What Senior Discounts Start At 50

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Car Rental Discounts For Canadian Seniors

The Senior Driver Setup That Will Outdrive Your Buddies

Thrifty Canada: Offers 5% discounts to seniors

Avis: CARP members are eligible to claim a 25% discount on Avis base rates.

Hertz: Hertz 50 Plus Car Rental Program offers discounted rates and exclusive rental deals CARP members may get up to 20% off of promotional rates at participating locations.

Budget: offers CARP members up to 25% off Budget base rates for vehicle rental. Only in participating US and Canada locations

General Discount Information For Canadian Seniors

Canadian Association of Retired Persons : CARP is an exclusive association for Canadians of age 50 and above. The annual fee is $19.95, which allows members to redeem benefits from partner hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. Discounts requiring CARP membership will be indicated throughout the list .

Always ask: Senior discounts are not always openly advertised. Its recommended that you ask a store representative if they offer a discount every time you make a purchase.

Bring your ID: Proof of age is mostly required to get a senior discount. Always bring one government-issued identification card with you wherever you go shopping. These types of ID include your passport, drivers licence, provincial health card, or Old Age Status card.

Check your age: Senior discounts are generally available once you reach 50 years old. Some stores may only offer the discount to customers who are at least 55, 60, 62, or 65 years old. This list easily helps you determine if you belong to the minimum age requirement for a particular store.

What’s Your Favorite Discount

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What Are Senior Discounts

Senior discounts typically consist of benefits or reduced prices exclusively for those above a certain age . Theyre offered by retailers ranging from grocery store chains to luxury hotels and can often result in significant savings for senior citizens.

Below is a list of senior discounts for 2021 in various categories. Note that these discounts are subject to changebe sure to check with the retailer before attempting to use them.

Travel & Transportation Discounts For People 50+

This List of Senior Discounts for People Over 50 Might Be the Best ...

Senior discounts on travel are a great way to save money and enjoy your vacation.

Some of the best deals for seniors include discounts on rentals from Avis, Hertz, and Budget cruise lines like Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruises hotel chains like Hilton Hotels & Resorts or Choice Hotels.

You can even get discounts on flights, train, and fares for public transportation to make it easy and affordable to get around wherever you may be!

Find everything you need to save money on your trip or simply exploring your own city with these great travel discounts for seniors.

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Senior Discounts For Prescriptions

AARP: With the AARP Prescription Discount Card , AARP members and their families can save, on average, 61% on FDA-approved generic, brand name, or specialty drugs, your current prescription insurance or Medicare Part D plan fails to cover. Must be a member of AARP to access benefits. AARP boasts acceptance by 66,000 pharmacies nationwide. verified

Rite Aid: Sign up for the Rite Aid Rx Savings Program. Save 20% on thousands of brand-name and generic prescription drugs by signing up for the Rite Aid Rx Savings Program. When you sign up, youll receive an Rx Savings Card that gives you access to special discounts at Rite Aid pharmacies. verified

Costco Member Prescription Program: The Costco Member Prescription Program is a prescription savings program for you and your family. It allows Costco members, who have no prescription drug insurance or whose insurance does not cover all of their prescription medications to save up to 80%, at time of sale. verified

CVS Pharmacy: Enroll in the CVS ExtraCare Savings and Rewards program. Youll receive ExtraSavings through personalized coupons delivered on receipts, and online via the ExtraCare Coupon Center. ExtraBucks Rewards are earned by shopping and filling prescriptions. You can earn up to 2% back in ExtraBucks Rewards from your everyday purchases. Also, if you fill 10 prescriptions, your can earn $5 ExtraBucks Rewards through the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program. verifiedRelated: Prescription Drug Prices on the Rise

Internet And Landline Plans

Discounted rates for seniors are hard to find, however some service providers offer senior discounts for those in specific locations or who qualify for specific assistance programs. Its always worth contacting your internet provider as discounts may be available even if they arent specifically for those aged 50+.

