Large Piece Puzzles For Seniors

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What Is A Good Size Puzzle For Seniors

The design process behind our brand new 100 piece puzzles for seniors

This depends a bit on the individuals needs and preferences. However, here are some general guidelines that can help. Puzzles that are at least 18 inches by 24 inches are generally considered to be large enough for seniors. Although, some people prefer puzzles that are a bit smaller, around 16 inches by 20 inches. Others like puzzles that are much larger, up to 36 inches by 48 inches or even more.

Ultimately, what is important is that the puzzle is large enough to provide a challenge but not so large as to be overwhelming or impossible to complete.

How Many Pieces Do Large Piece Puzzles Have

Large piece puzzles typically have around 100 pieces. This means that it will take a while to complete, but the satisfaction of finally completing it is well worth it! For people with dementia, there are many puzzles that have as few as 30 pieces. If you have the space, there are large piece puzzles that go up to 275 pieces.

Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles For Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Our 35-piece jigsaw puzzles for people with dementia provide a good mix of challenge, interest and engagement. The pieces are large, easy to handle and fit nicely in the box.

We have a range of puzzles to choose from, incorporating different scenes. Each scene is created to stimulate peaceful memories and inspire conversation.

Our large piece puzzles are perfect for the early stages of dementia and are designed to be completed independently. The pieces are easy to handle, and the box comes with the finished image for reference. All of our puzzles come with handy question prompts within the box to help you spark conversations whilst your loved one enjoys the puzzle.

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Are There Any Drawbacks To Jigsaw Puzzles

There are a few potential drawbacks to jigsaw puzzles, though they are generally not too difficult to overcome. One potential issue is that they can be quite tedious and time-consuming to complete. Additionally, they can be difficult for some people to transport and store. However, these issues are generally manageable and do not typically prevent people from enjoying the puzzles themselves.

Can Dementia Patients Do Jigsaw Puzzles large piece puzzles for seniors

Yes, dementia patients can work jigsaw puzzles. The key is to select a puzzle based on their cognitive level and physical abilities. Jigsaw puzzles that are too difficult can frustrate patients, while puzzles that are too easy may not challenge them sufficiently. Patients should also be given feedback on their progress so they know how they are doing.

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Piece Alzheimer’s Jigsaw Puzzles

Designed from the heart. Made for the mind. Springbok 100 Piece Alzheimer’s Jigsaw Puzzles incorporates nostalgic images onto large piece jigsaws for dementia patients. Unlike active mind puzzles and word games, jigsaw puzzles encourage the use of motor skills while stimulating multiple areas of the brain at once. Each Alzheimer’s jigsaw features 100 large pieces to easily grasp and handle.

Those with memory-related impairment will delight in the accomplishment of completing a task on their own. Meanwhile, caregivers and loved ones will appreciate the cognitive and physical exercises it introduces as well as the calming effect of doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzles to Remember allows Springbok to give back to the community in two ways: through the benefits patients derive from working them and through the donations we make from the sale of these puzzles in November, National Alzheimer’s Month.

What Are Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Large piece jigsaw puzzles are a type of puzzle that is made up of large pieces that must be assembled into a complete picture.

Many people think this automatically means they are easier to work but that isnt the only case. The pattern or picture on the puzzle can also affect the difficulty of the puzzle. Generally, puzzles with large pieces will have fewer pieces per puzzle.

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Jigsaw Puzzles For Seniors

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This puzzles for seniors collection features large pieces that are easier to pick up and place while maintaining an adult level challenge. Each one of these jigsaw puzzles is made with aging hands and eyes in mind.

We also carry a large selection of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles that have extra-large pieces for those still wanting a larger piece count but needing a bigger piece to easily grasp.

Looking for a puzzle to automatically ship to you each month? Puzzle Warehouse has you covered with Puzzle of the Month choosing the jigsaw for you. Pick from 300 to 1000 piece puzzles memberships and get them delivered each month or bi-monthly.

We pride ourselves at Puzzle Warehouse for having a special puzzle for seniors selection especially for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia with puzzles from 9, 12, and 36 pieces. One brand that specializes in low piece count and large piece items is MindStart. Each one of their jigsaw puzzles helps with bonding, therapy, and prolonging mental activity making them highly revered by doctors and therapists alike.

If you are looking for more of a selection along with more images and smaller piece counts, then Puzzle Warehouse’s 100 – 300 piece jigsaw puzzles are what you need.

Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles For Seniors

Dementia Puzzles 36 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Alzheimer’s Patients Afternoon Rest

Large piece jigsaw puzzles for seniors are for those older adults that still enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles but would benefit from a puzzle that has puzzle pieces that are easy to handle and to see.

Many seniors are still mentally sharp, however, their hand flexibility or eyesight has declined. For these older adults youll want to try a jigsaw puzzle with larger pieces, but one that is made up of a lot of them.

Buying one of these puzzles still gives the senior a challenge of putting the puzzle together without the frustrations of not seeing the pieces clearly or not being able to handle the pieces with ease.

There are a number of jigsaw puzzle companies that are now offering special jigsaw puzzles to accommodate these unique requirements. Puzzle companies such as Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, Buffalo Games and Springbok offer a wide selection.

Lets take a look at a few of these large piece jigsaw puzzles for seniors.

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Where Can You Buy Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Sometimes, large piece jigsaw puzzles can be found at many stores, such as Walmart, Target, and such but the selection is generally limited. Some of my favorite sources for puzzles that have large pieces are:

  • The Alzheimers Store As the name implies, this online store specializes in products for people with dementia and Alzheimers. They have a wide selection of individual large piece puzzles and multiple puzzle packs to choose from. .
  • Relish Life This is another dementia specialty online store that ships to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. They have a large selection of puzzles for seniors ranging from 13 to 100 pieces. See them here.
  • Shutterfly At Shutterfly, you can upload your own photos and have it made into a puzzle with 50 large pieces. You can use single photos or use multiple photos and make a collage. See all 30 design choices here.
  • has a large selection of large-piece puzzles. Some are designed specifically for seniors while others are more general puzzles.
  • Walmart also offers a large choice of puzzles with large pieces online vs the smaller selection in the store.

How Do You Choose The Right Jigsaw Puzzles For Seniors

Finding the right type of puzzle may sometimes be a challenge, especially when you are trying to decide on the ideal jigsaw puzzles for seniors.

The trick is finding a jigsaw puzzle that is the appropriate level for the senior in your life.

You should take the following into consideration when choosing Jigsaw Puzzles for Seniors:

1. No childrens activities:

  • make sure that the puzzle is not too childish. If you feel that the puzzle looks childish, please dont go with it.

Taking that into consideration, you wouldnt want to buy your Grandma, Grandpa or maybe in your case your mom or dad a jigsaw puzzle that is a picture of a kids cartoon.

2. The degree of the senior or loved ones condition:

  • Would large jigsaw puzzle pieces be better
  • Or would the standard, large-count puzzles do the trick?
  • Would they benefit from easy grip puzzle pieces?

3. When buying jigsaw puzzles for seniors choose something that would be familiar to them, for instance:

  • favorite pastimes make great subjects
  • familiar landmarks
  • personalized puzzles featuring family photos or photos of objects that were once cherished by your loved one or senior.

4. Puzzles need to be easy on the eye and made of materials that can be easily wiped clean.

5. Puzzles that make a recognizable sound when the final piece is put into place, which gives the senior a sense of accomplishment.

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Safecracker 40 Math Puzzle
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    Improves Spatial Reasoning Skills 300 large piece puzzles for seniors

    They are a great way to improve your spatial reasoning skills. By working on puzzles, you will learn how to use your brain to figure out how the pieces fit together and how the picture looks when completed. This type of thinking is important for problem solving and for many other tasks throughout life.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles For Alzheimers Patients

    Puzzle With Me is a therapeutic activity for anyone that is a memory challenged individual, however, it was specifically made for Alzheimers and dementia individuals.

    These jigsaw puzzles supply a solution for caregivers, professional therapists, families and even grand children to make quality time, connection and communication.

    We like these puzzles first of all because they are one of the only products that is endorsed byAlzheimers Disease International.

    These jigsaw puzzles are designed specifically for loved ones to use together and caregivers and provide an opportunity for non-verbal & verbal communication.

    Working on these puzzles together can provide the Alzheimers individual with a calming effect that is very helpful for redirection.

    Another reason that we like these jigsaw puzzles is that they are made using familiar pictures that offer maturity, respect and dignity to the senior.

    Are You looking for polar bear jigsaw puzzles?You’ll find plenty of jigsaw puzzles of all sizes and piece counts of Polar


    Affiliate Disclosure

    Affiliate Disclosure

    Are They Still Challenging

    Large piece jigsaw puzzles are still a great way to keep your mind active and challenged despite the fact that they may be simpler to work. Even with larger pieces, they provide a fun way to spend time and work on your problem-solving skills. And, older adults who have difficulty working classic jigsaw puzzles still have the opportunity to be challenged despite a more simplified design.

