Verizon Prepaid Flip Phones For Seniors

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What Other Phones Are Compatible With Verizon For Seniors

The Best Flip Phone For Your Money in 2021!

In addition to the great and reliable Verizon flip phones for seniors listed in the previous chapter, Verizon also offers tons of high-quality smartphones and other mobile devices.

In addition to the Verizon flip phones for seniors listed above, the following Verizon-compatible devices are also suitable for senior citizens:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Verizon also allows customers to bring their own devices to Verizon. However, to do so, the phone must be carrier unlocked and compatible with Verizons network.

In order to check your phones compatibility, go to, press Get Started, choose the kind of device you wish to bring , and press Continue. Then, you will be required to enter your phones make and model. If you dont know it, click the I dont know my make and model option below to see the instructions on how to find out. Select the carrier the device was purchased from and press Continue. Then, the system will automatically let you know whether or not your phone is compatible with Verizon.

Kyocera Duraxv Extreme E4810 Flip Phone

The Kyocera DuraXV is powered by a 1.2GHz Quad-Core A53 microprocessor and even a 64-bit Chipset. The flip phone has IP68 dust and water-resistant certification.

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme E4810 Flip Phone

Furthermore, the Kyocera DuraXV can be immersed in water for 30 mins at a range of 6.5 feet. It also meets Military Standard 810G for dust resistance, severe temperatures, blowing rainfall, and other conditions.

Push to Talk, Alert, Call list button, Speakers key, as well as 4-way navigation key, are all configurable on the DuraXV. Furthermore, there is a huge detachable battery with a capacity of 1770 mAh that may offer a whole day of standby.

Youll also get a 5 Megapixel autofocus camera featuring an LED flash. It features 2Gb ram and 16 Gigabytes of system storage. And, the expandable storage may be expanded up to 512 Gigabytes.

The Kyocera DuraXV offers Wireless Hotspot capability and can handle up to ten gadgets.



Kyocera DuraXV Extreme E4810 Flip Phone is available on Amazon at $249.99 & FREE Returns and Kyocera DuraXV has a good 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

Consider A Flip Phone For Seniors

As we age, reduced dexterity can make traditional keypads on many smartphones harder to use. Instead, opt for a cell phone for a senior with a feature such as larger buttons for easier typing or a black-and-white display to boost contrast and readability. These features can be found in flip phones. These paired down smartphones are simpler to navigate and ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold.

Take a look at: The Alcatel GO FLIP V has big, tactile buttons as well as sound amplification and text-to-speech functions.

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Nokia 2720 V Flipphone

Nokia 2720 V Flip Phone Features:

Nokias flip phone offers all the basic flip phone options and features. It comes with a 2.8-inch internal LCD display, a 1.3-inch external LCD display, 4GB of ROM, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a basic 2 MP flash camera, and a 1500 mAh removable battery that can last 26 days on standby and up to 5.56 hours of usage. It is hearing aid compatible, easy to use, and can connect to 4G networks. In addition, the device allows the user to download various apps, including social media and texting/video call apps.

Reason to Buy Nokia 2720 V Flip Phone:

The phone is great for seniors, as it comes with many senior-friendly features , it also has Google Assistant, which allows seniors to surf the web, send messages, check the weather forecast, and more with simple voice commands. Moreover, it has a dedicated emergency button.

Reason to Avoid Nokia 2720 V Flip Phone:

There is no speed dial and some users complain about the voice clarity.

What Is The Brand Of The Product

How To Use Verizon Phone With At& t Sim Card

Another factor is the brand of the product. Many brands are available in the market today. You must think carefully before choosing a brand because some brands produce good quality products. In contrast, others produce low-quality products that can cause problems such as breaking down soon or having problems with software or hardware issues etc.

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Our Favorite 10 Best Verizon Flip Phones For Seniors Reviews Of 2022

We’ve picked the best verizon flip phones for seniors options by looking for the best specs combined with sound ergonomics. We’ve sought out products that reviewers rate as comfortable for long periods of use while offering smooth and accurate tracking which can help avoid the frustration avoid having to redo wonky selections. We’ve also looked for products with adjustable levels of sensitivity and durability that can improve your workflow.

We’ve also aimed to find the best verizon flip phones for seniors options at different price ranges to offer something for different budgets because our top pick isn’t exactly cheap. We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of each one and suggested who each verizon flip phones for seniors would be best for based on our reviews and recommendations from contacts.

We follow these criteria to make our selection:

  • Quality of the verizon flip phones for seniors
  • Useful features and advanced features
  • Materials used to build

Quality Of The Product

The quality of the product is an essential factor to consider when buying verizon flip phones for seniors. A poor quality product may not serve its purpose well or may develop some defects within a short period. However, if you buy a high-quality product, you can be sure that it will last for years and serve its purpose well.

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The Menu Is Simple To Use:

Many senior citizens are unlikely to be able to deal with a large number of apps or a complicated menu, as is typically done by the millennial population.

As a consequence, firms including AT& T cell phones, Verizon flip handsets for seniors, as well as Metro PCs Flip Phones have attempted to provide simple menu mobile devices.

