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Easy And Fun Party Games For The Elderly

3 Easy Memory Games for Seniors

Just because someone is elderly, does not mean they no longer enjoy celebrating. Some party games may become more challenging as we age, so its important to choose suitable games that match your loved ones mental and physical abilities. A popular and easy game to try at your next celebration is Partners in Pen.

Heres how to play Partners in Pen:

1. The game must be played in pairs

2. Player one requires a pen and paper

3. Player two will have a bag of objects

4. The player with the objects must choose one and describe it to the other player

5. The other person must then try and draw what is being described

6. The purpose of the game is for the player drawing to guess what item it is theyre drawing

7. You can make it a little more challenging by adding a timer

Boost Your Brain Power With 31 Fun Brain Games For Seniors And Adults

In todays post, Im going to share with you the Best Free And Paid Brain Boosting Games to help you stay sharp .

Whether youre into brain training or good ol fashioned memory games, this ultimate list of fun brain games is for you!

You can start with free brain training games right of the bat or you can get more technical with free to paid brain training apps

This is not another Sudoku list far from it. You have in your hands a complete list of brain training apps, websites, games and daily exercises .

Its a platform friendly list. .

The primary goal here is for you to have happy neurons for life. It neednt be painful or tiresome so lets make it fun.

In fact, I share with you the same information I give my clients so they can:

  • Improve their brain performance
  • Live fiercely and independently

Commonly it takes just a few extra tweaks to boost their brain health [ Make sure you grab the free bonus The 9 Must Dos For Your Brain To Thrive For Life: THIS IS the secret sauce to stay sharp)

These fun brain games for seniors have been selected based on research principles. Importantly, its not just one thing that improves our brain performance but many.

Findings from studies like the FINGER STUDY shows us you can improve your brain performance.

The missing ingredient in most brain games for seniors is the lack of fun- the emotional charged good stuff.

AND fun really matters.

Free Online Games For Seniors

6/14/2022 | ByFaith Boluwatife

Seniors Guide recommends free online games for seniors to provide mental stimulation and everyday enjoyment, from trendy games like Wordle and Sudoku to classics such as Jumble and crossword puzzles.

Online games and puzzles provide benefits for seniors, from boosting brain health to simply adding enjoyment to the day. The mental stimulation and fun can keep seniors engaged and eager for the next challenge and bring a feeling of accomplishment. Some studies have also shown that some online games can mitigate symptoms of depression.

The best thing about these online puzzles is that theyre easily accessible so seniors can play them whenever and wherever, pause them, get back to them, and play for as long as they wish. This is especially helpful for seniors who want to relax and take a break during the day.

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Telestrations Draw Laugh And Try To Guess The Answer

A great game to get your creative streak flowing, Telestrations requires you to sketch out concepts and scenarios to be guessed by your opponents. Once you are done, its your turn to guess theres! Guaranteed to make you laugh, its a brilliant way to have fun with friends and practise those stick man drawing skills! Grab your set here.

Card Games For Seniors

Great memory game for seniors

Card games are great activities for seniors, as they provide social interaction while testing your critical thinking skills. Older adults who play card games show less cognitive decline in the 70s, as . In fact, playing card games might help improve brain health and slow the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Here are several card games you can play with friends or online:

  • Solitaire: Solitaire is a simple game you can play on your own. Many computers come with Solitaire already installed, or you can play online.

  • Crazy Eights: If you have a deck of cards and a friend, you can spend an afternoon playing Crazy Eights. allows you to share a link to your card game with loved ones, so you can play together online.

  • Rummy: Rummy is a great indoor game to enjoy plus, you only need one other player. PlayRummy-Online offers an online version to play, either with friends or with strangers.

  • UNO!: UNO! can be played with anywhere between two to 10 players. To play on your smartphone, you can . Simply click on the “social” button on your screen to text your game link to a group of friends.

  • Bridge: Bridge is a classic card game that’s been around since the 1920s. To play online, try, which offers free, unlimited Bridge games between you and their larger community.

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    Keep Your Brain Alive A Unique Brain Exercise Program

    Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness is a book written by Manning Rubin and Dr. Lawrence C. Katz, professor of neurobiology at Duke University. A unique brain exercise program, its based on the latest neuroscience with the deceptively simple exercises stimulating brain nutrients to help new brain cells grow. Available on as paperback, audiobook or E-book.

    Memory Activities For Seniors

    Playing online memory games for seniors offers the best results, but there are more ways to improve memory. Weve compiled the list below for sharing all the possible activities and games that boost memory skills! These suggestions require supportive skills like attention, strategic thinking, and logic to stimulate memory at maximum.

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    Jenga The Classics Party Game Enjoyed By All Ages

    The classic party game enjoyed by all ages, Jenga requires you to remove rectangular blocks from a stack and place them on top. The game ends when someone removes a block that causes the stack to fall. A great social game that also requires problem solving and decision making when it comes to choosing which piece to remove. Standard sets are available from under $15.

