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Makeup Artist A Beautiful Job If Youre Willing To Learn

The Best Part Time Retirement Jobs for Seniors

Youve been putting on makeup all your life, so you might as well get paid for it! Becoming a cosmetologist is another great part-time job for seniors because you can work from home, meet new people and make a difference in helping women feel better about themselves.

As part of your training, you could also volunteer at a local retirement home, theater company, or cancer hospital. There are many ways to bring extra beauty into the world!

Also, makeup counters in big box stores always need people passionate about makeup to sell their products. Why not apply at the shops that specialize in makeup for older women?

Want more ideas about how to get started finding a part-time job during retirement? Read our article that can help get you started on your new job search from creating a resume to tapping into your network.

What do you think makes a great part-time job for retirees? Do you have a dream job that you plan on pursuing in retirement?

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Gardener Turn Your Green Finger Into Green Money

If you love to garden, there are many ways that you can turn the green things you grow into green money in your pocket. You could grow herbs and sell lavender pillows. Or perhaps you should consider drying the herbs and selling them in packets.

You could also have a garden sale where you offer your locally grown plants and vegetables to other people in your town. As an added bonus, you may finally get to meet your neighbors from across the street.

If you have a big garden and are willing to do some marketing, you might even consider renting space at your local farmers market. People love to buy locally-grown fresh produce, and your garden could help meet this demand.

Do you like to grow beautiful flowers? Be it roses or wildflowers, you can create unique and personalized bouquets to sell.

Benefits Of Working As A Senior

Why would anyone choose to keep a job when they could retire ? For some of us, it boggles the mind. After all, most workers eagerly await retirement. We tend to think of it as our ultimate reward for decades of effort and hard work.

But sometimes, the reality of retirement living doesn’t match what we envisioned. In fact, some older people experience loneliness. Others miss the routine of having a job. In addition, some older adults long for the mental stimulation of working, or they want to explore career interests that they were too busy to pursue previously. And, of course, many seniors simply need more money.

In other words, seniors are a diverse group with many different needs and motivations. But here’s something that often gets overlooked: Employmentâfor seniors especiallyâcan be a truly positive experience. In fact, jobs for retired people can provide obvious and not-so-obvious advantages such as:

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Do I Need Special Certification Training Or Experience To Apply For Caregiver Jobs

Most Visiting Angels locations do not require special certifications, training, or experience to apply for caregiver positions.

In many cases, your local Visiting Angels can help you obtain caregiver certifications if required by your state. Many locations also offer paid training and orientation to new caregivers. While we are always looking for experienced caregivers, prior experience is not a requirement for most entry-level positions.

We encourage you to speak with your local Visiting office about their hiring practices and job requirements.

Where Are Visiting Angels Hiring Caregivers

How Do I Find Available Jobs in My Area?

Visiting Angels has nearly 600 locations across the U.S. We have offices in all 50 states and almost every major metro market in the country. Our locations are always looking for qualified caregivers, and we encourage you to apply to a location near you.

To apply for caregiver positions at your local Visiting Angels office, simply search for your ZIP code and complete the online form provided. Your local office will then get in contact to discuss available opportunities

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What Types Of Scheduling Options Are Available

You’ll have the chance to work on your schedule. We encourage our locations to provide caregivers with as much scheduling flexibility as possible, allowing you to balance your personal life against a vibrant caregiving career.

Many locations offer a wide range of scheduling options, including part-time and full-time positions, daytime and evening care visits, weekday and weekend scheduling, and opportunities for overtime work.

Contact your nearest Visiting Angels location to learn more about scheduling options provided by your local office.

Contract Or Temporary Assignments

Short-term jobs popular with retirees include administrative assistant, attorney, bookkeeper, marketing communications specialist, project manager, receptionist and sales rep, according to AARP. Accountant, however, is the part-time job most requested by clients of staffing firm FlexProfessionals, according to co-founder Gwenn Rosener, AARP reports. Accounting or business degrees and a CPA certification are welcome but not always required. Employers range from start-ups and small businesses to churches and local nonprofits.

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There Are Thousands Of Side Hustles These Might Be The 5 Best Around

The best side hustles combine things that have a visceral appeal food, friends, pets and travel with platforms that treat both customers and freelancers fairly. These are my top recommendations.

WAHVE, which stands for Work at Home Vintage Experts, finds jobs in insurance, accounting and human resources for people in their 50s and 60s who want flexible schedules. WAHVE is primarily interested in people with contemporary experience, who wont mind taking a pay cut for additional flexibility. Workers are screened for qualifications and notified when a position fits their skills.

