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Best Bed Rail For Seniors With Buying Guide

Bed Rail Safety Assist Handle Bed Railing for Elderly & Seniors, Adults, Toddler Guard Rails

We sorted through the top-rated bed rail for seniors available online, selected the top options and analyzed them to help you decide which one best fits your requirements. We created an extensive testing plan and graded each bed rail for seniors on how well they executed each task.

Before kicking off our analysis, we made a list of the most redeeming qualities of an bed rail for seniors and used those elements to formulate our test plan. We researched to evaluate the competition on different metrics. The overall top-scoring models have the best balance of these qualities.

These are the metrics we use in our research:

  • Quality of the bed rail for seniors
  • Useful features and advanced features
  • Designs of every product

What To Look For In Your Next Bed Rails

As you get older, your sleep quality is still just as important. One way to protect yourself while sleeping is by installing bed rails. There are models designed for independent operation and others that require assistance from a caregiver. Heres what to look to ensure you choose the best option for your situation.

Rail material: Typically, the material that makes up bed rails is a heavy-duty steel or plastic. Neither are very comfortable, so additional features that offer a foam padding for comfort are useful. When it comes to material, you need to ensure that its durable and long-lasting.

Bed Compatibility: Obviously, you should ensure you get the proper size bed rail based on the size of the mattress. However, you should also consider the construction that makes up your mattress. For instance, there are models specifically made for box spring mattresses. Make sure your mattress is compatible with the bed rail you choose and the measurements are equal.

Weight: Bed rails typically have a weight limit, so be sure to confirm that the railing you choose can hold the senior who will be using it.

Bed-side: When considering the best bed rails for seniors, consider the bed-side situation. If one side of the bed is up against the wall, you only need to worry about getting a one-sided bed rail. If the bed is placed in the middle of the room with both sides open, you will need to find double-sided rails to prevent accidents happening on either side.

Bed Compatibility And Location

One size doesnt fit all when it comes to bed rails because not all bed rails are compatible with all mattresses and bed frames. Before purchasing bed rails, check with the bed rail, mattress and bed frame manufacturers to ensure a proper and safe fit. Avoid bed rails that require the person to climb over them to get in and out of bed, as climbing can lead to falls.

Once installed, check the bed rails regularly for signs of loosening, shifting or gaps that could allow entrapment of the head, arms, legs or feet. No matter the width, length and/or depth of the mattress, there shouldnt be any gap between the bed frame, bedside rail and mattress thats wide enough to trap a persons head or body, according to the Food & Drug Administration .

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Testimonials From Users Of The Rotational Bed Rotobed

When my husband got his RotoBed®Free, he became more self-reliant. That turned back on the light in his eyes.

Hans Villadsen, 76 years old. Suffers from the agressive PSP Parkinson. He bought a RotoBed®Free to avoid getting lifted in and out of bed. This is the only dignified way for him to live, says his wife.

Michael Salling, 52 years. 8 years ago, Michael was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Until recently, he depended on caregivers to help him in and out of bed 4 times a day. Now he manages without help.

Lisbeth Buhl, Occupational Therapist at the Handicap Institute in Aabenraa. Has conducted a test of rotational beds. She found the bed postponed the need for home care services.

Tommy Hansen, 49 years old. Born spastic. Tommy has had a RotoBed® for 20 months. He says getting so easily out of bed reduces his fatigue and lets him spend energy on more interesting things.

Kristina Sangvita, 39 years old. Kristina is partially paralyzed after a car accident 16 years ago. She had a RotoBed® for one and a half years, but no longer needs it. She believes the bed played an important role in her recovery.

Bonnich Petersen, 77 years old, retired baker. Suffers from Parkinsons and arthritis. Bonnich has had a rotational bed for 15 months. He is happy he doesnt need to wake up his wife at night anymore.

Helle Pedersen, 63 years old. Helle was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. She has ad a RotoBed® for 2 years. To her, the rotational bed means freedom.

How Do You Install A Bed Rail

Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail, Adjustable Adult Bed Rail and Elderly Bed ...

Since bed rails for seniors come in different types, there are also various ways of installing them. With that said, most railings dont require complicated installation. They are simply propped against the bed frame or held in place by a mattress. Always check the users manual and safety guidelines to ensure that the railings are positioned correctly.

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Bed Wedges Or Bumpers

Bed wedges, also known as bumpers or bolsters, are large pieces of foam inserted on the mattresss edge. They are designed to raise the beds contour instead of leaving it flat. Thus, they lower the risk of accidental falls or injuries.

Bed wedges can be secured on the mattress either by using a velcro strap or a sheet cover.

How Do You Install An Elderly Bed Rail

It is important to note that bed rails for the elderly should be fixed by someone strong to prevent elders from being injured. Normally every bed rail comes with the installation manual as a part of the package. But most are quite simple to install. They are packed and delivered in disassembled form. All the nuts and bolts are part of the package.

