Government Mandated Auto Insurance Discount For Seniors

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Does Progressive Offer Discounts For Certain Drivers

Government announces automobile insurance reform panel

As we age, its important to take advantage of every discount we can get. Thats why many seniors are wondering if Progressive offers a government mandated auto insurance discount for seniors.

Unfortunately, Progressive does not currently offer a government mandated auto insurance discount for seniors. However, they do offer other discounts that could save you money on your car insurance premiums. For example, Progressive offers discounts for drivers who have completed a defensive driving course or have good grades in school.

If youre looking for an insurer that does offer a government mandated auto insurance discount for seniors, you may want to check out GEICO or Allstate. Both companies offer this type of discount and could help you save money on your car insurance premium each year.

Saving On Senior Auto Insurance

While there isnt much you can do about increasing insurance rates, there are some potential discounts and other money-saving tips that are worth looking into as a senior driver.

For starters, older drivers should check with their carriers to see if theyre eligible for a low-mileage discount. For seniors who dont drive very often, a discount may be available to those who can prove they drive fewer than 10,000 miles or so each year. Often times, this will simply involve sending in a yearly photo of the vehicles odometer to your insurance carrier or having an agent come out to take an annual reading.

Some insurance companies will also offer discounts to senior drivers who take approved safe-driving courses. These classes can help provide senior drivers with a safety refresher behind the wheel, and are often offered through organizations.

Thinking about buying a new car? Seniors may be able to save on their insurance by upgrading to a vehicle with increased safety technology, such as parking assistance features, rearview cameras, lane-departure warning systems, and the like. These technologies can also give senior drivers a little more confidence behind the wheel.

Car Rental Discounts For Canadian Seniors

Thrifty Canada: Offers 5% discounts to seniors

Avis: CARP members are eligible to claim a 25% discount on Avis base rates.

Hertz: Hertz 50 Plus Car Rental Program offers discounted rates and exclusive rental deals CARP members may get up to 20% off of promotional rates at participating locations.

Budget: offers CARP members up to 25% off Budget base rates for vehicle rental. Only in participating US and Canada locations

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Does Car Insurance Go Down As You Get Older

Although your insurance rates can fall when youre 50 or 55, they can start to rise again as you age further. Some insurers can raise rates as you turn 65 or 70, since you may be more likely to have age-related cognitive functioning issues and a decline in vision. Also, youre more susceptible to injuries from an accident, and theyre likely to be more severe.

It pays to check your coverage and take steps to reduce your rates. Many companies will reduce rates for drivers of any age who complete a defensive driving course. Also, make sure to let your insurer know of any changes, such as a reduction in the number of miles youre driving, that could reduce your rates.

As you turn 50 or 55, shop around to ensure that youre receiving the coverage and service you need for the best possible price. Ask your current insurer about any mature driver discounts they may offer and shop around to compare multiple car insurance quotes.

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Policy Types

There are quite a few states that employ a government-mandated car insurance discount for seniors. The full list in full includes:

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, and DC.

There are some states which require a driving course to be passed in order to grant a discount to seniors.

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Your Driving Record Affects Car Insurance Rates

The first thing insurance companies will consider before granting discounts on senior car insurance is their individual driving record.

Hypothetically speaking, if a 57-year-old driver has been with the same company for a length of 10 to 15 years, hes more likely to be eligible for after 55 discounts if hes had few or no claims during that period.

Obviously, an accident-free record is an ideal situation when looking for the best auto insurance rates for seniors. But even one or two minor accidents over the lifetime of a senior driver are still fairly negligible.

What You Need To Know About Car Insurance For Seniors

Car insurance costs tend to climb as you advance through your senior years. Although young and inexperienced drivers pay the highest auto insurance costs, seniors also see their premiums rise after age 65.

In fact, its possible that your insurer wont renew your policy once you reach a certain age.

