Walk In Showers For Seniors

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You Are A Great Fit For One Of Our Walk

TheraTub Walk-In Tubs: Innovative walk-in bathtubs and showers for seniors or the handicapped!

You have difficulty getting in and out of your bathtub. You require a barrier-free shower for wheelchair access. You want safety grab bars installed where you need them the most. You want a shower that focuses on safety while also having plenty of choices in design, color and pricing. You need a shower thats easy to access and easy to clean.

You deserve to feel safe bathing in your own home, and you also shouldnt have to sacrifice aesthetic for safety. With a walk-in bathtub from Senior Safe Solutions, you can have both style and functionality in your bathroom!

Cost And Insurance Coverage

Expenses for walk-in showers vary based on the exact model you choose and the installation methods required. You can expect to pay $3,500 to $15,000 for a walk-in shower, according to Home Guide.

Health insurance doesnt cover the installation of a walk-in shower, says Archie, even if its necessary due to a medical condition. Original Medicare doesnt consider it durable medical equipment and, therefore, wont cover the costs, either.

Experience The KOHLER® Walk-In Bathtub

If getting in and out of the bathtub has become a chore, choose a walk-in tub designed for ease of use and step into a new kind of bathing experience.

However, some long-term care insurance policies offer coverage for home modifications that keep you at home and not in a facility, Archie notes. Check with your insurance provider to see if there are any coverage options included in your policy.

Some states have a home and community-based services waiver thats designed to help seniors remain in their homes as they age and receive care. These waivers can sometimes be used to make home modifications, including walk-in shower installation.

Benefits Of A Walk In Shower

The installation of a customised walk-in shower is one of the most effective ways to achieve a safer and more accessible bathroom area and provide a greater level of luxury appearance. Some of the key benefits of having a walk-in shower installed include:

  • Attractive design features
  • Non Slip flooring

A walk in show can be complemented with other safety features such as grab rails and fold down seats to give the users more safety and independence.

A walk in shower opens up the bathroom or en suite adding to a modern simple and fresh look and creating more space thus ensuring a safer showering experience . Walk in showers are increasingly used to help people with reduced mobility and are a safer way to maintain independence as we age.

The components of a walk in shower range from 400 up to 1500 . The majority of the cost installing your new walk in shower goes on the labour . Most installations will involve removal of an older units and then the plumbing and installation of the newer unit. Setting a budget of about 5000 should cover the cost of material , finishes and labour.

When installing a walk in shower for an elderly person it is common for items such as a fold down seat ,chrome grab rails and non slip tiles to be added as part of the refurbishment .

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Non Slip Shower Floors

Most of us remember the shower and bathtub stickies our parents used to keep us kids from slipping in the bathtub.These days, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and frankly, theyve grown up to accommodate any bathtub or shower.

They are a good, inexpensive solution to helping to eliminate slippery surfaces in the shower and/or bathtub. You can see a variety of them here.

There are also other solutions available such as

Making Bathing And Showering Safer

Pin on Bathroom Design Ideas &  Decor

Among Americans 65 and older, falls result in more injuries and death than any other cause. Removing or reducing the causes of falls can make life safer for this age group.

Stepping into a bathtub or into a shower is fraught with danger. Falls often occur when a person must step over the wall of a tub or a curb . Balancing on one leg, even for the second or two required to step into a shower can be risky business for the elderly or anyone with physical limitations.

Removing or reducing the size of the threshold can dramatically improve shower and bathing safety. In short, the solution is a walk-in shower.

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Why Is A Walk

Walk-in showers are very popular amongst those with mobility difficulties. Whilst some walk-in showers have a curb to step over, many of them are designed without and are recommended for those who are not steady on their feet. Furthermore, a curbless shower can also be used in conjunction with a wheelchair. A great characteristic of walk-in showers is that they dont have doors or curtains, which could be a potential hazard. With these obstacles removed, it eliminates the challenges posed when getting in and out of the shower.

Another major advantage is that these showers are easy to clean. Since its made of glass, there are no metal pieces that need to be constantly cleaned. Additionally, there are fewer areas and corners where water, dirt and grime can gather so there is no need to bend down to scrub the shower clean.

Due to the extra spacious showering area, its also possible to attach a fold down seat just one more reason why a walk-in shower for the elderly is a great idea. When creating a walk-in shower, you can decide which points are the most important to you and incorporate them accordingly.


At GROHE, weve incorporated lots of useful technology into our fixtures so you can easily design the perfect walk-in shower for seniors, with their safety in mind. Our shower systems are also extremely user friendly, so theyre easy to get the hang of. No overly complex controls, just straightforward, quality functionality.

