Mind Stimulating Games For Seniors

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Scattergories Find The Words Your Opponents Cant

Brain Games for Seniors: Keep Your Brain Buzzing, While Having a Little Extra Fun )

Defeat your competitors by coming up with creative answers that all match a specific category, contain the same first letter, but wont be thought of by your opponents. Do you go for the obvious options hoping they wont, or challenge yourself to think out of the box. Starting from under $20, this is a game the whole family will love.

The Science Behind Online Brain Games For Seniors And Adults

Lets Be Clear About A Few Things about Online Brain Games

Doing these exercises is based on an underlying assumption, Brian Games Work.

  • That there is a cognitive improvement benefit .

In 2014, two large groups of scientists, health professionals joisted over the pros, cons and evidence of Online Brain Training and put forth a consensus statement

One Side Argued- Against

there is little evidence that playing brain games improves underlying broad cognitive abilities, or that it enables one to better navigate a complex realm of everyday life.

The Other State For

a substantial and growing body of evidence shows that certain cognitive training regimens can significantly improve cognitive function, including in ways that generalize to everyday life.

Compelling Strong Research Evidence

The Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly trial was first large-scale, randomized trial to test the long-term outcomes of cognitive training effects on prevention of decline in daily function.

So Where Does That Leave Us?

  • There is a big divide in the expert opinion field
  • Driving this divide further is the structure of the research not controlling for the Perceived Opinion Benefit that your belief in the benefit may also have an effect on your results

The Tray Game Test Your Memory With This Very Simple Game

This game can be played absolutely anywhere all you need is a tray and between 10-20 random items placed on it. Put it on the table and spend 5-10 minutes trying to memorise all the items. Take it away, and try to recall them by writing down what was on the tray! The great thing about this game is it can be played anywhere, with any number of people, and is great for working on memory recall and keeping your mind sharp.

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Scrabble Creating Words And Scoring Big

Add to existing words or strategically form new words whilst trying to score the maximum number of points. If you enjoy taking a random set of letters and making words whilst ensuring you are getting the highest possible score, scrabble will keep you thoroughly entertained. Take your pick from beautifully crafted wooden sets to smaller travel sets on .

Heres What You Need To Know About Creating The Best Type Of Fun Brain Workouts For Seniors

Fun and Mind

Its clear exercise improves your brain function. How well it appears to be a number of things like:

  • Creating new blood vessels ,
  • Creating of new neurons ,
  • Creating new synapses , as well as the
  • Production of brain growth factors called neurotrophins. One of the well researched and stand out neurotrophins is called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor .

Harvard Psychiatrist John J Ratey, MD most notably referred to this as Miracle Grow for the brain, or as I call it Dynamic Lifter.

Movement + Raise Your Heart Rate + Mental Challenge

Linking movement, increasing your heart rate and adding in mentally stimulating + FUN activities together is one way to hit health pinata to boost your brain performance.

Youre activating many senses, many internal body processes to help your memory health.

If youre not up for the movement challenges at least get a 20 min of effort walking in beforehand!

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Crossword Puzzles Build A Better Vocabulary While Having Fun

For those people who are not fond of math brain games, crossword puzzles are a great alternative. Crosswords are challenging but in our super stressed world, they are also a great way to relax. You can start a puzzle on Sunday and pick it up throughout the week, since there is no pressure to finish in one sitting. A long-term study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that seniors who did crosswords four day a week had a 47 percent lower risk of dementia than those who only did them once a week. Play online with SixtyandMe or pick up a puzzle book on for under $10

Word And Number Games

A lot of seniors enjoy keeping their math or language skills sharp by playing fun games or solving satisfying puzzles related to words or numbers. Great options are available for playing solo or as part of a group. Consider these examples:

53. Crossword Puzzles: Solve clues to fill out a grid of squares with interconnected words and phrases.

54. Word Search: Discover and circle all of the hidden words in a grid of letters.

55. Sudoku: Fill out a partially completed grid of numbers so that each row, column, and sub-grid contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

56. Kakuro: Fill out each white square of the puzzle with a number from one to nine so that the sums of the entries in each row or column match the clues associated with them.

57. Scrabble: Outscore your opponents by strategically forming new words or adding to existing ones on a crossword-style board.

58. Boggle: Shake a tray of 16 letter dice and spot more words in the randomized grid of letters than your opponent does before the time runs out.

