Walk-in Tubs For Seniors

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How To Find The Best Home Walk In Tubs

Walk In Tubs For Seniors, Who’s the Best?

We make our walk-in tub recommendations based on a series of criteria that we believe make an excellent walk-in tub for seniors with a variety of needs. Heres how we did it.

  • We searched for a comprehensive list of walk-in tub companiesThere are many walk-in tubs options: from no-name brands to manufacturers advertising on TV and radio. We started our search for the best walk-in tub companies with a broad selection of 25 companies that represented the market.

  • We removed walk in tubs not made in the USAThe market also has many foreign-made walk-in tub options. We chose to focus on manufacturers based in the USA, because we believe that still matters.

  • We insisted on some extrasWe chose manufacturers who provided tubs with a range of options. To make the cut, a company could not just make the basic soaker tub. A good walk-in tub company should provide the option for things like hydrotherapy, areotherapy and additional heating.

  • We brought you the best walk-in tub companies for considerationJust beginning the search for the best walk-in tub for your personal needs can be dizzying. There are many of walk-in tub manufacturers out there, so we combed through them and separated the best from the rest. We found that Safe Step, American Standard and Independent Home were the trio of walk-in bathtub makers to produce quality goods that matched our expectations.

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    Reduces Risk Of Falling

    Falls are the #1 fear of most elderly and their caregivers. According to the CDC the average hospital cost for a fall injury is over $30,000. And the cost is not the most important factor because the truth of the matter is, falls result in over 800,000 hospitalizations and more than 27,000 deaths. When it comes to caring for an elderly parent, preventing falls should be the #1 priority. The use of a walk-in tub greatly reduces that risk.

    How Much Do Walk

    As with anything else, the brand and any extra bells and whistles you choose will play a factor in how much a walk-in tub costs. The average cost of a tub with installation can range anywhere from $1,500 to as much as $20,000. While those prices might initially make your jaw drop, just remember that’s still less expensive than a fall-related hospital visit. To invest in your health and wellbeing long-term, we think the price is worth it. While traditional Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of a walk-in tub, you’ll be able to get a tax reduction if the tub is installed for a medical safety reason! The cost of your walk-in tub will vary based on several factors, including:

    • Hydrotherapy or jets: These features may tack on an extra fee, as the installer will need to wire electricity to the tub.
    • Luxury Features: The more customized features you add, the more you can expect your tub to cost. For instance, if you want to add a decorative bath wall and upgraded finishes, or if the tub needs to be customized to fit the size of your bathroom, you can expect to pay more.
    • Plumbing: Walk-in tubs hold a lot of water. You may need a new water heater or upgraded pipes to have enough hot water and allow the tub to fill quickly.
    • Installation: Installation may be included in your walk-in tub’s cost, depending on the brand and where you purchase it. However, if it’s not included, installation is an additional cost to consider, which can range from around $1,000 to $3,000.

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    Our Top Pick Bathtubs For Seniors

    The 12 best bathtubs for seniors and the elderly. Undoubtedly they are all suitable to serve the clients in that category. For our case, our top three picks are:

    2 Person Whirlpool Massage Bathtub

    The bathtub can comfortably support two adults at ago. If you are a family person, then you can consider this bathtub as a suitable choice. The acrylic finish enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathtub.

    Furthermore, the product has a massage service that will improve your bathing experience and relaxation. Moreover, the user will enjoy the mounted music by using the blue tooth function to play it.

    The bathtub has a large capacity to accommodate a large amount of water. Precisely, it will hold about 100 gallons of water.

    KOHLER K-1229-LA-47 Mariposa Bathtub

    The porcelain finish enhances the overall beauty of this bathtub. The smooth surface is ideal for providing a better cleaning option.

    The bathtub has a comfortable depth that will enhance the good bathing experience.

    The designing materials are of supreme quality. As a result, the product is ideal for long-term usage. The materials are anti-slip while providing excellent traction to prevent any accidental falls. The safety features will keep the user free from possible accidents.

    ARIEL Platinum PW 1545930LW1

    Additional points as you Makes your Choice

    The bathtubs come in multiple models that are ever saturating the market shelves. It would help if you went after specific details.

    Wheelchair Accessible Tub Dimensions

    5 Best Walk

    Wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs are not necessarily larger than standard walk-in tubs they typically have the same standard dimensions. However, wheelchair accessible tubs do require extra clearance space for their outward-swinging door. When planning your walk-in tub installation, be sure there is sufficient clearance near the door to open and close comfortably.

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    Determine Your Need For A Walk

    Walk-in tubs come in a variety of styles and sizes, and which specific one is best for you will depend on your personal needs. One of the top reasons many people install a walk-in tub is to prevent falls in the bathroom and make getting in and out of the bathtub easier. But, others simply want the convenience of a step-in tub and the high-end features that are available with some walk-in tubs.