Verizon Lg Extravert No Contract

Samsung SCH U410 Verizon Flip Phone 3G Unboxing

If youve aware of the Verizon Lg Extravert No Contract Chocolate 2, the Verizon Lg Extravert Chocolate 3 is its sequel.

This cell phone features a flip design and therefore is fitted with an MP3 audio player, a 2 Megapixel camera, a conventional 3.5 mm headset, and a high-resolution QVGA screen.

Verizon LG Extravert No Contract

And, you also received an FM radio The rotating scroll wheel allows you to swiftly browse through the handset.

In addition, the Lg Extravert Chocolate 3 features a micro SD card slot for additional storage. If youre seeking the finest Verizon flip phone for seniors, the Verizon LG has a slew of cell phone features that will offer you the taste and experience of having a flip cell phone.


  • It has a configurable FM radio transmitter
  • A good ringtone and a smooth surface
  • Excellent image attributes
  • Because of the abundance of high-quality features, it is dependable
  • The battery has a long charging life


  • A restored product that is not long-lasting
  • Several options that make it challenging for people with disabilities


LG Extravert 2 is available on Amazon and by used price is $39.95 and LG Extravert 2 has a good 3.6 out of 5-star rating.

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Materials Used To Build

You also need to check what materials were used to build the verizon flip phones for seniors before purchasing it since this will determine how long it will last and how well it will perform over time. If possible, choose a product made from strong but lightweight materials such as metal because these verizon flip phones for seniors tend to last longer than those made from plastic or wood.

Ease Of Use And Accessibility

Basic features that make a phone easy to use include:

  • A large, tactile keypad for easy navigation, texting and calling.
  • A bright, high-contrast screen to counter vision problems .
  • Loudspeakers with volume control, particularly if youre experiencing hearing loss.
  • A longer battery life than most smartphones so you dont have to worry about constantly charging your phone.
  • An ability to set multiple alerts and reminders over a variety of timespans easily.

Ultimately, a flip phone should be easy and intuitive for you or your senior to use.

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Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors In 2022

Let’s compare the best cell phone plans for seniors and how they let you save on wireless service

1. Best overall value – Mint Mobile 2. Best unlimited plan for seniors – T-Mobile 3. Best exclusive senior discount – Verizon 4. The cheapest senior plan – Ultra Mobile

Searching for the best cell phone plans for seniors doesn’t limit you to plans specifically offered to older mobile phone users. Yes, there are senior-friendly plans at several of the best phone carriers, but there are also option open to people of all ages who just want a lower monthly bill.

And that’s really the point of finding the best cell phone plans for seniors: You want to guard against rising wireless service costs by locking in a good rate. And at the same time, you want a plan with the right amount of talk, text and data. That makes for a great cell phone plan, whether it’s aimed specifically at seniors or not.

And you’ve got options, especially if you don’t mind committing to the best prepaid phone plans. All you need to do is figure out how much data you need from the best cell phone plans for seniors. We’ve lined up plans that range from offering just a few hundred megabytes to an unlimited pool of data. You’ll also need to consider whether you want your plan to come in handy when you travel.

Once you’ve settled on those options, picking one of the best cell phone plans for seniors becomes much easier.

Let’s dive into the best cell phone plans from seniors to find one that meets your needs.

Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone

Verizon Flip Phones for Seniors 2020

The Samsung Knack U310 flip phone is fully working, has been thoroughly tested, and is fully approved for activation and usage. It has functionalities that are rather simple to utilize.

Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone

Besides, the flip phone also provides customers with hearing and visual assistance. This phone has capabilities such as digital TTY, speakerphone control, and complete hearing aid compatibility .

The LCD monitor, keypad, as well as emergency key, are all included. The Knack U310 Flip Phone phone is quite dependable, and it has all of the fundamental phone functionalities, such as SMS texting and different language support.

And, the Samsung Knack U310 is ideal for the greatest Verizon flip phone experience. Despite the lack of an internet connection and a camera, elders will find it useful.



Samsung Knack U310 Flip Phone is available on Amazon and the buy used price is $49.98 and Knack U310 has a good 3.5 out of 5-star rating.

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The Best Prepaid Cell Phones For Seniors

After weeks of testing devices and reading through the fine print of prepaid cellular plans, weve come up with a list of the five best prepaid options for seniors. Some of them provide a simple cellular experience, while others have advanced features like touchscreens and triple-camera arrangements. Regardless, theres sure to be a device here to suit your needs, and it wont require a long-term contract.

Here are our picks for the best prepaid phones for seniors.

Kyocera Duraxv Extreme E4810

The second phone on our list is run by a 64-bit CPU and a 1.2 GHz Quadcore processor. This phone has an IP68 rating, making it resistant to water and dust. You can leave it in water for at least 30 minutes without damaging it. It can also survive adverse weather conditions such as storms.

This wireless flip phone makes it easy for seniors to operate it thanks to various functional keys such as a speaker key, call list key, and push-to-talk key. The phone is powered by a detachable 1770 mAh battery which can last you more than one day.

