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Understanding The Role Of A Senior Move Manager

WGN Morning News in Chicago Interview with NASMM Executive Director

Moving can be stressful, time consuming, and emotionally exhausting. Not only must you pack a lifetime of belongings, hire and manage several different service providers, and manage timelines, but you must also keep a watchful eye to be sure that your prized possessions are being treated with respect.

In this busy day and age, families may not be as readily available or equipped to help move their loved ones for many different reasons. Whether it be a difference in geographic location, busy schedules, or other life demands, a move can cause undue stress between family members. For example, family members helping with a move may not consider their loved ones possessions to hold value or significance what they see is junk and clutter. To the older adult, these items tell a story, which may be attached to precious memories.

To make the process easier, familiarize yourself with resources that are available to alleviate tress when making a major life transition. Hiring a Senior Move Manager®, a certified professional who assists older adults with every step of the transition from their long-time home to a smaller space.

When considering hiring a Senior Move Manager®, the National Association of Move Managers suggests you ask the following questions to determine the best fit for your needs.

It’s So Much More Than Just A Move

Designs By Jujubz is a Certified Move Management Company via the National Association of Senior Move Managers . As a certified NASMM company, we specialize in helping older adults and their families with the process of downsizing, whether you’re moving to a new residence or aging in place.

Why hire a Senior Move Manager? After 30, 40, or even 50 years in your current home, the process of rightsizing and relocating to a new home can feel overwhelming. As NASMM members, we understand your move is so much more than just a move – it’s truly a transition to a new stage of life.

When you work with Designs by Jujubz we make the process worry free. We have the experience needed to help you transition smoothly. We’ve completed over 65 client projects/~ 3000 hours and are bound by a pledge of integrity, committed to safety and ethics, and dedicated to continuing senior transition professional development.

Our approach is compassionate, non-judgmental and most importantly we are a trustworthy bunch. We also partner with highly rated Certified Age-In-Place Specialists contractors. The CAPS designation offers reassurance to accessible challenged folks making remodeling choices to ensure these critical decisions will help them stay in their homes safely and securely.

Experts In Working With Older Adults

When moving, older adults have different needs than young families have. Years-long collections, precious decades-old valuables, and a lifetime of memories may be part of an older adults move. Physical conditions such as hearing loss and dementia may necessitate adult children taking a key role in the move.

No matter what is involved in an older adult move, the experts at Bekins have experience handling those needs. Our Silver Certified training program for agent partners specifically teaches our salespeople, drivers, crews, and agency owners best practices for working with older adults.

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Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Senior Move Manager

The thought of sorting through your possessions when moving into a new house, especially in old age, can be overwhelming.

No one wants to part with their cherished personal effects, but aging can make it difficult to keep track of everything. That’s why it’s a good idea to sort through everything to figure out what should be kept, sold, and given away to friends and charities.

This process can be made easy with the help of professionals who can emotionally and physically help make relocation easier. Accredited by the National Association of Senior Move Managers , reliable senior move managers can help streamline the moving and downsizing processes for senior citizens.

Why You Should Pursue The Smm

How do I Find a Good Senior Move Manager?
  • Professional certification serves as a mark of professional achievement.
  • In a market requiring skilled professionals, certification distinguishes you from your competition, providing you with market advantage.
  • Certification exemplifies an expanded knowledge of essential operation and client service issues unique to Senior Move Management.
  • Certification provides an extra measure of credibility and authority both within and outside the profession.
  • Certification demonstrates to your clients and referral sources you are committed to professional development.

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Helping With A Difficult Transition

Specialty companies are springing up to help seniors downsize, move

An elderly Spotsylvania County widow realized that moving to a new home would be totally different this time around.

Patty Jenkins had packed everything herself when she and her husband retired and left western Pennsylvania in 1996 to move to Lees Hill South so theyd be closer to family. Their new home was spacious enough for all their belongings, but after her husband died, Jenkins decided to downsize and knew shed need help.

National Association Of Senior Move Managers

In November 2002, Greg Gunderson, owner of Gentle Transitions, was one of a small group of individuals that met in Alexandria, VA to form an association of companies dedicated to assisting seniors through the moving process.

As a result of that meeting, the National Association of Senior Move Managers was formed to foster and promote the burgeoning senior relocation industry. NASMM has grown from 15 members at the original meeting to more than 600 members in more than 40 states.

Greg has been an active member of the organization since its inception and has served as a Board Member. As a regular attendee of the national conference, Greg knows personally many senior move managers throughout the U.S.

Gentle Transitions has worked in conjunction with a number of NASMM members in different parts of the country when clients are moving between states.

For a recommendation on a NASMM member in another state, please check with Greg, the Gentle Transitions office, or email us at .

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Smooth Transitions Fredericksburg: Receives The National Association Of Senior Move Managerscircle Of Service Designation

Smooth Transitions Fredericksburg has been awarded the Circle of Service designation by the National Association of Senior Move Managers . The Circle of Service designation is bestowed on Senior Move Management companies that have been NASMMmembers, in good standing, for a minimum of five years, and have shown consistent dedication and support of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and the Senior Move Management profession.

