Life Insurance Seniors Over 70

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Dont Be Sold On Policy Projections That Arent Guaranteed

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 [Rates & Companies Revealed]

Life insurance policies that can build cash value will have policy illustrations that show projections for costs and cash value over time. For some types of cash value policies, not all amounts shown in an illustration are actually guaranteed.

Beware of advisors offering policy reviews comparing non-guaranteed premiums, cash values and/or death benefits for some limited number of products, says Barry Flagg, founder of Veralytic. These sales practices are now considered misleading, fundamentally inappropriate and unreliable by the financial, insurance and banking industry authorities.

Insist that quotes include year-by-year disclosure of costs, often referred to as detailed expense pages or policy accounting pages, says Flagg. Work with an advisor who will explain whats guaranteed and whats not.

Insurance agents and advisors should be able benchmark a policys internal policy costs and historical performance against the insurers peers, just like you do for other assets in your portfolio, says Flagg.

What To Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

When selecting a life insurance policy that’s right for you, it helps to consider a few tips. First, shop around to compare monthly premiums and death benefit coverage. This will help ensure you’re getting a policy you can afford and one thatll help you achieve your financial goals. Like so many financial agreements, it’s also a good idea to read the fine print carefully.

Buying life insurance at any age can be a complex process and one that requires a fair amount of homework and comparison shopping. Find out which life insurance policies are available to you.

Benefits Of Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70

There are many reasons why life insurance for seniors is a great idea. For one, as people age, their risk of death rises. Life insurance can help provide financial security in the event of a loved ones death and can also provide a way to allow loved ones to avoid the burden of expensive funeral costs. Additionally, many seniors may no longer be able to work full time and need life insurance protection in order to maintain their standard of living in retirement.

In general, term life insurance policies offer more affordable coverage than whole life policies and typically have lower premiums. Plus, because they expire after a set period of time , term policies are ideal for those who dont want to worry about significant ongoing premiums every month or year. Whole-life policies, on the other hand, offer more comprehensive coverage but tend to have higher premiums.

No matter what type of policy you choose, its important to speak with an advisor who can walk you through all the details and help you make an informed decision about whats best for you and your family.

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Best Type Of Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70

Now that weve explained the different types of life insurance policies available to you, as well as the types of benefits they provide, you can start to see why some policies are more suited to seniors than others.

Term policies arent the best option for seniors because the terms are often longer than the life expectancy of the insured individual.

There are term insurance policies that are designed for seniors that last for one to five years, but as these will need to be renewed after the term, the price of the premiums will continue to rise as long as you want to keep the policy.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 to 90

Medical exams are an integral part of many life insurance policies, as the insurer needs to be aware of the risk of insuring an individual.

This can lead to higher premiums for people that have serious conditions that may shorten their lifespan, or can even lead to denial of coverage.

Theres often no way to get around this as most insurers will require blood work and physical examinations before coverage will be provided.

No medical exam life insurance, on the other hand, does not require rigorous health testing and is therefore available for a wider range of people, though often at a higher cost.

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Final Expense Life Insurance Most Popular

Funerals can cost a lot of money, as there are many expenses to cover such as burial, flowers, service, and headstone.

Without considering these costs in advance, your family will be the ones burdened by this cost which can be as high as $10,000.

Final expense insurance is designed to cover these costs and is usually available as either a term or a permanent policy.

Premiums tend to be low no matter what stage of life you purchase the policy.

Dont Base Your Decision Solely On Cost

Price is a critical factor when choosing a life insurance policy, but you shouldnt base your decision only on cost. Check out financial strength ratings for the insurers, such as AM Best ratings.

Research the available life insurance riders for the policies youre considering. Life insurance riders allow you to add on coverage. Some riders let you access your death benefit while youre still living for qualifying circumstances, such as accelerated death benefits for chronic or terminal illness, and long-term care riders.

Once youre comfortable with a list of insurance companies, you can get quotes to find the best senior life insurance policy for you.

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What Life Insurance Is Right For Me

Its natural that as we age, our health isnt quite what it used to be. If you have had health problems, then you may be more aware than others of the need for life insurance over 70. Yet if you hadnt, your mind may still be turning to what you can do to help your family when youre no longer around. You may not qualify for term life policies, or you may have to pay higher premiums.

