Discount = Billable Amount

Total: 446.43 89.29 = 357.14

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The Complete Guide To Senior Discounts In Canada

If youre a senior looking to save money, look no further. I have put together the following list of discounts available to seniors in Canada, fully updated for 2021. Here youll find details such as the specific discount, the minimum age requirement, and a link to more information. I will add more discounts to this list as I come across them. If there are any youd like to see added to the list, feel free to include them in the comments.

Travel Discounts For Age 65 And Up

The Best Senior Citizen Discounts
  • Amtrak: 15% off selected trips
  • American Airlines: various discounts, call to book
  • Greyhound: 5% discount
  • Southwest Airlines: various discounts, call to book
  • United Airlines: various discounts, call to book

Many local public transportation systems offer discounts or even free rides to people above a certain age. In most cases, the transit authority will want you to visit their office to show your ID or Medicare card and get a senior transit pass made with your photo on it. If you hardly ever use the buses or trains in your area, this may not be worth the steps involved, but if you rely on public transit it can save you a substantial amount of money over a few months or a year.

When youre visiting museums, zoos, and botanical gardens, remember to ask about senior admission rates. Better yet, ask about free days, especially at museums. Many big-city museums have one day a month when admission is free to everyone thats just about the best discount you can get.

Also, when we say you should ask about senior discounts, we mean ask whenever you can. There are some unexpected savings out there if you care to find them. For example,

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Location Matters For Senior Discounts

Be aware that for many businesses, the senior citizen discount varies by location brands may let individual franchisees decide whether to provide senior perks. As a result, one of your local restaurants might give you a higher percentage off than the same chain would across town.

Before heading out on a shopping spree, check with your local store about the discounts for seniors on offer.

Senior Discounts On Insurance

Even if you have one of the best cars for seniors, operating and maintaining a vehicle can be hugely expensive. That’s particularly true for older adults on fixed incomes. Fortunately, there are plenty of insurance companies that recognize that reality and offer reduced rates for senior citizens.

  • AARP insurance discounts AARP partners with insurance companies to offer members-only rates on auto, life, vision, health, home, and dental insurance for seniors. Whether these are the best deals for you depends on your individual situation, so be sure to shop around.
  • State Farm While it’s not specifically a discount for seniors, State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program can cut some drivers’ insurance bills by up to 30 percent. Using data from your vehicle’s OnStar system, State Farm looks at your mileage and driving patterns to calculate how much you can save on your premium. Seniors who don’t typically drive very much could save big.
  • GEICO GEICO offers a range of car insurance discounts for the 50-plus crowd. In some states, it also offers a guaranteed renewal contract to seniors who have been accident-free for three years and do not have any drivers under 25 in their households.
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    Museums & Entertainment Discounts

    Canadas Wonderland: If youre at least 60 years old, you qualify for discounted rates on both day and season passes at Canadas largest theme park.

    Canadian Museum of History: The Canadian Museum of History offers pass discounts for Seniors for $2 off the regular adult rate.

    Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the CMHR is the only national museum located outside of the national capital area. Seniors 65 and over can purchase a regular pass for $14. The regular adult ticket is $18.

    Canadian Museum of Nature: Discounted tickets are available to seniors 65 and over.

    Canadian War Museum: Seniors 65 and over can buy a museum pass for $15, a two-dollar discount on the regular price for an adult ticket.

    Hockey Hall of Fame: Seniors 65+ get discounts on individual and group ticket purchases.

    Royal Ontario Museum : The Royal Ontario Museum offers an 8% discount on senior citizens 65 and over entrance fees.

    Parks Canada Discovery Pass: Passholders receive unlimited access to over 80 Parks Canada sites across the country. Seniors 65 and over receive a discounted rate, while youth 17 and under are free.

    Vancouver Art Gallery: Senior Monday happens on the first Monday of each month, and people 65 and over can enter with a donation between 10 AM and 1 PM. Special guided tours are available. Seniors also get a discounted rate during regular hours.

    Watch For Senior Day Specials

    What Is the Senior Discount Age? (And Other Important Information ...

    Pay attention to special senior discount day ads in your area.

    Many supermarkets, restaurants, and department stores have specific days when seniors get anywhere from 10% to 50% off.

    You might need to sign up for the stores own reward card to get your discount, but it usually only requires filling out a short form.

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    Can I Retire At 55 And Collect Social Security

    So can you retire at 55 and collect Social Security? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The first age to start withdrawing Social Security retirement benefits is 62 years. Once you are 62 years old, you can claim Social Security retirement benefits but your salary and the job can affect how much you earn.

    When can a 55 year old collect Social Security?

    You can start your Social Retirement Benefit at age 62, but the amount of benefits you receive will be less than your retirement benefit.

    What happens to my Social Security if I retire at 55?

    The SSA does not provide for retirement benefits. You will receive all the benefits that the government forgives you after you reach the age of retirement. At that point, SSA recalculates your benefit.

    How Can Seniors Use The Internet On Their Phones

    An internet-capable phone is perfect for active older adults who need access to emails on the go, want to video-chat with family and friends, or enjoy surfing the web throughout the day.

    Tech tip: Considering connecting a smartphone to your internet? Check out our top five smartphones for seniors!