This special designation is awarded to Senior Move Management companies attaining an elevated level of experience and expertise, said Mary Kay Buysse, NASMMs Executive Director. Smooth Transitions Fredericksburg has been instrumental in the development of the Senior Move Management industry and has worked to increase the professionalism, credibility, and visibility of this emerging senior service.

Over 60 Senior Move Management companies from across the United States and Canada received the Circle of Service designation this year. The awards ceremony took place during the National Association of Senior Move Managers 2016 Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX in late February.


Knowledge + Experience = Smm

Worthy Webinar for NASMM Members

The SMM-C combines the successful completion of nine rigorous, competency-based courses along with our basic Cornerstone Courses .

SMM-C Knowledge Requirements:

Four NASMM Cornerstone Courses :

  • Move Management Safety
  • Ethics & Accountability in Senior Move Management
  • The Moving Industry 101

Nine Additional Certification Courses for the SMM-C Certification:

  • Before They Call You
  • It’s Real: Relocation Stress Syndrome
  • Managing Client Expectations
  • Client’s Physical and Cognitive Needs: Enhance Your Approach
  • Let It Go! The Psychology of Holding Family Treasures
  • Communicating with Our Most Difficult Clients
  • This Chair Rocks with Ashton Applewhite
  • Using a Positive Approach to Dementia Care
  • Is It Chronic Disorganization or Hoarding?

SMM-C Experience Requirements:

  • Proof of forty invoiced Senior Move Management projects. Upon purchasing the SMM-C application, you will be provided access to an Excel spreadsheet which requires you to document the following:
  • Project Start Date
  • Services Provided :
  • Arranging for Disposition of Possessions
  • Move Management

Application Fee:

  • NASMM Member: $399
  • Non-Member: $699
  • NASMM Members: $69 per course or $189 for the 4-course bundle
  • Non Members: $169 per course – no bundled option

NASMM Certification Course Bundle Fees:

  • NASMM Members: $59 per course or $299 for the nine course bundle.
  • Non Members: $99 per course
  • $299 every three years

Renewal Requirements:

1. CE Renewal Requirements

a. If you are renewing in 2022 CE requirements increase to 20 hours

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What We Do For You

  • Make a plan, so you know what to expect and address any of your concerns or questions

  • Help sort and organize belongings and make sure they end up at their correct destination, whether its staying with you, going to a new home with a relative, or to a donation center

  • We can move your belongings to its requested destination within the Upper Valley as well as coordinate movers and shipping companies for long haul destinations.

  • We can create a floor plan for your new or existing home

What Does A Senior Move Manager Do

Senior move managers are experts who plan, organize, and implement the move from one home to the other.

1) Preparation

  • Discuss the wants and needs of the seniors with their transition.
  • Provide a timeline and checklists of tasks that need to be completed.
  • Develop a new floor plan on where the furniture must be placed.
  • Put out a moving plan depending on those wants and needs.

2) Organizing

  • Determine which items and resources to take, sell, and give.
  • Label boxes for easy transportation.
  • Packing and labeling of items.
  • Arrange and coordinate with local movers from the new and old homes.

3) Moving Process

  • Coordinate with the local moving company on which items to move and which ones are not.
  • Loading of items into the local moving company. Unpacking all items when senior move managers arrive at the destination.
  • Positioning of the furniture according to the living space.
  • Connecting all electronics and appliances and setting up the computer.

4) Other Senior Move Managers Service

  • Selling of estate, looking for referrals for selling of the old home.
  • Arranging unmoved items to be sold or donated.
  • Repairing and refurbishing the old home in preparation for the sale.
  • Arrange cleaning of the old home.

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Help Seniors Feel In Control

Many seniors feel that relocation is happening to them, and they have no contribution to this decision. In most cases, this is true, as an accident or a bad event can make relocation necessary. But these feelings of vulnerability make the process more difficult. Moreover, they are more likely to accept the change if it is their decision.

For this reason, it is necessary to let the seniors feel in control of their decisions and the things happening around them. Senior move managers know how to conduct everything according to the house owner’s wishesâmaking the move easier for the family.

One Invest In Nasmm’s Welcome To Move Management Personal Coaching Appointment

Accreditations: NASMM, Alzheimer

To make sure Move Management is a good fit for you, we recommend you invest in NASMM’s Welcome to Senior Move Personal Coaching Appointment. During your scheduled phone consultation, one of NASMMs experienced Executive Directors will provide you with an overview of Senior Move Management, including an understanding of the Specialty & Senior Move Management client and the Move Management profession.

This 60-minute phone consultation is your unique opportunity to dive deeper and and learn about big-picture concepts with specific tips and strategies essential for Senior Move Managers®. We have helped hundreds of Senior Move Managers® launch successful businesses and we can help you too!

