Verizon Internet Plans For Seniors

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How To Find The Best Senior Cell Phone Plan For You

Fios Internet Package | Verizon internet Plans For Seniors

As you consider the best plans, ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy chatting on the phone for hours or prefer brief check-ins with your family and friends?
  • Do you like to travel or do you have family living abroad?
  • Do you have a smartphone and like to watch videos or play games?
  • Do you video chat frequently with your family?
  • How important is cost?

Based on your answers, you can narrow down the type of cell phone plan that will best match whats important to you. For example, if you have a smartphone and you video chat often with your family and play games on your mobile device, an unlimited data plan would likely be a good match.

At& t Unlimited 55+ Senior Plan

AT& T | Unlimited 55 Plus | $60/month or two lines for $80/month – AT& T’s feature-packed unlimited plan AT& T has an exclusive deal for seniors, but you’ve got to be over 55 and living in Florida. If you fit this criteria, you can get two unlimited data, calls, and text lines for just $80 a month or one for $60. You’ll be able to use your plan in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and 5G service is included at no extra cost. You can also text to more than 120 countries for free, and you’ll get spam and fraud call blocking. If you don’t live in Florida, AT& T’s regular unlimited plans give you some options though most plans will cost you more than this discounted offer.Pros: Unlimited 5G data, discount for Florida residents over 55Cons: Expensive, not available in other states

Start With Some Helpful Government Programs

Unlike your local diner, internet service providers don’t really offer senior discounts. There are certainly some ISP-specific deals worth exploring , but your best bet is to begin by taking advantage of federal programs. Two jump to mind — one has been around since 1985 and the other is a new policy that just went into place in 2022.

You should begin with Lifeline, a program that’s been around for decades and can help eligible customers with either their phone or internet bill. While it’s not specifically geared to the elderly, several of its qualifiers — including participation in Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income and Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit — apply to seniors. Lifeline is also geared toward helping low-income households, so retirees on an especially tight, fixed income, including those in Federal Public Housing Assistance or those using Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, might also be able to participate.

What do you get if you do qualify? Seniors can get up to $9.25 a month off their internet bill for a total of $111 a year off the cost of being connected at home.

Even better, once you qualify for Lifeline, you’re also eligible for the government’s Affordable Connectivity Program, a subsidy from the Federal Communications Commission. Again, this is not specifically geared to seniors, but those eligible for Lifeline assistance can also qualify for this benefit, which provides a monthly discount on the cost of broadband service.

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Best Verizon Phone Plans For Seniors

Verizon offers great deals on phones for everyone. These deals not only help the customer save a lot of money but also help them upgrade to newer phones easily.

When you purchase any plans mentioned earlier, you are eligible for Free 2 shipping or same-day in-store pickup.

I have discussed some of the best Verizon phone plans here.

Verizon Phone And Accessory Deals

over 55 verizon plan

Verizon will give you a $500 free prepaid gift card if you bring your own phone to their plan. You can get up to 40% off select accessories. And you could get up to $800 to put toward a phone upgrade when you trade in an old mobile phone.

Their accessories deals change frequently. So youll need to type into your browsers address bar and check it.

Youll mostly find discounts on Bluetooth speakers and earbuds.

New customers can get a free Verizon cell phone. Theyre not bad phones, either. A couple of examples include the Apple iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW.

But youll need to open a new line on their Unlimited cellular plan. In case youre curious, here are what the prices look like for their 5G cell phone plans:

Phone Plan

* These prices dont include taxes, activation fees, and other fees. And you must activate the $10 automatic payment and paperless billing discounts to see these prices.

Or you can trade in an older phone and get in-store credit toward an upgrade. The amount of credit youll receive depends on your phone model.

Youll need to visit to see what price youll get.

Verizon also will guide you through clearing personal information from your phone. That way, you wont have to worry about the next phone owner accessing your sensitive information.

The following section will cover deals you can get on streaming services.

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Find Out If You Qualify

There are three different ways to qualify for the ACP benefit. You are eligible if you meet any one of the three qualifications below:

  • Your income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • You or someone in your household participates in one of these other programs:
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , formerly known as Food Stamps
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, including at U.S. Department of Agriculture Community Eligibility Provision schools
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Certain Tribal assistance programs, including Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start , Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • You meet the eligibility criteria for a participating broadband providers existing low-income internet program.

How To Purchase A Verizon Cellular Plan

If youre comfortable using the internet, I would definitely recommend purchasing wireless plans and devices via Verizons easy-to-use website. Alternatively, you can visit one of Verizons many stores, where you can try out phones in person.

With Verizon, you can either purchase one of their phones or bring your own phone to one of their plans and simply use one of their SIM cards. Currently, when you bring your own phone to a Verizon unlimited plan, youll receive a $500 Verizon gift card that can be used toward your monthly bill.

