Aarp Travel For Single Seniors

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Transportation Discounts For Canadian Seniors

Where the seniors are headed this spring and summer

Via Rail: Via Rail offers a 10% seniors discount on the Economy Plus fare and on regular Sleeper Plus and Touring fares . In VIA 1 and sleeper classes they may offer you up to 75% off your travel companions fare!

Greyhound: Greyhound offers a 5% discount to seniors on any unrestricted passenger fares . Also have significant discounts when senior travels with other adults or related children, some restrictions apply.

Amtrak: Amtrak offers a 10% seniors discount on select Amtrak trains . Also offers seniors discount though other passes and discounts may offer superior value

Aquabus: offers seniors discounts on individual pass and many other passes

Translink: offers concession fare of $1.75, monthly passes

OC Transpo: Free on Wednesdays, Monthly pass: $40 regular or express routes.

Per trip: Regular route $2.55 or 2 tickets Express route $4.80 or 3 tickets.

Para Transpo $4.65 between 6:30 – 9:00 a.m. $2 after 9 a.m. & weekends

BC Ferries: British Columbia residents over 65 can ride for free Monday to Thursday, although the vehicle fare applies. Holiday Mondays are excluded.

Provincial Buses: Provincial Bus Pass program for low-income seniors receiving GIS or other allowances , one-time-payment of $45 for year, some restrictions apply

British Columbia Transportation System: offers discounted fare rates and a bus pass program to seniors

Calgary Transit: Seniors are eligible to apply for Calgary Transits Regular Senior Yearly Pass and Low Income Seniors Yearly Pass .

Upcoming Trips For Solo Travelers

Prices do not include airfare. Note that most trips below have more departure dates than the one listed.

Explore Machu Picchu

Departs: May 14, 2022

Starting cost: $2,999

Snow-capped mountains, sprawling citadels, cliffside terraces see the landscapes of Peru on this guided tour departing from Lima. Youll uncover the secrets of the Sacred Valley, including Incan ruins and salt pools, and wander ancient towns like Urubamba, where youll sample pachamanca, a traditional dinner cooked in a stone oven. And thats just your second day. The highlight, of course, is the 15th-century Machu Picchu, glorious in the morning mist surrounded by the Andes.

Sicily for Solo Travelers

Departs: Sept. 3, 2022

Starting cost: $2,809

The joys of Sicilian life are the focus on this tour exclusively for solo travelers. Marvel at cathedrals, piazzas, palaces and a Greek amphitheater with views of Mount Etna. Youll also immerse yourself in Sicilys famous food culture and learn to shop, cook and dine like a local, sampling wines, gourmet desserts and stuffed arancini. You can extend the eight-day tour with three days in Rome.

Japans Cultural Treasures

Departs: Aug. 15, 2022

Starting cost: $3,695

The Great Smokies: Trains, Cherokee and Appalachian Culture

Departs: Sept. 11, 2022

Starting cost: $1,549

Portland to San Francisco Discovery

Departs: July 8, 2022

Starting cost: $1,913 – $2,250

Courtesy Exodus Travels

Costa Rica

Tips for Choosing a Solo Trip

More on Travel

Senior Adventures For Active Travelers Over 50

Some active seniors may not want to go full-speed on every day of a trip. Some may have health or mobility issues, or be traveling with someone who does. We may wish to travel with people who have very different interests and physical capabilitiesa skip-gen vacation with our grandchildren, for example. And while some seniors have very specific bucket lists, many simply want to go somewhere, do something, and stay healthy.

Here are five different types of trips for active seniors that take into account a variety of travel styles and interests.

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Aarp Member Vacation Packages

Save up to $100 per person on guided tours and river cruises

Exclusive AARP Offers

Save up to $100 per person on guided tours and river cruises

Our mission is simple – to help you enjoy all the fun of exploring our fascinating world…For more than 40 years, weve been providing a wonderfully simple, and genuinely personal, way to plan, experience, and enjoy the vacation of your dreams. As a trusted travel agent for today, we offer a one-stop shop experience to help you quickly find, easily plan, and totally enjoy enriching travel experiences.

Best Vacations For Single Seniors

Aarp Travel Reviews

Dive into the remarkable scenery, diverse cultures, and contrasting landscapes that the world has to offer! Theres endless vacation experiences for single seniors to take part in.

Enjoy the comfort of a cruise that sails through multiple destinations. Explore in-depth the history and culture of a particular city. Relish in a relaxing beach vacation with a good book.

As a solo traveler, take advantage of the flexibility and freedom to plan your journey, thoughtfully curate the destinations you wish to uncover, and craft the exact itinerary based solely on your interests.

Theres an array of captivating experiences to uncover, read on below for the best vacations for single seniors.

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Overseas Adventure Travels Ancient Kingdoms: Thailand Laos Vietnam And Cambodia

Visiting Asia with a tour group doesnt have to be intimidating. Overseas Adventure Travels 18-day Ancient Kingdoms tour takes you to Bangkok, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat with a small group.

Explore the Mekong River by boat, experience a tuk-tuk ride and learn about life in a floating village and a Hmong home. Visit the Killing Fields and Vietnamese tunnels used by the Viet Cong and gain insights into the southeast Asian conflicts that tore countries and families apart.