    Like with any big purchase, its important to consider your why for purchasing a walk-in tub. To ensure you find an affordable option that meets all of your needs, consider what youre hoping to get out of your tub. Youll want to think about the following things:

    • Your current and future needs. Are you interested in a walk-in tub because of safety, or simply for convenience?
    • Your mobility level and any potential changes to your mobility in the future. Are you struggling to get in and out of your bathtub or having general mobility problems? Do you have reason to believe that your mobility may change in the future?
    • Your history of falls and injuries. Have you previously suffered a fall or other injury in the bathroom? In what way can a walk-in tub help prevent similar injuries in the future?

    Types And Costs Of Walk

    There are several different types of walk-in tubs to choose from. The one you choose depends upon medical conditions, what features you prefer, and even an option to allow for use by a variety of family members.

    Today, there are tubs designed for larger individuals, those with chronic muscle aches and pains, those who use wheelchairs and so much more. We encourage you to explore the different types of walk-in tubs and their average prices.

    In many cases, homeowners have to pay out of pocket for a walk-in tub. Walk-in tub prices vary depending on types and styles. But there are some other considerations as well, such as how extensive the installation process might be.

    between $2,000 and $5,000 $5,000 to $10,000 range.

    We recommend comparing the top walk-in tub brands and their prices to get a sense for the cost of a high-quality, long-lasting tub.

    Find Walk-in Tub Pros

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    Va Home Modification Grants

    Veterans who dont qualify for directed care, aid and attendance benefits or housebound allowances may still secure financial assistance through one of the VAs home modification grants. There are three VA grants dedicated to home modifications. These are known as the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant, Specially Adapted Housing Grant and Special Home Adaptation Grant. These grants provide benefits ranging from $6,800 to over $90,000, and all are specifically designed to help veterans with limited mobility. Amongst the three, the HISA may be the best choice for seniors, as $2,000 in funding is available for non-service related conditions, such as aging.

    Eldercare Financial Assistance Locator

    • Discover all of your options
    • Search over 400 Programs

    Understand The Pricing Structure

    Best Walk In Bathtub 2022 – Ella’s Bubbles: Elderly, Disabled, Wheelchair Transfer, Two Seat

    Price Transparency

    In the walk-in tub industry, there are two basic kinds of companies. Those that disclose their base prices, add-on prices, and fees openly and early in the buying process, and those that will not discuss pricing until late in the buying process, usually during an in-home visit when they give you a free project quote.

    There are multiple prominent companies that fall into the latter category. But, these companies are difficult to evaluate, and most of them tend to charge high prices. They may also use fairly high-pressure sales pitches once they visit you in your home. The advantage of these companies, however, is that they usually handle installation, which can make the buying process easy for you.

    Of the companies that are willing to share prices more openly, there is some variety. Some companies list all or some of their pricing information online. Some are simply willing to talk over the phone about pricing. Some offer installation services, and some do not.

    When you start looking for a walk-in tub, you can look for a company whose level of price transparency and service style matches your comfort level.


    Companies that can take care of the installation for you may indicate the installation will cost about $2,000 or more. Costs can be lower than this in some cases, especially if you purchase a soaker tub that is simple to install. Costs can also be higher.

    Base Prices


    Jets Systems and Their Accessories:

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Walk

    What are the disadvantages of walk-in tubs?

    Walk-in tubs are more expensive than regular tubs. They often require professional installation. This is usually done by removing the old tub, which both opens up space and provides adequate plumbing hookups.Unlike a bathtub, a walk-in tub cannot be filled before you enter. For a walk-in bathtub to work, youll have to enter the tub, lock the door and wait for the tub to fill up.

    What are the advantages of walk-in tubs?

    Walk-in tubs are great for seniors with mobility restrictions. Those in wheelchairs can transfer from their wheelchair to the seated position of the tub and bathe. Seniors who have a hard time standing up for long periods of time will also benefit from the tubs seat. Massage jets can help soothe pain, while other options, like aromatherapy and chromatherapy, provide a relaxing experience.

    How long will my tub to fill up?

    It depends on both the tub you choose and your plumbing systems pressure capacity. Some tubs can take upwards of 20 minutes to fill completely.

    How long does it take to drain my tub?

    Most modern walk-in tubs drain in less than two or three minutes.

    Will the water stay warm in my walk-in tub?

    Will Medicare pay or help pay for my walk-in tub?

    Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for your walk-in tub.

    Will the VA pay for my walk-in?

    In the past, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has provided walk-ins as a medical benefit for veterans.

    Are walk-in tubs safe?

    How do I clean my walk-in tub?

    What Questions You Should Ask To Your Contractor

    Reviewing and analyzing all the factors for your walk-in tub before finalizing your purchase will ensure that you are indeed buying the perfect walk-in bathtub, which will be ideal for your family and loved ones.

    Apart from the factors, features, and types, it is also crucial to know some of the critical questions that you must ask your contractor.

    • How long have you been in business?

    • Are you a licensed contractor?

    • Are you fully insured?

    • Do you have experience in installing walk-in bathtubs? If yes, which brands?

    • How long does it take to install a tub?

    • Will there be any requirements for permits?

    • What will be your plumbing requirements?