    How Do We Findthe Best Online Games For Seniors

    Brain Games: 3 Free Easy Brain Games for Adults

    The only real problem most people have finding the best online games for seniors is: Finding the Ones That Are The Best!Why?Because there are literally thousands to choose from! Thousands. It becomes overwhelming. So, what do you choose?Here at, we checked out all the best online games for seniors that we could find, made a HUGE list, then sent the list as a survey to 120 seniors to see what they liked the best.Here is what the survey gave us as the Most Popular and BEST Online Games for Seniors!

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    Scrabble Creating Words And Scoring Big

    Add to existing words or strategically form new words whilst trying to score the maximum number of points. If you enjoy taking a random set of letters and making words whilst ensuring you are getting the highest possible score, scrabble will keep you thoroughly entertained. Take your pick from beautifully crafted wooden sets to smaller travel sets on .

    That Will Suit Every Tasteandevery Ability Level

    We all dont have the same tastes or the same mood at any given moment.BUT, there is ALWAYS a game that sparks our senses and makes us want to get into the action.

    Let’s take a look at what our survey of 120 seniors said the Top 40 Best Online Games for Seniors are:

    #1 AARP

    If youve been reading our website, and, following along with our blog, you know that we LOVE AARP. And, that includes finding some of the best online games for seniors.Of our 120 senior survey participants, 108 were AARP members.Of those 108, 79 said if they are wondering what new online game to play on any given day, they just go to the AARP FREE on line games page. and there are 83 right there to choose from.This includes:Card GamesBrain GamesThere are games you can play whenever you want with other live seniors who are online at the same time you are.Yes, you have to be an AARP member. But, there is no place on Earth that gets us seniors more for our $16 than a yearly membership here.NO. We dont get paid a commission for our constant rave reviews of this organization. But joining AARP is a MUST if youre looking for the most senior assistance and direction of any kind on this planet.

    #2 Backgammon

    #3 Candy Crush

    #4 Chess

    One of the very best online games for seniors who love challenging thinking games is, of course, Chess. It’s exactly the same as the board game, EXCEPT, you can play against the computer when no partner is available! Any time of day or night.

    #5 Civilization

    #6 Crossword Puzzles

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    What Are Games For Old People

    Games for Old People are fun online games that improve the mental health and the memory of seniors and elderly people. Playing habits change with age, that is why we created a great collection of games for old people, here on Such classic games as Bingo, Memory, Crossword or Solitare are especially popular among seniors. These and many more games which will help you to stimulate your brain can be found here.

    This does not mean that all those great games are not perfectly fine for the youngsters as well. Training your brain or playing a peaceful round of cards shall not be reserved only for the old and wise. So have a look through our carefully composed compilation and pick the one you like the most.

    So if you are looking for some interesting games for your granny or grandpa – you are right here! You can spend many hours playing board games like Connect 4 or Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe without getting bored. Some of our games for old people also train memory, others improve reflexes and increase processing speed. All you need to play is a laptop, mobile, smartphone or tablet. Go and discover the old soul inside of you and enjoy playing the best Games for Old People online on!

    The Best Online Games For Seniorshave Some Amazing Benefits

    Memory flowers game for seniors, free online game for elderly. It

    Just like exercise for our muscles, our minds seem to remain strong longer, and even get stronger, when they get enough of the right kind of exercise. This is where the best online games for seniors comes in.And, do you know what the best exercise for our minds has proven to be?Games!Yes: GAMES! FUN games to play. NOT some boring awful technical exercises No, no, no: GAMES we enjoy!Working out and exercising our muscles should be as much fun as strengthening our mind is. Right? Wed all be physically stronger if it was.The brain naturally ages, just as the body ages. Despite occasional forgetfulness, which is a normal part of aging, seniors can exercise their brains to slow down the aging process and promote cognitive strength. Online games are accessible, fun and mentally stimulatingwhich promotes brain function in seniors.Seniors require just interest in, and access to technology, to benefit from these games.Remember: Choose games that capture your interest and avoid ones that you find dull, uninteresting, boring, or too difficult.

    Some Common Questions and Answers:

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    Special Tasks To Boost Memory And Attention

    Memory loss is one of the most common complaints among elderly adults, which is why its important to engage in some simple games to help with improving memory and retention.

    Consider the following games:

    • Stating the months of the year in alphabetical order
    • Using the letter S name six or more things you can wear on your feet
    • Observe the objects around you for two minutes, then try to find five red items that will fit in your pockets and five blue objects that are too big to fit
    • Say two objects for every letter in your first or last name, stating different objects each time

    Why Fun Brain Games For Seniors And Adults Really Matters

    Brain Fit with Fun and Performance

    We could take a large bridging step here and say that when an activity is matched to our skills, motivation, perception of pleasure youre going to be better at.