CenturyLink Lifeline offers Arizona residents who are 65 or older a discount of $9.25 per month, as well as an additional variable discount.

Internet Essentials from Comcast Affordable internet for seniors who qualify for programs like housing assistance, Medicaid, SNAP and others. Option to purchase a laptop or desktop computer at a discounted price.

Spectrum Internet High-speed internet at an affordable price for applicants age 65+ only on supplemental security income.

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Retail Store Discounts For Canadian Seniors

Carlton Cards: offers a 10% seniors discount on all purchases every day

Michaels: Seniors get 10% seniors discount on all purchases every day

Giant Tiger. senior discounts varies per store

Pet Valu: Seniors get a 10% discount on the last Thursday of every month and when you can sign up for the Pet Valu Rewards program

Global Pet Foods: Seniors get 15% off their purchase on the last Tuesday of every month for rewards card holders at participating locations

Thrift Stores

Salvation Army Thrift Stores: Senior citizens get 10% off their order at participating Salvation Army Thrift Stores . Some stores may offer no federal or provincial tax.

Value Village: Seniors are eligible for a 30% discount every Tuesday at participating Value Village outlets

Goodwill Alberta: Goodwill in Alberta offers a 15% discount every Wednesday to seniors

Goodwill Amity: Seniors get a 10% discount at Goodwill Amity every day of the week .

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Travel Discounts For Age 65 And Up

From Junior To Senior React Developer – Best Practices
  • Amtrak: 15% off selected trips
  • American Airlines: various discounts, call to book
  • Greyhound: 5% discount
  • Southwest Airlines: various discounts, call to book
  • United Airlines: various discounts, call to book

Many local public transportation systems offer discounts or even free rides to people above a certain age. In most cases, the transit authority will want you to visit their office to show your ID or Medicare card and get a senior transit pass made with your photo on it. If you hardly ever use the buses or trains in your area, this may not be worth the steps involved, but if you rely on public transit it can save you a substantial amount of money over a few months or a year.

When youre visiting museums, zoos, and botanical gardens, remember to ask about senior admission rates. Better yet, ask about free days, especially at museums. Many big-city museums have one day a month when admission is free to everyone thats just about the best discount you can get.

Also, when we say you should ask about senior discounts, we mean ask whenever you can. There are some unexpected savings out there if you care to find them. For example,

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Senior Discounts Start At 50 With Aarp

It’s hard to shock Amy Dickinson. In just 18 months as nationally syndicated advice columnist “Ask Amy,” Dickinson has dealt with a range of provocative issues. Her no-nonsense, shoot-from-the-hip opinions have riled readers and generated floods of letters both praising and berating her. But even the unflappable Dickinson was caught off guard by the firestorm of controversy set off by a letter she ran in a recent column.

Just what was this incendiary topic? Cheating spouses, family feuds or out-of-control teens? Noisy neighbors, obnoxious co-workers or overbearing in-laws? Mooching friends, tantrum-throwing toddlers or schoolyard bullies?

“None of the above,” says Dickinson. “It was senior discounts.”

The maelstrom was set off by a letter from a middle-aged woman who relayed how devastated she was to be offered a senior discount because she was not yet old enough to qualify. After she made her purchase, the woman wrote that she started to cry.

Amy’s response: “Dry your tears, my dear — 55 is the new 40. I don’t mean to be too hard on you, but do you have your health? Are you basically in good shape? Do you look good ‘for your age?’ If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you don’t get to gripe over growing older. … A good answer to give a sales associate who offers this discount might be, ‘A 10-percent discount? I should be so lucky!”‘

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What Stores Offer Senior Discounts

A wide variety of retail stores offer great discounts for shoppers ages 50 and up.

Some of the best are department stores like Macys, JCPenney, Kohls and more.

But, if youre interested in online shopping, retailers like Amazon offer savings for seniors as well. Check out the full list of senior discounts at popular retailers here.