    Besides all this, you can ask them about their companys warranty and service policies. When there is an in-home visit for the installation, you will eventually get to know the additional charges that may add to your costs.

    At PensionsWeek, we will be more than glad if we helped you get the perfect walk-in bathtub for your loved ones through our article. If you still feel confused, refer to our reviews and much more informative articles to gain a good understanding of retirement plans and gears.

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    Ariel Platinum Pw1545930lw1 Comfy Bathtub For Elderly

    You can make use of some home equipment to restore good feelings. Among those best equipment to use is Ariel Platinum bathtub. The product has a breathtaking design that can enhance your bathroom experience.

    As an elderly, maintaining fitness should become a priority for you to live a healthy life.

    In that regard, the set includes a massage function.

    Furthermore, the bathtub has chromotherapy LED lights.

    Whats more, you can use Bluetooth to select your favorite song.

    On the face of it, this bathtub has a lustrous and smooth surface that is both dirt and strain-proof. The materials used to design the product are incredibly durable hence necessary for longevity.

    You can use a headrest as you soak yourself thoroughly in the bathtub to enhance a better bathroom experience.

    Interestingly, the bathtub has various settings to control air bubbles, LED lights, and water. This can be good for the elderly or people with disabilities.

    You have the option of regulating the air bubbles as a way of preventing the bothersome foaming experience. The manufacturer will offer you a two-year warranty on every bathtub part.

    You can decide to live like a king as you make use of Ariels bathtub. The statement may sound advertorial but no. It has an acrylic shell that covers or hides the entire plumbing unit.

    However, the excellent feature associated with the bathtub makes it attract high price charges.


    Water Capacity Fill Time And Drain Time


    One of the biggest factors that differentiates walk-in bath models from each other is their size. A larger walk-in tub can provide a more luxurious bathing experience, but there are downsides. The greater the water capacity of your tub, the longer it takes to fill and drain. Additionally, because you enter using a door on the side of the tub, you must sit inside for the entire fill and drain time. Fortunately, many companies offer fast-fill and drain features, as well as optional heated seats and backrests.

    If you want the tub to fill and drain quickly, a plumber may need to make some changes to your pipes. Additionally, larger tubs may require a bigger water heater than you currently have. These home modifications can easily add $5,000 or more to the cost of your tub and installation, so youll want to weigh the pros and cons of a bigger tub versus a smaller tub before making your final purchase.

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    They Help You Regain Your Independence

    Adolescents and seniors are much more alike than we tend to believe. These two age groups fear one thing: losing their independence.

    As you enter your senior years, you might fear that you will lose all sense of privacy and freedom. If you do, then you’re not alone in your fears. Studies show that older adults fear losing their independence. In fact, more seniors fear being caged in and watched over 24/ 7 more than dying.

    If you want your loved one to live life to the fullest, a walk-in bathtub should be among your top considerations. After all, a walk-in tub adds a layer of freedom to their daily lives.

    These tubs come with safety features that drastically minimize the need for assistance during bathing time, letting seniors retain their independence. This difference can mean the world for those who value their private time.

    American Standard 2461002020 Affordable

    The American Standard tub has both luxury and style to make it one of the most coveted brands. It uses modern technology that makes it stand out.

    The bathtub has a porcelain finish that enhances the general outlook and beauty.

    You can easily clean this bathtub since it has a smooth surface and a simple design.

    Furthermore, its installation process is more straightforward. Typically, the product will retain the heat for a longer duration.

    It has a comfortable depth that provides excellent traction to enhance the bathroom experience. As you use this brand, you will experience better relaxation. Beyond that, it has a right-hand outlet.

    The versatility of this bathtub will promote the usage of all kinds of people. Meanwhile, if you are in the disabled category, you can make this bathtub your option too.

    The American Standard company that produces this bathtub has a reputation for manufacturing quality products. Concerning that, many customers have positive reviews about their products in general.

    As you use this product, you are sure of safety. The bathtub has a slip-resistant floor that will take care of any accidental fallout while soaked. The design minimizes accidents hence suitable for the elderly who have delicate bodies.

    The sturdy design of this bathtub makes it resist any possible breakages. The simple design and lustrous finish give it an edge over its competitors.


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    Additional Features Of Walk

    Leading companies include key safety features to ensure the safety of their customers. Anti-slip floors, safety drains, and grab bars are all common elements built into walk-in tubs. The door handle is easy to seal and watertight to eliminate any leakage.

    Reputable companies should provide a lifetime warranty on the door, seal, and frame. Faucets usually have lever handles to help make it easier for those with arthritis to turn them on and off. These bathtubs are configured with an extendable showerhead wand so the bather can use the installed walk-in tub as a stand-up shower as well. This component is convenient for other family members who prefer a shower to a bath.

    Your walk-in bathtub specialist should also discuss adding safety grab bars in other areas of your bathroom surrounding the tub itself. It is not uncommon to install a new ADA-compliant commode with nearby grab bars to facilitate getting up and down from the toilet as well.

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