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How Can Seniors Get Internet On Their Phones

To access the internet over your phone, the first thing you need is a smartphone. Most cell phone plans come with a certain amount of monthly data, which allows you to connect to the internet from anywhere you have cell service. But you can also connect your phone directly to a Wi-Fi network as long as you have the network name and password.

What States Does Verizon Offer The Senior Discount In

Low Cost Internet | Plans from AT& T, Verizon, Cox, Comcast and more!

Although the Verizon Senior Phone Plan is currently only available in Florida, it’s likely that it will expand to more states in the coming years. The plan offers a discount on monthly phone service for seniors aged 65 and over. It includes unlimited talk and text, as well as data at a reduced rate. The plan is still in a trial period, but if it proves to be successful, it’s possible that it will eventually be offered in other states as well.

So far, the feedback from customers has been positive, with many seniors finding that the plan helps them to stay connected with family and friends at a more affordable price. If you’re a senior citizen living in Florida, be sure to check out the Verizon Senior Phone Plan it could be coming to your state soon.

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How To Sign Up For Verizon Senior Discounts

Youll need to visit Verizons senior discount eligibility page and enter the following information:

  • Whether you live in Florida
  • The number of phone lines you need
  • Whether youre new to Verizon

Once youre eligible, youll sign up for a Verizon account.

Verizon wont automatically sign you up for the Senior 55+ Unlimited plan once you turn 55. You must contact them to change your accounts status.

Their reasoning is that they dont want to change your plan without authorization.

Can I Get Free Internet At Home

As you can see in the list presented in the previous section, there are only two providers that offer FREE internet. Moreover, these free options are very limited and offer only a specific amount of data.


  • NetZero dial-up internet: 10 hours of free internet service per month
  • FreedomPop free 4G mobile and home internet: 1 GB of free data per month

Like always in life, you have some additional hustle option to get free internet. First, turn on your WiFi to view available connections. If you are able to detect any networks that are not locked, you can simply log in.

However, most likely the available networks will be protected with a password. In this case, you may ask your neighbors to share their password with you. If they will be so kind, make sure not to overload their network with some heavy downloading or streaming.

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What Is Fios Internet

Fios Internet is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers some of the fastest internet speeds to millions of homes in the mid-Atlantic and New England. It uses fiber optics to transmit data at the speed of light, providing a faster internet connection and powerful bandwidth for multiple devices. Verizon is one of the only internet service providers to offer matching download and upload speeds on most of our plans, which is a major advantage when youre video chatting, gaming and sharing large files or images.

How Can Seniors Access Social Media

Verizon Landline Plans For Seniors

Seniors can access social media through a phone, on a computer or a tablet. Social media can be a bit intimidating, but its one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with friends and familyand its very easy to set up, requiring no extra costs or fees. If youre new to social media, start with one account on the platform that most of your friends and family use, like Facebook or Instagram.

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Does Verizon Offer A Prepaid Internet Plan

Verizon Fios Prepaid allows customers to purchase Verizons fiber internet without a contract, deposit, credit check, or late fees. Subscribers to this prepaid service simply have to prepay the entire month of service in order to keep their internet access active. Starting at $39.99 per month for download speeds up to 100 Mbps, Verizon Fios Prepaid is one of the best prepaid internet options around.

More Information

Verizon High Speed Internet Facts

  • Verizon High Speed Internet is the 3rd largest DSL provider in the United States.
  • Verizon High Speed Internet offers service in 11 states.
  • Verizon High Speed Internet offers DSL internet access.
  • Verizon High Speed Internet offers service in 5,147 zip codes nationwide.

Services offered by Verizon High Speed Internet

Does Xfinity Offer Discounts For Seniors

Xfinity does not offer a discount that’s explicitly for seniors. Still, Comcast’s Internet Essentials program for low-income households — featuring a 50Mbps plan for $10 a month and free access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots — does include eligibility that applies to seniors. Among the qualifications is participation in Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, public housing assistance and VA pension.

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What Fios Forward Plans Are Available For Seniors

As anyone who has tried to use the internet during peak hours knows, speed is everything. That’s why Verizon’s FIOS Forward plans are such a great deal, especially for seniors. With speeds of up to 400Mbps, you can do everything from stream your favorite shows to video chat with family members without having to worry about buffering or lag. And if you order online, you can avoid the $99 setup fee. Additionally, you’ll get a $100 Verizon gift card, 12 months of free AMC+ streaming service, and $10 off your monthly unlimited wireless plan. So if you’re looking for a fast and affordable internet option, be sure to check out Verizon’s FIOS Forward plans.

Types Of Verizon Wireless Home Internet Services

Business Wireless Internet Plans from Verizon & AT& T – Are they RVer & Boater Appropriate?

Verizon is offering its customers with two types of internet services. They are listed as:

  • DSL Service: This is the fastest internet service with a great performance. The network reliability is up to 99.9%.
  • Verizon Fios: It is the latest technology which is providing the customers with the greater bandwidth speed. The speed goes up to 940/880Mbps.