Life insurance for over 70s with no medical exam is readily available, and policies are usually whole-life as opposed to fixed-term. These policies have fewer acceptance criteria than term life policies. For example, Post Office Over 50s Life Insurance requires you to be a UK resident aged 50 to 80. Your payout amount will be determined by your age and how much you want to pay in premiums, rather than focusing on health concerns.

Use our over 50 life insurance calculator to find out what cover you could get for your family.

Get A Senior Whole Life Insurance Quote

Term Life Insurance For Seniors 70 And Older [Rates Revealed]

If youre ready to take the next step in helping to protect your familys financial future, or if you just have questions, contact your American Family Insurance agent today.

Ready for a quote? Use our life insurance calculator to get started. Follow the prompts including providing your birthdate and ZIP code to get an estimated quote. When using the calculator, be sure to change the default coverage amount to $15,000 to see a DreamSecure Senior Whole Life quote. And if you like, well connect you with an agent who can give you more information about the policy.

This is a brief description of coverage and is subject to policy and/or rider terms and conditions which may vary by state. Fixed and guaranteed premiums are statements about the policy as determined at issue, and any changes made to a policy may affect the premium and are subject to our underwriting rules. The words lifetime,lifelong and permanent are subject to policy terms and conditions. This policy matures at age 121. Please check with an American Family agent for details on coverages and restrictions.

* The issuance of this policy may depend on the answers to the questions asked in the application.

Policy Form ICC17-228 WL, Policy Form L-228 WL, Policy Form L-228 WL

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What If I Have Health Issues

Although there are many seniors who are blessed to have great health in their seventies, most seniors have to deal with health issues as they age. Some of the more common health issues that seniors deal with are:

  • COPD and other respiratory diseases

Even though most of these diseases can become chronic, they may not necessarily prevent seniors from buying life insurance when they are over 70. Knowing that seniors frequently must deal with these diseases, many life insurance companies are offering graded benefit or guaranteed issue policies which allows the company to accept seniors with high-risk medical conditions.

Can I Get Life Insurance If Im Over 70

Many people assume that life insurance is only for younger people. However, this is not the case. While it is true that life insurance premiums tend to increase with age, there are still many options available for people over the age of 70.

Some life insurance companies offer policies specifically designed for seniors. These policies often have lower coverage amounts and shorter terms than traditional policies, but they can still provide valuable protection for loved ones.

For example, a burial insurance policy could help to cover final expenses or provide income for a spouse in the event of the policyholders death. Life insurance can be an essential part of financial planning at any age.

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Benefit Of Life Options For Seniors Over 70

  • Giving Your beneficiary an Inheritance Most Canadians wish to leave a legacy for their beneficiaries when they pass away. The most coveted aim of an elderly person is to have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of when they pass away. If you are over the age of 70 and want to leave an inheritance, there is a way to do so by purchasing life insurance coverage and leaving a legacy. It can also be left to a favorite charity.

Tips To Find The Best Rates

Life Insurance For Over 60 Years Old
  • Compare rates: Simple but useful tip! You will be surprised to know how many individuals just call a company directly and buy a policy because of a TV advertisement or because their mailman told them the other day how wonderful this company is while delivering mail.
  • Avoid guaranteed issue coverage if you can. Only consider it after contemplating all other options, and never let this coverage to be your primary choice. Just the other day, I had a client call me to inquire about guaranteed issue coverage. I asked him, Why do you want to pay more? He gave me a few minutes to ask him a few health questions and let me advise him on the best coverage. He said, I already talked to a broker and he suggested guaranteed issue because I take anti-depressant medication. I said, Thats it? He replied, Yes. Long story short, I put him on a level benefit plan which saved him the two-year exclusion, and he paid less for it. Dont assume you cant get a traditional policy and opt for guaranteed issue. Many brokers place individuals in the wrong plans because they dont want to work. Its not only unethical, but its bad business practice.
  • Buy what you need and nothing more.According to, an average funeral cost can be anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. Of course, this is in todays dollars, and you can add a few thousand just for inflations sake, but dont let someone convince you that you need $50,000 life insurance if all you are looking is burial expense.
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    What To Look For In A Senior Life Insurance Policy

    Your need for life insurance will usually decrease as you grow older and accumulate other assets. The primary need for life insurance is based upon providing income to someone who is financially dependent upon you. If the assets you are leaving to heirs will be sufficient after you pass away, then your need for life insurance may disappear.