Consider Long Baths Financing Options

Improve bathroom safety for seniors with a bathtub to shower conversion from Long Baths. If you cant get your Medicare plan to cover or reimburse the cost of your project, Long Baths offers financing options and payment plans to help homeowners cover the cost of their bath remodel projects.

Call 844-308-9135 or contact our team online today to get a quote or schedule a free, in-home consultation!

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Looking To Replace That Old Slippery Bathtub With A Safe Stylish Shower

Are you searching for a way to make bathing safe and maintain independence? Have you been needing help getting out of the tub?

Walk-in showers provide a safer alternative to traditional bathtubs, with features designed to reduce slips & falls. These easy-entry showers help improve safety and independence at any stage of life.

Get your free no-obligation estimate from our local representatives today!

Bathrooms With A Tub And Walk

Walk-In Showers for disabled and elderly by Mobility Plus Bathing

If you have enough space in your bathroom, add a walk-in shower and a separate tub, so household members can use the one they prefer.

This walk-in shower with glass doors has framing only on two sides, so natural or artificial light can enter. A minimal amount of framing makes the shower look spacious.

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Safety Features With A Stylish Look

Converting your old slippery tub & shower combo doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. All of the latest bathroom shower materials are available with the addition of safety features like no-lip wheel chair entry, bench seating, accessible storage niches, non-slip surfaces, easy access handheld shower fixtures, & grab bars & safety rails.

Get your free no-obligation estimate from our local representatives today!

Showers That Cater To Everyone

Different people have different levels of mobility, ranging from reduced mobility through to disabled and its important that you find the right walk-in shower for you.

Our walk-in showers for elderly or disabled persons are designed with safety in mind. You no longer need to climb into a cubicle because they are fitted with low level, easy access trays meaning you can step right in.

And you no longer need to stand for long periods because you can sit with ease on the shower seats which are fitted in our cubicles. You can even choose between a wooden or padded chair for added style and comfort.

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The Cons Of Walk In Tubs Include:

  • High walls: In a medical emergency , walk in tubs have high walls that make it much more difficult to get someone out of the tub. These high walls also mean the tub hold more water, which is a drowning hazard. We realize that people can also drown in a traditional tub, but bathers want to fill walk in tubs with more water so they can use the jets. If the tub doesnt have a quick drain safety feature, it could take about 15 minutes to drain one.
  • Potential for leaking: Walk in tubs can leak around the seals, causing water to puddle on the floor. This is a slip and fall hazard. Other owners have reported issues with the stoppers leaking, so the tub wont hold water. Additionally, it can be tough to close and latch the doors on some models. An improperly-latched swing-out door could open while the tub is full, causing the bathroom to flood.
  • Scalding: Bathers sit in the tub as it fills, so a mobility-impaired senior may get scalded if the water is too hot and they cant adjust the temperature fast enough. If you are considering a walk in tub, make sure to look for one with anti-scald technology.
  • Read more in our article on the Safety of Walk In Tubs

How Much Do Walk

Walk In Shower Ideas For Elderly

The cost of walk-in shower installation varies widely by region. The materials, size, plumbing and extent of bathroom remodeling are among the factors influencing your final price. Installing a walk-in shower in new construction costs less than an extensive renovation.

Walk-in Shower Costs
$6,500 to $15,000 and up for a professionally-designed and installed custom walk-in shower.
Walk-in shower and soaking tub Add $2,000 to $4,000 or more to project cost. Cost increases with more durable materials or a plumbing reinstall.

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Our Search For The Best Walk

Choosing the best walk-in shower for your needs can get confusing. Many well-known walk-in shower companies offer several models, and there are quite a few new companies in the industry.

We started our search with the 22 most popular walk-in shower companies. We narrowed our recommendations down to the five best options using these steps:

  • We evaluated the walk-in shower marketplace.To narrow our search, we first considered consumer and expert reviews for the top walk-in shower companies. We removed those with a three-star rating or below from consideration.

  • We assessed the top walk-in shower companies based on industry ratings and awards.We wanted to find the top walk-in shower companies in terms of value, customer satisfaction, available options and customer support. We also considered awards for quality and innovative design.

  • We shopped for walk-in showers and followed the advice in this guide.We focused on finding walk-in shower manufacturers based on our wise buyer standards. We evaluated each companys walk-in shower lines, pricing associated with models and options, warranty details and other relevant criteria.

  • If a company failed to provide both materials and installation, we removed it from consideration. Also, if a company did not include online information to explain products and options, we excluded it from our search.

    Bathroom. Source: Getty

    Concluding Thoughts On Walk

    Bottom Line:A walk-in shower can bring safety, luxury and added value to your home.

