At&t Senior Phone Plans

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At& t Unlimited Plus Plan

Best Cheap AT& T Cell Phone Plans!

This is a great cell phone plan for seniors because it includes TV, landline, and internet deals for existing customers service all under one roof with at& t. This means that you can save money by bundling these services together as opposed to purchasing them separately from multiple providers!

In addition to bundling, you get a $10/mo credit on your account if you have DirectTV. This is a great deal for seniors who want the best in entertainment and communication services.

This plan is a customizable option that offers several advantages that will help you keep saving over time. Youll get unlimited talk and text with your smartphone on the at& t network. You also get more than 22 GB of data each month, and if you go over this amount, its only $15 per GB!

You also get exceptional customer service from an at& t company, so you can rest assured knowing that someone is there to help you out anytime you need it.

The Unlimited Plus plan is $50/mo with AutoPay, and that includes unlimited talk, text, and data on the at& t network and more than 22 GB of 4G LTE data each month! If you go beyond that amount, this will cost only $10 per GB!

You will also get unlimited talk to and from Mexico and Canada, free talk and text to landlines in over 70 other countries, and 10Gb of data while roaming in Europe at no extra cost. This is a great deal, especially if you do a lot of international touring!

Boost Mobile: Best Multi

If youre a senior or have folks with a geeky heart, Boost Mobiles Internet plan hits the right buttons for you. For starters, their unlimited plans go for $50 per line. This includes unlimited text, call, and 4G LTE data. This is the sweet deal for those who love scrolling down on their news feed or streaming videos on their phones. Enrolling another line will cost you $30 per line with a maximum of five lines. This will cost you around $170 for five lines within their network. The benefits are all the same within the five lines, thus making it one of the best cell phone plans you can get not just for seniors but the whole family as well.

At& t Unlimited Starter Plan

Not every older adult would like to live a quiet life, away from technology and the bells and whistles of life. The unlimited Starter Plan by AT& T is for the seniors who love watching online videos or video-chatting with friends and family. Below is what you will get with this plan.


  • The unlimited talk-time and texts in Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited high-speed data with reduced speeds during network congestion
  • Standard mobile security against fraud calls and spam
  • Unlimited 2G data in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited texts to over 120 international destinations
  • Video streaming in standard definition
  • Free access to 5G network
  • Unlimited nationwide texting

The best thing with the Unlimited Starter Plan is that it works with both basic phones and smartphones. Also, older adults can get a 10% discount courtesy of AARP membership.


  • Join AutoPay and Paperless billing
  • Pay $30 per month per line for five lines

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Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Our dear seniors need only the best when it comes to applying for a phone plan. You may choose to include them in a family plan like Walmart Family Mobile Plan. But there is a better way for them to connect with loved ones. Enrolling them in cell phone plans for seniors is the most ideal plan.

These types of plans are pretty straightforward and simplistic in themselves. It is because they mostly offer the basic telephony services texting and calling. Seniors oftentimes need these kinds of communication for they can instantly connect and communicate with their loved ones even without connecting to the Internet.

Today, we will reveal the best cell phone plans for seniors and discuss all the necessary stuff you need to know before availing of such plans.

At& t Senior Plan Features

AT& T Cell Phones for Seniors
  • 4G LTE data speeds: Since AT& T MVNOs are all powered by the AT& T network, you’ll pay less without sacrificing speed.
  • Unlimited talk and text messaging: Finding a new unlimited plan has never been easier. Virtually all small carriers include unlimited text and calls in their plan options. Compare cheap talk and text plans with or without data.
  • International calls to Canada and Mexico: International calling is a must for many people. Luckily MVNOs offer some of the best international phone plans, with free calling to certain countries like Canada and Mexico, and discounted rates on others.
  • Multiline discounts: Low-cost carriers also offer some of the cheapest family cell phone plans, with multi-line discounts.
  • Wi-Fi calling: This feature is handy when you’re out of your service area, allowing you to make calls over the internet instead of on your cellular connection.
  • Tethering/hotspot data: Many low-cost carriers allow you to use your phone as a hotspot. Pick an MVNO with the best mobile hotspot plans so you can share your mobile hotspot data with other devices.
  • HD video streaming: Just like the big guys, some MVNOs offer HD video streaming and some don’t. Read the fine print to find the option you want.

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Verizon: Best Cell Phone Plan For Internet

Verizon currently offers only one type of cell phone plan for seniors, costing $60 for an individual line and $80 for two lines. This includes unlimited 4G LTE access, calls, and texts. There is also unlimited mobile hotspot hosting so every device in the household can have access to the Internet. You can also use the mentioned services in Mexico and Canada. Lastly, youll get DVD-quality streaming on your device. Say goodbye to pixelated cat and scenic videos!