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Senior Discounts At Grocery Stores

  • Fred Meyer: Offers a senior discount of 10% off select items the first Tuesday of every month for people 55 and up.
  • American Discount Foods: Gives seniors 62 and up 10% off every Monday.
  • Bi-Lo: Offers 5% off every Wednesday for seniors 60 and up.
  • New Seasons Market: Gives 10% off most items on Wednesdays for people 65 and older.

At What Age Is Senior Discounts Applicable To You

Age Pays: 118 Senior Discounts (Some Starting at Age 50!)

Aging can be terrifying for many people, but there are several exciting things you can also expect. One of the greatest benefits you can look forward to when you hit a certain age is your ability to qualify for senior discounts.

While you have to be at least 65 years old to qualify for Medicare, you can be a lot younger for a whole range of other discounts. You can claim your Social Security benefits when you turn 62.

The Association of Mature American Citizens and the American Association of Retired Persons allow you to register for a membership when you turn 50, and you will then be able to reap the rewards of senior discounts.

Discounts can encompass retail stores, grocery stores, vacations, leisure or lifestyle activities, utilities, healthcare, hotels, and various modes of transport.

The reason seniors may be able to claim these discounts is that a lot of them may be living off of fixed incomes. Senior citizens may not have too many assets either, so the implementation of these discounts can be of great assistance. After years of hard work, seniors deserve to live comfortably and securely during their retirement.

Many companies across a diverse range of industries permit discounts for this purpose. Although not all establishments will outrightly advertise their senior discounts, it never hurts to ask.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Buying long term care insurance early makes you eligible for health discounts. You can save a significant amount of money on premiums when you compare plans and buy coverage early. To give you an idea of how much you can save if you buy coverage when youre 55 and when youre 65.

Getting covered early has a big impact on women, which helps them save nearly a thousand dollar.

Senior Discounts For People 50 And Up

Senior discounts make up for the drawbacks of aging and living on a fixed retirement income. Who would have thought that growing old could be an advantage too, right?

Make the most of your retirement now by cashing in on these senior citizen discounts now. Some of these deals can even be enjoyed as early as when you reach the age of 50.

We, at ALTCP, want the best for all aging individuals because you deserve to enjoy retirement and stretch every dollar you have with this wide range of deals starting from health discounts to food to entertainment and to other things that would make life more fun when youre retired.

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List Of Senior Discounts At Restaurants

Remember, you must ask for a senior discount!

Certain bars, restaurants, bakeries, coffee houses, or even ice cream shops might not always advertise any senior special deals.

Discounts and proof of age might vary by restaurant or location, and may often change their terms, so be sure to verify what they offer before you order.

Also, most restaurants will not allow you to use any other coupon or advertised discount combined with your senior discount, but you can ask.

You never know how generous a restaurant might be with their elderly patrons. You should first compare the senior discount with any other advertised offers, to see which promotion will provide a better deal and save you the most money.

See more Discounts For Age 50+ by visiting the AARP page.

You will find some great deals and discounts on travel, retail shopping, groceries and more.

AARP members have access to hundreds of discounts travel, dining, shopping & entertainment. Find them all on AARP member benefits, incl

Annually, National Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on August 21st.

This is when we honor our wise elders and give them a day to celebrate their ripe age.

We love our elders, so lets give them an opportunity to save more of that money they worked so hard for all their lives.

Heres another idea to consider.

If yourre a grandparent and you plan on eating out with any grandchildren, why not check out our KIDS EAT FREElist before you go.

Businesses Offering Senior Discounts At 50

Senior Year | Cheerleading Fail – Official Clip | Netflix

There are so many chains that offer senior discounts either regionally or nationally. Exactly how much of a discount they offer changes quite frequently though. On rare occasion, its only 5%. Usually, the senior discount is between 10% and 20%.