    Here are reasons seniors may need life insurance:

    • Final expenses. Provide funeral and related expenses to close up an estate.
    • Inheritance. Fund an inheritance outside of your estates assets.
    • Liquidity. Provide liquidity for an estate that has mainly illiquid assets, such as real estate.
    • Income replacement. Continue income for a spouse or other dependent when your income is primarily from a pension or annuity that has minimal to no survivor benefits.
    • Debts: Provide funds for survivors to pay large debts.
    • Estate taxes. Provide funds to cover potential estate tax liability for heirs.
    • Special needs child. Fund a special needs trust for a dependent who needs lifetime financial support.
    • Charitable bequest. Make a lump sum donation to replace your on-going financial support for a non-profit.

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    When Should Someone Over 70 Consider Whole Life Insurance

    For those who need a higher coverage amount or have other goals than end-of-life expenses, such as key person life insurance or mortgage protection, they should look elsewhere for a different type of coverage.

    On the other hand, if your sole purpose for buying life insurance is to cover your burial and final expense needs, but you have enough money to cover it should you die tomorrow, then there is no need for buying a policy.

    The intended purpose to buy a policy in the first place is not to be a burden on your loved ones when you pass away, but if you are self-insured , skip the article and the life insurance shopping and go have ice cream.

    Why Should I Choose American Family Life Insurance Company

    Getting Life Insurance for your Senior Parents 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s or more

    American Family Life Insurance Company believes theres more to life insurance than just a policy. Its about helping you protect what matters most and being there when you need us most. We make the entire process convenient, compassionate and easy to understand. From application to approval, customer service to the claims process you can trust us to be there. And you can trust us to be there for your loved ones, too.

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    A Term Life Insurance Policy May Be The Smartest Choice For You

    You may have heard that, in your 70s, buying an insurance policy seems like an unwise choice, and that you should purchase a permanent or whole life insurance policy that will be guaranteed to protect you for the rest of your life.

    However, you may not feel that it is necessary to pay the higher premium for a permanent life insurance policy.

    It is no secret that a term life insurance premium is costs less than a permanent life insurance premium.

    You may rather save your money instead of paying the extra monthly or yearly amount in premiums for a permanent policy, which is perfectly understandable. If you feel that it is the right decision for you in your 70s to purchase, say, a 10-year term, and have the option of renewing it every 5 years, which is a perfectly reasonable decision, and a decision that is very much within reach.

    If you are 80 years or older, our opinion does change and term policies are no longer a good option.

    Best Type Of Life Insurance Makes For Seniors Over 70

    The life insurance industry is always innovating and bringing new products to the marketplace. They do this to respond to the needs of consumers and compete with companies who are slow to develop new products. Here are the most popular types of life insurance for seniors to choose from:

    Term Life Insurance

    Term life insurance is the least expensive type of life insurance but is typically not the best solution for seniors since it is not permanent and builds no cash value. Although most companies will offer renewals of a term policy, the renewal term is typically for a year only. This means that each year you renew your term insurance the rates will go up according to your age and can easily become unaffordable when you are over 70.

    In most cases, life insurance companies will not offer coverage once you reach age 80, so a 10-year policy will likely be your only option

    No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

    There are many seniors who feel that having to undergo a life insurance exam is inconvenient and intrusive, and as a result, many life insurance companies now offer no-exam term life insurance with rates that are competitive with fully-underwritten policies.

    Additionally, the insurance underwriters will check with the Medical Information Bureau and a National Prescription Drug database when you submit your application.

    Universal Life Insurance

    Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

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    Life Insurance Riders For Seniors

    A life insurance rider is an optional feature that you can purchase to add to a policy. This customization can provide different types of protection. Several riders may be of special benefit later in life, including2:

    • Guaranteed insurability rider: This rider makes it possible to purchase additional coverage within a pre-determined time period without taking another medical exam. This could be especially helpful if your health declines with age.
    • Waiver of premium rider: With this rider, future premiums are waived if the insured becomes disabled.
    • Accelerated death benefit rider: This rider makes it possible for the insured to use the death benefits if he or she is diagnosed with a terminal illness that results in a lifespan that is significantly shortened as a result.
    • Long-term care rider: This rider provides the ability to access the death benefit early to help pay for long-term-care-related expenses. Learn more about long-term care insurance.

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