At& t Unlimited 55+ Plan For Florida Residents

With rates per line ranging from $40 to $60 per month, AT& T offers this unlimited plan for the 55-and-over crowd that comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. So you can check in on Facebook, search for local businesses, and receive pictures of the grandkids while you’re out and about. The AT& T Unlimited 55+ plan is an excellent choice for older adults who use their phones frequently throughout the day. The Unlimited 55+ plan also features unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico. Plus, you’ll get free texting in over 120 countries, perfect for frequent travelers.

Buyer’s Tip: AT& T offers perks like $100 in credits per line when you switch to AT& T, up to $45 in savings on activation and upgrade fees, and 15 percent off accessories for AARP members. You can also get benefits like same-day delivery and giveaways when you become an AT& T customer.

While currently only available to Florida residents, we hope this plan will be expanded to other areas soon. Like other AT& T unlimited plans, consumers are rewarded for having multiple lines, so the more lines you have, the lower rates per line you’ll pay.

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At& t 5gb Mobile Share Flex

Note that the Mobile Share Flex may come with minimum monthly service charges and other provider services. AARP chartered seniors will have a 10% discount on their monthly cost. So, instead of paying $50 every month, youll pay $45 with a paperless bill and AutoPay.


  • 10% service discount for AARP members
  • Unlimited nationwide text messages
  • Unused data rolls over to the next month

Bear in mind that additional restrictions by AT& T may apply. For example, additional devices cost $20 every month for each smartphone.


  • Join AT& T AutoPay to unlock a $20 monthly discount with paperless bills

At& t Senior Discount 2021

Consumer Cellular: More Data, Same Price (AT& T Smartphone Plans, Senior Discounts)

AARP AT& T discountDoes AT& T have senior plans?Does ATT have a senior wireless plan?Does AT& T have an over 55 plan?What is the AT& T 55+ plan?What is the best cell phone plan for seniors in 2021?best cell phone plans for seniors 2021T-Mobile 55 plus planDoes AT& T have a senior discount?AT& T Cell Phones for SeniorsUpdate:AT& T cell phones for seniors 2021AT& T LGb470 Cell Phone ReviewLGb470 Cell Phone Features

  • External display to view notifications.
  • Enhanced Senior audio mode.
  • Text messages to speech capability.
  • Basic built-in camera.
  • Bluetooth capable.
  • Supports Standard SIM Card slot.

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Other Ways You Can Save With At& t

  • AT& T discount Submit your school, work, or company email address for finding out whether you will be able to receive discounts and exclusive offers on AT& T wireless products. After the validation of your email address, an email will be sent to you regarding how to begin receiving the benefits.
  • AT& T Customer Satisfaction Survey Check out the companys official website to know whether they are conducting the survey now. Thats a perfect opportunity to share your honest feedback and benefit from their amazing deals instead.
  • AT& T Signature Program This will enable some customers to take advantage of special wireless discounts. The program will help the customers to save $10 every line, every month on AT& T Unlimited Elite.
  • AT& T Appreciation offers AT& T provides lucrative deals for doctors, teachers, nurses, veterans, and military service members on unlimited wireless plans. This will offer a discount of 25% on the latest unlimited plans.
  • AT& T student discount It will be possible for students to receive discounts on AT& T wireless services and phones by validating their email addresses on the official website of the company. In case one does not have a school or work email, they can take the student ID to an AT& T outlet for finding out whether he is entitled to the AT& T Signature Program.

Senior Cell Phones: Do You Need One

A senior cell phone plan will give you extra discounts and savings from major wireless carriers if youre over the age of 55. And with an AARP membership, you can also save on phone plans if youre over 50 years old.

If youre unsure whether a senior cell phone plan is right for you or are too young to qualify, there are plenty of other affordable cell phone plans that can still give you the features you need at the price you wanteven if they arent designed specifically for seniors.

Understanding whats important to you and how you use your cell phone will get you one step closer to choosing the best phone plan for you.

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At& t: Overall Best Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

AT& T has two major offerings for seniors: the AT& T Unlimited 55+ and AT& T Senior Nation plans. The Senior Nation plan is the most basic offering of AT& T. It has 200 minutes of any time calls, unlimited calls to AT& T Mobility subscribers, and 500 minutes of Night & Weekend calls. If your calls go over the allotted time, you will be charged $0.45 per minute. It has call forwarding, call waiting, nationwide long distance calls and roaming, caller ID, and conference calling. This plan is specially made by AT& T for seniors aged 65 and above.

But if you have tech-savvy folks, there is another plan available. The AT& T Unlimited 55+ offers 5G at no extra costs, unlimited texting, calling, and surfing within the US, Mexico, and Canada, free texts to more than 120 countries, and mobile security features such as blockage of spam and fraud calls. This will cost you around $60 for one line and $80 for two. Florida residents can avail of a $20 discount on its offers, making you pay just $40 for one line.

There is one more cell phone plan to consider, but it is better for American Association of Retired Persons members than regular seniors the AT& T Unlimited Elite Plan. AARP members get to enjoy a $10 additional discount on it. This plan comes with unlimited surfing, 30 GB of mobile hotspot, mobile security features, and a free HBO Max subscription.