No matter where you are, you should always ask if they have a senior discount because chances are pretty good that they do these days.

And be sure to ask for the senior discount before you pay for something. Otherwise, theyll have to ring up your order twice, to correct the non-discounted price they entered first.

Here are some of the businesses that offer generous senior discounts at 50:

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Senior Discounts In Grocery Stores

American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday verifiedBi-Lo Senior Discounts: 5% off every Wednesday verifiedCompare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday : 5% off every Wednesday verifiedFred Meyer Senior Discount: 10% 15%, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month verifiedFrys Food Stores: 10% off on the first Wednesday of every month verifiedGristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday verifiedHarris Teeter: 5% off every Thursday verifiedHy-Vee: Says Yes verifiedNew Seasons: 10% off every Wednesday most items , 10% off every Tuesday for military verifiedPiggly-Wiggly Discounts: 5% every Wednesday verifiedPublix: 5% off every Wednesday ONLY in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia verifiedUncle Guiseppes Marketplace: 5% off verified

Free Dating Sites For Senior Citizens

Looking for love? These sites offer free memberships or cater to the 50-and-up crowd:

  • Christian Mingle Looking to connect with someone who shares your faith? Christian Mingle has millions of senior members, and it’s free to create a profile.
  • With millions of members, has one of the largest 50+ membership bases. It’s never too late to find love! Sign up for a free profile.
  • OurTime Especially popular with seniors because of its basic layout and easy accessibility, OurTime caters to singles who are 50 and older and has more than 8 million members.
  • SilverSingles Tailored for adults in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, SilverSingles has nearly one million members and offers free membership plans.

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Travel Discounts For Seniors

Senior Discounts On Airline Tickets

American Airlines: Various discounts for 65 and up . verifiedSouthwest Airlines: Various discounts for ages 65 and up . verifiedBritish Airlines: AARP members can save up to $200 on flights. verifiedUnited Airlines: Various discounts for ages 65 and up . verifiedU.S. Airways: Has merged with American Airlines . verified

Senior Discounts on Car Rentals

Alamo Car Rental: Up to 25% off for AARP members verifiedAvis Senior Discounts: AARP members save $10-$25 off Avis Car Rental verifiedBudget Rent-A-Car Senior Discount: Everyday savings of 10-25% on all vehicles . Use Budget Customer Discount # Y508537 to get the lowest rate for AARP members verifiedDollar Rent-A-Car: 10% off Hertz Senior Discount: Hertz offers exclusive rental car deals for renters 50+. Use discount code CDP# 2007815. verifiedPayless Senior Discount: AARP members enjoy discounts at Payless Car Rental, including everyday savings of 5% on leisure daily, weekly, weekend, and monthly rates. Use Payless Promo Code KW47RY verifiedRelated: Save Money on Food While Traveling

Senior Discounts on Hotels

Cruise Discounts For Seniors

Other Travel Discounts for Seniors

We Found Some Senior Discounts Just For You

17 senior restaurant discounts for those 50 and older

Here are a few restaurants that offer regular discounts for people age 50 and over, or by showing your AARP card.

The secret to finding more senior discounts at places is to ask for it.

Many discount offers arent always obvious or advertised. Some restaurants will offer your age off, as opposed to a fixed percentage off your bill.

Heres a trick that can save a bunch

If there is a senior citizen in your party, it might be a good idea to ask them to order for your entire table and check out with one bill. It may be a loophole in the discount rules, but plenty of restaurants and businesses will tend to honor it and not question it too much.

Get creative when planning a night out with a group.

If you invite someone over age 55 to come along and be the designated bill payer, your entire party might be able to benefit from a nice discount.

So, which restaurants offer senior citizen discounts?

Downriver has plenty of restaurants and local businesses that offer senior discounts.

Some of the offers shown below include locations outside of the downriver area, but this is a good resource list to refer to whenever you are traveling. You always want to save a few bucks when youre away from home and this list will be helpful.

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