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Free Phone For Seniors

AARP offers seniors cell phone training classes

A free phone for seniors seems unlikely. In reality, though, many seniors can apply for and receive a free cell phone or home phone, along with a free monthly phone plan.

Seniors having a cell phone seems almost a necessity to many. Mainly, due to emergencies. Given that so many people have limited income , cell phones might be low on the list of things they can buy. Thats where the program that provides a free phone for seniors could be a real blessing.

The federal program called Lifeline was created to provide cell phones or free home phone service for anyone for emergencies this is especially important for seniors. The Lifeline program provides a free cell phone and free minutes every month.

Look Out For Special Features

Most phones that are suitable for seniors usually come with a number of special features. Some of these features include the voice-to-text and touch assist features. Such features are a lifesaver for seniors who have vision problems or who might have difficulties in typing long messages. As we speak, there are some devices that have both sound and voice controls. Such features too also make it easier for seniors with a hearing problem to use their devices conveniently.

How To Join The Aarp

It is straightforward to join this organization if you want to benefit from the AARP landline phone service for seniors and get access to their vast array of exemplary phones. Just follow the following procedure:

  • Start from the membership section on AARP official website.
  • Still in this section, select the JOIN NOW option.
  • After that you should create your account. Here, you will be required to accurately fill out your details, for example, your name, email, and address. You will also have an option to fill in your spouses detail where applicable.
  • Once youve created your account, you can choose the method you will use to pay and the payment terms. You can choose from three subscriptions: 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year. The longer the subscription period, the more you will be able to save from it. However, long subscriptions have high initial fees.
  • Go through the terms and conditions of the organization and accept them.
  • Submit your application so you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

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Aarp Discount At Consumer Cellular The Best Deals For Aarp Members

Consumer Cellular is a popular wireless provider that offers very generous AARP phones and discounted deals. There are various packages that can be yours. Their plans for seniors start at as little as $10.

In addition, Consumer Cellular Doro phones offer senior-friendly phones. The company also offers special discounts for AARP members where they can get a discount of 5% per month for the cost of cell phone plans and a 30% discount on mobile phone accessories. Customers can also request an extension of a 45-day money-back guarantee.

It is imperative to note that active AARP members can now choose a discounted plan that is ideal for their phones budget and usage. Like we previously mentioned, mobile plans here start at $10 per month.

To put it into perspective, this plan is commonly known as Anywhere Casual. While this is the cheapest plan, the most expensive one is known as Anywhere 2000. Users who choose this plan will need to part with $60 per month. What actually sets these plans apart is the number of minutes users can enjoy when using the plan.

Furthermore, Consumer Cellular offers a wide range of cell phones. Depending on your budget, you should choose the model and plan that suits your needs. Unlike other carriers, phones here are available for free while others cost a low-budget price. For instance, Motorola W259 flip phone is normally given for free while a device such as Samsung A177 goes for $40.

Telephone Assistance Provided To Seniors

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for Seniors 2021 (discount &  deal)

Some companies provide senior citizens over the age of 60 a free cell phone. This can be a tool for them to use in an emergency. It is not recommended to use it on a daily basis, as the number of free minutes provided on the account is limited and it may be easy for the user to rack up excessive usage.

There are four leading companies that offer a wireless phone at no cost. They include Safelink, TracPhone, Assurance, and Access Wireless. There are others as well, but those are the common ones used. One of the advantages of signing up with one of these companies is then also tend to give their customers a free texting service as well as allocate them minutes each month to talk on their phone.

The other, major telecommunication companies also participate in Lifeline. They will tend to just offer a monthly discount to a senior citizen though. So it will of course save the person money, but it is technically not a free service to use. However the savings can reduce their bills by potentially tens of dollars per month.

Before signing up for one of these companies, always read the fine print of any contract. For those seniors that are part of the AARP, they can also contact them if there are any questions as they can help ensure the deal offered is fair. Or there are also consumer protection bureaus of each state that can provide information on the companies involved in these programs as well.

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Sprint Deals For An Aarp Member

Sprint gives AARP discount to AARP members. This reputable provider offers substantial discounts on phones for seniors per line. The promos continuously change, so you have to get updates when you can take advantage of the deals. At times, they offer AARP discounts upon purchase of a new phone, and other times, you can only use the discounts along with a monthly plan.

You can try calling their support team at 888-211-4727 to learn more about what they offer AARP, the AARP benefits, how to postmark the rebate form, monthly fees, and discounts for AARP members they have in their promos.