The DuraXV Extreme has a 5MP camera that can be used for taking photos with friends and family. There is 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. You can add up to 512GB of extra storage.

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Is It Possible To Utilize A Verizon Cell Phone With Metro Pcs

Migrating from Verizon to some other cell phone is now extremely simple. Since Verizon switched from CDMA to GSM networking technologies, they have been able to get a larger market share since GSM handsets are more frequently used than CDMA cell phones.

It has resulted in several advantages, particularly if you want to move network operators, such as from Verizon towards MetroPCS.

Even though they use the same network technology, you should always verify to see if the Verizon handset is unlocked.

Its purpose is to ensure that it satisfies all of the standards for a Metro PCS-compatible device. If you want to transfer your Verizon phone into Metro PCS, just follow these easy steps:

  • Give Metropcs your personal information as required
  • Examine whether the device is unlocked & compatible
  • Select a MetroPCS cell phone plan
  • You should terminate your Verizon wireless subscriptions
  • Activate the MetroPCS service

Factors To Think Before Buying Verizon 4g Flip Phones For Seniors

SWITCHING from 3G to 4G âupgradingâ? verizon cell phone (explaining the process) tcl flip pro

You can always rely on the verizon 4g flip phones for seniors to meet your expectations if you purchase it from a trustworthy seller. When you buy the right verizon 4g flip phones for seniors, you can get value for your money.

Here are some factors that you should consider when buying verizon 4g flip phones for seniors:

  • Price The verizon 4g flip phones for seniors price is very important because it determines how much money you will spend on it. You should always ensure the products price is reasonable before making purchases.
  • Quality The quality of the product is another factor that should be considered before making any purchases. The quality of a product determines how long it will serve you and whether or not it will work well for you.
  • Customer reviews You should always read through customer reviews before making any purchases because they can help you determine whether or not a certain brand is worth buying from.

When you buy a new verizon 4g flip phones for seniors, its natural to want to get the best value for your money. But with so many different types of verizon 4g flip phones for seniors out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth buying. Here are some things to think about when shopping for new items:

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Kyocera Cadence Lte S2720 Phone

The Kyocera Cadence LTE, which costs around $120, is a necessary and well-built flip phone. On the flip side, it includes a 2.4-inch 240×320 screen and several independently grouped physical buttons.

Kyocera Cadence LTE S2720 Phone

On the exterior, a tiny bright OLED panel displays the date, clock, battery, and caller ID details. It is a 4G-only cellphone with Wi-Fi and HD voice calling.

And, this flip phones changeable battery gives an impressive 9 hours and 3 minutes of talk time. The Cadence LTE is powered by a 1.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 CPU.

To take images, theres also a 2-megapixel camera. Furthermore, the Kyocera flip phone includes 2 Gb ram and 16 Gigabytes of storage space.


  • The external display is bright
  • There is a microSD card slot
  • Wi-Fi calling mode with HD voice



Kyocera Cadence LTE S2720 Phone is available on and by used price, $128.99 and Kyocera has a good 4.1 out of 5-star rating.

When Will Verizon Wireless Company In The United States Go To Gsm

Verizon Wireless has long planned to migrate its communication services to the worlds most well-known network architecture, GSM networking technologies.

And, they were formerly utilizing CDMA network services, which were unsuccessful because relatively few handsets were interoperable with such systems.

Verizon intended to decommission its CDMA system and completely transition to GSM networking technologies on January 1, 2020.

So, for the time being, Verizon is providing network services using GSM network technologies. If you are looking for a Verizon-friendly cell phone, you must seek one that handles GSM or LTE networks.

Verizons usage of GSM networks has increased its accessibility to many customers who intend to bring their handsets to Verizon because most handsets support GSM.

Furthermore, GSM is the cornerstone of the 4G LTE networks which is now the quickest and most dependable network in the United States.

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What To Look For In A Prepaid Cell Phone

When it comes to prepaid cell phones, there are a lot of options. We had our work cut out for us to figure out which ones were best for seniors. Heres what we looked for in our testing.

  • Simple plans: Our favorite part of prepaid phones is their simple billing process: You get what you pay for. So we looked for cell phones that worked on networks free of overage charges and other unexpected fees.
  • : While todays best smartphones offer the functionality of a telephone, computer, and digital camera all in one device we think its most important for phones to make clear calls. All of the phones on this list tested highly in terms of call quality and clarity.
  • Data functionality: Here at The Senior List, we know that older adults are far from Luddites. In fact, many seniors own smartphones and can benefit from their varied feature sets. With this in mind, we looked for prepaid plans with the option of data usage, allowing you to browse the web and use apps.
  • No extra fees: If youre looking for a prepaid cell phone plan, then youre likely hoping to save some money. So we looked for phones that worked on networks that wont surprise you with extra fees or overage charges.
  • Senior features: From large buttons to hearing aid compatibility, todays phones are equipped to suit the needs of older adults. While the features vary across the following devices, they all have several aspects that cater to seniors, simplifying their use and bolstering their functionality.

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