Activities For Seniors At Home

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Will I Have The Same Caregiver Or Nurse All The Time

Top 10 Balance Exercises for Seniors at Home. STOP FALLS.

At Nurse Next Door, we strive for consistency of care and provide regularly assigned Caregivers. Our goal is to find the perfect match between our clients and Caregivers based on their needs, hobbies, and interests. Caregiver consistency is essential to building strong relationships, and delivering on our philosophy of Happier Aging®.

How Do I Keep My 70

Keeping your 70-year-old busy can be a challenge. If youre looking for ways to keep your loved one engaged, try these fun and engaging indoor activities:

1. Take them on a museum tour! Even if theyre not interested in art or history, theyll appreciate the change of scenery.

2. Go to a movie! An afternoon at the movies is a great way to spend time together without having to worry about driving or getting lost on the way thereand its just as much fun for older people as it is for anyone else!

3. Practice calligraphy! This is a great way for seniors to stay active and learn something new at the same time.

4. Try some adult coloring! This is something that both kids and adults enjoy doing because its relaxing and artistic .

Start A Youtube Channel

Are you pretty savvy about a particular subject like playing an instrument or practicing yoga? Start your own free Youtube channel and upload videos of you providing DIY instruction, insight, and expertise. Invite friends and family on social media to subscribe to your channel and spread the word. Who knows, maybe your videos will go viral!

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Plan Your Dream Holiday

Its looking more likely that we might get away for some sun later in the year. Use the internet to start planning a dream holiday. Look through Airbnb for your dream accommodation, find the perfect beach, and search for the best restaurants.

Dream up the holiday you would go on if you had an unlimited budget.

Fun Activities For Seniors To Do At Home

How to Find a Good Nursing Home

Esther C. Kane, C.D.S. Fun

There are many wonderful things that you can do with your family members young and old at home. Some may take a little creativity and perhaps even some products but in the end, its all about spending time with the ones you love.

Activities, especially fun and/or purposeful activities can help to promote mental health and well-being in seniors. Staying busy and active can be the best thing to fight off social isolation. Of course, the first thing I would recommend is socializing with your elderly loved ones.A new hobby or something that involves some physical activity can go a long way in helping older adults to combat feelings of loneliness when they are in their own home.

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Skype With Loved Ones

Whats Needed: Smartphone, tablet, or a computer

Difficulty: Easy

Using technology is a great way to stay connected while practicing social distancing. One fun way to do this is to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world with the online video and phone platform, Skype. Skypes service is free, and you can easily download it onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and start communicating. Here is a great guide on how to use Skype.

What Activities Are Good For Seniors

It may be difficult to assess, in a general term, what activities are good for older adults. After all, every person has different capabilities, different likes and dislikes and different past experiences.

Read about activities for seniors with limited mobility.

So, in my honest opinion, the best activities are ones that the person can participate in and one that they enjoy. Here are some examples:

  • Walking if your senior loved one can walk without great difficulty or pain and for a good distance than I would say that taking a walk around the neighborhood would be a good activity.
  • Useful tasks everyone likes to feel useful and productive. Anything that your older adult can do to contribute to the running of the household would be a good activity. It could be cooking, watching the kids, cleaning, paying the bills, handyman type of tasks, etc.
  • Passion activities most everyone has something that they enjoy. Music, art, movies, games, sports, etc. Any task or activity around that topic that they enjoy would be a very good activity to participate in either solo or with others in the family.
  • Exercise for many seniors exercise can be difficult. But most everyone can do chair exercises. There are many Youtube videos on these types of exercises and I would encourage you to pull up Youtube on your TV and start working out!

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Safe Socially Distanced Holiday Activities For Elderly Loved Ones

The weathers getting colder, and social distancing and mask-wearing may still be observed indoors, but there are plenty of safe ways to stay connected with elderly family members this season. In addition to using tools like Zoom, FaceTime, and phone calls to reduce social isolation and maintain holiday traditions, you can find creative ways to adapt classic seasonal activities. Here are 17 ways to stay connected from afar or spend time together safely in person this winter.

  • Write letters. Most seniors remember a time when snail mail was their main form of communication. Encourage a pen pal program between older relatives and grandchildren. Its a chance for kids to work on their writing skills and for seniors to tell their stories. Consider using holiday cards or having the kids make their own from construction paper so the letter can double as a decoration.
  • Organize a recipe swap. We often end up making the same holiday recipes year after year. Try asking friends to send their favorite holiday desserts or sides, then redistribute the recipes to the group. Everyone gets to try something new and then can talk about what they liked in a phone or video chat. If youre looking for new ideas or inspiration, consider these easy, healthy recipes for seniors.Expert tip: People may have the same recipe card passed down for generations or know their recipe by heart, says Martinez. You can talk about why its special or memories from past holidays.
  • Why Should I Use Nurse Next Door Instead Of Hiring A Private Caregiver

    Dementia friendly activities do to at home with your loved one

    Finding the right kind of senior home care can be difficult but at Nurse Next Door we make sure you know exactly what you will be receiving with our services. Here are some of the questions you should consider prior to making that decision:

    What kind of background and screening checks can you do on your own for a caregiver?

