Best Smart Phone Plans For Seniors

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Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors In 2022

Review Best Cellphone Plans for Seniors | Discount iphone service plan for senior citizens

Let’s compare the best cell phone plans for seniors and how they let you save on wireless service

1. Best overall value – Mint Mobile 2. Best unlimited plan for seniors – T-Mobile 3. Best exclusive senior discount – Verizon 4. The cheapest senior plan – Ultra Mobile

Searching for the best cell phone plans for seniors doesn’t limit you to plans specifically offered to older mobile phone users. Yes, there are senior-friendly plans at several of the best phone carriers, but there are also option open to people of all ages who just want a lower monthly bill.

And that’s really the point of finding the best cell phone plans for seniors: You want to guard against rising wireless service costs by locking in a good rate. And at the same time, you want a plan with the right amount of talk, text and data. That makes for a great cell phone plan, whether it’s aimed specifically at seniors or not.

And you’ve got options, especially if you don’t mind committing to the best prepaid phone plans. All you need to do is figure out how much data you need from the best cell phone plans for seniors. We’ve lined up plans that range from offering just a few hundred megabytes to an unlimited pool of data. You’ll also need to consider whether you want your plan to come in handy when you travel.

Once you’ve settled on those options, picking one of the best cell phone plans for seniors becomes much easier.

Let’s dive into the best cell phone plans from seniors to find one that meets your needs.

What We Like About Xfinity Mobiles Unlimited Data Cell Phone Plan

If youre an existing Comcast Xfinity home internet customer, then Xfinity Mobile is a cell phone service that you need to consider. If you aren’t, you might as well skip to the next section because this is an exclusive deal.

We call this a bundle because you cannot get Xfinity Mobile as a standalone service. Even though Xfinity Mobile is sorta exclusive, we like its unlimited plan, and heres why.

Plan prices are right in the sweet spot

Xfinity Mobiles price for its unlimited plan is the definition of reasonable. You won’t find your wallet catching on fire each month when it’s time to pay.

Yes, there are other small carriers with lower prices for an unlimited plan, but Xfinity Mobile is cheaper than all of the Big ThreeVerizon, T-Mobile, and AT& T.

Free 5G

Xfinity Mobile provides 5G for all its cell plansboth unlimited and by the gigat no extra cost.

To get the most out of that, you need to have a 5G smartphone and to live in an area with 5G infrastructure. If you meet that description, then Xfinity Mobile says it can deliver download speeds of around 450 Mbps and upload speeds around 50 Mbps.2 Why would ever need to, but that means you can download a movie off Netflix in under a minute!

18 million Wi-Fi hotspots

If you’re ever in a bind and can’t get access to the internet, an Xfinity hotspot could make all the difference, but don’t be surprised if your speeds feel slow while connected to it.

The best customer service and mobile app according to ACSI

Prepaid Phones Without Plans

For the most independent, free-spirited souls, itâs possible to purchase a cellular phone and pay as you go, without plans. Prepaid phones are more popular than many people realize. And while we wouldnât naturally be inclined to think of seniors as the types to fly without a net, a surprising number of consumers over the age of 55 choose phones without a monthly contract, opting to purchase their voice, text, and data on a per-month basis with the option to switch to another carrier, without penalty.

Freedom of choice is powerful. Tomâs Guide, a respected voice in consumer advocacy, rounds up many mobile virtual network operators –including several that offer senior discountsâoffering a full and honest evaluation of the full spectrum of options.

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Light Cell Phone User

The Motorola moto g is a straight-forward Android phone that is great for seniors to consider due to its excellent battery life, 6.5-inch HD+ display so you can read everything clearly, water-repellent design to protect your phone, and high quality camera. It is also has a talk back feature and it is M3/T3 hearing aid compatible. Just enough features to keep you updated on the latest.

Talk And Text Cell Phone Plans

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2020

These plans, offered by providers such as Lively, Consumer Cellular, and Snapfon, allow you to build your own plan with a monthly allowance of minutes, messages, andin some casesdata. These are a great option for people who already have an existing home phone, allowing you to opt for an affordable monthly plan to use when you need it. With these plans, some providers will offer periods where calls are free.

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What Is The Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a new program designed to provide additional support to make broadband more affordable for households.

Your Lifeline and ACP benefits can be combined and applies to the same service plan or applied to different service plans.

This benefit service is provided by Easy Wireless to customers as part of the support from the US government.

With the addition of the ACP seniors can also receive unlimited broadband as well. Seniors can apply for both programs at the same time.

Best Cell Phone Plan Options For Seniors

As most cell usage is unlimited, seniors should focus on the data usage when comparing phone plans . Keep in mind that wearable devices, such as an Apple Watch, use data so that must be taken into account when thinking about where data usage fits into the plan you choose.