You must be in reasonably good physical condition to take this trip youll be on the go for several hours each day and will need to be able to navigate uneven terrain and staircases.

This tour sells out quickly, possibly because OAT does not charge a single supplement on the Ancient Kingdoms tour. Airfare, visa fees, some gratuities, optional tours, some lunches and some dinners not included.

To Make Solo Travel Easier Pack Like A Pro

When you don’t have an extra set of hands to help lug your luggage, you need to be extra thoughtful about how you pack. Invest in high-quality rolling carry-on luggage and make that your go-to bag, so you’re not wrestling with multiple suitcases. Put together a versatile travel wardrobe that’s easy to wash and wear again and again.

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Best Vacation Ideas And Destinations For Seniors

Travel tops the to-do lists of most people of retirement age and older, according to the AARPa group that ought to know. Research after research has shown that its the number-one aspiration for those 50 and older, says Maria Gillen, director of the AARPs travel website. Were big believers in the idea of travel and its benefits to relationships and health.

Medical studies have found that those benefits include healthier hearts and brains as well as a reduced risk of depression. Not to mention what a good vacation can do for your Facebook feed.

But where to go? While the circumstances of those 65 and older vary widely with regard to budget, interests, and physical abilities, we think youll find a few enticing options among the 10 senior-friendly spots that follow. And weve thrown in some expert tips along the way.

GOOD FOR: adventure, discounts, road trips, multigenerational fun

GOOD FOR: relaxation, low physical activity

And for some destination inspiration, our features on our favorite islands in the Bahamas, beaches on Antigua, and tourist-free experiences on Barbados should give you a good start.

GOOD FORadventure, easy pace, bucket lists

GOOD FOR: easy pace, low to high activity level

GOOD FOR: healthy climate, outdoor adventure, arts and culture

GOOD FOR: bucket lists, adventure, group tours


GOOD FOR: warm climate, history, getting around

Secrets For Successful Senior Singles Travel

AARP talks about travel tips for seniors

Looking for a travel companion who shares your love of river cruising, fine wine and Paris flea markets? Look in the mirror. Traveling solo might seem daunting, but it’s easier and more rewarding than you think. These 11 tips for senior singles travel will help you create the perfect solo vacation.

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Ability To Add Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

Typical travel insurance policies have lists of reasons allowed for trip cancellation claims that include common problems such as illness, injury and severe weather. For an extra level of flexibility, some plans offer a cancel for any reason upgrade.

Buying this upgrade will allow you to receive partial reimbursement if you cancel for a reason not listed in the base policy. For example, if you find out that your granddaughters birthday is going to be during your trip, you could make a cancel for any reason insurance claim.

This upgrade adds an average of 50% to travel insurance costs. We included only plans that have an option to add this benefit.

Go Solo And Get Social Tips

For a rewarding solo travel experience:

  • Talk to people. At group meals, table-hop to meet different folks. Mingle!
  • Picktrips based on your interests and comfort level. Read activity levels carefully.
  • Research your destination, from top places for local food to public transit. You dont have to have every detail hammered out, but the more you know in advance, the more you can make the most of your experience and relax, says Heppner. Plus, its more fun.
  • Group tours vary greatly. Look at the amount of free time if you enjoy making discoveries on your own, meals covered, group size, average age and guest reviews.

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Get Inspired In Santa Fe New Mexico

With its warm, dry climate and copious outdoor adventures, rich cultural history, and vibrant arts and culture scene, it’s no wonder Santa Fe the oldest state capital in the U.S. is such a hit with the 50-plus crowd. Single travelers can immerse themselves in the community by visiting the historic plaza, which dates back to the early 1600s and continues to host a wide range of events from markets to concerts. History buffs can tour the San Miguel Mission, various museums focused on the regions Native American traditions, and the nearby Puye Cliff Dwellings, once home to more than a thousand Pueblo people. The Spanish colonial adobe city in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is also more saturated with art galleries and museums than almost anywhere else in the world all within walking distance or a short drive from the town square.

Senior Singles Travel And Leisure For Senior Women

Aarp Tote Bags

As an older woman, retirement should be a wonderful time to do exciting things with your new-found freedom. A considerable part of your life may have involved taking care of your kids and spouse and focusing on your career, leaving very little you time. Finally, that time is here. This is the next exciting chapter of your life.

According to the Center for Disease Prevention , the average 65-year-old woman can expect to live for 19.3 more years. This lifespan is longer than in previous years, with healthy nutrition, and proper exercise you can really enjoy your hay days.

According to a study conducted on seniors, older people want to do more than fill in time during their retirement they yearn fulfillment and purpose. This need can be fulfilled through volunteering, taking up a new challenging job, a new relationship or reviving a hobby.

This study termed these activities as serious leisure. They helped seniors stay busy, make new friends and enjoy their lives. Traveling is one of the fulfilling and exciting activities that you can explore during this time.

Find What You Need

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Automotive & Insurance Discounts For Canadian Seniors

ICBC: offers 25% discounts to seniors in its basic insurance coverage.

