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New York Times Subscription Senior Discount

Services change rapidly to protect seniors from COVID-19

The New York Times Senior Discount is a way to thank the people who have helped build this great country. Its a great way to save money.

As people get older, they often look for ways to save money. Fortunately, the New York Times offers a senior discount on its subscriptions! but sometimes they dont know how to Get New York Times Subscription Discount.

In this case, New York Times Subscription has put together the steps below to show how easy it is to get New York Times Subscription Senior Discount.

In this article, we provide you with complete details of the Times Subscription Senior Discount

You can see it here now

  • Does New York Times Have a Senior Discount in 2022?
  • How to Get New York Times Subscription Discount?
  • Cost of New York Times For Seniors
  • New York Times Subscription Options
  • How Much Is A New York Times Subscription For Seniors?
  • New York Times Subscription Introductory Rate Offer
  • New York Times Subscription Digital Access Code
  • New York Times NOOK Subscriber
  • New York Times Gift Subscriptions
  • New York Times Home Delivery Subscription
  • Other Ways To Save Money At New York Times Store
  • New York Times Contact Us

Lets look at everything there is to know about the New York Times Senior Discount in one post. Lets check it out

New York Times Home Delivery Subscription

The discount for getting the New York Times at home is the same as for getting it through a subscription. With a subscription for home delivery, you dont have to pay anything extra to get a digital subscription to The New York Times All Access.

All Digital Access gives you full access to, NYTimes apps for smartphones and tablets, and discounts at the Times store. On top of that, you can use New York Times Games, New York Times Cooking, and Wirecutter.

Does New York Times Offer A Senior Discount

There is no specific New York Times discount for seniors in 2021. However, seniors can avail all the benefits they offer to regular subscribers. Know about NY Times subscriptions at.

Once you become A New York Times Subscriber, you get access to unlimited articles for just $0.25 per week. You can also get FREE access to NYT apps and multiple other bundle options.

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Read More On The Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Warnings of a Tripledemic: An expected winter rise in Covid cases appears poised to collide with a resurgent flu season and a third pathogen straining pediatric hospitals in some states.
  • Long Covid: People who took the antiviral drug Paxlovid within a few days after being infected with the coronavirus were less likely to experience long Covid months later, a study found.
  • New findings show that Pfizers updated booster is better than its predecessor at increasing the antibody levels of people over age 55 against the most common version of the virus now circulating.
  • Personality Changes: New research suggests that Covid’s disruption of social rituals and rites of passage have made people less extroverted, creative, agreeable and conscientious.

Early on, Ms. Sosin said, many older adults changed their behavior by staying at home or masking and testing when they went out. Now they face greater exposure because theyve resumed their prepandemic activities.

Many are no longer concerned about Covid, she said.

Public opinion polls bear that out. Older adults may also reason that improved treatments for Covid infections make the virus less dangerous.

Yet deaths in this age group doubled from April to July, exceeding 11,000 in both July and August, largely because of the increased transmissibility of the Omicron variant. Deaths began dipping again last month.

That push sort of died down, Ms. Chidambaram said. The federal government took its foot off the pedal.

The Benefits Of Getting Your Newspaper Delivered

The Nitty Gritty about My First HOTWORX Workout

There are many benefits to getting your newspaper delivered, especially if youre a senior citizen. For one, its convenient you dont have to go out and find a newsstand every day or worry about them running out of copies.

But there are other benefits too. Getting your newspaper delivered can actually help you stay informed and up-to-date on current events. Studies have shown that seniors who read the newspapers regularly are less likely to suffer from mental decline than those who dont. So not only is getting your paper delivered convenient, its also good for your health!

Other benefits of home delivery include discounts on subscriptions and access to exclusive content that isnt available online. So if youre looking for a way to save money and stay informed, consider getting your newspaper delivered right to your doorstep.

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New York Times Subscription Options

The New York Times offers two digital subscriptions: Basic Digital Access and All Digital Access.

  • Basic Digital Access: This digital subscription provides unlimited access to articles, podcasts, videos, and more on You can also read content by downloading the NYTimes app on your mobile phone. This plan starts at $1 per week, and increases to $17 per month after a year.
  • All Digital Access: This subscription provides unlimited access to New York Times journalism, as well as discounts at The New York Times store. The All Access Digital subscription also provides unlimited access to all of, Wirecutter, NYTimes Cooking, and NYTimes Crosswords for $28 per month.

If you prefer getting a physical newspaper delivered to your door, then we recommend opting for a home-delivery subscription. To purchase a home-delivery subscription, visit the newspapers website and enter your ZIP code to view delivery and pricing options.