I At& t Aarp Free Cell Phones And Deals

AARP AT& T senior discount provides a 10% discount on the monthly wireless bills and doesnt include in the unlimited plans, overages fees, and shared plans having less than 300 MB data packages per month. Additionally, AARP members can receive another 15% discount on select cell phone accessories. AT& T enables AARP members to save money in different ways. First, if you are an AARP member switching to AT& T Wireless, you can obtain a $100 credit for each line when purchasing a new mobile phone on an eligible installment plan.

On the other hand, AT& T gives AARP a cell phone service discount if you subscribe to a specific plan. For instance, if you enroll in the AT& T Unlimited Extra plan, youll receive a $10 monthly discount per line if your account feature 5 lines or fewer. Besides, youll receive a $5 monthly discount per line if your account registers more than 5 lines.

In summary, AARP members can:

  • Receive a $100 credit per line when purchasing a new cell phone on an eligible installment plan.
  • Save $10 per line monthly when buying the AT& T Unlimited Elite plan.
  • Save up to $45 on upgrade and activation fees.

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How To Take Advantage Of Discounts For Senior Citizens

For students to score discounts, they need to present a student ID. For teacher discounts, a work email address is often required. How can seniors ensure they’re eligible to cash in the best deals?

Many businesses use the honor system, while others ask for proof of age or a membership card. Here are a few discount clubs for seniors that are worth joining:

  • AARP The American Association of Retired Persons is a nonprofit with more than 40 million members. In addition to various social impact projects they coordinate, the AARP also gives its members access to TONS of incredible deals. Sign up for an AARP membership here.
  • AMAC The Association of Mature American Citizens is an advocacy group founded in 2007. In addition to lobbying on behalf of seniors, this organization also offers members deals on healthcare services, products, and more. Find out how to become an AMAC member here.
  • Senior Discounts Club This free online community shares updated exclusive deals for seniors daily. They send out a newsletter packed with coupons just for the 55+ crowd. Join the Senior Discounts Club and check out their online forums, too.

Pro Tip: Never be afraid to ask for a discount! Many local businesses gladly offer deals for senior citizens, so there’s no shame in checking. Also, keep in mind that policies can vary from location to location, so it never hurts to call ahead and get the scoop when in doubt.

S To Get A Free Phone Government Program

Best Smartphones for Seniors (2020)

i) Ensure you Qualify

Generally, if youre already participating in a government-supported program, you can automatically qualify for a free government phone, and you can get free phones for seniors on medicare. The following programs are eligible:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ,

Additionally, you can qualify based on your gross household income. According to the Federal Poverty Guidelines, if youre not a recipient of any of the above government programs, youll have to prove that your household income equals or less than 135%. Notably, one household cant has more than one free phone or home phone.

ii) Select a Participating Wireless Provider

You can use the online tool to identify a company near you that provides Lifeline. Then, request a Lifeline application for a free senior phone from the company in your area. You will require the following details to apply.

  • Full legal name
  • Tribal identification number, or the last 4 digits of your Social Security number

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Why A Seniors Need To Be A Member Of Aarp

If a senior is a member of AARP, the senior can be assured that he or she will have access to a plethora of benefits that can enable him or her life well. Some of these benefits include volunteering opportunities, financial tools, travel, and restaurant discounts, and so much more. Generally, the seniors life will be enriched and thus prolong his lifespan.

At& t Senior Cell Phone Plans

AARP members who are AT& T Wireless customers can save up to 10% on their talk and data plan monthly charges, as well as save 15% on eligible phone accessories. AARP members get:

  • 10% off voice and data plan monthly charges.
  • Up to $45 waived for activation or upgrade fees.
  • Up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

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What Phones Are Free From The Government

If you want to know the type of phones that are free from the government then read the answer. There are various programs through which the government of The United States offers free cell phones to needy people. One of the best programs includes Lifeline assistance. The Lifeline Assistance Program offered various phones to help seniors including GCI, Assurance Wireless, Infiniti Mobile, Feelsafe Wireless, Easy Wireless, Copper Valley Telecom, Context Wireless, enTouch Wireless, and so on.

What Is Social Security

10 Best AARP Cell Phones for Seniors 2021 (discount &  deal)

Social security is a type of Federal program which is run by the US government and the Social Security Administration of the United States and it is a well-known program. The main aim of this program is to assist needy people. This program mainly covered elderly people, disabled people, and survivors. Through this program, the government provides various advantages to disabled and elderly people. Along with the free cell phones they are given retirement benefits and the disability of income as well. So, if you dont know about this program and want to grasp all such benefits then read it further.

