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Choosing Your Golf Driver Weight

TOP 5 FORGIVING DRIVERS 2021 for Mid to High Handicappers

We talked a little bit about the weight of your driver being important, but now lets discuss how you choose the weight of the best golf driver for seniors. Your drivers weight should be based on your swing and what weight will work best for it.

Lightweight drivers are not always the solution, although, on more occasions than not senior golfers will benefit from a lighter driver.

When you choose a lighter driver, your swing speed will be able to increase. With a faster swing speed, you will be able to gain more distance something every senior golfer is looking to do. Lightweight drivers are also recommended for many women golfers for the exact same reasons.

But if you want to go for a heavier driver, you should already have a higher swing and feel confident that you are still strong enough to benefit from the heavier driver. Keep in mind that swing speed is everything and accuracy is way more important when it comes to golfing.

The Best Golf Drivers For Seniors What To Look For

at a glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Drivers for Seniors

The golf equipment market is extremely competitive, and manufacturers constantly try to develop quality equipment for various market sectors.

One market they realize is a worthwhile investment is senior golfers. This is fortunate as it means some amazing clubs are available, particularly drivers.

The right driver will help you maximize distance off the tee, deliver an easy launch, and be fairly forgiving. They will enhance your game, reduce your score, and allow for a more rewarding and enjoyable round.

Here are a few important aspects seniors golfers should consider before deciding on a driver:

Callaway Mens Xr Driver

If you are looking to add speed to your drives then the Callaway Mens XR driver is one of your best choices. Every feature of the driver is designed to maximize the speed and reduce the drag to the minimum level possible. The speed with the adjustability features and the forgiving head makes it a great investment for the senior golfers.

The best thing about the driver is the Speed Step Crown which is paired with the aerodynamic head shape to increase the trajectory and promote faster ball speed.

Whereas the RMOTO technology, on the other hand, reduced the weight by 10% from the clubface and equally spreads the energy throughout the clubface for maximum forgiveness and accuracy from all angles.

With the variable OptiFit loft settings, you can easily get that perfect launch for the flight of your ball. The right launch conditions promote a longer distance. The premium designed shaft also aids in it as the design maximizes the shaft load which increases speed as more energy is transferred to the ball.

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Adjustability Of The Golf Driver

The power to adjust anything can sometimes be a double-edged sword. In my opinion, it is quite beneficial for a club to have this function. If, as you get older, you see that you are starting to develop a draw that you do not desire, you can adjust the settings on a driver so that it compensates for the draw.

Are you planning to spend some time working on the problem on the range to fix it? Most likely not, so why not make the most of the fact that you can change it?Having said that, some players find the adjustable features difficult to use, and they would rather have something that is already optimised for their play style.

They want a straightforward, hassle-free, grab and go club that they dont have to worry about adjusting the temperature of by a few degrees throughout the day. Adjustability is a good quality to have not only if a person is not performing at their peak, but also if they are performing at their peak.

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

Best Golf Driver For Seniors In 2021

The Callaway Rogue Driver is a few years old, but the technology is still very relevant. Very fast ball speeds have been recorded with the Rouge driver because of the Jailbreak technology incorporated inside the clubhead. This driver was developed with the help of Boeing, and it certainly shows in its performance.

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Taylormade M4 Draw Type

The Taylormade M4 Draw Type is a favorite by many golfers including seniors. Its lightweight graphite shaft offers several flex options whether you want it stiff, regular, or even for the ladies and seniors. The loft options include 9.5°, 10.5°, and 12°.

The Taylormade M4 is known for the new face curvature angle. This design is particularly handy especially when it comes to off-center hits. This helps in reducing spin and delivers straighter shots that can get the ball farther on the course. You also have more loft when it comes to high-toe while you also have less loft in low-heel scenarios. This makes the TaylorMade M4 Draw Type the favorite driver by those who want to have a more consistent spin.

The Hammerhead slot has a more reinforced outer portion that makes the face lighter and more flexible. You also get to enjoy a larger sweet spot making it easier to hit the ball. When it comes to its weight distribution, the 41 grams of weight has been shifted towards the heel that makes the driver deliver draw bias.

