Best Vacations For Seniors With Limited Mobility

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Stay With Friends And Family Members

Gentle CHAIR EXERCISES for Seniors with Limited Mobility to Improve Range of Motion

If youre still nervous about being able to get around while on vacation, you might just want to consider staying with friends and family members. Although their homes might not have exactly everything you need, theres a good chance youll be far more comfortable asking them for what you need rather than a stranger at a hotel.

Plus, theyll be able to help you get around to local attractions, restaurants, shops, and anywhere else you might need to go.

Are There Lots Of Steep Hills And Difficult Ground You Need To Move Across

Do you find yourself avoiding certain areas of town because theyre just too difficult to get around in a wheelchair or with a cane? Youre not alone!

While many electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are great for driving up and down hills, they do have their limitations. Very steep hills might be too much for your mobility chair to handle.

So when planning your vacation, it might be worth looking at places which are located on flatter ground, or they have plenty of custom-made ramps designed for wheelchair users.

Determine If An Accessible Room Is Needed

No matter which type of vacation you are planning, discuss whether an adapted,accessible room will be needed during the trip.

These rooms differ from traditional rooms in that there are wider doorways, grab bars near the toilet, and showers that have no thresholds and come with a fold-down seat. They are rooms that are specially designed for wheelchair users.

If your family member has some mobility, then they may not need a fully accessible room. Instead, a traditional room may be able to be adapted to any needs they may have.

You can rent raised toilet seats to make getting up from the commode easier. Showerchair rentals are also available if they can step over a low threshold for a walk-in shower but may need a seat to assist with any balance problems or to avoid falls.

When determining what type of room will be necessary, also consider what type mobility equipment will be used. Not all mobility scooters will fit through traditional door widths.

Get the measurements ahead of time so you know whether it will work. Hotels and cruise lines will not allow you to charge mobility scooters in the hallway for safetyreasons.

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Choose An Accomodation That Covers Your Needs And Likes

If you keep a routine of exercises for your limited mobility issues, then look for a hotel with a gym. If you like swimming, find a hotel with a pool or on the beachfront. If you are into cocktails, book a hotel with a great cocktail bar or a nice rooftop bar .

If you love high end cuisine, check out hotels with Michelin star restaurants. Youll be out and about most of the day, so if you can stay at the hotel for some of your favorite activities, thatll help keeping your energy levels high.


Consider Special Gear For Mobility Challenged Travelers

Rear view of senior man in wheelchair looking out from beach, Playa del ...

What if there was a way to make your sightseeing smoother? There are canes and walkers that incorporate a seat. This is a great option if you can walk enough to follow a tour that is partially walking but standing is hard for you.

You might also want to consider renting a wheelchair . Motorized scooters are also a great option because you wont rely on someone else pushing. However, they are heavier.


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Rent An Rv Or Camper Van

If the idea of the inclusivity of a cruise appeals to you but the idea of being on the open water makes you a little well, seasick! then you might want to consider renting an RV or camper van.

Before you think to yourself, well, that would be great if I wasnt in a wheelchair! take a moment to consider this. Lots of RV and camper van rental companies offer accessible rentals that allow you to enjoy nature without having to worry about how you will get around.

There are all kinds of online search engines, like this one from Outdoorsy, that will allow you to search for an RV with ADA-accessible options. You can also contact the RV owner if youre going through a rental company to ask any questions you might have about certain accommodations.

What to look for when renting an RV? Youll want many of the same features you searched for when looking for a cruise but you might also consider things like specialized wheelchair lifts, tie-downs for wheelchairs, and cabinets that can be reached from the seat of a wheelchair.

Don’t Pack Your Schedule

And you might need to take detours to avoid stairs and other obstacles, what results in needing more time for sightseeing. Dont be too ambitious. Unless you are on a private tour where a pro has planned your itinerary according to your needs, stick to one top site per day.

Be it one museum, one attraction or one building you want to enter. And when possible, schedule it for the morning when your energy levels are higher. Yo can also research if theres anything else nearby that you can see from outside.

Something that is reasonably close and within a walking distance you can cover, in case you have some extra time left. And maybe find a lovely place to eat over there. Then reserve the afternoon for tranquil activities.

Seating by the pool or the beach, going to the spa, maybe some light easy shopping Reserve your energy for dinner in a restaurant in an area you havent visited yet. Or maybe attend a local show. Of course, making sure a taxi can drop you off by the door and that the venues are fully accessible.

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Do They Have Plenty Of Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Destinations

There are many questions that come to mind when planning a vacation. One question to consider is whether the destination is wheelchair accessible.

