Best Stationary Bikes For Seniors

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Avari Conversion Ii Rower/recumbent Bike

What’s The Best Exercise Bike For Seniors (2022)? The Definitive Guide!

This is another interesting piece of equipment from Stamina Products. Its a recumbent bike crossed with a rowing machine. It allows you to switch between biking and rowing, so you can add a solid back and arm workout to your leg and cardio workouts. Itll take up quite a bit extra room in your home gym, but it will potentially replace, or remove the need for, other exercise equipment.

Here are some of the features youll get in this recumbent bike / rowing machine hybrid:

  • Sturdy, steel frame construction with aluminum rowing beam
  • Smooth, quiet magnetic resistance

Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors

If youre looking for a well-connected, technologically advanced exercise bike for seniors, consider the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike. It has Bluetooth connectivity and app integration with all sorts of fitness apps including Explore the World and Zwift, and also comes loaded with 13 workout programs. There are 16 levels of quiet, smooth magnetic resistance, and is easy to adjust. The thick padded seat is comfortable and the ergonomic handrails have pulse monitoring.

Are Exercise Bikes Good For The Over 70s

Plenty of folks over the age of 70 are becoming converts to recumbent biking. It’s a low-impact exercise with big benefits, including increased flexibility, muscle tone, weight loss, lower LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improved mood, and overall health benefits. Take it at your own pace if you’re new to recumbent cycling, and be sure to get your doctor’s OK before you start a new fitness program.

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Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

  • Eight levels of resistance to meet your individual abilities
  • Upper hand pedals for arm, shoulder, and back exercises
  • Large, comfortable contoured seat with back rest

Exercise should involve the full range of muscles in our bodies. While every stationary bike will target muscles in the lower body, few will work the hips, back, and upper body muscles. The Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike is designed to engage your entire body without compromising comfort and safety.

Heres why I recommend it:

A Comfortable Seat

It comes with a wide comfortable seat designed to reduce the load your back is placed under. The seat is angled to help your back stay aligned as you ride. Plus, the seat is stuffed with lots of cushioning foam. As such, seniors can stay on the stationary bike for longer with less fatigue over time.

Upper Hand Handles

This stationery bike comes with an upper hand handle that exercises the upper body. So, seniors get a full-body workout whenever they use the exercise bike.

Sturdy Steel Frame

To ensure users stay safe as they exercise, the bike is made of a durable steel frame. It can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Eight Exercise Levels

The exercise bike comes with 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. Adjusting the dials is also easy and precise with the large tension dial.

Multi-Function Display

Best Pedal Exerciser For Seniors 2022

Best Stationary Bikes for Seniors.

Is too much sitting and lying down having adverse effects on your older adult?

Without a doubt, theres no age limit to acquiring the best body fitness. However, with old age, vigorous activities become challenging to perform. Even at that, finding the low-risk and low-impact but effective exercises for seniors can be difficult.

Right!what is a pedal exerciser? It is a mini portable exercise bike designed for indoors workouts,both Seniors and younger Adults can exercise on it without putting too much pressure on their joints/body

Fortunately, the right best pedal exerciser for seniors is safe and improves blood circulation, joint mobility, tone muscles, and cardio machines. Apart from being the only thing the elderly need for fitness, they can also use it at home or work.

So, lets explore the top 10 pedal exercisers for seniors. Herein, theres also a buying guide to help you choose a suitable model.


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Best Dual Exercise Bike For Elderly: Stamina Airgometer

Stamina Airgometer


82 lbs

This simple yet effective bike is a type of machine called a dual exercise bike this means it has pedals for your legs and handlebars for your arms. You can get a total body workout from just one machine! The flywheel on the Stamina Airgometer is made with a fan, blowing cool air every time you pedal and helping you stay cool and focused for the length of each session.

One of the most beneficial things about this upright bike has little to do with the pedals or handlebars its the seat. The seat is wider and thicker than most seats youll find on upright exercise bikes. Because upright bikes are known for having smaller, less comfortable seats, this is actually a big advantage for seniors who need the extra padding! You can get a full-body workout without risking a sore tailbone after a long routine.

Is It Worth It To Get An At

If you plan to use an exercise bike regularly, its probably worth the investment. Buying an exercise bike may be especially worthwhile if you plan to share it among multiple users. You may be more likely to hop on the bike for a workout when it doesnt involve commuting to the gym.

An exercise bike is also convenient when the weather, traffic conditions, and time of day arent ideal for outdoor workouts.

Exercise bike workouts are an excellent way to work toward your fitness goals. Bike workouts help build muscle, increase endurance, and maintain a moderate weight. Plus, theyre easy on your joints.

