Figure 8 Workout For Seniors

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The 8 Best Golf Exercises For Seniors To Maintain Longevity

14-min Hip Figure 8 Workout | Fun Standing Ab Exercises

Golf is one of the few sports that folks can enjoy playing through their later years. Thats one of the many reasons why golf is such an incredible game!

However, seniors will have to find ways to increase strength, flexibility, and balance if they want to play golf into their 70s and beyond.

In this article, well review the golf exercises that can help make that goal a reality. Weve also included a video demonstration of each exercise to help you visualize how to do them.

When To Consider Chair Exercises For Seniors

Exercising can become difficult and place a strain on joints and muscles as you age. The increased tension can lead to pain and injury.Staying fit is imperative for preventing the very pain and injury overly intense exercise can cause. For an older adult who struggles with this dilemma, chair exercises for seniors are the perfect solution. They help you stay fit and healthy, without placing undue stress on your body. If any of the below descriptions fit you, chair exercises may be just what youre looking for.

  • Poor balance, and a higher risk of falling during exercise
  • Joint pain that makes standing painful and difficult
  • Limited range of motion or poor mobility
  • Recovering from a surgery or an injury
  • Beginning a routine and need to start slow and work up to standing exercises
  • Ready to try something new and shake up your fitness routine

Golf Swing Wall Stretch

Lean into a wall with your right hand high above your head. Place your left hand lower than the right hand to simulate the top of your backswing . Your chin will rest comfortably on your left shoulder.

Turn the left hip in until you feel a deep stretch. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds then twist to the left side and do the same stretch.

Why Its Important

This hip stretch can help senior golfers increase flexibility and swing speed. This exercise can be done before practice sessions as part of a thorough warm-up routine. Since the golf swing requires lots of rotation, the hips must be nice and warm before practicing or playing.

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What Are The Best Exercises For Over 50s

Anything that counts as moderate activity is brilliant for those who are 50+. This includes a brisk walk, a run, swimming, or gardening or some light resistance training.

But, if you exercise at home, this could also be a home workout, like a yoga session, pilates, stretching, or resistance exercises. Anything that keeps you mobile and active.

Cross Body Ref 4 P 39

Figure 8 Stretch Band Exercisers  Rehabilitation Advantage

Use two figure 8 bands to work across your body. Lie on the floor with the loop of one band around your left instep and the other end in your right hand. Repeat with your right instep and left hand. Alternate bringing your left knee and right elbow together over your core, extending them out and returning to your starting position. Repeat the exercise with your right leg and left arm. This exercise works your core, arms, legs, hips, shoulders and back muscles.


  • Sculpt Your Body With Balls and Bands Denise Austin

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Stretches After Your Workout

Heres an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:Stretching after doing standing core exercises can help limit the strain you might feel on your joints and muscles. Additionally, they can help your muscles maintain flexibility.

Try doing these stretches, and hold each move for 20-30 seconds:

  • Hold onto a chair, a countertop, or a wall, then step a little back. Bend your waist forward, stretching your chest, shoulders, and lower back.
  • Roll up your arms as you step your feet forward, lengthening your arms toward the ceiling and stretching your entire abdominal wall.
  • Dont forget to breathe in and breathe out in between these movements, then bring down your arms.
  • Stand back up, keeping a stable base and a slight bend in your knees.
  • Place your left hand on your left hip, then raise your right arm overhead. Next, bend to your left side, deeply stretching your right oblique. Do this on the other side.

There are also core exercises that you can do while seated. Check out this video by Senior Fitness With Meredith to get some workout ideas:

Having a strong core can make it easier for you to do daily activities, such as getting up from a chair, bending, and lifting. It can also help prevent falls and injuries.

Stay hydrated and have a great workout!

What are other standing core exercises for seniors in your workout program? Please share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

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They Suddenly Changed My Plan And Limited Access Asked To Pay Additional Monthly Fee

ByWenjuan L.,Canada, Verified Reviewer

I purchased Figure 8 Fitness in August 2020, had full access to the program. This year they suddenly changed their mind and asked me to pay an additional monthly fee and that almost every section should around 45 minutes, they only give me a couple of minutes access! Its ridiculous! Never experienced anything like this before!


Length of Use: 36 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Figure Four Stretch While Seated

While seated in a chair or golf cart, take your right foot and place it on your left knee. Stretch the hip flexors by taking your hand and slightly pushing down on the side of your right knee. Count to ten before switching to the other leg. Complete 3 reps per leg.

Why Its Important

This is one of my favorite stretches, and I like to do it before teeing off on each hole. The figure four will help seniors stretch out their hip flexors. This will increase flexibility and will allow for a much smoother backswing.