For those who rely on a wheelchair for mobility, this is an important factor to consider when considering vacations with minimal walking. Fortunately, there are many destinations which offer amazing vacations for seniors in us that are wheelchair accessible and offer plenty of activities and attractions for all travelers. You just need to do your research ahead of time, make sure they offer tours for disabled seniors.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico

25 minute Gentle Seated Exercise Program for Seniors (limited mobility, recovery, dementia)

In need of a tropical getaway? Consider the coastal resort town of Playa del Carmen. White sand, fruity drinks and blue water can be found at one of their stunning all-inclusive resorts. The beach can sometimes prove challenging for seniors with limited mobility due to the sandy terrain but staying at an all-inclusive or similar beachfront property means you can enjoy the beach carefree, no long walks required. Playacar Palace, Iberostar Paraiso Maya, and Iberostar Paraiso Beach are among the top-rated resorts for those requiring mobility accommodations. Zero entry pools mean no pesky stairs and ramped beach access with wooden walkways ensure you can navigate confidently to the beach. These are just a few of the benefits of looking into all-inclusive resorts and hotels. The accessible rooms at these resorts boast roll-under sinks, no raised toilet, shower grab bars and beds that are 24 inches high. Your mind can rest easy knowing your safety and needs are top of mind. Get some sand between your toes and enjoy ultimate relaxation. On top of feeling comfortable in your space, youll experience the beauty and rich culture of Mexico.

Image credit: jimroberts52 / Pixabay

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Top 9 Vacations With Minimal Walking

Categories Destination Ideas

Are you planning your next travel trip but looking for vacations with minimal walking due to any reason, medical, or anything else? If this is the case, we have compiled just a perfect list for you.

Planning the perfect vacation can certainly be daunting. But planning vacations with minimal walking can seem almost impossible. You might think that your options are limited to repetitive day trips and boring city tours.

However, Im here to tell you that you couldnt be more wrong!

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The fact is that traveling has become more accessible in recent years. While its true that you might face more logistical hindrances, there are actually many recourses available for your benefit.

If you need help planning your vacation, download our completely free printable travel planner to ensure you are organized and have your complete travel itinerary in one place.

Best Vacation Ideas And Destinations For Seniors

Travel tops the to-do lists of most people of retirement age and older, according to the AARPa group that ought to know. Research after research has shown that its the number-one aspiration for those 50 and older, says Maria Gillen, director of the AARPs travel website. Were big believers in the idea of travel and its benefits to relationships and health.

Medical studies have found that those benefits include healthier hearts and brains as well as a reduced risk of depression. Not to mention what a good vacation can do for your Facebook feed.

But where to go? While the circumstances of those 65 and older vary widely with regard to budget, interests, and physical abilities, we think youll find a few enticing options among the 10 senior-friendly spots that follow. And weve thrown in some expert tips along the way.

GOOD FOR: adventure, discounts, road trips, multigenerational fun

GOOD FOR: relaxation, low physical activity

And for some destination inspiration, our features on our favorite islands in the Bahamas, beaches on Antigua, and tourist-free experiences on Barbados should give you a good start.

GOOD FORadventure, easy pace, bucket lists

GOOD FOR: easy pace, low to high activity level

GOOD FOR: healthy climate, outdoor adventure, arts and culture

GOOD FOR: bucket lists, adventure, group tours


GOOD FOR: warm climate, history, getting around

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Book A Vacation Package

Sometimes it can be far less stressful to just book a vacation package in which itineraries are already made for you, requiring you to do zero research than to plan a vacation from scratch. While many tour companies offer limited packages for people with mobility issues, there are some that offer sizable selections of vacations, allowing you to explore anywhere from California to the mountains of Rwanda!

These trips, though different in their destinations and itineraries, have one major thing in common. They take into account the need to adapt activities so that people with limited mobility can enjoy the same experiences that able-bodied travelers can. You can even tour popular destinations like Hawaii or various national parks! Senior travel doesnt have to be limited in the slightest.

While you still may find it easier to book these vacation packages with a friend or family member who doesnt have trouble getting around, the accommodations for these tours are still often set up so that you can get around just fine on your own. Many include detailed health assessments before departure and offer one-on-one assistance so that you can get help during various excursions and activities.

Can You Safely Drive Around On Your Scooter To Multiple Destinations

Best Travel Destinations for Travelers with Limited Mobility ...

Just because you’re using a scooter to get around doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all the places your city has to offer.

Whether it’s going out to eat, seeing a movie, or hitting up the shops, or going on tours for handicapped seniors, there are plenty of destinations that are accessible and enjoyable for scooter users.

But before you head out, it’s important to know if your chosen destination is safe and accessible for scooters.