Though it is a good option for mid handicappers and senior golfers, it takes a while to figure this out. Also, compared to the King Cobra, you might not hit as far with the Taylormade M4. But despite this, it doesnt make the M4 a bad driver. It can even be considered as the most forgiving golf clubs for seniors.


Cleveland Launcher Xl Lite Draw Driver


If youre a senior golfer who struggles with the golf slice and dont want to spend too much on a new driver, while wanting something that looks premium, let us introduce to you the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw driver.

The XL Lite Draw driver is the high MOI introduction to Clevelands Launcher driver series. Its made specifically for slower swinging beginners and senior golfers.

What youd really want to consider before purchasing this driver is that it gave up an adjustable hosel to reduce 12g of weight compared to the original Launcher XL.

Shots from this driver generate a lot of spin and launch and are noticeably easy to find the fairway with it.

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Finding The Best Golf Driver For Your Golf Game

Each golfers swing and swing speed is unique. These differences mean that no one best golf driver for seniors is perfect. Also when you hit the senior year your swing will change as your body. So you will need different senior drivers with more club speed. However, it is likely that one best golf driver for seniors will give you advantages over other models given it configuration and match to your delivery characteristics.

Club Head Size And Weight

Best Golf Drivers 2021 | LONGEST Drivers On PGA Tour

The clubhead size is likely going to be the same on pretty much any of the options you are interested in. With 460 cc being the legal limit most manufacturers want to keep the size right around this mark to help increase performance.

The weights, when choosing a senior driver can be very important. Make sure when reading reviews you look for keywords like adjustable weights or reduced weight in club head.

Several manufacturers have been putting out excellent options for lightweight drivers that dont reduce performance. However if you dont want to struggle with the weight of a driver, refer to our definitive guide on the best irons for seniors that are currently available.

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What Is The Best Golf Driver For Seniors

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the TaylorMade SIM Max, which was introduced one year ago. The SIM 2 Max has an all-new shape and style, which is one of its many appealing features.

The new forged ring construction results in a club that is both lightweight and high-strength, giving golfers a significant increase in the amount of distance they can hit the ball.

The Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver is a premium golf driver that is meant to help players who are looking for additional ball speed and distance. This driver comes from the top of the line and is manufactured by Callaway.

The brand-new Epic Flash Star Driver is designed specifically to assist senior golfers in increasing the pace of their swings, and it is crafted from only the very best materials available.

For senior golfers, the brand-new Callaway Epic Max Driver is the club that will get them the most distance of any other club on the market. When players have theDriver in their hands, they will be able to hit some of the golf shots with the lowest spin and the quickest ball speed they have ever experienced.

To top it all off, the internal weight pad in the back weighting feature is both high quality and quite forgiving. There is no lighter, more feature-packed, or more accurate driver on the market.


Cobra 2017 Golf Mens Max

The Cobra 2017 Golf Mens Max is a highly innovative driver for senior golf players. For instance, you have the center of gravity that can be adjusted and removed from the crown. On top of that, you also get to enjoy a low center of gravity design from this driver which helps in creating less spin and launch your ball in higher trajectory. This is also responsible for the drivers forgiveness. And overall, it helps users deliver a better swing and distance with the Cobra 2017 Golf Mens Max.

You also have the Speed Channel technology which is a Cobra innovation exclusive to Cobra products. The Cobra 2017 Golf Mens Max Driver is also known for having a new and re-engineered forged titanium E9.

Lets face it, a lot of mens senior golf clubs are still hard to use. But with the Cobra 2017 Golf Mens Max Drivers 460cc clubhead size, this option can help boost your confidence. It has been designed with an easy-to-hit club head. It also comes in handy when you hit the ball off-center.

The loft is at 11.5° specifically made for older players who are looking to get their driver to launch the ball with great distance.

Light and sleek, these are things that can describe the Cobra 2017 Golf Mens Max Driver. And though it adds great distance and even considered a game-changer, however, it doesnt have the best control.