But you should still be able to find a policy with a new insurer if your current company drops you. Even better, there are many ways to save on auto insurance costs once you reach your 60s and beyond.

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Do Seniors Get A Discount On Auto Insurance

Yes, seniors can get a discount on car insurance. Senior citizen auto insurance discounts of 5% to 15% are available for drivers aged 50-65+ who belong to affiliated groups, take approved driver education courses, or drive fewer miles. Major insurers do not offer discounts simply for reaching a certain age, full answer

Age is a factor in your insurance premium in every state except California, Massachusetts and Hawaii. And even these states allow insurers to consider years of driving experience. As a result, most drivers will see their insurance rates begin to rise between the ages of 65 and 75, and certain states make senior drivers renew their licenses more frequently around this time.

Since the cost and risks associated with car insurance can increase for seniors as they age, insurance companies such as Geico and The Hartford offer specialty insurance plans for older drivers. These policies offer discounted pricing as well as tailored benefits. If youre looking to buy auto insurance as a senior, its best to consider the price of these programs alongside the value of their senior-oriented perks.

Auto Insurance Programs Designed for Seniors

Senior Citizen Auto Insurance Discounts for Mature Driver Courses

When A Motor Vehicle Is To Be Repaired

5 Things About The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Estimates Insurance companies do not have to settle a claim based on the highest estimate of repair. If a company believes the estimates are too high, they have the right to check with other repair facilities. The insurance companys offer needs to cover the actual repair costs to restore the damaged motor vehicle to pre-loss condition. However, if they direct a claimant to a specific repair facility for actual repairs, they are giving an implied warranty on that repair facilitys workmanship.
  • Repair The insurance company can repair a vehicle with other than original manufactured parts, commonly referred to as After Market Parts. In addition, the company may also repair your vehicle with used or salvaged parts provided they are of like kind and quality.If the insurance company decides to repair the damage to your motor vehicle, they should issue the claim settlement check in your name and not to the repair firm unless you signed an authorization for the repair firms name to also appear on the check. If it is a first party claim and a lienholder is named on your insurance policy, the insurance company should also include the lienholders name on the claim settlement check.

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Seeking Damages For Pain And Suffering

Pain and suffering lawsuits may be filed only under certain conditions. In Kansas, you are prohibited from seeking damages for pain and suffering under the at-fault partys bodily injury coverage unless your medical bills are $2,000 or more, or unless the injury consists of one of the following:

  • Permanent disfigurement
  • A fracture to a weight bearing bone
  • A compound, comminuted, displaced or compressed fracture
  • Loss of a body part
  • Permanent injury
  • Permanent loss of bodily function

If you recover damages and there is any duplication of the payment your company made to you under the Personal Injury Protection benefits, you are responsible for reimbursement to your insurance company.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Senior Driving Discounts

If you live in one of the states listed below, you may have the opportunity to receive car insurance discounts after taking specific driving safety courses. These courses are designed to help seniors drive safely and effectively on the road.

The states that offer government-mandated senior driving discounts include:

You may be able to stay with your current car insurance company and still get a great discount and deal on car insurance rates by taking a safety driving course for seniors, especially since these discounts can help you save anywhere from 5% to 20% on your policy. You can call your company to speak with a representative to ask more about this option.

Many senior citizens wonder, Why did no one tell drivers born between 1936 and 1966 about this new rule? And the truth is, no one knows. With the potential to save money on car insurance simply for taking a course, these government-mandated discounts should be more popular than they are.

Enter your ZIP code below to compare auto insurance rates.

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Car Insurance For Low Income Individuals

bennievarro: Expand Medicare To Cover The Uninsured

Out of the 50 states in the US, 49 of them require you to carry auto insurance if you drive your own vehicle. This would equate to thousands of dollars worth in car insurance premiums paid off each year. According to the Insurance Information Institute, it costs more than $1,200 to insure a sedan vehicle in the US . The bigger and more expensive the vehicle you are driving is, the higher the insurance cost.