Grey Power Insurance: offers up to 15% rebate to seniors

Let others know about these discounts, share this page with your friends or family:


Canadian Senior Directory does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of any information on this site including information about coupons, discounts or incentive offerings, as well as the quality of any listed products, services or the listed companies or firms. Please always consult with the company or firm to ensure the listed offer is valid and up to date and also ensure it is applicable to those who intend to use it. Also be advised that additional restrictions or exclusions may apply that may not be listed here. For further information please visit our Terms of Use page.

Other Senior Cruise Discounts

Finally, it’s worth noting that, apart from AARP, some cruise lines offer upgrades and other deals on select cruises to older travelers, usually 55 and up. You do not need to be part of an organization for seniors.

Carnival lists its discounted senior cruises on its website. Other lines, including Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, offer an option to search for senior-discounted trips on their main search engines.

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How Can Seniors Save Money On Travel Insurance

Comparison shopping can save you money without sacrificing coverage. If you want to lower costs even more, though, focus on getting trip cancellation and good medical coverage, and de-prioritize coverage for baggage, missed connections and other non-medical coverage.

Remember to insure only the prepaid and nonrefundable parts of your trip. For example, if your plane tickets are fully refundable, dont pay to insure those. Travel insurance wont reimburse you for deposits that were refundable.

Where Can Senior Citizens Get Free Rides

Travel Trends for Seniors

Lealo en Español

With more and more senior citizens staying active far into their golden years, the question of where senior citizens can get free rides is one that comes up often.

Where can senior citizens get free rides? Senior citizens can get free rides from a number of sources. Local transportation authorities in jurisdictions around the nation, app platforms like Lyft, Dial-A-Ride, and many other programs and volunteer services offer free rides for senior citizens.

Many families who work or have busy lives often wonder where senior citizens can get free rides, so the seniors in their homes who no longer drive arent forced to sit at home all day. Heres the information you need to track down where free rides are available.

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Active Trip Ideas For Seniors Age 50+

These senior adventures take into account a variety of travel styles and interests.

The internet offers a bewildering array of senior travel tours and ideas for older travelers. Many of us have the time and resources for serious travel, and were aware of the health benefits of physical activity. But we are also a diverse group, so not all of the senior adventures that pop up on the web or in brochures will be relevant to all of us.

For one thing, the senior age range is wider than that of any other group. We bring to the table a variety of life experiences and physical capabilities. A friend my age spent last summer vacation doing her usual activitiescycling, canoeing, and backpacking. I prefer to take long walks to get to know a destination. Other seniors use their vacations to visit the best dude ranches or luxury glamping resorts or simply take advantage of AARP travel discounts at nice hotels.

DISNEY MAGIC:How to Plan a Multigenerational Disney World Vacation That Keeps Everyone Happy

Banks Discounts For Canadian Seniors


Most financial institutions offer 60+ discounts which vary by product and institution. Make sure to ask for it.

Scotiabank: Scotiabank offers low monthly fees on select chequing and savings accounts to seniors

Toronto Dominion Bank: TD Bank offers Seniors exclusive benefits when they open a TD 60 Plus Checking account at Toronto Dominion Bank .

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce: CIBC offers chequing and savings accounts with low monthly fees, annual discounts, and free services to seniors

Bank of Montreal: Seniors in BMO are eligible to open a free chequing and savings account with additional benefits at BMO Bank of Montreal .

National Bank of Canada: NBC offers low monthly fees to seniors when they open a Modest Chequing Account .

Royal Bank of Canada: RBC offers seniors free transactions and other benefits when they open an RBC Sixty Plus account .

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Group Trips For Single Seniors

Just because youre single doesnt mean you cant travel with confidence. A travel group is the perfect setting to find your ideal adventure and kindred traveling spirits.

Several womens senior traveling groups are focused on the singles experience.

Overseas Adventure Travel

955-1925 or

Boston-based O.A.T. Travel is thrilled to help you rediscover the world. Their 50-plus womens group is a vibrant and welcoming traveling community. International destinations include New Zealand, Vietnam and Morocco.

For company vice chairman Harriet Lewis, travel has become a core part of her identity. It was something she missed during the pandemic. She says travel is her way of living my way of life the way I want to. A big part of that means getting back out and discovering the world again. Im totally, totally ready!

50+ Womens Travel and Social Group 2021 and Beyond

This Marietta-based group, which is organized on the app Meetup, has plans to travel to Hawaii and Europe this year. The group is also focused on socializing and outings theres a Kenny G concert outing at Atlanta Symphony Hall in May.

Singles Travel International

765-6874 or

The male crowd isnt left out of singles travel.

Car Rental Discounts For Canadian Seniors

Singles Over 50 Vacation

Thrifty Canada: Offers 5% discounts to seniors

Avis: CARP members are eligible to claim a 25% discount on Avis base rates.

Hertz: Hertz 50 Plus Car Rental Program offers discounted rates and exclusive rental deals CARP members may get up to 20% off of promotional rates at participating locations.

Budget: offers CARP members up to 25% off Budget base rates for vehicle rental. Only in participating US and Canada locations

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