New York Times Crossword

The famed New York Times Crossword Puzzle is included in All Access but not in Basic Access subscriptions. You can purchase the NYT Crossword separately for $5 a month or $40 a year. A few times a year the rate goes on sale for $20 for one year. To subscribe or check the current New York Times Crossword price, visit:

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Newsday Subscription Deal: $1 For 5 Months

Newsday has a 5-month digital subscription for $1. For more details or to subscribe visit:

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the Newsday website, the Newday apps for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire, and a 30-day archive After 5 months, this subscription renews automatically at $6.99 per week unless you act.

Ny Times Wsj $1 / Week

Protections for New York City food delivery workers take effect Friday

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 by Gil Arnold

Get The New York Times digital edition for $1 a week, or add the cooking section and daily crossword for $.50 a week more. Get the online Wall Street Journal for $4 a month.

Those are just two of the deals you can get on digital subscriptions to the nations top newspapers. Our roundup below lists the best deals on digital subscriptions to daily newspapers and weekly magazines. A digital subscription gives you access via a web browser and usually through an app as well.

Most of the subscription deals below are introductory deals, meaning that at the end of the deal youll be charged a higher rate unless you act. You can cancel anytime but if you want to keep subscribing, see How to Keep Low Rates at the end of this article. Here are the digital newspaper subscription deals, in alphabetical order. These are all for digital subscriptions but at the links below you can also find deals on print subscriptions. Most digital subscriptions give you access to the newspaper website plus a mobile app.

If youre interested in a non-U.S. newspaper subscription, see our companion article, International Newspapers Online

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Does Nyt Offer Home Delivery Of Senior Discount Subscriptions

The New York Times does provide home delivery, but not in all locations. To know about NY Times home delivery in your area, please visit the site.

When you subscribe for Home Delivery, you can get access to articles, podcasts, videos on and their NYT app as well. You also get access to New York Times Games and NYT Cooking. To connect a home delivery subscription to a digital account, visit Also, you can buy a Basic Digital Access Subscription.

Featured Resources For Senior Citizens

The New York Times Senior Discount 2022 offer is one of the best subscription deals for seniors. Other featured products for senior citizens include:

AARP The Magazine: This magazine is filled with information on health, money, lifestyle, travel, and more. It is a great resource for those over 50.

Price: $12/year

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Daily Newspaper Vs Digital Access

If youre interested in just the print edition of the newspaper, the cost is $5-10 per week for a paper. You can save 50% for the first year which is a great deal. The paper is great for people who are not as comfortable with technology and want to hold something physical in their hands.

However, the digital edition of the New York Times is updated throughout the day with the latest stories so you can stay up-to-date no matter where you are. The website, mobile app, and e-reader editions all have different features that make it easy for you to read what you want when you want.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

CBD Source

A few NY Times competitors offer discounted subscriptions for seniors. Most competitors dont offer discounts for the elderly, but they have other subscription options seniors might find attractive.

The good thing is that USA Today offers special discounts for its senior members. Senior citizens can get 50% discounts on USA TODAY subscriptions. In other words, it means you can subscribe to the newspaper for 8 weeks for only $19.95. Similarly, Washington Post and NY Post have many offers that might interest you.

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Subscription Rates And Billing

Q: How much do subscriptions cost?A: We offer a number of frequencies of delivery, plus digital-only options. As of 12/27/2021, here are the print home delivery subscription rates for most of the nine Bay Area counties:Monday-Sunday is $19.45 a weekSunday-Friday is $18.40 a weekMonday-Saturday is $13.15 a weekSunday Only is $9.00 a weekAll options include Unlimited Digital Access at no extra cost. Additional charges may apply for Bonus Days and Premium Days .Pursuant to California regulations, the subscription rate includes an average transportation cost of $1.10 and includes sales tax reimbursement on any taxable portion of the subscription.The prices for home delivery may be somewhat higher in the outlying areas. For mail subscription rates please contact Member Services.For current offers of both home delivery and Unlimited Digital Access subscriptions, go to in-app subscription is $5.99 per month. Some customers are grandfathered in with a $59.99 per year price. There is also an option to subscribe through Amazon using a compatible Kindle device. The current subscription rate from Amazon is $5.99 per month. In-app and Kindle subscriptions do not include the same access and benefits as an Unlimited Digital Access subscription.

Q: Where can I update my EZPay payment information?A: You can update your EZPay information in by selecting the Change EZPay option.

USA Toll Free: 800-499-5700

Dallas Morning News 99

The Dallas Morning News has a digital subscription for $.99 per week for eight weeks. After the trial youll be billed $3.99 per week unless you cancel. To subscribe visit:

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the Dallas Morning News website, eEdition, and app for Apple or Android.

