Does Medicare Pay For Stair Lifts For Seniors

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What Will A Stair Lift Cost

How to Buy a Lift Chair

The answer here will depend on the type of stair lift you choose, along with other factors, including:

  • The length of the staircase Most stair lifts have enough track to handle 15 feet of steps. Longer stairways will mean buying more track.
  • The shape of the staircase It costs more to install a lift on a curved staircase or one with multiple landings.
  • The weight of the stair lift users Purchasing stair lifts designed for heavier people can add as much as $1,000 to the cost of the lift.
  • Outdoor use If youre installing an outdoor stair lift, you might need to spend more money on weatherproofing.

Lets review: When it comes to stair lifts, Medicare isnt much help. But there are programs to assist you in paying for this home modification.

You can count on Marx Medical for advice as well. Our team is skilled at dealing with Medicare and Medicaid, so we can ensure you get the coverage you need for your new lift.

Contact us todayand our expert staff will get to work on finding a mobility solution that works for you and your home.

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Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift

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Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift – Original medicare might pay for a small portion of the cost if the stair lift has an elevating seat, which helps the rider to sit down and get up from the chair safely. Medicare and private health insurance do not usually cover the cost of purchasing of a stair lift. Rather, the purchase of a stairlift is generally private pay.. Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift.

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Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift – Otherwise, you should expect to pay between $75 and $100 per hour to have the lift professionally installed, or between $1,000 and $5,000 in total. No, insurance does not typically cover the cost of a stairlift. 11.a typical stair chair lift without medicare can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. Medicare may cover the cost of a hospital bed, but. Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift.

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Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift – Couple it with a wheelchair ramp and you have total freedom of mobility in and out of your home. The specific amount youâll owe may depend on several things, like: Medicare and private health insurance do not usually cover the cost of purchasing of a stair lift. Itâs hard to put a price on that, but unfortunately, it usually ends. Does Medicare Help Pay For Stairlift.

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Medicare Covers Some Lift Chair Related Costs

Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage will usually cover most of the costs of a lift chair however, there are some exceptions to this. If a person has already received medicare support for a scooter, wheelchair or other motorized mobility aid, they wont be eligible to have a lift chair covered on medicare.

In addition, Medicare does not cover the cost of a chair that uses a spring-type device to lift the rider out. Nor does it cover the cost of fabrics, cushions or other accessories. This means in most cases Medicare covers 80% of the cost of the motorized device. The recipient is expected to cover the remaining 20% of that cost, plus the cost of any comfort-related accessories such as cushions.

Which Medicare Plans Cover Stairlifts

Will Medicare Pay For A Stair Lift?

There are some Medicare Advantage plans that cover stairlifts. Since Part C plan coverage changes depending on location, youll want to check the options in your area before you switch plans.

Also, consider if the Part C option makes the most sense long term. Paying for the stairlift yourself could prove cheaper than switching policies.

If you already have a Medicare Advantage plan, talk to your insurance provider to see if you have coverage for a stairlift. If your current policy doesnt cover it, consider enrolling in a Part C policy that does cover stairlifts during the next Annual Enrollment Period or Open Enrollment Period.

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Stair Lift Payment Options

If you don’t qualify for financial support through Medicaid, Medicare or another relevant agency, there are still ways to make installing a stair lift more affordable. Many stair lift manufacturers offer financing plans that let you spread the cost of your stair lift over a more extended period.

A reverse mortgage could also be an option if you’re older than 62 and hold a significant amount of equity in your home because it lets you borrow against your home’s value. This option may be necessary if you need to make substantial, expensive modifications to your home in addition to installing a stair lift. However, reverse mortgages can be a costly way to borrow, so it’s best to speak to a financial advisor to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Finally, any costs related to purchasing and installing your stair lift that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income could be tax-deductible as a Medical and Dental Expense. Assistive technologies like stair lifts are generally tax-deductible if you have a qualifying disability.

How Wide Do Stairs Have To Be For A Stair Lift

Generally speaking, straight stair lifts can only be installed on a staircase thats at least 28 inches wide. Curved stair lifts need approximately 30 inches. These measurements are from the farthest obstruction, meaning that molding, handrails, and other projections can reduce your staircase width.

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Stair Lift Rental Vs Purchase

Renting a stair lift may be a more cost-effective option in certain circumstances. Companies usually charge between $300 and $500 per month to rent a stair lift, and you’ll also need to pay to have it installed and removed. You should also expect to pay a returnable deposit between $500 and $1,000, and many rental companies require a minimum rental period of at least three months.