    Emotions and Memory Performance

    • Positive memories contain more contextual details there for more accurate memory
    • Emotional arousal not importance of information which helps your memory.
    • Emotional arousal appear to keep us in a readiness to respond so weve better attention 5.

    Mood and Memory Performance

    When your emotional state is positive you tend to remember more positive events and the same goes with negative..

    Also, youre better able to remember when your mood matches the state in which you took in the information so mood matching is important.

    So, lets keep it up beat

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    Mahjong A Great Brain Game For Older Adults Who Love Puzzles

    A straightforward tile-matching game that has long been popular with the elderly in Asian countries, Mahjong is also a great way to socialize as you can play the table game version with multiple players. It is a fun game for people of all ages, but its especially popular with older adults who are looking for unique and challenging ways to keep their minds sharp, have fun, and be connected to a global culture. Beautifully crafted Mahjong sets start from under $25.

    General Online Games For Seniors

    3 Easy Memory Games for Seniors- fun brain games

    Our top picks:

    Text Twist: How to play: Form words from the letters provided by clicking on the letter discs. Click on the TWIST button to scramble the letters for you to be able to see other words. Guess the bingo to qualify to the next round.

    Treasure Hunt: A fun game with a pirate theme, this game also helps sharpen your memory.

    How to play: A number of items found in a pirate ships room will be displayed. Try to remember as best as you can. As you continue, click on the items which you think have changed in the room. Earn gold coins for each changed object that you have identified. Guess the required number of items to be discovered and you will qualify to the next round. As the game progresses, more items are added and the more number of items you need to find to get to the next level.

    Gardenscapes : This game enhances your visual acuity and time management skills.

    How to play: In a room full of clutter, find the objects that are on the wanted list posted on the left side of the screen. Earn money for each object found.

    Senior online games are fun and even more thrilling when they are free. However, you can always read a book or just plant a garden. Who can resist seeing a small seed grow into a plant, especially if you are the one who planted it? Find other ideas for senior entertainment at the Guide For Seniors. Your imagination is endless!

    Read more on Guide For Seniors for ways to help seniors and their health.

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    Sudoku Boost Your Pattern Recognition And Decision Making

    Sudoku is a game of logic where you have to spot patterns, think strategically and solve problems. The benefits of playing Sudoku also include getting a sense of accomplishment from unraveling a problem, creating order and finishing tasks. If you enjoy bringing order to a situation of uncertainty and experiencing the feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing tasks, Sudoku is for you! Play online, or play on paper a range of Sudoku puzzle books are available on.

    Games For Those Living With Dementia

    It has been said that keeping the brain stimulated through games can help slow the progression of dementia. There are certain board games targeted at those living with dementia.

    Perhaps you might like to try the following games if your loved one receives a dementia diagnosis:

    • Amazing Chase: this can be used in both early and late stage dementia
    • this game is specifically aimed at understanding how your loved one thinks and to understand what they like and dont like
    • Snakes and Ladders: perfect for mental stimulation
    • Animal Snap: this card set is specially designed around cognitive stimulation therapy for those living with dementia

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    Free Brain Games To Help Keep Seniors Minds Sharp During Quarantine

    As people age, its important to keep the body as healthy as possible by engaging in a reasonable amount of physical activity and exercise. But its equally important to exercise the mind according to the Mayo Clinic, staying mentally active can help prevent memory loss and dementia. This has never been more important as more people are using social distancing from the elderly and those most vulnerable amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    Thankfully, games are one of many fun things to do at home and an effective way to improve memory and overall mental health. And thanks to the wonders of the internet, theres no need to take your aging parent or a loved one on a shopping spree in the overwhelming board game section of your nearest department store. Theres a wealth of free options online here are five of our recommendations.

    Fun Games For All Of Us

    Play matching game for seniors

    I am more of a puzzle or solitaire player. Even more fun is Minesweeper or Sokoban. Both can be downloaded from the Microsoft store on your computer or the app store on your phone. I must warn you both are addictive but entertaining. Just what we need for a lazy afternoon.

    Minesweeper is shown on a board of squares. Click on any square. Then continue to click the squares. You win if you have avoided all of the mines. The numbers in the boxes tell you how many mines are on a square touching that square. If you figure out where the mines are, you win. It appears to be impossible but keep at it and you will figure out how to win.

    Sokoban is a classic puzzle game. Sokoban online has variations we have never seen before. It is worth checking out. How to play: Push the boxes around till you have a clear path to victory. The first levels make the game seem easy, but each level gets harder and harder. Think you have figured it out? The final boxes are the hardest to fit. You may have to start over to finish the level. Use your reasoning powers to complete all the levels in the game. It is great fun.

    Weve checked out a few sites in order to compile a list of the best senior online games.

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