Shoulder Retractions For Beginners

8 minute Dance Fitness for Seniors

Sit up straight and contract the ab muscles to support back muscles. Hold your arms at a 90-degree angle at shoulder level, hands facing down, fingers curved as if griping bicycle handles. Push both arms straight out in front of you, extending as far as possible without locking the joints. Bend the elbows and pull your arms back until your elbows are just slightly behind your torso, squeezing the shoulder blades together you do, and then repeat the motion.

To increase the intensity, hold a light resistance band with both hands. Extend arms parallel to the floor and pull the band apart, squeezing the Rhomboid muscles.

Alternatively, attach a resistance band to a wall or doorknob. Hold the band with arms extended and pull towards your body, bending the elbows slightly behind your torso.

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Too Difficult For Beginners

BySusan L.,Minnesota, Verified Reviewer

I loved the idea, and it may be great for some, it just is not for me.

What I’d like to see different. Beginning workouts 15-20 that would be only 1 layer at a time. The next workout…maybe the next day adding a layer and so on.

I gave up with the second half of the one-on-one and Googled dance exercise and found beginner options where I don’t have to learn complicated moves.

I read the reviews after purchase which is not like me, but it seems customer service is more aggressive in helping people and always blaming that people entered the email wrong. I can say I did not have a problem, but don’t believe I will have a good outcome with writing a review not being positive.

I would recommend to the right person. Even though I am marking I would not.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Are The Body Fx Workouts Cardio Strength Training Stretching

In general*, the Figure 8 workouts are steady state cardio with a focus on toning and strengthening your core.

*There are a few workouts that focus on toning the upper body, lower body and improving flexibilitythat are not cardio routines.

And in general, the JNL Fusion workouts can be described as more metabolic cardio style workouts with a focus on total body conditioning and toning.

Both programs start off with a group of basic workouts with more intense routines to follow.

At the time of this review, the Body FX workout library has a lot more Figure 8 workouts than JNL Fusion routines .

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What Does Figure 8 Basic Include

What does Figure 8 Basic include?

The Figure 8 Basic package includes a 8-foot by 10-foot by 17-inch inflatable Figure 8 pool and a 120-volt electric air pump.

The Figure 8 Basic package is great for small children or beginner swimmers. The pool is 8-feet wide and 10-feet long, and the maximum depth is just 17 inches. This makes the pool perfect for younger children who are still learning how to swim, or for beginner swimmers who are not comfortable in larger pools.

The Figure 8 Basic package also includes a 120-volt electric air pump. This pump is necessary to inflate the pool. It is important to note that the electric air pump is not a filter, and it is not recommended to use the pool without a filter.

Overall, the Figure 8 Basic package is a great option for small children or beginner swimmers. It is easy to set up and use, and it is a great way to teach children how to swim.

What Equipment Do You Need To Do The Workouts In Body Fx

7 Medicine

The majority of the Figure 8 workouts dont use any equipment. However, there are a few sculpting workouts that use a tubing . And youll want a mat if youre exercising on a hard surface because youll occasionally be on the floor.

The JNL Fusion workouts use light dumbbells, cordless jump rope and a mat.

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Simple Core Exercises For Seniors

Strengthening your core muscles doesnt just happen. You have to make a plan and find workouts that shape the various muscle groups.

Some exercises are better suited for older adults than others. Thats why we list 8 of the best core exercises for seniors to incorporate into their new exercise program.

Is Figure 8 A Dvd

Is Figure 8 a DVD?

This is a question that many people have asked, and there is no definite answer. Some people say that it is a DVD, while others say that it is not. The reason for the confusion is that there is no clear distinction between what is and what is not a DVD.

To start with, it is important to understand what a DVD actually is. A DVD, or digital versatile disc, is a type of optical disc that is used to store digital data. It was first introduced in 1995, and it has since become a popular format for storing movies, television shows, and other types of digital content.

So, what is the difference between a DVD and a VHS tape? The main difference is that a DVD can store a lot more data than a VHS tape. A VHS tape can store up to two hours of video, while a DVD can store up to four hours of video. Additionally, a DVD is a lot smaller and more compact than a VHS tape, and it can be played on a DVD player or a computer.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what a DVD is, lets take a look at the question of whether or not Figure 8 is a DVD. As we mentioned earlier, there is no definitive answer. Some people say that it is a DVD, while others say that it is not. The reason for the confusion is that there is no clear distinction between what is and what is not a DVD.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not Figure 8 is a DVD is a bit of a moot point. Even if it is a DVD, there is no clear

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Why Is The Figure 8 Promo Code Not Working

Here are some common reasons why your Figure 8 Coupon Code might be incorrect. You can confirm whether your Figure 8 Discount Code has been used once or has expired, or you can check the usage method and rules about Coupons on Of course, you also need to check the time validity of Figure 8 Promotion Code and whether the corresponding product can be used.