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Questions To Consider When Searching For The Best Internet Service For Seniors

Ready to find an internet service plan that fits your lifestyle and budget? Research plays a key role! Sure, those television commercials and internet service advertisements that you receive in the mail seem like great options. However, as advertisements, they dont always provide the full picture of pricing and fees. As you research internet plans for seniors, consider these 10 important questions.

  • Which carriers offer service in your area? The internet providers you have access to depends on where you live. An easy way to find out your service options is to ask your neighbors, family, and friends what internet providers they use.
  • Are there senior internet plans? Ask your prospective provider if they offer any discounts on their internet plans for seniors. One budget-friendly perk of being a senior is special internet plans for adults aged 55 and over.
  • Are there opportunities to save? Go on and ask about additional savings! From paperless billing and autopay to bundling your internet and cell phone service, you may discover ways to trim down your monthly bill.
  • What will your all in monthly statement be? Is that $9.95-per-month internet plan truly affordable, or are there hidden fees? Avoid unpleasant surprises by asking what the grand monthly total will be. The grand total they quote you here should include internet service, taxes, rental fees, and any other costs youll see on your monthly bill.
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus

    Be ready to watch and hear your favorite shows and movies in their full glory, as this phone comes with a 6.4 HD display and dual stereo speakers. It also has a really cool 48 MP triple camera system, which allows you to take album-worthy photos of your friends, family, and pets. Its integrated stylus is perfect for those who prefer to write versus tap on the screen. Priced at $249.99, this device would pair really well with Verizons Play More Unlimited plan or the more affordable Verizon Start Unlimited.

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    What Are Verizon Wireless Home Internet Services

    Verizon wireless home internet service is the new and latest internet technology that is used by most customers. It uses the Verizon cellular towers in order to deliver internet services to the clients and their homes/offices. Unlimited services are delivered by Verizon. These services were launched in 2020 summers and by October 2020 they were expanded to the rural areas.

    The price is quite affordable. It ranges from $40 to $60 per month. Moreover, you also have to pay $10 equipment charges on monthly basis. The speed of this internet is quite fast and easily accessible to people. The wireless home internet services offered by Verizon do not compete with any other companys internet services. You can avail of the home internet plans as well.

    These plans are offering unlimited data and 25Mbps of internet speed. With such speed, you can easily work online or remotely, shopping online, video calls, online streaming, or internet banking. Apart from Fortnight or other games, you can easily carry out multiple tasks with this internet speed. On the other hand, if the internet is used on multiple devices, then speed issues may arise.

    • No term of the contract.
    • Unlimited data.
    • No access to own router.
    • Equipment cost.

    Verizon 55+ Cellular Plans

    verizon plan for seniors 2021

    The Verizon 55+ senior phone plans offer an affordable way for seniors to save on their cellular bills. The plan is a special offer for individuals 55 and older who live in Florida. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can get up to two lines for $40 per line, per month including taxes and fees. If you need just one line, it would cost $60 per line, per month.

    The Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan includes the following features:

    • Unlimited 4G LTE data
    • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
    • Verizon Up Rewards
    • Includes unlimited calling to and from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada

    Pro Tip: If youre looking for a cellular plan with unlimited 5G data, you might consider one of T-Mobiles 55+ plans.

    As mentioned, this plan is only eligible for new Verizon Wireless customers 55 years of age or older, and the account owner must have a Florida billing address. To verify eligibility for the 55+ Unlimited Plan, youll need to provide your date of birth and billing address when applying for the plan.

    To learn about other ways to save and earn senior discounts, check out our other guides and lists:

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    Verizon Senior Plan Types

    • Unlimited plans: Looking for unlimited talk text and data? Alternative carriers have got you covered. Data hungry users looking for unlimited plus plans can save serious money by switching to one of the cheapest Verizon unlimited data plans. Not sure how much data you need? Check out our data usage calculator.
    • Basic plans: If you only use a cell phone to make a few calls, send a couple of messages and rarely go online then you can opt for a simply prepaid plan. You get basic cell phone functions, an allowance for minutes of talk, and usually around 2GB of data at a great price. Once you run out of your data allotment, speeds slow, but it’s usually very easy to add on more.
    • Family plans: Need four lines or more? Many MVNOs offer group plans. Compare the cheapest Verizon family plans so you can pick and choose what each family member needs.
    • Bring your own phone plans:Verizon BYOP plans are the norm with smaller carriers. Compare cell phone prices and get a great deal to go with your cheap cell phone plan!
    • Single line plans: Stop paying a premium rate just because you only need one line. Find the best Verizon plans for individuals.
    • Talk and text only plans: Don’t need data? No problem – compare cheap Verizon basic plans. Bonus, you’ll save a ton of money if you’re not paying for data!
    • Tablet plans: Find the cheapest Verizon tablet data plan or iPad.

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