    A walk-in shower adds space to your bathroom and makes it appear larger and more open. These showers are excellent for preventing dangerous and often life-threatening falls and can add value to the home. Many people dont think a walk-in shower would be affordable, but there are models available for nearly any budget.

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    Get Design Assistance From The Professionals

    Of course, all of these shower ideas are only suggestions to serve as a starting point for your new shower design. Youll want to think about whats most comfortable and convenient for your particular needs in order to design a custom shower thats just right for you. At MaxHome, we proudly offer and install walk-in showers for seniors, and wed be happy to discuss your options and ideas in more detail. Contact us today to learn more about our walk-in showers for seniors and to get started with a complimentary shower design consultation.

    Research Installation Options And Compare Costs

    Showers suitable for disabled and elderly – Mobility Plus Bathing

    Installing a walk-in shower should typically be left to the professionals. So when researching walk-in showers, you should look into both the shower manufacturer and the accompanying installation options. Some manufacturers may require that you use their installation team, while others may let you choose a local contractor. Before making your decision, be sure to read reviews if available or talk to anyone you know who has had a walk-in shower installed about their experience. Additionally, compare installation costs. You may find that some installation options are less expensive than others, freeing up some of your budget for shower features.

    Ultimately, try not to rush the process of selecting a walk-in shower and installer. Youll most likely use, or at least see, your new shower every day, so taking the time to make sure youre getting the best option for your situation and budget is well worth it.

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    Non Slip Rugs And Mats

    Stepping out of the shower or bathtub also presents a problem, even if you have a walk in shower.

    Youre wet and the floors in bathrooms are normally slippery. So, using non-slip mats is very important.

    The varieties today are endless and you can purchase them most anywhere. Heres the one that I purchased for my mother.

    Choosing The Right Walk

    Finding the right walk-in shower for your personal needs can be a confusing process. While the many options available for walk-in showers make for a customizable experience, it also means that there are many decisions to make and features to consider. Below, we walk you through the steps of selecting the best walk-in shower for your situation.

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    Designed For Safety & Comfort

    We recommend thermostat fittings to ensure you and your loved ones can shower in comfort and safety. Weve fitted our shower systems with GROHE TurboStat® technology which ensures that the water temperature stays consistent at all times. A sudden change in water temperature during a nice relaxing shower is not just unpleasant, its even more important to avoid the risk of scalding. To this end, the technology recognises when the cold-water flow is interrupted, and the thermostats are programmed to stop the water flow straight away.

    The SafeStop button also makes sure that the water temperature never rises about 38°C if you accidentally brush against the controls and turn them too high, for example.

    Another helpful technology we offer is GROHE CoolTouch®, which coats any exposed metal such as pipes and the hand shower and guarantees that they stay cool, so you dont burn yourself while hot water is flowing through them.


    First, consider building a niche in the wall that shampoo and soap can be stored in when designing a walk-in shower for seniors. This prevents the user from having to bend down to pick up what they need off the floor, which could cause them to slip. Installing handrails in the shower is also highly recommended as a precaution in the event of a slip or fall.

    Curtains Vs Glass Shower Doors

    Walk In Shower with Seat for Elderly That Will Inspire You

    The general consensus is that shower units with a glass door are safer for senior citizens than ones with a curtain.

    But, I say that it all depends on the size of the shower, the physical needs of the elderly person using the shower and of course, your budget.

    Modern shower doors can also be made of laminated glass or laminated tempered glass. This safety glass product is formed by adhering two sheets of glass to a central sheet of transparent vinyl. The result is a panel that remains intact even if the glass gets broken. Laminated glass or laminated tempered glass is used when a homeowner has special safety concerns for a shower door.

    Here are issues to consider when deciding between shower curtains or glass shower doors.

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    How Does A Walk

    Different models of walk-in bathtubs come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and features, some of which, are shared by most types. Safety features of walk-in tubs include:

    • Low Threshold: Walk-in tubs come with doors that seniors can either swing in or out to allow them to enter the tubs over a low threshold, rather than having to climb over the high edges of traditional bathtubs.
    • Reduces Slip Risks: Walk-in tubs come with built-in slip-resistant floors that prevent seniors from falling or slipping as they take their baths.
    • Increased Stability: Most, if not all walk-in tubs come with grab bars/handrails to offer support to older adults as they bathe.
    • Temperature Control: some walk-tubs have temperature control features to prevent seniors from suffering burns as they bathe.
    • Emergency Support System: the walk-in bathtubs have emergency call buttons to enable the elderly to reach out for help when in need.
    • Accessibility: Most walk-in tub models allow seniors to be transferred from their wheelchairs to the tub seat.

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