Flip Cell Phones For Seniors

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Compatiable Sim Card & Carriers

Jitterbug Flip2 Review

Band Mode: 3G WCDMA: 900/2100MHz or 850/1900MHz 2G GSMï¼850/900/1800/1900mHz

Suitable for AT& T and its MVNOs: Consumer Cellular, H20 Wireless, Straight Talk, TracFone, Airvoice Wireless, Altice Mobile,Beast Mobile,Black Wireless,Boom! Mobile,Cricket Wireless,EasyGO,FreedomPop, FreeUP Mobile, Good2Go, i3 Mobile,Net10 Wireless,Pix Wireless,Pure TalkUSA,Red Pocket, Unreal Mobile,Wing Alpha

Suitable for T mobile and its MVNOs: Best Cellular, Simple Mobile, Boom Mobile, Speedtalk Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Straight Talk, Eco Mobile, Telcel, Google Fi, Teltik, GoSmart, Tempo Wireless, KidConnect, TextNow, Lycamobile, Ting, Metro by T-Mobile, TracFone, Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Net10 Wireless, US Mobile,Red ,Pocket Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Republic Wireless, Zip Sim

NOT for any CONTRACT SIM CARD or CDMA network like Verizon, Sprint

***If you need to buy a new sim card, please choose AT& T prepaid service***

Important: Since this is a 3G phone and most Carriers have stopped activating new sim card for 3G device, please do not activate new sim card directly on this phone, or provide the phone’s IMEI number when purchasing a new sim card. If you are activating new sim card, please provide the IMEI number of your old phone or any other phone to get the sim card activated. Then put the sim card back to our phone. It will automatically pick up the carrier’s network after turning on.

The Best Flip Phones For 2022

Back in the day, flip phones were exclusively limited to feature phones non-smartphones to us civilians. They focused on the basics: Call quality, text capabilities, and battery life, wrapped in an easy-to-use, reasonably priced, pocketable package. They were excellent as budget devices. Today, there are new flip phones on the block smart flip phones that live on the cutting edge of technology, like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Sure, prices have gone up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score a great deal on a flip phone or flip feature phone. Flip phones are intuitive and simple, but offer plenty of variety. Your phone rings, you flip up the cover to answer. If you want to send a text, you flip up the cover and start typing. Most flip phones are designed to be used with one hand, though some also have a hands-free mode. Some flip phones feature a small touchscreen, while others have internal memory, support data plans, or sport a full QWERTY keyboard. The latest generation of flip phones lets you check notifications, the weather, and more, without even opening your phone.

Have we got you longing for a flip phone yet? Let’s take a look at a few of the best flip phones available today.

Why you should buy this: It’s compact, powerful, durable, and fun to use.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants a flip phone with all the latest tech trimmings.

Features Of Free Cell Phones For The Senior

Free cell phones for the senior and disabled are different from the normal free cell phone. I mean, phone providers always ensure that the elderly cell phone is designed with special features that are easy to use. These features are :

  • Long term batteries : Cell Phones have long term batteries due to seniors easily forget to charge their phone regularly.
  • Phone tracking : These phones are also designed with phone tracking system to help friends and family keep tracking the location of their senior. This is because they easily wander or get lost
  • Health tracking : Most of senior cellphones also have health monitoring features to monitor and track their health conditions.
  • Display features : The phones are also designed with special display features like large keypad numbers, icons and onscreen text for clear and easy vision.
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    Emergency And Sos Services

    If you want the basic emergency services, look for phones with a dedicated emergency assistance button, commonly located on the keypad or on the outside of the phone. Most cell phones made for senior consumers include this feature.

    Only a select number of flip phones come with more complex, built-in medical alert capabilities, so pay attention when purchasing. These phones can include features like fall detection, enhanced GPS and a certified urgent response system to make sure a senior user can quickly and easily receive help anywhere, any time. You also save money by not having to purchase a separate medical alert device, though be aware of battery life differences between products.

    Uleway 3g Senior Flip Phones Unlocked Canada Sos Button Basic Cell Phone 28 Large Screen Big Button Large

    Easyfone Prime A1 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Cell Phone, Big Button ...
    • OperatorUleway 3G senior flip phone work with Rogers , Telus , Bell or any carrier operates on these networks. Band Mode:GSM 850/1900mHz ,WCDMA 850/1900 mHz. NOT compatible with Wind Mobile, Videotron or Mobilicity.
    • Easy to UseClassic flip design, Flip to answer calls or hang up Big button for easy dialing, big volume for easy hearing and with simple operating system easy to use. M1, M2 Dedicated Direct dial keys, 2-9 Speed dial.
    • Special SOS ButtonEmergency button for the seniors, set 5 numbers as you want, 3 seconds to dial, served as a first aid tool for seniors and kids when they are not accompanied with family.*** This function can be disabled if you dont need.
    • Reliable & DurableDurable battery 1200 mAh, 200 hours standby, 300 minutes voice call. Ensure you won’t miss any important incoming call 2.8” HD Main Display , Big Font & Big Icon for easy viewing.
    • Extra FunctionsLED Torch, FM radio, Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, Enhanced Rear Camera, Alarm clock, Calculator, MP3/MP4 Player, Free Quick Charging Dock, Memory Can Store Up to 200 Phonebook Entries, Enhanced Speaker Volume.