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Recumbent Bikes And Trikes

Recumbents are ergonomic and comfortable. Two and three-wheel models are available.

A sophisticated, full-suspension 2-wheeler

Theyve been praised by medical professionals, for their various health benefits. The majority of the bodys weight is distributed across the back and buttocks, rather than being focused on the saddle and hands. This seating position avoids potential prostate aggravation, as pressure is not being placed on the perineal area. It has also been purported to improve circulation.

Neck, shoulder and arm pain is significantly reduced, in comparison to the traditional riding posture on a conventional bicycle. The lower back is relaxed, rather than being arched. Riders look straight ahead, without having to crane their neck backward. On most recumbents, steering takes place beneath the seat. Conversely, conventional bicycles require the rider to rest a lot of weight upon their wrists.

Recumbents maintain a low profile, literally

Some enthusiasts claim that recumbents are the safer option, in the instance of a crash. Being closer to the ground, there is the possibility that the risk of injury is reduced during a fall. They are less likely to flip over, should you be the unfortunate recipient of a vehicle impact or equipment failure.

Electric models are available

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For Short Seniors: Proform 235 Csx

â7 Best Recumbent Bikes For Seniors-Recumbent Bike Reviews on Amazon

ProForm 235 CSX Bike


275 lbs

Most recumbent exercise bikes can fit people who are shorter, but that doesnt mean that short people shouldnt look for a model that fits them better. The ProForm325 CSX is ideal for people who are very short- as low as 48 in height.

Other recumbent exercise bikes for shorter people are lacking in performance and features, but this one is not. It has a large, intuitive LCD screen that makes it easy to select a workout and monitor your heart rate, speed, and distance it also has 18 different resistance levels to choose from.

The exercise bikes being produced today usually come with some current technology integrations- Bluetooth connectivity for your phone or tablet, USB ports for phone chargers, etc. The ProForm 235 CSX is a few years old, so it lacks these features. If you like the idea of a high-tech exercise bike, this may not be the one for you. However, if youre a shorter person, its hard to beat the performance and fit of the ProForm 235 CSX!

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Great Exercise Bikes For Seniors

Of the exercise bikes tested by CR, here are a few picks with features that may be preferable for senior riders. CR members can check out our full ratings and reviews of exercise bikes.

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I’m a science journalist who writes about health for Consumer Reports. I’m interested in finding the ways that people can transform their health for the better and in calling out the systems, companies, and policies that expose patients to unnecessary harm. As a dad, I spend most of my free time trying to keep up with a toddler, but I also enjoy exploring the outdoors whenever possible. .

The Type Of Stationary Bike

So as the name suggests a stationary bike is simply a bike that doesnt necessarily move, like an outdoor bike would.

Now, stationary bikes do come in a few forms.

You have your:

Now, indoor cycling bikes and air bikes are designed for intense cardio workouts.

They try and get the heart pumping so youre reaching your maximum level of output.

So, for senior citizens that may have weaker joints or heart problems I wouldnt necessarily suggest one of these.

What were going to be looking at here is either the Upright Bike or the Recumbent Bike.

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Best Overall Exercise Bike

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Protect Your Floor And Your New Exercise Bike

Best Stationary Bikes for Seniors.

Do you need an fitness equipment mat to protect your floor from your exercise bike?

A good mat also keeps floor dust or carpet fibers from getting into your equipments moving parts and causing problems.

I wrote a buyers guide & article on the better equipment mats available for both carpet & hardwood floors here.

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A Few Benefits Of A Recumbent Stationary Bike

Bottom line: For many older adults, recumbent bikes offer a low-impact workout that is safer and more comfortable than what a typical exercise bike can.

Im sure none of us had any problem with that when we were a tad more spry, but its likely an issue for some of you nowadays.

If so no worries, since a reclining exercise bike has got you covered:

* Its seat is low to the ground, unlike many exercise bikes its easier to get on one than it is a regular exercise bike.

* A recumbent has you seated in a relaxed position, legs stretched out in front of you while upright bikes have you perched up on a pedestal-like seat.

What Are The Best Exercise Bikes Right Now

The best exercise bikes should be well-made, durable, and tough enough to withstand daily use. Our top overall choice for those on a budget is the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor bike, which boasts a sturdy steel frame and 49-pound weighted flywheel. However, while it’s inexpensive, it’s lacking in extras, such as a display or coaching, so you need to be self-motivated.

If you can splurge, the Peloton Bike+ is a high-end exercise bike that is very popular for its integrated Wi-Fi-enabled rotating touchscreen that streams live and on-demand classes.