Budget is also a key factor when seniors look at the amount of data their cell phone plan provides. As a rule of thumb, you shouldnt spend more than $25 a month per line if you’re a light user. Note that some senior phone plans will include 24/7 emergency response.

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Compare Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

When evaluating cell phone plans for seniors, comparing options head-to-head can be tough. But strip away the hype, and youâll find most cell phone plans, regardless of whether they are specifically tailored for seniors, are based around three core services.

Talk, text, and data form the backbone of most phone plans.

Talk: Even though the last thing most of us use our âphonesâ for these days seems to be pushing buttons and making phone calls, the first component of every phone plan is a set number of talk minutes. Are you a big talker or a person of few words? The answer will help to determine the starting point for choosing a plan thatâs right.

People who arenât big conversationalists may not need a plan with a huge number of included minutes . It may not make sense to pay a high monthly premium for a plan that allows you to use thousands of minutes if you only call one or two people to check in from time to time.

If you donât talk much, a flexible, prepaid, or pay-as-you-go plan may cost less on a per-month basis than a standard plan with a generous number of monthly minutes.

All those photos we upload to Facebook of the grandkids, pets, vacations, sunsets, the adorable little umbrellas in hand-crafted mocktails at the new beachside hot spot? All of that data transfer takes resources, and our carriers pass the cost along, charging us per gigabyte of data per month.

Best For The Most Data: T

Affordable Jitterbug Smart2 Phone Plans With Data for Seniors | Lively

Our pick

68.82 48%

Ooklas Speedtest also showed T-Mobile with sizable advantages in median 5G downloads, which were more than twice as fastas well as in 5G availability, which was nearly double Verizons and around 50% more than that of AT& Ts network. With 4G and 5G speeds combined, T-Mobiles lead held up by a slightly narrower margin: 90.65 Mbps, compared with 49.25 Mbps and 44.67 Mbps at AT& T and Verizon.

RootMetricss latest drive-testing-based State of the Mobile Union report, meanwhile, found T-Mobile to have the fastest median download speeds: 79.8 Mbps, almost double Verizons second-best median of 40.8 Mbps. But that assessment from RootMetrics gave top overall honors to AT& T and Verizon for offering more consistent service outside urban areas.

None of these reports factor in the launch of 5G support on an expanded range of frequenciesreferred to as C-bandby AT& T and Verizon at the end of January. But with both carriers, C-band support is limited to recent-model 5G phones and is confined to part of the country, namely 46 mostly urban markets for Verizon, and just eight for AT& T .

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Phone Plans For Seniors

Many phone service carriers market certain plans specifically toward seniors. Generally, these are cheap plans with limited data. Carriers such as Consumer Cellular also pride themselves on excellent customer service, especially for seniors. Other carriers, like Lively, focus on senior-specific services such as easy-to-use phones that can come with health and safety features. These two companies, in particular, stand out for their low prices, high reviews and senior services.

Shop Now!

Consumer Cellular provides a variety of customizable phone plans that range from phone call only to unlimited data. The most affordable plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data is available for $25 per month per line plus taxes and fees. Consumer Cellular also offers a 5% discount for AARP members.

Although its prices arent the lowest available, the carrier is an excellent choice for seniors given its affordable plans, high customer satisfaction scores and strong Consumer Reports ratings. Good customer service is hard to find right now due to short staffing, the expansion of the 5G network and more people switching phone plans to save money, I had a great experience with Consumer Cellular when I tested the service earlier this year. You can read my full review here.

Republic Wireless: Best Talk

Republic Wireless is another low-cost carrier that offers the lowest prices on texts, calls, and data plans. They dont have specific cell phone plans for seniors, but they have affordable plans that can still be suitable for seniors. Their plans are flexible for those who only need the essentials texting and calling. Data allocation is optional but available. Prices start at $19.99 per month for unlimited texts and calls. If you want data, youll only add $5 per GB of data. This is already enough if you are just browsing around social media or reading some news on your news feed. There are also no long-term obligations with their plans, thus cancellation can be done anytime without extra charges.

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How To Find The Best Senior Cell Phone Plan For You

As you consider the best plans, ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy chatting on the phone for hours or prefer brief check-ins with your family and friends?
  • Do you like to travel or do you have family living abroad?
  • Do you have a smartphone and like to watch videos or play games?
  • Do you video chat frequently with your family?
  • How important is cost?

Based on your answers, you can narrow down the type of cell phone plan that will best match whats important to you. For example, if you have a smartphone and you video chat often with your family and play games on your mobile device, an unlimited data plan would likely be a good match.

Other Inexpensive Cell Phone Plans For Seniors To Consider

Best phones for seniors

Livelys Value Talk & Text plan, at $14.99 a month, is a good choice for seniors who dont use their cell phones often and rarely send text messages. However, seniors who spend more time talking to family and enjoy texting with their grandkids may want to consider Livelys Unlimited Talk & Text plan for $19.99 per month.