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How Far Should A 70 Year Old Man Hit A Golf Ball

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Best Driver For Seniors: Top 5 Best Golf Drivers For Older Players 2021

Best Golf Driver For Seniors In 2021

One of the things that set golf apart from other sports is that you can continue playing well into your golden years. Undoubtedly, youre not as physically fit or as fast as you were in your heydays, but you can still play an enjoyable round of golf every time. One crucial aspect of the game that you shouldnt overlook is choosing your equipment carefully. If youre part of the older generation, it would really help your game if you select the best driver for seniors possible.

In this article, well list our top 5 picks for the best drivers for seniors today.

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Cobra Golf Mens King F8

One of the most interesting additions to our list, it is a technological giant that offers heaps of forgiveness to our senior golfers.

Yes, its no other than the Cobra Golf Mens King F8, the driver of every senior, and handicappers dreams. Its one of those irons that will redefine your game in a whole new way, without letting you make even the slightest efforts. Not to mention the premium feel and sound at the time of impact.

Talking of the distinguishing features, The first and foremost thing specific to this driver is the E9 zone structure that allows it to shift weight at certain areas of the clubface, that too with a shifted center of gravity to allow maximum speed while compromising very little on the control.

Additionally, with the inclusion of 360 Aero-Innovative Polymer Aero Tips, the drag is reduced by a huge percentage, allowing the seniors to swing their driver without much force, and relatively faster.

Like many other Cobra products, this one also comes with the Cobra connect feature that allows you to track your drivers performance. Although this isnt something I would personally call a really big addition to its functionality, but it will help you a lot when it comes to keeping a record of your drivers performance, indirectly letting you know about the improvements you can are making over time.


  • The weight-holding screw can spin-off

How To Choose Your Driver Weight

The weight of a driver is another factor we take into account when selecting our list of drivers for older golfers. A drivers weight is not simply measured by a lighter driver being superior but rather finding the right weight for your swing.

With a lighter driver, you will be able to increase your swing speed. Doing this can be important for older golfers as well as female golfers. Increasing a low swing speed can considerably increase your distance.

A heavier driver tends to be better for those who are strong and have higher swing speeds. This is likely due to the higher weight of the club ensuring the golfer that his swing stays on plane.

It is also important to mention that increasing your swing speed should not always be your goal. There will come a point in your golf game where you realize your swing speed has lowered and it is going to be that way going forward.

Once you realize this search for drivers that are built for slower spring speeds this one include things like a higher flex rating as well as a higher degree loft.

Both of these features will be covered later in the article but just remember that it is about fitting your clubs to your swing and not about fitting your swing to your clubs.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying

Im not as young as I used to be an obvious statement perhaps but something that has an impact on my golf even though my experience stands me in good stead.

The reality of getting older inevitably involves losing a little strength and suppleness.

It means I have to think about whether golf manufacturers can help me compensate for my physical condition being less impressive.

There is no reason why your swing should falter because over time it will become instinctive but as a handicap golfer, I know that it varies slightly from one tee to the next.

Yes, I am happy to get all the help I can get from my equipment and manufacturers have plenty on offer to provide that help.

How We Test These Products


Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the driver reviews in this article. These drivers were selected by our team, who have over 50 years of golf experience golf and have spent hundreds of hours reviewing products. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links at no cost to you.

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Cleveland Launcher Xl Driver

  • Shaft material: Graphite

The Cleveland Launcher driver has been around for a few years, and the performance has often exceeded the purchasers expectations. The latest model, HB Turbo, has received many accolades from golf equipment experts and other reviews in 2021 and 2022.

Known as one of the top wedge manufacturers, their offerings have slowly grown, and this new driver will put many a smile on the tee for any new owner. Probably one of the most underrated drivers on the market, it will suit all skill levels.

Cleveland has excelled at adding a full range of high-tech to the driver. A re-designed HiBore Crown added to the Turbocharged Cup Face and an Ultra-light Hosel gives the 460cc head a confidence-inspiring and powerful look.

The head sits comfortably at address, and its stability and control make it easy to hit. The large sweet spot on the face adds forgiveness to the mis-hit tee shot without sacrificing too much distance.

The launch angle is improved with a deep weighting sole pad and a counterbalanced Miyazaki C.Kua shaft developed for Cleveland.

Testing this driver on the range should be fun, and the accuracy and distance are nice bonuses.

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