    All Nurse Next Door Caregivers are carefully screened with criminal background checks and vulnerable sector checks. We confirm our Caregivers’ educational credentials and verify upon hire and annually, that every nurse is registered and in good standing with their respective College of Nurses. If you hire a caregiver privately, you will need to perform background checks and screening yourself.

    If my caregiver is unavailable, who will fill in?

    At Nurse Next Door, we ensure there is a replacement when one of our Caregivers becomes unavailable. We believe in continuity of care and will contact you to inform you of a Caregiver change. If you hire a caregiver privately, it may be difficult to find a replacement caregiver depending on how much notice is given.

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    Organize A Neighborhood Cleanup

    Turn your free time into a free way to beautify your community. With the help of neighbors and friends, coordinate a neighborhood cleanup that involves picking up trash and litter, and light landscaping like planting flowers around park walkways. Make use of free tools to help make coordinating volunteers easier.

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    Traditional Games And Puzzles

    One of the best ways to keep your mind sharp is through games and puzzles, which can be played alone or with friends.

    Games like chess, checkers, and crossword puzzles help keep your brain active as you work to solve problems and beat your opponent. But you dont have to play these games on a boardthere are plenty of online versions that you can play from anywhere!

    You can also try card games like poker or solitaire, which require quick thinking while trying to outsmart your opponents. If youre looking for something more simple to start with, try playing games likes tic-tac-toe or hangman with your friends!

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    What Games Do Seniors Enjoy The Most

    When searching for fun activities for seniors, its important to select games that you are going to enjoy. One of the reasons for this is that you need to make sure that you are engaged.

    This will help guarantee that you see the biggest benefits from social activities. So, what games are popular?

    Well when looking at activities for the elderly, we certainly suggest you consider cup stacking. As well as being fun to play it helps boost both hand-eye coordination and motor control.

    As such, you will be getting fantastic health benefits from this particular possibility. Its easy to play too. Everyone participating gets cups that they need to try and stack within a certain time.

    Brass And Silver Cleaning

    Games: Giant Inflatable Jumbo Bowling Set

    Anyone with experience in dementia care or live-in care for the elderly knows that rekindling old memories can provide a positive experience to anyone with memory problems. Set out a collection of brass, copper or silver items on a flat surface covered with newspaper, and open a tin of Brasso or silver polish.

    You need some old rags for applying the cleaning product, and some soft, clean dusters for removing it and buffing the surface into a shine. A small brush, such as an old toothbrush is good for getting into crevices, and dont forget to provide your parent with an apron!

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    Find A Show Or Film To Bond Over

    Seniors with dementia wont always have the mental acuity they used to. Watching TV is a good way for them to spend quality time with another person.

    Keep the show accessible for your senior family members by choosing something with a fun and lighthearted plot and a small number of characters.

    This will make it easier for an older adult to remember the story and follow along. If your loved one is a nature lover, they might enjoy nature documentaries.

    Nature documentaries are a good alternative because they often have relaxing music, which can be soothing to older adults.

    Arts And Crafts Projects

    Whats Needed: Materials vary according to activity

    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

    If you must stay indoors, you can stay productive by working on a hobby or craft project. This could be something like crocheting a blanket, painting a picture, or working on a quilt or other sewing project. This way, you are spending time doing something enjoyable that offers a tangible reward in the end.

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    Holiday Activities For Elderly Relatives In Senior Living

    Memory care and assisted living residents can greatly benefit from the creativity and care of their family as well as their senior living community staff members.

    A huge, important part of what we do is be their family and support them in the absence of their real family, says Martinez.

    Celebrating the holidays in senior living communities can make lasting memories, even if youre unable to visit due to continued COVID-19 restrictions. Check out some senior living holiday party ideas and the following tips to make the holidays work for you and your family this season.