Time Jobs For Seniors Near You

Best part time online jobs for senior citizens – Where do I look?

Staying active in retirement, earning extra income and working in a place that you enjoy can be important factors in the search for a part-time job as a senior. If the role is a good fit, it is possible to exercise your skills and experience and have fun while doing it. You might also like the pace of part-time employment. If you want to find part-time jobs for seniors near you, here are a few companies to get you started in your search:

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Finding The Ideal Part

If youre looking for an ideal part-time job in retirement, I hope Ive expanded your horizons somewhat with this list. So much has changed in a few short years, and today, there are more options available to seniors than ever before. Of course, not all of these will be the right fit for everyone. I recommend narrowing down the list by choosing jobs that are the best match for your skill set, experience, and your desired lifestyle. The best plan is to just start. You might be surprised by how things work out.

Tom Drake is the consumer and credit expert at Retire Happy, sharing his knowledge on the best ways to get the most for your money. Whether it’s credit cards, banking products, or travel tips, Tom shares his insight as a financial analyst and as the writer behind the award-winning MapleMoney.

You Want To Get Out And About In Your Community

Do you have a good driving record? Driving-related positions often make sense for healthy seniors who want to stay on the go.

4. On-demand driver

Services such as Uber and Lyft need independent drivers to take passengers from place to place. Because you set your own hours, on-demand driving is one of the most flexible part-time jobs for seniors. In fact, according to a survey by Benenson Strategy Group, about 23 percent of Uber’s drivers are over 50. Plus, two-thirds of Uber contractors have no previous job history as drivers. So these services offer suitable jobs for older people with no experience but clean driving records.

5. Courier

Deliver food, packages, or other goods from restaurants, stores, or warehouses to the local people who ordered them. You need to be efficient in these jobs, since workers are often held to time-frame standards for delivery.

Medical courier work is also becoming more common. A medical courier transports and delivers test results, lab specimens, images , medications, and other medically necessary items.

  • Median hourly wage: $15.89

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  • There are 105 total colleges in Michigan.
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Age Discrimination And Your Job Search

9 Best Paying Jobs for Seniors Over 60 Years Old  The Smart Finance

Looking for a job can feel a little intimidating, especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time. Of course, it doesn’t help that some hiring managers dismiss the potential value of seniors because they’re “old.” And you might worry that you won’t fit in if your co-workers are much younger than you.

But consider this: As a senior worker, you can bring valuable contributions to the workplace. An AARP survey found that younger workers actually tend to view their older colleagues as valuable teachers who have unique perspectives and make workplaces more productive.

Plus, according to the AARP report cited earlier about the value of experience, studies show that older workers are more engaged than their younger colleagues, on average. That might be because workers who choose to work tend to be more motivated than workers who feel they can’t make the choice not to.

However, despite the many advantages of hiring seniors, age discrimination definitely can impact older job seekers. In fact, more than 60 percent of workers over age 45 say they have seen or experienced a so-called “gray ceiling” that holds older workers back, according to AARP research.

Obviously, this kind of age discrimination can sometimes prevent you from getting the jobs you want. But it can also hurt an organization’s productivity and morale. After all, older workers make plenty of valuable contributions that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Flexibility Can Pay Off

When looking into available opportunities in your 50s, and even when researching best jobs for seniors over 60, remember that all your experience has gifted you with some valuable transferable skills. You might find you have better luck finding work outside of your industry.

Steve Reilly spent three decades in information technology, but when work in that field dried up, he turned to real estate. He enrolled in the necessary courses, researched firms in his area, and sold himself as someone with both technical and organizational skills. “It’s different than getting paid for work every day,” he says. “But I love the challenge of helping peoplenot organizationsdeal with problems.”

Michael, who asked that his last name not be used, had to dumb down his resume to get work in a Phoenix frame shop. Thirty years of hiring engineers and running MIS projects priced him out of similar work in a field flooded with younger, cheaper employees. So he turned to his earlier background as an artist, removed unrelated degrees from his resume, and landed a job.

Plenty of jobs for older people start out in a similar way and then grow over time. Michaels hours vary, but he’s made himself valuable because he volunteers to work any shift. He’s earning less than he once did, but he’ll soon be a manager.

Eventually, Marianne got her job as an aide in an academic office that way. Dave’s job as an assistant in the office of a youth sports organization was advertised as part-time.

Massage Therapist Relax Your Way Into A Great Part

As the population gets older, there will likely be a growing demand for massage therapy services to help people relieve aches, pains, and stresses on the body. People of all ages are discovering the health benefits of regular massage so why not cash in on this trend?