59. Scattergories: Partner up and defeat the other teams by coming up with creative answers that all match a specific category, contain the same first letter, and won’t be thought of by your opponents.

60. Balderdash: Fool the other players by trying to make them believe that your fake answers or definitions represent the truth about things like obscure words, people, and movies.

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The Best Video Games For Older People

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Five Fun Cognitive Games

Brain Games to Keep Seniors Active and Healthy: The Power Of Mental Exercise (2021)

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Complicated jigsaw puzzles stimulate the brain and allow seniors to pass the time while having fun. Jigsaw puzzles are no longer relegated to the table. Seniors can piece together jigsaw puzzles online. Each puzzle in contains 1,000 pieces that seniors can zoom in upon.

While assembling a jigsaw puzzle on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, seniors improve their cognitive functioning. Memory improvement is an outcome. Seniors exercise their visual perception and recognition as they piece together the puzzles. In fact, both sides of the brain get a workout.

2. Treasure Hunt

Memory skills are sharpened with online games, like Treasure Hunt. This game features a pirate theme, perfect for seniors with a love for adventure. Seniors earn virtual gold coins as they successfully remember the correct items found in each of the pirate ships rooms.

3. Daily Word Search

New word puzzles are introduced every day in the online game Daily Word Search. Seniors may elect to play at beginner or advanced tiers, making the game suitable for every skill level. The classic word search is available to seniors online for free.

4. Checkers

Checkers is a classic game that can also be played online. The pieces are uniform, and the game requires less strategic thinking. Still, checkers players must think ahead and anticipate their opponents next move. Seniors may choose from among various levels of difficulty.

5. Solitaire

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The Classic Game Of Chess

Chess is a game of strategy and is beneficial for strengthening logical reasoning and problem solving among elderly chess players. Your elderly loved one might be worried about playing chess as it can seem complicated at first. However, once they get the hang of it, after just a few months they could see great benefits such as an increased IQ and increased levels of focus. If you have a chess set you can play with your loved one in person, or they can play alone online here.

Cognitive Games For Seniors That You Have To Try

Research has shown that playing mentally stimulating games, such as problem-solving and memory games, can help seniors stave off dementia and promote brain health. In these studies, seniors who played games were shown to have better memories. They even had more mass in the sections of the brain where memories are stored. In short, finding effective cognitive games for seniors may be one of the best ways to slow down or lower their risk of developing dementia.

Its worth noting that seniors who read also showed improved cognitive function. However, while reading did keep the brain active, card games and other activities provide chances for older adults to socialize. This can have a profound impact on their mental health, which is why these brain games are generally preferable to reading.

With that in mind, lets take a look at the three best cognitive games for seniors.


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Games For Older Adults Living With Dementia

Games that stimulate the brain can help to slow the progression of dementia. Here are a few of our favourite brain training games for elderly people with dementia:

  • Amazing Chase: a fun hand-held marble game that helps provide stimulation for individuals at early and later stages of dementia

  • : a board game specially designed to stimulate memories and encourage conversations for those living with dementia

  • Puzzles & Past Times: created by Unforgettable and Puzzler, this 140-page book includes puzzles and activities to stimulate mind, memories and conversations

  • Jumbo Slide-Slot Bingo Cards: these extra-large Bingo cards are dementia-friendly, making them perfect for all the family to enjoy together

Types Of Brain Games For The Elderly That Can Improve Mental Health

Board Games For Dementia Patients

Advancing age brings about physiological as well as psychological changes in the body. Often physical fitness takes precedence, and you end up overlooking mental health. You focus more onexercises to improve balance, physical activities to maintain smooth mobility, but nothing to stimulate the brain specifically. However, keeping your mind active is as important as maintaining physical fitness and strength.

Researchers believe that the best way to keep your mind active is by following a brain-healthy lifestyle and performing regular targeted brain exercises that can increase the brains cognitive reserve. Moreover, seniors who perform mentally stimulating activities are 63% less likely to develop brain-related issues.

Memory games for seniors challenge the grey cells and are an excellent way to improve mental health and brain functions. Playing games help in keeping the brain focused and alert. Moreover, its a light-hearted way to strengthen social interaction and a source of entertainment too!

We have curated a list of 9 categories of brain games that will be fun and enhance your mental health.