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What Are The Best Vacations For Seniors That Support Limited Mobility

Many of the vacations you have always loved are still possibilities it just takes a bit more planning to make these trips successful with limited mobility. Here are nine ideas for places to travel and how to do it safely:

Take a Cruise

Both ocean and river cruises offer scenic vacations, but do not require too much physical exertion. Also, most cruise lines can accommodate special needs requests if they are made in advance.

Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

Visiting a city or town with multiple indoor museums or galleries allows you to enjoy varied activities in a controlled, indoor environment that is handicap accessible. Some cities with many art and museum options include:

  • Washington, D.C.

Traveling With Medication & Other Health Issues

One common concern amongst older travelers is how they are going to travel with various medical conditions, and while on medication. It is possible to travel almost anywhere, as long as the traveler is prepared. Before leaving the country, make sure to pack enough of medicine for the entire duration of your trip, and then a few day extra, in case there are any delays. If the traveler is flying, they should also make sure to keep their medication in a carry on.

If at all possible, keep your medication in its original prescription bottles — this allows TSA inspectors to confirm that the medication belongs to you. On a similar note, TSA also allows for liquid medications above the usual liquid limits, so make sure to tell an agent at the security checkpoint about any liquids you might have.

If you are concerned about other health issues, it is not a bad idea to visit a doctor up to 6 weeks before you travel. And regardless of their specific advice, seniors traveling internationally should plan for a recovery from any jet lag or motion sickness. If you suffer from mobility issues, make sure to double check the physical intensity of any tours you are looking at.

Also consider the types of transportation on your trip — if you your legs cramp up, inform your tour company that you may need extra leg room, and make sure to find out how long flights and bus rides might be.

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Ideas For Limited Mobility Holiday

I’m struggling again to find a suitable holiday for my mother and I. Hoping someone can offer ideas. My mother is in good health, but can walk only very slowly, balance is not great and she can only climb a few stairs.

I organized a trip in NZ where we traveled by train, coach and rental car. We were able to see quite a lot without requiring her to walk/climb very much at all. Then last Sep. we went to Scotland on a small group tour staying in very nice Inns and B& B’s. That was good too. Would have been better if the tour guide had actually done some tour guiding!

My mother does not like hot weather and prefers a country where English is widely spoken. A cruise would not be suitable for either of us. She gets seasick. I spend several months a year on a diving liveaboard where I take my own groups.

Anyone know of a small group tour or have ideas that might work for us?

I wish I had some suggestions for you. I too am struggling with the same thing. I keep looking into tours but not sure if any of them will work. If you come up with any ideas, keep them posted. I will do likewise.

Check out Roadscholars, formerly Elderhostel. They have very interesting trips and each one rates its activity level.

I will post what I find.

I checked Roadscholars again, but their low activity level trips are quilting, basketry, watercolors, etc. We can do that at home.. boring…

Syria can be hot in summer.Best time to visit April or Oct/Nov

Here is a taste of Syria by Holly Morris

Vacations For Senior Citizens With Limited Mobility

10 Minute chair workout for weight loss, limited mobility and seniors | Website announcement

For seniors with disabilities, vacations can provide a much-needed respite from the challenges of daily life. By spending time in a new place, seniors can enjoy a change of scenery and meet new people.

Vacations can also offer opportunities for physical activity, which can help to improve strength and mobility. In addition, vacations can help reduce stress and anxiety levels and provide a chance to relax and recharge.

For seniors with disabilities, vacations can offer a welcome break from the routines of daily life. Seniors can benefit physically and emotionally by spending time in new surroundings and enjoying new experiences.

Lets look at six vacation ideas for seniors with limited mobility. We will also take a look at multiple destinations in each vacation idea.

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Ocean And River Cruises

Cruises are, in my opinion, the easiest way to take a vacation without too much physical exertion which makes them an obvious choice and perfect for many senior citizens. The cruise line can usually attend to most any special needs you may have.

Cruise ships offer an opportunity for you and your family to explore new popular places while also enjoying the all-inclusive amenities of the ship itself.

I took many cruises with my elderly in-laws and I can tell you from personal experience that the ships were very accommodating for seniors who use canes, walkers and wheelchairs.

No matter what your activity level is, you can enjoy a great vacation on a cruise ship.

According to, the 5 best cruises for seniors are

If ocean cruises are not your style, consider taking a river cruise. These smaller boats are one of the best ways to visit beautiful parts of many countries.

There are many different river cruises in the USA, in Canada, Europe, South America and other countries.

Just like their ocean counterparts, the river cruises are a wonderful and easy way to travel if you are using a walker, a cane or a wheelchair to get about.

Some of the most popular river cruises are

As far as vacations for senior citizens go I would rate cruising at the very top!

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