The support rails are usually in the form of two or three horizontal bars which are interconnected. This is fixed with the rail with the help of screws. The long part of the trail is screwed in the form of an L underneath the mattress.

The structure is gripped with the help of an adjustable strap that connects the bed rail with the bed.

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Why Are Bed Rails Not Used In Nursing Homes

Elderly age is very delicate and requires lots of care. There might be different types of people in a nursing home with different personalities. Some of them might be recovering from a joint injury. In this case, it is crucial to have the safest equipment in nursing homes. The equipment has to be simple as well as strong.

Bed rails, in general, are designed for safety however, their placement alongside the beds can create an injury threat for nursing home residents. This is generally the case if there is a gap between the mattress and the support rail. This placement can cause the possibility of strangling, suffocating, or other bodily injuries to the resident if caught in between the rails.

Some of the bed rails designs cover the whole side of the bed. This design can create the risk of falling injury if an older person tries to climb over the rail. The boundary rails can also cause mental distress leading to feeling agitated, isolated, or restricted.

Bed Rails Safety Assist Handle Bed Railing For Elderly Seniors Adults Guard Rail Folding Hospital Bedside Grab Bar Bumper Handicap Medical Stand Cane Assistance Devices

How to Install and Use Bed Rails for Seniors
  • BED RAILS FOR ADULTS ELDERLY 37 INCH LONG Safety Guard Rail can effectively protect your lover or family from rolling off the bed during the night.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE Convenient disassembly and assembly, necessary accessories and English manual included. Not for Adjustable Bed.
  • FOLD DOWN BED RAILING Easily swing the bed rail down and out of the way when not in use. Just need to press the red button to collapse the rail, very convenient and save space.
  • NOTE TAHT Use with any mattress measuring between 2 to 10 inches thick. Purchase extra 5″ braces if over 8″. Recommended to use with plywood for better stability.
  • WOOD GRAIN DESIGN This bed rail looks like an exquisite furniture, will not make your bedroom like a hospital room. And it made of durable aluminum and iron, which is not easy to deform and can provide stable support.

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What Are Some Alternatives To Using A Bed Rail

There are many alternatives to bed rails that can be used depending upon the users requirements. Some alternatives are roll guards, bed wedges, and foam bumpers. Each of these has unique features, which should be considered depending on the medical requirement.

Roll-guards are foam-based extra protective layers that can be fixed on the edges of the bed. They are mainly designed to protect the elderly from falling down the bed.

Bed wedges are a soft cushion-type material for comfortable sleep for the elderly. They are normally placed under the feet, knees, or hip area to protect the elderly from falling.

As the name suggests, foam bumpers are designed to keep you from falling down from the sides. These are normally made of foam and placed on the beds sides.

How Do I Stop My Elderly From Falling Out Of Bed

The fragile life of the elderly is prone to many injuries, especially falling fractures. Most of them are caused by falling from bed. The best way to not lead that from happening is to cover the beds sides. This should happen so that it is easy for them to get out of bed at night.

Bed rails are one of the ways to prevent falls. Alternatively, other options are also available, like roll-guards, bed wedges, or foam bumpers.

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Bedrail By Oasis Space Store

Effortless to use bed rails for seniors

Oasis space bed rails use suction cups to support your aching back and neck.

They are easy to use, require minimal maintenance, and positioning them between beds is effortless. It dispenses equal support and satisfying results.

Allow anyone with physical restrictions or injuries, including seniors, to get out of bed without assistance. In addition to a stabilizing bar, rubber-tipped legs hold the bed rail in its correct position. It avoids unrequired slipping, especially on floors that are smooth or wet.

Try their oasis space heavy-duty rotatory walker for more secure and balanced movement. Highly dynamic and adjustable, the Oasis Space bed rail is suitable for most bed frames and mattresses .

The handlebar and leg frame height are both alterable to provide the perfect fit. Even the width of the support bar is manageable to fit deeply in the bed, so it remains fastened. It will be a good purchase for the enhanced benefits of the product.

If your bed has a height of 5 inches, then oasis space bed rails can save you from all falls. It will cut troublesome movements. Couples can enjoy their nights with Oasis bed rails. One of the two can sleep in the middle of the bed without disturbing their partners movements.

For extra softness and comfort, oasis bed rails come with padded foam handrails. It will bear the weight of your hands when making movements from the bed.

What Are Alternatives To Bed Rails Bed Rails for Elderly Adults, Folding Safety Bed Side ...

While bed rails provide a lot of practical benefits, they also come with risks.

Bed rails should not be used as restraining tools. They are simply assistive aids that help individuals get in and out of bed or reposition in bed.