If you’re looking for one of the best Peloton alternatives, we like the MYX Fitness Bike. And if you have almost no room for a bike, the DeskCycle pedal exerciser allows you to cycle underneath a desk or table.

This sturdy, solid stationary bike from Sunny Health & Fitness has a steel frame and 49-pound weighted flywheel that can hold a maximum weight of 275 pounds. The seat can adjust to four settings and the caged pedals include clips to keep your feet in place. The leather band resistance system is designed to mimic the feel of a real road. While the bike doesnât come with a screen, there is a bottle holder and assembly takes about 10 minutes.

The base-level Peloton Bike is still an excellent choice. It’s extremely well-made and durable. Check out our Peloton Bike review here to find out more.

Read our full Freebeat XBike review

Read our full MYX II Exercise Bike review here.

Read our full Bowflex Velocore review

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Xterra Fitness Fb350 Folding Exercise Bike

Price: $

If youre looking for a bike that you can easily move around, check out the FB350 Folding Exercise Bike from XTERRA Fitness.

It folds, has transport wheels, and weighs less than 45 lbs. , making it a highly portable option.

Plus, it offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance and can be used as both an upright and recumbent bike depending on which handlebars you use.

The bike has a large, cushioned seat, padded handlebars with built-in heart rate sensors, and an LCD screen that provides workout data like speed, workout duration, heart rate, and distance.

Keep in mind that this bike is designed to accommodate user heights ranging from 4 ft. 10 in. to 5 ft. 10 in. and has a maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs. , so it may not be a good fit for some people.

Highly Resistant Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Top 7 Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty recumbent bike for seniors that is capable of withstanding even the most strenuous workouts, then the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike is perfect for you. With its 14-gauge steel tubing and powder-coated finish, this bike is built to last. Plus, the adjustable seat and handlebars ensure a comfortable fit. So why wait?


  • Counterbalanced pedals


  • Resistance is much harder than other bikes, which can make it difficult to pedal for those who are not in good shape.

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What Are Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are excellent for low-impact cardio and aerobic workouts. Though they have familiar designs like outdoor bikes, such as bike saddles and pedals, they also can include connected technology and have the advantage being used indoors in any kind of weather.

Exercise bikes are excellent for strengthening your legs and lower body muscles, like calves and hamstrings. Furthermore, using an exercise bike increases stamina, endurance, and metabolism.

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R616 is another high-end recumbent exercise bike thats perfect for those seniors that want a quality machine without breaking the bank. Similar to the ProForm 325 CSX above, you should be able to nab one of these for just over $500 .


Similar to the two bikes above, this recumbent exercise bike has a nice and solid steel walk-through frame that provides good support to the shroud and aluminium sliding seat rail system. Weighing in at 97 lbs this bike is easy to move around, but still heavy enough to be sufficiently sturdy . As youll see, the rest of the components are also great quality.


With the pull of a lever, the seats aluminium sliding rail system is quick and easy to use to adjust the seat fore and aft. On top of that, it has an excellent range that allows for people of all different heights. Anyone from under 5 up to about 66 will be able to use this bike comfortably.

The seat itself has a vented back that provides good lumbar support, as well as a well-cushioned and contoured bottom to make your workouts cool and comfortable. Theres also a large water bottle holder attached to the back left of the seat, so you can get at your water or sports drink easily.

Ease of Assembly

Ease of Use

The oversized pedals with straps mean that even those with large feet will be able to get on and pedal the Nautilus R616 easily, and the weighted flywheel with eddy current resistance means that this is an exceptionally quiet and smooth recumbent bike.

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Can You Get A Good Workout With A Recumbent Bike

With the right interval exercises and resistance settings, recumbent bikes can provide an effective, low-impact cardio workout that can even lead to weight loss. Most models have multiple resistance levels that you can easily adjust, meaning youre able to intensify your workout as your strength increases. Some recumbent bikes even have resistance bands that tone your arms while your ride .

If you opt for a recumbent bike with included workouts , you can customize each ride to help reach your fitness goals. You can also find pages of free recumbent bike workouts on Youtube.

Best Exercise Bike For Seniors Looking For A Total

Your Guide To The Best Stationary Bikes For Seniors

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike takes your cycling workout up a notch with the option to pedal with your arms as well. Its a great exercise bike for seniors looking for more of a total-body workout while still minimizing joint impact and requiring minimal balance. Its built from durable alloy steel, and can support up to 350 pounds. There are eight levels of magnetic resistance, the hardest of which are quite difficult.

Seniors who struggle with balance or need a little extra support and comfort will appreciate the oversized seat and back support on this bike. It makes for a very stable, secure, comfortable ride. Theres also a pulse monitor and an LCD display with all the key workout stats.

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