Tips For Exercising In Your 50s And Beyond

Mary’s Figure 8 Workout!

Clearly there are many health benefits when it comes to exercising, but keep in mind that what you do and how long you do it for is also important.

We asked some fitness experts to share their tips on exercising over 50.

Heres what they had to say:

Its never too late

Many people starting out with exercise in middle age are discouraged because they think its probably too late to reap real benefits. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies show that its never too late to start realising benefits from exercise. One particular study showed wheelchair-bound nursing home residents in their 80s and 90s experiencing benefits like improvements in their strength and overall functional ability from a weight-lifting exercise program.1

Some fitness experts say its even possible to get into the best shape of your life after the age of fifty if youve spent most of your life out of shape.1

Keep a regular routine

Theres no fixed formula for how much exercise you should do, as it depends on your current level of fitness and health, your fitness goals, and whether you have any health conditions. Generally speaking, however,

150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week, with each session lasting at least 10 minutes, can bring about substantial health benefits.15

Make it well-rounded

Experts suggest that a well-rounded fitness routine incorporates three elements: aerobic activity, strength training, and stretching.9

Keep it varied

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Easy Exercise To Improve Balance In Seniors

For those that mastered the figure 8 balance exercise last month, I have a more advanced version of that exercise for you this month. It is called the figure 8 in one direction. How many times during the day do you get up from the couch and have to maneuver around your coffee table, scoot by the arm chair, side step by the dining room table. So many other situation that may arise both in your home and out side your home where you need to step forward and then step back or at least sideways. With this exercise, you will be walking in one direction initially, then return the same way but only backwards.

Strength And Aerobic Classes

If you attend SilverSneakers classes, you already know that group exercise isnt just a fantastic way to break a sweat. Youll also have tons of fun and make new friends along the way, both of which are hugely important when it comes to making exercise a habit. In fact, 2017 research in BMC Public Health notes that the social aspect of group exercise increases activity levels in older adults over the long term.

There is no end to the list of group exercises out there, from SilverSneakers Classic to Zumba to boot camp. If youre nervous about jumping into a new group, ask a friend to sign up with you or try a SilverSneakers LIVE online class at home.

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Stay Strong Be Safe And Maintain Your Independence By Integrating These Top Fitness Options Into Your Training Plan

No matter your age, the best exercise for you is the one you enjoy the most. After all, if you dont like your workout, how long are you going to stick with it?

Still, when sampling any of the countless forms of exercise out there, its important to keep in mind exactly what you want and need to get out of your workout. And thats bound to change throughout the years, says Barbara Bergin, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon in Austin, Texas. She explains that, for older adults, the top priority must be maintaining your quality of life outside the gym.

To do that, focus on workouts designed to help you build strength, stay mobile, and improve balance. Also key is considering the requirements of any given fitness option. Are your bones strong enough for high-impact exercises such as running and jumping? Is your balance where it needs to be for fall-free bike rides? How much time to do you realistically have to spend at the gym?

Below, experts share the best exercises for older adults. As always, its smart to check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness program, especially if you have a chronic condition, balance issues, or injuries. The good news: Assuming your doctor hasnt said a type of exercise is off-limits, choose whatever you liketheyre all terrific.

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How To Do A Figure Eight

7 besten Wheelchair work out Bilder auf Pinterest

Verywell / Ben Goldstein

For this exercise, you need enough space between your legs to swing the kettlebell completely through them. Start with the feet slightly wider than hip distance apart and, after doing a few repetitions, adjust your stance if you need more room.

Bend your legs slightly and tilt the torso forward, hinging at the hips. Place the kettlebell in your right hand with the handle positioned vertically, holding it roughly 8 to 12 inches off the floor. This is your starting position.

  • Swing the kettlebell between your legs, moving it behind the left leg while bringing the left hand behind the outside of the left leg to meet the kettlebell. Use enough momentum to keep the kettlebell moving but not so much that your stance wobbles.
  • Pass the kettlebell from the right hand to the left hand and use the left hand to move it in a circular path around the left leg.
  • Swing the kettlebell back between your legs, moving it behind the right leg while bringing the right hand behind the outside of the right leg to meet the kettlebell.
  • Pass the kettlebell from the left hand to the right hand and keep the bell moving in a circular path around the right leg.
  • Continue the figure eight pattern, passing the bell from hand to hand.
  • Place the kettlebell on the floor and return to a standing position once you are ready to end this exercise.
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