1. Puzzle, Tile, and Board Games:

Board games or tabletop games are an amazing way to have fun. Age is no bar while playing these games. You can play them with friends, children or even your grandchildren. These sitting-down games are a good source of entertainment, especially for seniors with mobility issues. A few of the games often played are:

8. Virtual Reality Games:

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Brain Yoga Pat Your Head And Rub Your Tummy

Harder than it sounds, Brain Yoga is a simple task that you carry out with the aim of improving your hand-eye coordination, motor abilities and neural pathways. Activities can be relatively simple such as raising a different finger on each hand, to complex such as patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy. A great brain game to improve muscle memory and mental abilities. See what you can come up with and challenge your friends! Download it on Google Play here and Apple store here.

Old Maid Dont Become The Old Maid

A favourite with children, making it the perfect card game to play with your Grandkids, the aim is to discard your cards as quickly as possible, laying down pairs of matching cards until just one person is left holding a card the Old Maid! All you need is a standard deck of cards available for under $5!

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Braingle Offers Senior Brain Teasers And More

Four Ways Chess And Brain Games Benefit Seniors

Braingle is more than a game site. They also offer daily exercises designed to help improve memory and manage stress. This site offers plenty of games to entertain and stimulate your thinking and also lets you rate their puzzles and quizzes if you become a registered member. Registration is free and allows access to a selection of exclusive games. Along with these features, the over 200,000 members can join a large online community of others who enjoy brain teasers, puzzles, and quizzes. You can make friends on the forum boards and chat with others.

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Word Search Relaxing Way To Keep Your Brain Ticking Over

If you dont fancy a numbers game and youve hit a brick wall with Crossword clues, a word search could be the perfect game for your brain. Search for the words listed in a scramble of letters a great activity to relax with whilst challenging your brain to find all the hidden words. There are plenty of word search books available for under $10.

Chess & Strategy Games

Strategy games such as checkers and chess stimulate multiple parts of the brain and are widely used for educational purposes.

One study believes chess provides the following benefits:

  • Likely to raise an individuals IQ
  • Exercises both sides of the brain
  • Increases creativity
  • Improves memory, concentration, problem-solving, reading, and decision-making skills

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Logic Puzzles To Help With Out

Logic puzzles are an exciting activity designed to test a persons ability to use information provided to them, and come up with a logical answer. Logic puzzles allow you to think outside the box, create new solutions, and can also help to solidify memories.

Logic puzzles are ideal for older people since they enable lateral thinking and can help to fire up neural pathways that have likely been dormant since retiring. You can find logic puzzle books online, or in most good book stores, but below is an example to get you started:

Here is an image of a bus.

Can you figure out which direction the bus is travelling? Hint: the bus is either traveling left or right. This is not a trick question. If you think you have the right answer or you cant come up with a solution, click here to find out which way this bus is moving!

Handheld Electronic And App Games

Pin on dementia art activity

Hand-held electronic and app games give seniors a chance to exercise the brain when they are alone, and the portability of these games means they are playable anywhere, including in a doctor’s waiting room or in bed. These games can be played against a computer, and in some cases, against other online players. From an app store, seniors can also , such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud. Hand-held electronic card games encourage seniors to use math and strategy to win, and some games are available in senior-friendly mega screens that use larger buttons and graphics.

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Fun Memory Brain Games For Seniors

9. Name That Era, Place, Object

  • Set up a slide show, play it with neighbours or family or friends
  • Like visual trivia
  • With the more unusual objects you can tier it with questions like- when was it made, what was its use

In a similar way you can play Name that Tune

10. Two Pack Playing Cards Memory

  • The twist is to use slightly different packs because you want to match exactly
  • My son challenged me with a two pack of dinosaur cards. Yep, I was taken to the cleaners

How You Play

  • Mix and spread the decks out on a level surface
  • Add movement challenges by placing it on the floor
  • Add a time pressure
  • Place the cards down in different orientations is a real memory challenge as your environmental cues are taken away. Youd rely on these when they are in rows
  • Solo Games- compete against a friend, family or neighbour

11. Virtual Guess Who

  • Write down an animal, character name, book title etc
  • Can be themed Movie, Author, Book Title but this gives more context to the answer.
  • The other person needs to guess out with yes / no questions
  • The aim is to get your answer out as quickly as possible

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