Even on the low end of the car insurance rate, insuring a vehicle can be still pretty expensive. If you are already low on income, it can be difficult to allocate a budget for the insurance as you are already working with limited funds.

One of the recommended solutions is to participate in any one of the state government assisted car insurance programs listed above. However, this is only available in 3 states . Therefore, you can only participate in these programs if you are a resident of any of these states. If not, you can look for alternatives on how you can secure affordable insurance for your vehicle.

Here are additional tips that you might want to consider to help you save on insurance costs for your vehicle.

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    Auto Insurance For Seniors In Specific States

    Well answer the most popular questions about auto insurance for seniors in specific states in this section.

    Where to find best car insurance for seniors in VA?

    Everyone will get a different quote based on their driving record, car, and other factors. However, Allstate, Geico, and Farmers are some of the most popular VA insurance options for seniors. Compare insurance by zip code to get a good idea of what others are paying.

    What is the insurance break for senior citizens on car insurance in Kansas?

    Kansas doesnt mandate a break for senior citizens, but they do require a 4-year renewal option after 65.

    How to dispute senior auto insurance increase in Texas?

    The best option to dispute auto insurance increase in Texas is to ask your insurance company. If you arent satisfied, then you should talk to the Texas Department of Insurance.

    How to find the lowest car insurance rates in Georgia for a senior citizen?

    The lowest car insurance rates in Georgia for seniors can change depending on where you live and your driving record. Hartford from AARP, Allstate, and Farmers are popular options. Related: How to lower my car insurance?

    Help for Florida seniors who cannot afford auto insurance?

    The state of Florida doesnt have any options for seniors that cant afford auto insurance. Your best option is to shop around and see what discounts you can apply for.

    How will the new MI auto insurance affect seniors?
    Why is auto insurance so high in Florida for senior citizens?

    Auto Insurance In Your 70s

    Flashpoint Interview: Does auto insurance legislation reform need reform?

    Does car insurance go up when you turn 70? Unfortunately, yes.

    Data from the National Transportation and Safety Bureau and National Automotive Sampling System show that drivers 70 and up experience much higher rates of intersection-related accidents and fatalities than younger drivers. More accidents mean more claims and higher rates. However, this is just the point at which accident rates begin to increase — it isn’t until drivers reach their late 70s or early 80s that their abilities degrade significantly. Some insurers recognize this and continue to offer reasonably-priced car insurance for those over 70.

    The average rate for full-coverage auto insurance for a 70-year-old is $1,676.

    The average rate for full-coverage auto insurance for a 75-year-old is $1,847.

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    Pay Less If You Drive Less

    As you age, you might drive less. Seniors are less likely to have long commutes to work, and many older drivers are content to spend more time at home.

    If this is true of you, look for an insurance company that offers a price break to those who drive relatively few miles annually. Typically, you qualify if you drive fewer than the average miles each year, but rules vary by insurer.

    Some insurers will give you an even bigger discount if you agree to have your driving behavior monitored using a telematics device.

    With these programs, you download an app to your smartphone or install a device in your car. The insurer can measure things like speed, hard braking and whether you are using your smartphone while driving.

    Most companies offer a discount just for signing up, with the possibility of a greater discount for good driving behaviors, says Robert Passmore, vice president, auto and claims policy for the American Property Casualty Insurance Association.

    Claim Investigation Time Frames

    In Kansas, an insurance company has an obligation to investigate a filed claim, whether first or third party, within 30 days from when it was reported. If the insurance company needs additional time to conduct an investigation, it shall every 45 days thereafter send to the insured or claimant a letter setting forth the reasons additional time is needed to conclude the investigation. It is in the best interest of the insurance company to investigate any claim promptly so that valuable evidence is not lost or destroyed. However, there are no provisions requiring an insurance company to settle your claim within a certain period of time.

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