*Offer valid for new subscribers or households that have not subscribed in the past 30 days. By accepting this offer, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and terms of service. Subscriptions are continuous and automatically renew. You will be notified prior to any price increase. You may cancel at any time by calling +1 925-1500. Listed prices do not include the state of Texas digital tax .

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Washington Post Subscription Deal: $40 For 1 Year

The Washington Post is offering a one-year digital subscription for $40. Get your first 4 weeks free then pay $40 for a full year. This is not their best deal, earlier we saw a $22 / year deal. To view the current Washington Post subscription deal, visit:

After your one-year special rate youll be charged the regular rate $120 per year unless you act .

To access the Post after you have subscribed, you can just visit the Washington Post home page, or you can use the Washington Post app for iOs or Android. On your first visit youll need to sign in with your subscriber ID.

How To Keep Low Nyt Subscription Rates

Skyrocketing prices, surging inflation hitting seniors especially hard

*Before you buy a New York Times subscription, be aware that these introductory deals are good only for your first year, and after that youll be billed at the regular rate unless you act. Heres what you should do:

After purchasing your subscription, set yourself a reminder to contact the newspaper at least a few days before the end of your one-year special. On the call or chat, say you are trying to save money and ask what you are going to be billed for renewal. Unless you are offered another special rate, say you cannot afford it and need to cancel. You will often be offered the same special rate, or another good deal.

We have been paying the same $1 a week for our NY times digital subscription for several years.

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Why You Should Get Your Newspaper Delivered

There are many reasons why you should opt for home delivery of your newspaper, especially as you age. With home delivery, you dont have to worry about going out in bad weather or standing in line at the store. You can also take advantage of senior discounts on home delivery subscriptions.

The New York Times offers a number of subscription options, including a senior discount on home delivery. If you live in an area where The Times is available, getting your paper delivered right to your door can be a great way to keep up with current events without having to leave the house. Plus, with home delivery, youll always have access to the papers digital archives so you can catch up on news from any time period.

Economist Subscription Deal: $9950 For 1 Year

Several times a year, The Economist has a one-year digital subscription for $99.50, a 50% discount. After this special youll be billed at the regular rate of $199 per year. To find out if the deal is on now visit:

This subscription gives you unlimited access to The Economist website, and app for Apple or Android.

The Economist also offers this student rate: $49.75 for your first year.

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Logins And Contact Preferences

Q: Can I manage which emails I receive from the San Francisco Chronicle?A: Absolutely! Once logged in, go to the Profile page. You should see the different email preferences on that page. The emails we send also contain unsubscribe and preferences links. Using those options will also update your email preferences for newsletters and other marketing.

Q: How can I change my email address?A: You can change your email address by going to the Profile page and click the Edit button to update your profile. You can also, go through the activation process at again to create up to a max of five logins. Member Services has the ability to disable logins in case you have ones using old/unavailable email addresses. You can change your iPad login from the Manage Subscription menu option within the app.

Q: How do I change my password?A: Click the Edit button on the Profile page and you should see an option to change your password. You can also request a password reset email from any of the login prompts.

Q: What should I do if I try to register/activate my subscription and get a message that it cannot be found?A: Typically this happens when the information does not match our database. To better assist you, please contact our Subscriber Services team at 800-310-2455. Business hours are from 6:30am2:30pm, Monday through Friday, 6:30am10:30am on Saturday, and 8:00am11:00am on Sunday. Or you can email .

New York Times Cooking Subscription Deals


The New York Times Cooking Section is included in All Access but not in News Access subscriptions. You can purchase NYT Cooking separately for $5 a month or $40 a year. A few times a year the rate goes on sale for half price. To subscribe or check the current New York Times Cooking price, visit:

If you have an All Access NY Times digital subscription, the NY Times Crossword and Cooking Section are available to you at no extra charge.

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View Your Subscription Type And Benefits

Learn about where you can find more information about what is included in your New York Times subscription.

In the Subscription overview section of your account page, you can see a full list of your subscription benefits, including access to additional subscription types, features, and more:

If you dont have a Subscription overview section on your account page, then you don’t have an active subscription associated with your New York Times account.

If you want to learn more about the subscriptions offered by The New York Times, select an option below:

Other Ways To Save Money At New York Times Store

New York Times Sale

Ready, set, shop and save! Enjoy doorbuster Deals on these special Times items while supplies last.

Coupons & Promo Codes

First of all, you can always check New York Times Store Coupons & Promo Codes page at Saving Says to save more money while shopping.

Sign Up For Newsletter

Sign up for New York Times Store newsletter to avail exclusive offers and get 10% off on your next order.


Those thoughtfully curated Gifts are sure to delight no matter what the occasion, with themes spanning New York Times interest categories from games to cooking to podcasts.

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