Generally, renting a stair lift is an option worth considering if you only need it temporarily, such as during recovery following major surgery. However, it’s usually more cost-effective to purchase a stair lift if you need to use it long-term.

What Qualifies As Durable Medical Equipment

How To Get a Lift Chair Covered by Insurance

Lift chairs are classified as durable medical equipment or DME. DME is essential equipment you repeatedly use for medical purposes at your home for 3-plus years. Better-known examples of DME include walkers, portable oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and blood sugar meters.

FYI: Not all oxygen concentrators are created equally. To learn about our favorites, check out our list of this years best portable oxygen concentrators.

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How Do I Get Medicare To Pay For Lift Chair

To get coverage from Medicare, you need a prescription for a lift chair from a Medicare-approved physician.

Lift chairs must also be purchased or rented from a Medicare-approved supplier that accepts assignment. Medicare will determine if your chair lift must be purchased or rented. In some instances, you may be able to choose the option you prefer.

Once eligibility requirements are met, Medicare will pay 80% of the Medicare-approved cost of the lifting mechanism in the lift chair. You will be responsible for the other 20% of the cost of the lifting mechanism. You will also be responsible for the cost of the chairs other parts, such as the frame and upholstery.

If you have Medicare supplemental insurance , your plan may cover the 20% you are responsible for.

In addition, you will have to meet your Part B deductible before Medicare will pay its portion of the cost.

What Are Lift Chairs

Lift chairs resemble a typical recliner you might already have in your home, but they are equipped with a motorized device that raises and gently tilts it forward to help you get to a standing position more easily. They are generally available in two-position and three-position styles. You may be able to find some infinite position chairs that let you customize the settings to one most comfortable for you.

Dont confuse a lift chair with a stair lift chair, which is a motorized chair that takes you up and down the stairs. Lift chairs are also different from patient lifts, which come in different forms and are used to help a caregiver or family member move you, for example, from a wheelchair to a bed.

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How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost

The national average cost to install a stair lift is $6,000, with a typical range between $2,000 and $15,000. The total cost depends on which brand you choose and several other factors, including:

  • Staircase type and length. It’s generally more affordable to install a stair lift on a straight staircase than a curved staircase. The overall cost also depends on the staircase length
  • Seat Type. There are various seat types available, including collapsible seats that fold up to save space when you don’t need them and swivel seats that let you get up and down without turning. Stair lifts with angled seats are usually slightly more expensive and have a backward tilt to help people with significant mobility issues use them more safely
  • Power source. Battery-powered stair lifts are generally cheaper to install than electric models because they don’t require wiring, and they’re usually more affordable to run. However, electric stair lifts are often cheaper and easier to maintain
  • Special features. Models designed to accommodate heavier individuals or that come with features like footrests generally cost more than basic stair lifts

How Much Do Lift Chairs Cost Through Medicare

What Does A Stair Lift Cost? Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of the motorized lifting device. Youll pay your Part B annual deductible, the remaining 20% for the device and the cost of the chair itself. The total amount you pay can depend on any other insurance you have, where you get the lift chair and more.4

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Am I Eligible To Receive These Benefits

You are eligible for coverage of a lift chair if youre enrolled in Medicare Part B. To qualify for Medicare, you must be at least 65 years old or have other qualifying medical conditions. These conditions may include a severe disability, end stage renal disease, or ALS .

If you have Medicare Advantage, you are still eligible to receive a lift chair. Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part C is when you choose a private insurance company to cover your Medicare benefits.

Because Medicare Advantage companies must cover all aspects that original Medicare does, you should get at least the same amount of coverage, if not additional benefits.

You also need to be evaluated by a doctor to get a prescription for the chair. Here are some of the things your doctor will assess when considering if a lift chair is medically necessary:

  • if you have severe arthritis in your knees or hips
  • your ability to operate the chair
  • your ability to stand up from the chair without assistance
  • your ability to walk, even with assistance from a walker, after the chair has lifted you
  • you can walk once you are standing
  • you have tried other treatments to help you go from sitting to standing without success


If youre an inpatient at a hospital or resident at a nursing facility, you wont qualify for coverage of a lift chair. You must live in a residential home to qualify for this benefit.