Prior to your appointment, we will provide you with a questionnaire about you, your background, and your aspirations. Youll have the opportunity to ask your start-up questions. Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, well schedule a time for your consultation at your convenience. Zoom or phone, it’s your call!

For just $149.00, you will gain insight into this exciting, growing profession with a one-on-one, private consultation.

To schedule your appointment, click here!

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Down Size And Declutter

You arent moving, but would like to downsize or declutter. Great! We can help with that. We can help you sort and organize your belongings, so it will feel like you just moved into a clean, fresh home. We can help you maximize the storage space you already have, and arrange furniture and belongings in a way that best suits your needs.

Time And Money Savings

The services of senior move managers are worth every penny when you consider what it may cost in time and stress if you donât hire one. Most move managers conduct packing and downsizing duties by themselves. There is a chance that the senior community youâre moving into has a date range that you need to meet. Coordinating your donations, disposals, packing and hiring am over may take a long time if done alone.

Using their service will save all the time spent sorting, labeling, and packing every item. This time can be used to connect with the family members. This way, seniors will not feel left out of the family circle.

Further, senior move managers can efficiently complete the downsizing because they have connections with multiple charities. They can quickly donate every stuff to the right shop.

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Invest In The National Association Of Senior And Specialty Move Managers

To ensure that this career is fit for you, investing in this association could be the turning point for you or your business.

Once youve invested in their coaching appointment, they will contact you, and you can start learning how the industry works.

The appointment will give you a better idea and understanding of how to go about this profession and how they deal with their clients.

The phone appointment isnt long and will usually take around an hour.

In addition, you will be given a few tips, strategies, and concepts for being a senior move manager or business providing similar assistance.

Senior Move Manager Training

Why Hire A Senior Move Manager?

Formal training isnt required however, it is highly recommended to do so.

The NASMM has a 25-hour training program addressing all the essential skills and tools needed to become a successful senior move manager.

It answers all the questions and tackles all the topics. This online training program is done through their FrontDoor Training Program a culmination of years of experience in this industry, marketing, and aging services.

We advise you to complete their self-study 25-hour training program to ensure you are well-equipped with the right knowledge to provide the best assistance possible.

Their continuing professional development and client-centered approach are unparalleled.

Graduating from this program indicates you are already fit enough to become the best person at managing moves.

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Find A Senior Move Manager

To effectively search for a Senior Move Manager®:

  • Click on a specific state to view a complete listing of Senior Move Managers® in that state.
  • TIP: Profiles appearing first in a state’s search results are companies earning NASMM’s A+ Accreditation designation, NASMM’s highest level of achievement!
  • Please also note that many states offer multiple pages of Senior & Specialty Move Manager® companies, and you’ll want to review them all.
  • Don’t settle for the first page of results! Please click “Next” when instructed to view all of the Move Managers in the state you’ve selected.
  • Please review the “Service Area” in each Senior Move Manager’s® profile for optimal geographic search results.
  • TIP: For the most refinedgeographic search, please use the zip code search tool.
  • The term Senior Move Manager® is a service mark owned by NASMM. Only NASMM members are Senior Move Managers®. All NASMM Move Managers have completed required courses in safety and ethics, and are screened for insurance. Please confirm the Move Manager you hire holds the proper insurance.

    How To Become A Senior Move Manager

    Becoming senior move managers starts with the desire to help older adults, family members, and other individuals successfully transition from living in a new home to downsizing.

    People who want to become senior move managers come from all backgrounds, such as nursing, social work, health care, etc.

    If you want to become a senior move manager, you may have already heard about NASMM or the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers.

    It is one of the leading membership organizations to become a senior move manager.

    NASMM members are often practitioners and teachers who guide you or your business in achieving your goals.

    Here are the steps to help you get started:

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    Become A Member Of Nasmm

    NASMM is the only company representing the move management. It would be crucial to focus and learn everything about this industry from a company with vast knowledge about the business.

    NASMM Move Managers who became a member have completed all the required courses for safety and ethics. These members are also screened for insurance.

    This companyhas what it takes to take your business in this industry to the next level. Thanks to its vibrant community, they provide:

    • All the essential tools
    • A seamless approach to becoming an amazing senior move manager

    What Is A Senior Move Manager

    Education &  Training

    Lets Talk About You

    Tell what you can do for your visitor and how your service can help.

    Moving at any age is difficult. However, for older adults it can be completely overwhelming.

    Moving Forward Senior Move Managers® have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress and produce quality results. Services are client-centered and personalized to meet the clients needs and preferences. Families, particularly, should never doubt the power of an outside expert!

    Senior Move Managers:

    • Specialize in helping older adults and their families with the daunting process of downsizing and moving to a new residence.
    • Are experienced professionals, bound by a pledge of integrity, committed to safety and ethics, and dedicated to continuing professional development.
    • Will move you expertly, compassionately, and affordably.

    The following video produced by NASMM provides an overview.

    Moving Forward is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers® and the only Wisconsin company awarded a NASMM A+ Accreditation.


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