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    Are There Standards For 911 Emergency Services Location Accuracy And Reliability

    Your handset will be able to place calls to 911 even if you have no minutes available. It is advised, by Public Safety Officials, that you should be prepared to provide information about your location when making a 911 or other emergency call. Wireless service, unlike landline phones, uses less reliable methods to place calls and to determine your phone number and location. Network coverage can be adversely affected by weather, structures, buildings, geography, etc. Because of these factors, emergency operators may not be able to determine your location or your phone number, or, you may not be able to complete a call at all. Occasionally, callers may attempt to call 911 in areas where there is no wireless coverage. If there is no wireless coverage, your call to 911 may not go though and you should dial 911 from the nearest landline phone. Enhanced 911 service, also known as E911, relies on GPS technology to obtain location information. This service is dependent on a number of factors such as the abilities of the local emergency authorities, GPS ability of your phone, whether your GPS enabled handset has GPS turned on, and your phones ability to obtain a GPS Satellite signal which can be impaired by being indoors, weather, etc. Even when available, E911 does not always provide accurate location information.

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    Cell Phones For Seniors Customer Service Considerations

    A big point for consumers looking for a cell phone company is customer service. Being able to communicate well with a service representative saves a lot of frustration when you need help. Almost all companies now contract at least part of their customer service overseas where English is a second language. Be sure to ask about call center locations, then call one to see if you are happy with the communication before committing to a cell phone company.

    Many cell phone companies use a live-chat feature for customer service. If youre on their website, you can chat with a customer service representative who can access your account without having to pick up the phone. This is a good alternative to calling a customer service phone number and possibly being put on hold for a period of time.

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    Seniors At Risk Of Becoming Isolated

    Isolation has always been a serious senior health and wellness issue. A modern contributor to senior isolation is the increasingly common trend of younger friends and family engaging digitally rather than in person or by making voice calls. As a result, the presence of seniors on social media phone apps like Instagram and Facebook has increased by about fourfold since 2010. Smartphones are a key piece in helping seniors stay involved with a support system of loved ones and caregivers.

    Seniors who fall into this category should look for a device with the following features:

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip :

    Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone for Seniors – Red by GreatCall

    Samsung’s innovated smartphones with more than 5-inch display with Galaxy Note and now innovation comes in the form of flip phones. Soon this would be called the Flip phone revolution. The newly launched Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with Flex mode, an Intuitive compact camera, and the introduction of new 5G compatibility. But this one is priced at $899.99, and you can get a refurbished handset for a price less than $600.

    Gadgets 360 says it has become a digital fashion, while Gamesradar‘s was quoted saying ‘A foldable phone for the masses‘. Guys at The Guardian were on the spot with the review, saying “Samsung’s cheaper, better high tech phone“.

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    The Motorola Moto G7 Power Relevant Features For Seniors

    The Motorola Moto G7 Power is an ideal phone for seniors who are moderately comfortable using smart devices. Although it is not available for sale from either of the two featured service providers discussed above, the device can be used with any carrier. This gives consumers a wide range of cost options when shopping for a service plan, including Consumer Cellulars low-cost plans for seniors and AARP members.

    The features of the Moto G7 Power that most benefit seniors include:

    • Text size adjustment
    • Voice commands and voice dialing
    • Talk Back voice reading of displayed text and number dialing
    • Fingerprint sensor for password-free security
    • Textured volume and power buttons are easier to find
    • Bright screen suitable for reduced vision
    • Access to Google Play store for senior assistance app downloads
    • Good volume for a single-speaker phone
    • Hearing aid compatibility of M4/T3
    • Access to Motorolas accessibility settings for people with diminished sight and hearing

    Veteran Resources For Affordable Cell Phones

    Veterans can save on data costs and cell phone service with certain companies. However, discounts only apply to certain plans, and they must meet all requirements to qualify.

    Phone Service Discounts for Veterans

    Verizon, AT& T, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular offer discounted phone plans for military veterans. All require verification of military service and may request supporting documentation.


    15% off certain wireless service plans.

    Verify military status on the military discount page. Discount will be applied after one or two billing cycles.

    *These discounts were available as of July of 2022, but are subject to change.

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    Greatcall Jitterbug Flip Phone

    The Jitterbug flip phone has been designed just for seniors. It has large buttons with legible numbers to make it easier to dial any numbers. It uses simple YES and NO buttons to accept and reject calls. The speakerphone is powered by a good-quality speaker that provides clear audio and loud output. This phone runs on the virtual-network GreatCall, which uses Verizon wireless service. You can pick any of the GreatCall offered plans to use with this phone.

    This senior flip phone has a simple and easy to use the menu. It has a special reading magnifier and an LED flashlight to make reading easier in dimly lit settings. The phone is integrated with the cab-integrator app Lyft, and you can set it so that just pressing the 0 key will call a cab for you.