Medicares Policy On Stair Lifts

Does Medicare cover the cost of stair lifts? It is logical to begin here, as it is a common question relevant to most American seniors. The short, uncomplicated answer is, for all practical purposes, original Medicare does not pay for stair lifts. But Medicare Advantage plans may cover the cost.

There is one possible exception to this rule in regards to original Medicare. Original Medicare might pay for a small portion of the cost if the stair lift has an elevating seat, which helps the rider to sit down and get up from the chair safely. However, such a feature would only be available in a high-end stair chair, which would cost considerably more than the amount original Medicare would reimburse the purchaser. In other words, the amount of financial assistance would be less than the extra cost for a stair lift that has that feature.

Medicare supplemental insurance policies also do not cover stair lifts. These policies are intended to help with co-payments and deductibles for goods and services covered by original Medicare. Since original Medicare does not help, neither would a Supplemental or Medigap policy.

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Medicare Advantage Offers Supplemental Benefits

Medicare Advantage covers the same services as Original Medicare and offers additional benefits plus more flexibility. Seniors are not guaranteed to have a request for a stairlift granted under Medicare Advantage. However, some plans may cover it if it can be shown that having the lift would help the patients ability to carry out day-to-day functions or improve their quality of life.

How Much Does A Stairlift Cost

Improve Stair Walking – Exercises For Seniors | More Life Health

If you have to pay the full price for a stairlift, the cost could range anywhere from $2,000 up to $5,000 or more depending on the make and model of the lift. If you have a curved staircase, the cost of installing a custom stair lift goes up significantly, possibly as high as $10,000 or more. If this is more than you can afford up-front, we offer financing options through OneMain Financial !

Or if you go the rental route, typical costs of renting a stairlift is between $300 to $500 per month.

But theres no need to guess at pricing! Simply request a free consultation and one of our specialists will come out and inspect your stairway and let you know exactly how much to expect the installation to cost.

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Will Medicaid Pay For Stair Lifts

Since Medicaid is different in every state, its difficult to tell you if the state that you are living in will pay for a stair lift.

But, as noted in Medicaid will likely cover the cost for medically necessary, stair lifts provided they enable individuals to remain living in their own home and avoid nursing home placement.

Check out our list of phone numbers to Medicaid offices in every state. Give them a call to find out if you can get some funding for your stair lift project.

Housing Grants For Disabled Veterans

The VA provides grants to veterans and service members with certain service-connected permanent disabilities. These grants are available to help buy or build an adapted home, or modify an existing home to accommodate a disability.

The Specially Adapted Housing grant helps veterans with certain disabilities live independently in a barrier-free environment. SAH grants can be used to remodel an existing home if it can be made suitable for specially adapted housing.

According to the VHA Handbook, stairlifts may be furnished as part of medical and/or prosthetic services to eligible veterans provided that they are medically necessary for the veterans care and treatment.

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Does Medicare Pay For Seat Lifts

by Patricia Barry, AARP Bulletin, September 13, 2008

Q. I have to lift my 101-year-old mother out of her chair every time she needs to get up. Will Medicare help pay for a seat lift for her?

A. Medicare covers the rental or purchase of seat lifts in some circumstances. They must be prescribed by a physician for patients who:

  • Have severe arthritis of the hip or knee.
  • Have muscular dystrophy or another neuromuscular disease.
  • Are apt to experience an improvement in their condition or slow its progress by using a seat lift.
  • Have a condition severe enough to confine them to a chair or bed if they dont have a seat lift.

If your mothers physician prescribes a seat lift, he must show that the equipment is essential to her treatment and fill out a Certificate of Medical Necessity, as Medicare requires.

Medicare covers only the type of seat lift that operates smoothly and can be controlled by the patient so that she can stand up and sit down without assistance.

Medicare will help pay for a seat liftor any other equipmentonly if its obtained from a supplier enrolled in the Medicare program. To find one, go to Medicares home page and click on Find Suppliers of Medical Equipment in Your Area.

Patricia Barry is a senior editor at the AARP Bulletin.

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Paying For Stair Lifts: Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts

Straight Stair Lift â Safe Living Solutions
  • Learn about your financing options when paying for a stair lift, including whether Medicaid and Medicare cover stair lifts and how much installation costs.

Stair lifts are essential mobility aids for many people with disabilities. However, the high purchase and installation costs mean that many Americans can’t afford to install a stair lift in their own homes, denying them access to the upper floors in their houses.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get help with paying for a stair lift. Below, you can find out whether Medicare covers stair lifts and information about other agencies that may be able to help.

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