Livelyoffers plans for seniors based on their budget and cell phone use

Livelys Unlimited Talk & Text plan allows seniors to talk and text as much as theyd like without any overages or additional charges. This inexpensive plan makes it easy for older adults to stay in touch with family and friends. Its also beneficial for those who dont have a landline at home. Data plans can be added with prices starting at $2.49 per month for 100 MB and up to $30 per month for unlimited data.

To learn more, please read our full product review of Lively

Consumer Cellular offers an inexpensive talk plan and mix and match talk, text and data plans

Seniors can customize their cell phone plans with Consumer Cellular, mixing talk, text and data based on their use. The least expensive plan at $15.00 per month includes unlimited talk only, without texting or data. Seniors who want the ability to text and surf the web can choose from varying amounts of minutes, texts and data to create a money-saving plan that includes only what they need.

To learn more, please read our full product review of Consumer Cellular.

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Types Of Seniors Smartphones Are Best For

Any older adult willing to learn how to use a smartphone has a lot to gain from one. But wed say smartphones are best for those who:

  • Love new technology
  • Want to video chat with their friends and families
  • Want to add smart devices to their homes like smart bulbs or a home security system
  • Need mobile apps and internet access
  • Enjoy taking high-quality pictures and video
  • Volunteer or work and need to access emails and use the web on the go
  • Arent satisfied with their current block-style phone or flip phone

If you feel like a smartphone is right for you, read on as we get into our top picks!

Switch To A Cheap Senior Phone Plan

It’s never been easier to switch. Let’s break it down.

  • Customize your plan. Whether you’re looking for a truly unlimited plan, or in the market for something more basic, choose a plan to suit your cell phone needs.
  • Prepare to make the switch. Make sure your old bills are paid up and your phone is unlocked. If you’re getting a new device, transferring data from one to another is simple. Even if you’re going from an iPhone to Android, and vice versa.
  • Set up your new plan. Keep your current carrier account open until your number has ported over. Once you’re sure your new plan is up and running, cancel your old account. If you’ve got a new device with your Tello plan, it should be ready to use when it arrives. If you’re bringing your own phone then you’ll need to follow the instructions with the new SIM card kit that Tello will send to you in the post.
  • Bring your own phone

    You need simplicity in your life. The great thing about MVNOs is that switching carriers is easy.

    You need an unlocked phone . Once you’ve checked with your new provider about phone compatibility the rest is a breeze.

    Most low-cost carriers simply provide you with a prepaid SIM card. You pop it into your mobile phone and follow the provider’s instructions. Just make sure you don’t cancel your current phone plan until you’ve ported your phone number over to the new carrier.

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    Best Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors

    T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus | 2-line plan | $55/month – Best value unlimited senior plan T-Mobile has a fantastic offer for its senior customers . You can get two unlimited lines for just $55 a month . This comes with unlimited data, calls, and texts with no speed restrictions, 3G mobile hotspot data and scam protection you also get access to T-Mobile’s 5G access at no extra cost. However, you are limited to SD streaming and if you’re traveling in Mexico or Canada, your data will be slower. You can upgrade to T-Mobile’s Magenta 55 Plus plan, where you get two lines of data for $70/month. The 55-plus Magenta plan includes free Netflix, LTE mobile hotspot data, and more.Pros: Affordable price No annual contract 5G at no extra costCons: Limited to 2G in Mexico/Canada Only SD streaming

    The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors For September 2022

    Best Cheap Phone Plans 2022 (We Read All the Fine Print)

    Here are the best cell phone plans for seniors for you to consider this month

    3.Who am I best covered with?

    Finding the best cell phone plans for seniors needn’t be a hassle – it can actually be relatively simple thanks to our handy guide. We’ve tirelessly researched all the nation’s favorite carriers to determine which ones, in our opinion, offer particularly strong options for older citizens.

    Like all phone users, the requirements of older folks differ widely from person to person, so we’ve made sure our best cell phone plans for seniors takes into account a wide array of differing requirements. Just need the basics? We’ve got you covered with some fantastic, easy-to-use plans. Alternatively, if you’re interested in getting a plan with unlimited data then you’ll also find the best value options rounded up here.

    Firstly, here’s a very quick summary of our top choices.

    We’re deep-diving into why these are the best cell phone plans for seniors just down below and you’ll find plenty more options to consider as well. Before we do that, however, here are a few top tips to help you find the right plan for you as well as a quick explainer on the jargon that’s commonly used with senior cell phone plans. If you’d like to see a run-down of the market as a whole, head on over to our main best cell phone plans article to see our top contenders this month.

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