    Why Play Is Important

    15-minute Workout for Older Adults

    Scientific studies continue to show that enjoyable activities can have several major benefits. For example, they have the power to help:

    • Improve how your brain works. Do you want to maintain your memory and optimize your ability to learn new things? Engaging in play on a regular basis can enhance your creativity and mental sharpness.
    • Heal, establish, or maintain relationships. A lot of seniors are lonely. In fact, on average, seniors who live alone spend over 10 hours alone each day. But having fun can enable older adults to make new friends or improve existing relationships.Things like laughter and friendly competition are known to increase harmony, trust, empathy, and intimacy among people who experience them together.
    • Improve your mental and emotional well-being. Do you like the way you feel when you have a brighter outlook on life and your sense of time recedes into the background? Engaging in activities you enjoy can expand your optimism, multiply your moments of joy, and reduce your stress. It can even help prevent depression.
    • Extend your life and improve your physical vitality. Who doesn’t want to feel younger or more energetic? Creating plenty of fun moments in your life can be a good way to boost your immune system, reduce your risk of illness, and minimize your perception of any pain you might already have.

    Play should be a major part of life for everyone. We can all probably use many more joyful experiences. It’s who we are, no matter our age.

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    The Importance Of Indoor Activities For Seniors

    As we age, our bodies change. Sometimes its gradual and sometimes it happens overnight. We lose our balance, our hearing and sight become more limited and we are more prone to illness. This can make us feel like were not as strong or capable as we used to be.

    But there are plenty of indoor activities for seniors that can help you maintain your independence and stay active longerand theyre all fun! From cooking classes to crossword puzzles, these activities will make you feel like a kid again while keeping your brain sharp and your body active.

    Hobbies Crafts And Skills

    Cooking is a great activity to share with a senior loved one. You may get to see how Mom, who has never written a recipe down, fixes her wonderful vegetable soup! Then discover a new recipe to try together.

    Sewing, scrapbooking, painting and drawing, playing a musical instrument or organizing collections can occupy the mind and body.

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    Richmond Hill Seniors Transportation Services

    It can be difficult when your loved one can no longer drive themselves around. Whether its traveling to the store, a social event, or to a doctors appointment, finding safe and reliable transportation can be a hassle.

    With Affinity Health, your loved ones dont have to miss out on any of the activities they adore. Well provide safe transport and enjoyable companionship at their favourite events, arts and cultural programs, social and charity functions, religious services, and more.

    Our caregivers can also provide transportation to and from the hospital, doctors office, or treatment center, as well as services and support while there. In addition, we will help your loved one pack for visits and run errands on the way.

    List Of 103 Assisted Living Community Activities

    To be aware of

    A vibrant assisted living community offers a veritable feast of senior living activities. In fact, numerous indoor and outdoor activities beckon residents on any given day. These activities help to enrich each residents quality of life.

    Assisted living activities include planned and spontaneous excursions that offer enjoyable opportunities to gather with friends and take in the sights.

    Visiting entertainers, virtual classes, and special events round out this list of 103 assisted living activities. Taken together, these assisted living activities ideas help to improve residents well-being and quality of life.

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    Indoor Activities For Seniors To Help Beat Boredom

    Spending more time indoors? It doesnt have to be boring. Engaging in interesting pastimes is important for everyone, but finding indoor activities for older adults that enrich and enliven well-being is especially important. Keeping your mind occupied and your spirits high will repay you in lots of ways. Youll see the emotional benefits of keeping things bright and positive. Youll feel better physically and mentally, too. Fun indoor activities for seniors can keep your gray matter healthy and sharp. You may even find that you sleep better after engaging in these interesting indoor activities for older adults. Watching TV is fine, but if youre looking for something a little more stimulating and rewarding, or if youre wanting to learn something new, check out these fun indoor activities for seniors while youre beating the heat inside or social distancing at home.

  • Explore your family tree. Try a little genealogy research. There are many free, helpful tools available online. A good place to start is the National Archives. There are also paid services such as You can even explore your origins at the DNA level with a test kit from AncestryDNA.
  • Do you enjoy board games? These fun indoor activities for seniors are a great way to spend time while keeping your mind sharp. Classics like Scrabble, Yahtzee, chess and dominos are fun options, but there are also some fantastic newer games such as Qwirkle and Apples to Apples you should try as well.
  • Sewing Arts & Crafts And Games

    Sewing and arts & crafts are very popular activities for elderly people. These types of activities are easily enjoyed at home on ones own, but can also be good fun to do with loved ones, especially the younger kids who enjoy getting involved in craft projects or playing games and puzzles. They can be incredibly inexpensive activities, and best of all, the arts and crafts projects make great gifts once theyre finished. From sewing doll clothes to embroidering cushions and keepsakes, crafting decorations, scrapbooking, crocheting and more there are endless ways to create things at home.

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    Our List Of Things To Do With Elderly Loved Ones At Home

    This list of things to do includes 8 categories with a total of 59 different activities that you and your family can all enjoy! Of course, for any seniors with issues of cognitive decline, some activities will have to be modified to meet their skill levels.

    You may also want to consider creating an Activity Calendar for your family.

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