When installed for the wrong purposes, they can present a health hazard for individuals with physical or mental disabilities, such as Alzheimers, dementia, or delirium.

According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission report, there have been 155 deaths related to bed rails from January 2003 to September 2012. 143 are due to rail entrapment, 11 were related to falls, and finally, 1 victim hit his head.

So, if youre not confident in using a bed railing for elderly individuals, its best to consider other alternatives that negate most risks.

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Stander Ez Adjust Bed Rail Adjustable Senior Bed Rail And Bed Assist Grab Bar For Elderly Adults With Organizer Pouch

  • High Quality and Easy to Assemble: Easily assemble and securely install the rail to your bed frame each bed rail includes all of the needed equipment for assembly, no additional tools required please reference our assembly instruction video
  • Modern Design: The bed handle and organizer pouch will blend with the style and comfortable feel of your home, making it the perfect bedroom addition keep your remote, glasses, book, or medications close by in the machine washable 3-pocket pouch
  • Compatibility: For use with most traditional and platform beds including Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King, and with mattresses between 12 to 16 inches thick not intended for use on adjustable beds or beds with extra soft mattresses
  • Prevent Falls: The EZ Adjust Bed Rail adjusts in length from 26 to 34 to 42 inches, helping to prevent nighttime falls the EZ Bed Rail provides independence, balance, and support while sleeping or transitioning out of bed supports up to 300 pounds
  • Folding Bed Rail: Fold the support rail out of the way when not in use or while making your bed release the 2 round knobs from the locked position to collapse the rail rail can be installed on either side of the bed with the included safety strap

What Is A Bed Rail And Who Should Get One

A bed rail is a secure metal rail that runs along the side of a bed. It can be attached to the sides of the bed or installed beneath the mattress. The railing provides a handle that you can hold on to for support while getting in and out of bed. It also reduces the risk of rolling out once youre on the mattress.

Bed rails are popular with seniors because fall-related injuries can be so severe. Anyone can accidentally tumble out of bed, but a fall can be devastating to an older person’s health. Other problems associated with aging including incontinence, vision problems, dementia elevate the risk of a fall, particularly around beds.

However, bed side rails arent just for elderly adults. Those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis or other conditions that cause dizziness or instability can benefit from some kind of bed side rail or support handle.

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Stander Ez Adjust Bed Rail Editor’s Choice


  • Pins may be difficult to remove when in bed

We were really impressed with Standers selection of bed rails, and as we looked more into what this brand has to offer, we discovered this super cool and reliable set of crossbar rails that we had to share with you. Designed to be tucked underneath the mattress, the rails are equipped with a safety strap for added security.

With a total of three cross bars placed 3 inches apart from one another, and the capacity to support a total weight of 300 pounds, these are some of the sturdiest rails weve seen. The entire system measures 23 inches in height and 30 in width . The rails can be folded by simply turning the knobs on the sides to loosen them up.

The rails fit on either side of the bed and are compatible with both traditional and adjustable beds, provided that the mattress height is between 10 and 19 inches.

Will Medicare Pay For Bed Rails

Bed Rails for Seniors

Medicare does not cover the price of detachable bed rails secured to a conventional home bed. However, Medicare can pay for the price of a hospital bed with bed rails if you have a prescription from your doctor.

If you already have a prescribed hospital bed without a rail, Medicare can also cover the price of attachable side rails as long as they are used as an accessory to the existing bed. Are you still unsure if Medicare can cover the price for your bed rails? Its best to check with your local insurance program as Medicaid coverage varies from state to state.

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Which Sleep Apnea Device Is Right For You

With a CPAP machine, continuous positive airway pressure is delivered to an individual through a tube that fits around your face or nose. CPAP’s are the most popular form of sleep therapy suitable for anyone who has trouble keeping their airway open.

A BiPAP machine delivers two types of pressure: both inhale and exhale pressure. This apnea machine is suitable for those who are prone to nasal congestion, dry mouth or nosebleeds.

APAP machines provides you with complete control. This device automatically changes to different pressure settings based on your breathing throughout the night.

Travel CPAP’s are ideal for anyone on-the-go. These light and compact machines easily fit into any suitcase or carry-on bag. Convenient and quiet, you’ll be able to breathe easy and sleep soundly wherever you go.

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Best Bed Rail For Seniors Buying Guide

This section is all about considerations before buying bed rail for seniors. It will help you not just save your time but save money as well when you decide to buy a bed rail for seniors. We have written this article considering the time and effort you put into buying the best one. All we want is this article should help you make the right decision before spending your hard-earned money. When youre looking to buy bed rail for seniors, its usually a good idea to take a moment and consider the purchase.

Before you buy anything, you should consider several factors. These include:

Here are some of the most important aspects:

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