Being a massage therapist is another great part-time job for retirees because you can set your own hours and practice out of a shared space.

It often doesnt require a lot of money to get certified as a massage therapist, and once youre licensed, you can work in a variety of fun settings whether its a local spa or a cruise ship! Check out the Massage Therapy License website for more information about qualifications and requirements to become certified.

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Freelance Writer Turn Your Words Into Opportunities

If you have some skills as a writer whether from your career or just as a hobby you can make money in retirement by working as a freelance writer or editor.

In the interview below, I talked with a successful freelance writer who works online. We discussed advice for women over 60 who want to turn freelance writing into a source of income.

Writing is one of the best part-time jobs for retirees because you can do the work anywhere, on your own schedule, and you can work with clients all over the world. The skys the limit!

You can find freelance writing projects on Upwork .

Also, if you have the desire to write a novel or a memoir this may be the perfect time to do it. Places like make it easy to self-publish your work and sell it online.

Stave Off Health Issues

Retirement jobs / jobs for seniors / fun and easy!

Research has shown that there are significant mental and physical health problems associated with full retirement. Specifically: “complete retirement leads to a five to 16 percent increase in difficulties associated with mobility and daily activities a five to six percent increase in illness conditions, and six to nine percent decline in mental health, over an average post-retirement period of six years.”

Opportunities To Try New Things

Transitioning to a new job or starting a business can be tricky when you’re younger. For older adults, the retirement years can offer the chance to finally branch out or explore ways to make money from a favorite hobby. In fact, according to the Merrill Lynch study, almost 60 percent of working seniors say they work because they want to try something new.

You Want To Explore A Career Related To A Favorite Hobby Or Lifelong Passion

Many people put their creative aspirations aside while they work in stable jobs to make a decent living. Maybe you’ve been one of them. But retirement could be your chance to earn a little money and explore those interests at the same time. Why not do what you love?

29. Musician or singer

Have you always wanted to be on stage? The senior years could be your chance to shine. In fact, even though you might not think of performing as one of the top jobs for seniors over 70, almost nine percent of singers and musicians have passed their 70th birthday. Of course, a performing arts background is helpful, and you should be prepared to put a lot of time into practicing.

  • Median hourly wage: $30.49

30. Creative writer or memoirist

Do you have a story to tell? Many retirees draft a memoir or novel once they finally have the time to sit down and write. And the bestseller list is filled with writers who found success late in life. But it’s important to brace yourself for rejection if you want to publish your work. That’s because making money from creative writing can take some persistence. Meeting with other writers and sharing your work in order to receive constructive feedback can boost your chances of success and add a social element to your days.

  • Median hourly wage: $33.42 for writers and authors

31. Artist or craftsperson

  • Median hourly wage: $17.27 for craft artists $29.24 for fine artists including painters, sculptors, and illustrators

Pretty Perfect Part Time Position

Pick your shift time and the days you want! Come work for the most trusted name in homecare. Shifts entail companionship, meal prep, med reminders, personal

  • Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. Great Pay $17.00-21/hour. Paid Onboarding and Ongoing Training. Outstanding Support from committed office staff.

    $17 – $21 an hour

  • Apply For Home Care Jobs Today

    A place to age in grace / Elder

    At Visiting Angels, we make it easy to find and apply for senior care jobs in your area.

    Simply search for your ZIP code, complete our online form, and submit your information. Your local office will contact you with any current job openings or as soon as new positions are available.

    Contact your local Visiting Angels office today to learn about caregiver jobs near you!

    Caregiver Jobs FAQ

    Rent Your Home On Airbnb

    If you have an extra room in your home, you could be sitting on an additional source of income. Millions of people around the world are listing their home, or space within their home, through Airbnb. Like other extra income streams, this is one that allows for plenty of flexibility. Airbnb, through its large network, makes it easy to find customers, leaving you to decide when and how often you wish to list your space.

    National Park Service Jobs

    The National Park Service has a wide variety of seasonal job listings, including positions as a ranger or a park guide for a few months each year.

    Aramark, which operates resorts, recreational activities and lodges at several state and national parks and scenic destinations throughout the U.S., listsmany possibilities for those looking for seasonal and part-time jobs.

    What Types Of Senior Care Jobs Are Available

    Visiting Angels offers a wide range of job opportunities for caregivers. Our most common type of caregiver position is for companion care providers. We also offer positions for personal care providers, home health aides, and caregivers with specialized skills or experience in areas such as Alzheimer’s care and dementia care.

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