    Independent Seniors And People With Disabilities

    Jitterbug Flip Easy

    Living independently in ones family home is increasingly popular among seniors, and there are now technological advancements that can help to make aging in place a safer, more secure experience. Even for people who must have the aid of a caregiver at least some of the time, remaining independent is now more within reach than ever thanks to preventative and emergency device features for seniors.

    Seniors who fall into this category should look for a device with the following features:

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    What Should Seniors Look For In A Cell Phone

    When you compare cell phones for seniors, its easy to get lost in the details. The choice will depend on their needs will they want a more complex smartphone, a basic flip phone, or a middle-of-the-road phone with standard technology? The most easy-to-use cell phones for seniors are basic flip phones. For those with limited dexterity or bigger fingers, big button phones for seniors work well. The most important features in an easy phone for seniors include:

    • A clear, big, bright display
    • Good sound and speakers

    How To Choose A Cellphone For Seniors

    Ask yourself these questions to determine which features your senior loved one may need in a cellphone:

    Is hearing or vision an issue? Think about special features, like HD voice for those who are hard of hearing or text-to-voice and large displays for seniors with vision challenges.

    Are they tech-savvy? Phones designed specifically for seniors are often lower tech and easier to use. If your loved one is up on the latest trends, or willing to spend time exploring a more complex device, many widely available smartphones also offer features like increased text size, voice-to-text, and high-quality speakers.

    Will they use the phone regularly? If the phone is intended for emergencies only, theres no need to splurge on an unlimited plan or flashy device. Look for a pay-as-you-go phone, or consider a multi-use tablet that can also be used for streaming, reading, and more.Is safety a primary concern? If youre worried about potential falls or medical emergencies, consider a phone with a built-in SOS service or 5Star plan. Yes, all phones can call 911 but in a true emergency, a clearly marked button can save time alerting paramedics, especially when important medical information is included in the alert.

    Are pictures a priority? Does your relative still snap pics on a digital camera or have disposables developed at the drugstore? A good, high-quality camera may be a top consideration when picking a phone. Be sure theres plenty of storage space to save all those memories!

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    Simple Cell Phones For Seniors In 2022

    In this blog post RAZ Mobility identifies and reviews some of the popular cell phones for seniors. We examine the phones based on three criteria: ease of use, loudness of the audio, and clarity and contrast of the text for individuals with vision loss. All three of these characteristics are important for seniors.

    With respect to ease of use, we are looking for a simple menu system with as few sub menus as possible, as well as easy-to-use apps, if apps are included.

    The speakers should be loud, helping seniors hear as well as possible when calls are placed on speakerphone.

    Many seniors are visually impaired. Accordingly, we are looking for the phone to have good contrast and large text.

    The four cell phones reviewed in this article are the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, the Jitterbug Smart3, the Jitterbug Flip2, and the Consumer Cellular Link II. The Jitterbug Smart3 is intended to be an easy-to-use smartphone, the Jitterbug Flip2 and Consumer Cellular Link II are traditional basic cell phones: they have large buttons and easy-to-use menu systems. The RAZ Memory Cell Phone, on the other hand, is unique in that it is designed primarily for seniors with cognitive decline.

    Each phone is reviewed in turn. We hope that you find the reviews instructive!

    Our four cell phones are the following:

    Free Government Phone Locations

    Cell Phone for Seniors Review: Watch This Before Buying

    The best way of getting the free government phone locations is through typing your zip code. The free government phone location could be tables outside an apartment or just a raised tent.

    You can sign up with a free government phone location using reach out wireless. This helps save your time you would have wasted searching for these locations.

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    How Are Jitterbug Phones Different From Regular Phones

    The Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3 are similar to many flip phones and smartphones. The big difference is that Lively cuts out complicated, unnecessary featuresthen adds basic health features to keep users safe.

    Traditional cell phones are not the safest personal emergency response systems, since they rely on users having the ability to dial 911. With Livelys health and safety package, Jitterbug phones become a medical alert device. If a user experiences a fall or other medical emergency, they can hit the Urgent Response button to reach a trained professional any time, day or night. The system tracks users through GPS so Lively can send a medical team, locksmith, or roadside assistance to the users exact location.

    Get exclusive support with your Jitterbug phone that isnt available with a standard cell phone. Top-tier Jitterbug packages include 24/7 access to medical professionals and caregiver support. Enjoy a personal operator who can help you with customer support or technical questions, as well as an urgent care service. Connect with an registered or doctor directly from your Jitterbug phone for around-the-clock medical advice.

    Best Tracfone Flip Phone Plans For Seniors In 2022

    After you have picked a phone of your choice, its time to choose the best Tracfone plan for you. Here, since youre going to use a flip phone, the most suitable plan would be the Tracfone Basic Plan. Its better to choose this plan instead of the Smartphone Plan or Unlimited Plan.

    Tracfone Basic Plan is perfect if you plan to do a lot of calling and texting, but not too much internet browsing. This plan is also affordable. Starting at $9.99, you can get a 30 minutes balance for 30 service days. There are more options too, as shown in the table below.

    1,500 minutes for talk, text and web

    But if you still want to use a Smartphone Plan or Unlimited Plan, check out our review for every Tracfone plans in this article.

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