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    Puzzles For People With Alzheimers Or Dementia

    Puzzles designed for people with Alzheimers or dementia have fewer and larger pieces that are easier to grip and see.

    The pictures in these puzzles are lovely, vibrant, and perfect for adults not childish at all.

    • Blooming Lovely a lovely gardening scene, 13 piece
    • Aquamarine a peaceful ocean scene, 16 large pieces
    • Wildbird Gathering 35 piece sequenced puzzle with color coding to assist
    • Road Trip vintage cars at a cheerful roadside town, 35 piece
    • Beach Day a beautiful beach sunset, 48 large pieces
    • Farm Life a vibrant fall farmhouse scene, 100 pieces
    • Take Flight colorful hot air balloons floating over a river, 100 pieces

    to browse more puzzles designed for people with Alzheimers or dementia.

    Why Are Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Necessary

    Jigsaw Puzzles – A great hobby for Seniors

    In general, jigsaw puzzles are needed because they provide a fun and stimulating way for people to keep their minds active. They are also beneficial for memory and cognitive functions. Additionally, solving puzzles can provide an outlet for creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Jigsaw puzzles with large pieces are needed for seniors who may have trouble grasping and picking up small items due to arthritis, as well as those who may have difficulty with fine motor skills. They can also be used with people who have dementia when combined with a simple to work design.

    Because they have fewer pieces per puzzle, they are more likely to be finished in one sitting. This leads to a sense of completion and accomplishment which is important for the self-esteem of older adults.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles For Seniors With Mild Cognitive Impairment

    Elderly individuals who have declined cognitively can still have fun and enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles.

    If have a senior with this impairment you want to pick up a puzzle that is made up of fewer jigsaw pieces and simple pictures.

    If you are not sure of what size of puzzle you should get, try to start with one that has 50 or 100 jigsaw pieces.

    If that seems to be either too, easy or too, difficult youll know next time to try more or less jigsaw pieces.

    Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good For The Elderly

    A lot of people believe that jigsaw puzzles are a good way to keep the elderly active and mentally stimulated. They can help with cognitive function, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness and more. Additionally, jigsaw puzzles can provide some much-needed social interaction for those who may not have it anymore.

    Jigsaw puzzles can be a source of comfort for seniors who may feel isolated or alone. Puzzles are often associated with happiness, relaxation, and satisfaction, which can help seniors feel connected to the world around them and provide some much-needed comfort in times of distress or loneliness.

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    How Do They Help With Memory And Cognitive Functions

    A study in Front Aging Neuroscience showed that jigsaw puzzles improve cognitive function by improving memory skills, increasing spatial ability, and improving problem-solving abilities. Jigsaw puzzles are also a great way to keep your mind active and engaged, which can help to prevent age-related cognitive decline. Solving puzzles creates new connections in the brain and increased synaptic activity.

    Jigsaw Puzzles With Extra Large Pieces

    Puzzle 36 Piece

    Do you prefer jigsaw puzzles with extra large pieces? They are very popular for Seniors with terrific images!

    I enjoy doing these as quick fix jigsaw puzzle in between larger and more challenging images.

    Someday I may have a majority of these extra large pieces in my collection.

    The Gingerbread House by Bits and Pieces is 300 large format pieces REVIEW

    Snoopy in the Flying Ace jigsaw puzzle is 300 pieces but not made for children under 14 years. The pieces are extra large REVIEW

    Old English Sheep Dog 300 pieces and in the extra large size pieces REVIEW

    Ice Cream Cones Collage Jigsaw Puzzle by Sure-lox is 300 extra large pieces REVIEW

    The Forest Enchantment jigsaw puzzle is 300 extra large size pieces REVIEW

    The Cobble Hill Dalmatian Family jigsaw puzzle is 275 pieces of easy handling larger sizes REVIEW

    As you can see the 6 extra large pieces jigsaw puzzles above are assembled. You may read the REVIEWS on the links and you will notice that the majority are rated as ‘highly recommended’. It seems the larger the puzzle pieces the more sturdy they are and the better the quality.

    However, just because the size is extra large pieces on these puzzles, they are not intended for children as the images are more for adults.

    The following extra large pieces jigsaw puzzles are an example of what is available for purchase by various jigsaw puzzle companies. They really are quite delightful!

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