Q: Is At& t Better Than T

The Best AT& T Cell Phone Wireless Plans for Seniors

Yes, AT& Ts nationwide 4G LTE coverage is better than T-Mobiles. This is especially true in rural parts of the west, like Nevada, New Mexico, and Idaho.

But, when it comes to 5G coverage, T-Mobile actually takes the gold medal. Ever since acquiring Sprint, T-Mobiles 5G network have expanded rapidly.

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How To Choose The Perfect Plan

Choosing the perfect cell phone plan is easy if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips from some folks who do this for a living .

  • Data: Get a plan with enough 4G LTE/5G data to support your streaming, gaming, and working needs. The last thing you need is to run dry mid-month.
  • Price: The cheapest plan isnt necessarily the best value for your money . Compare prices to be sure youre getting the right mix of performance and cost savings.
  • Coverage: AT& T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all have darn good 4G LTE coverage in most cities and suburbs. But rural coverage and emerging 5G networks are all over the place. Check coverage maps to get on the best network in your area.
  • Features: Dont take special featureslike HD streaming and hotspot datafor granted. Read the fine print on your plan to make sure it has what you need.

How Do I Switch Cell Phone Providers

The ease of switching providers will depend on your current provider, your current plans details and whether your contract includes early termination fees.

Some decisions need to be worked out with your current provider and new carriermainly whether to keep your existing phone and phone number. Its also important to find out if youre locked into a plan.

Regardless, here are a few key steps to preparing to make the switch:

Do your research. Know which plan youd like to switch to and contact your current provider to get the details of your current contract, particularly if youre locked in.

If you do have a contract, check with your current provider to find out if there are early termination fees. If youd like to keep your current phone, make sure your phone isnt lockedwhich means you can only use the phone with your existing providers phone plans. Finally, ask your new provider whether you can use your existing phone.

Prepare your details for your new provider. Be ready to provide the following to your new wireless carrier:

  • Your name and address
  • Your phones ESN/IMEI number if youre keeping the phone
  • Your phone number

To make the switch, contact your new cell phone carrier online, by phone or in person at a store. Theyll take your information and switch your service to your selected plan. Once you activate your new plan with your new carrier, your old service should automatically terminate. If you experience any issues, contact your old carrier.

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Dont Overlook Prepaid Phone Plans For Seniors

When many people think of phone plans, often the first thing that comes to mind is a traditional postpaid plan. While there are some great postpaid options out there, its important not to overlook prepaid options, either.

One of the nice things about prepaid plans is that you might have the option to pay a month at a time rather than having an annual contract. This can be nice if your phone usage varies a lot throughout the year. With AT& T PREPAID, for example, you can switch levels of service month-by-month in some cases.

That type of flexibility can be great for things like domestic travel, where you know you might be away from your home and using your phone more frequently for a short period of time. Thats a nice perk for people of all ages.

Other Plans To Consider

Ranking AT& T Cell Phone Plans!

While senior-specific phone plans and senior discounts are great, they arent your only options. If youre looking for the absolute cheapest mobile phone plan available, youll want to check out Tello Mobile. Mint Mobile also offers incredibly low prices, including the cheapest option for an unlimited phone plan. And Visible offers four lines for $100 per month.

In addition to senior phone plans and senior discounts, here are three other plans to consider:

Shop Now!

Tello Mobile offers the cheapest cell phone plans Ive found, and it runs on T-Mobiles reliable network. You can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB of high-speed data for $10 monthly. If you dont need the 1GB of data, you can get an even cheaper plan with unlimited talk and text for just $8 per month. You can also bring your own phone to Tello if its eligible.

To learn more about Tello, be sure to check out our review. You can also visit Tellos website to begin building your perfect cheap cell phone plan.

If youre looking for another cheap prepaid phone plan on T-Mobiles network, also be sure to check out the new T-Mobile Connect plans. They also begin at $10 per month for 1GB of data.

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At& t Plans: Which Is Best For Me

AT& T’s plans can be broken up into two main categories: unlimited data plans, and prepaid data plans. Generally speaking, you’ll get the most perks, highest speeds, and best service on the unlimited data plans, which, while featuring the highest monthly prices, do also enable you to get some huge discounts on handsets. The best AT& T deals are generally only available with unlimited data plans, so you’ll definitely want to factor that into your overall cell phone bill.

If you’re on a budget, however, then AT& T prepaid plans are also a very good option. While you won’t be able to get a deal on a new handset with these prepaid plans, you will be paying a lot less per month overall without the need to sign up to a lengthy contract. Remember though, AT& T prepaid plans often don’t feature 5G data, or any perks like free streaming service subscriptions.

Just below you can see a full breakdown of every AT& T plan currently offered by the carrier, along with our thoughts. We’ve included full pricing using the cost for a single-line user, so if you’re planning to sign up multiple lines, the cost will generally be much cheaper per line.

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