If you want to receive social security benefits then you have to fulfill certain requirements. If you apply for the social security benefits then you must be of the age 62 or more than that. If you are below 62 then you are not eligible for the social security program. The applicant must have paid into the system for at least 10 years to the state. If you want to know more than you can take help from the official website as it is completely free for the use of applicants. So, if you want to get a free cell phone from the government for senior citizens with the help of social security then follow this article till the end as all the related details are mentioned below.

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What Is Aarp Cell Phone

AARP cell phone is just a phrase used for cell phones purchased using the benefits of AARP membership. There are no special types of phones or anything like that. There are, however, wireless providers who have a special deal with the AARP organization, which will provider AARP members with certain discounts.

In this article we will take a closer look at how and where can you make good use of your AARP membership.

Coverage Areas Plus 4g And 5g

Another consideration when choosing a carrier and plan, is the quality of service in your area.

All the carriers publish pretty good coverage maps, so do your research before committing, Bajarin says. This is especially important in rural areas as you might not get good coverage if the demand isnt there for carriers to invest in the area.

Get recommendations from your neighbors and friends and family who live around you, Leigh says.

Sometimes there are random pockets of weak spots, he says. Generally speaking, urban and suburban areas will look the same for most of the carriers. Coverage is pretty ubiquitous there. But reception could be spotty in remote areas or even if youre in a basement.

“Do your research before committing. … Generally speaking, urban and suburban areas will look the same for most of the carriers. Coverage is pretty ubiquitous there. But reception could be spotty in remote areas or even if youre in a basement.

The good news: Carriers offer more flexibility than before, and will usually let you try out the service first, Leigh says. If its terrible reception, you can switch, which isnt as much of an issue as it used to be, plus you can port your existing phone number over to another carrier if need be.

And you dont always have to pay more for 5G. He cites AARPs partnership with Consumer Cellular, an MVNO that includes 5G coverage if your phone supports it.

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Are The Prices Of The Phones And Plans Fixed

No, the AARP discounts may change at any time, the cell phone carriers have the ability to change the plans and the prices at any time. Now I will give you a list of some phones for seniors that are currently available.

Cell phone carriers such as AT& T, GreatCall, Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, and Sprint have special plans that provide discounts exclusively for AARP members.

More About Aarp Cell Phones From Various Phone Service Providers

Cell Phones for Seniors

Note that AARP is not a cell phone provider. It does not have an exclusive line of an AARP phone or a phone plan. It only paved the way for its senior members to enjoy the benefits of their chosen cell phone plan. Through AARP membership, AARP members can get and choose cell phone plans and phones for seniors, depending on the providers.

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Best Free Cell Phone Service Providers For Seniors

So, which carrier has the best wireless service for free senior cell phones? There are several phone companies that participate in the Lifeline program, although they might not all operate in your area. You will need to confirm with each company whether or not you can qualify for a free phone in the area in which you live, but here are some of the best providers.

Who Offers Free Cell Phones For Seniors With Free Service

There are various charitable programs and governmental programs available to help those who need cell phones. Some charitable organizations offer phones in the collaboration with network providers. The range of phones provided by these network providers includes Tempo, Life wireless, Blue Jay Wireless, FeelSafe Wireless, American Assistance, Access Wireless, Safelink Wireless, and so on. So, if you want to get this range of cell phones then contact these charitable and governmental programs.

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Iii Sprint Aarp Free Phones And Deals

AARP senior members can get a discount on their cell phones and plans from Sprint. Notably, Sprint currently merged with T-Mobile and most of their services, and you can find most of their services exclusively at T-Mobile. To do this, you must complete the application form for the Sprint discount to prove your qualification to get the discount.

Thus, if Sprint proves your eligibility for the AARP cell phone discount, you will have to produce a copy of the document that confirms that you are an AARP member. To receive the Sprint discount, you must sign a 2-year service contract. Additionally, AARP members are not the only customers who receive these discounts from Sprint.

Furthermore, members from various credit unions, UPS employees, military personnel, AAA members, and Costco employees are eligible for discounts. The discounts provided include free phones to help the seniors save money on their phones and their monthly cell phone plans bills. Notably, Sprint provides numerous mobile phones from several renowned manufacturers.

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