    Of course, not all cell phones are smart, so as you shop for the best senior-friendly cell phone for your needs, be sure to ask the provider if the phone has internet access.

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    Queueing Benefits For Senior Citizens

    In the Philippines, senior citizen benefits extend to queueing priority. The elderly have special lanes in banks, LRT and MRT stations, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and drug stores. But in establishments without senior citizen lanes, R.A. 9994 requires them to prioritize elderly clients.

    So, when cashiers, bank tellers, or government staff call a senior standing behind you in line to be served first , they arent being inconsiderate or rude to you. Theyre just exercising the privileges they have under the law. Be more considerate to elderly people, even those youre not related to.

    What Is The Minimum Social Security Check Per Month

    Senior Citizen Discounts (Starts at age 55?)

    The first special PIA completed in 1973 was $ 170 a month. Starting in 1979, its value has increased with price growth and is $ 886 per month by 2020. The number of beneficiaries receiving special PIA has decreased from about 200,000 in the early 1990s to to 32,100 in 2019.

    What is the minimum amount of Social Security you can get?

    Imagine that a person who has reached the age of retirement at the age of 67 was old enough to offer the minimum Social Security benefits of $ 897. If they can add 62, there will be a 30% reduction in benefits. This means that for 2020, the minimum Social Security profit of 62 is $ 628.

    What is Social Security basic benefit amount?

    The basic benefits of Social Security are called the Basic Insurance Fund . Typically PIA is a function of the average monthly salary . PIA generated $ 3,313.80.

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    Senior Discounts For Major Life Expenses

    Our discount list wouldn’t be complete without diving deeper into the benefits of AARP, the leading senior savings program. From vehicle and property insurance to hearing, optical, and pharmacy savings, AARP’s membership helps save on major expenses.

    AARP Health and Wellness Senior Discounts

    • CareLinx In-Home Care
    • Health savings account offered by Optum Bank
    • Hearing care program provided by HearUSA
    • HearUSA Hearing Shop
    • MyVision Care provided through EyeMed
    • Prescription discounts provided by OptumRx
    • Short-term care insurance from Medico
    • Target Optical
    • Vision discounts provided by EyeMed
    • Walgreens Pharmacy

    Embracing The Golden Years For A Senior

    When you reach senior citizen age, it’s time to make the most of the number of years you have left and prioritize your health and social life. With a variety of investment opportunities, living options, age-appropriate hobbies, and more, it’s important to take key steps to stay healthy and live longer.

    This can include joining a retirement community to meet friends of a similar age, taking up a new sport, or traveling the world with greater financial freedom. Youll soon come to see that being considered elderly isnt always a bad thing since keeping busy and having fun will make you feel younger in the long run.

    A person who takes the time to surround themselves with people their own age and pursue many social activities for seniors is more likely to enjoy their retirement and maximize their average life expectancy.

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    At& t Unlimited 55+ Plan For Florida Residents

    With rates per line ranging from $40 to $60 per month, AT& T offers this unlimited plan for the 55-and-over crowd that comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. So you can check in on Facebook, search for local businesses, and receive pictures of the grandkids while you’re out and about. The AT& T Unlimited 55+ plan is an excellent choice for older adults who use their phones frequently throughout the day. The Unlimited 55+ plan also features unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico. Plus, you’ll get free texting in over 120 countries, perfect for frequent travelers.

    Buyers Tip: AT& T offers perks like $100 in credits per line when you switch to AT& T, up to $45 in savings on activation and upgrade fees, and 15 percent off accessories for AARP members. You can also get benefits like same-day delivery and giveaways when you become an AT& T customer.

    While currently only available to Florida residents, we hope this plan will be expanded to other areas soon. Like other AT& T unlimited plans, consumers are rewarded for having multiple lines, so the more lines you have, the lower rates per line you’ll pay.

    Senior Discounts At Hotels For Canadians

    50 or Older? 10 USA Stores Have Massive Discounts for You â Clever Finance

    Plenty of global and local hotel chains offer 55+ senior discounts in Canada through their own discounted rates. Many of them partner with CARP to offer CARP members exclusive discounted deals at their locations.

    InterContinental Hotel Group: The InterContinental Hotel Group offers senior discounts to customers aged 62 and older whenever they stay at any of IHGs hotels worldwide. All IHG hotels offer senior citizen rates, but the specific discounts can vary depending on the percentage discount offered by each location.

    Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: Wyndham Hotels offer senior rates to guests who are 60 years or older. Provided that you have proof of your identification when you check into the hotel, you can get their senior citizen discount.

    Travelodge Hotels: Travelodge Hotels by Wyndham also offer discounts to people 60 years or older. You can request a senior rate discount when you check into the hotel and prove youre over 60.

    Hampton by Hilton Hotels: Hampton by Hilton also offers a discount of up to 10% to guests who are 65 or older. You should let them know that you would like to get the senior rates when making a booking. Be sure to provide your ID proving that you are older than 65 when you check-in.

    Best Western Hotels & Resorts: Best Western Hotels & Resorts is a global hotel chain that offers 55+ senior discounts in Ca nada and other hotels and resorts worldwide. You can save up to 15% when you check-in.

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