Best Protein Powder For Seniors 2020

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Protein Drinks For Weight Loss

Best Protein Powders in 2020 [5 Picks For Cutting & Bulking]

Higher protein diets are strongly associated with successful and long term weight loss.

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly protein is very satiating than both carbs and fats.

Secondly, protein has a very high thermic effect of feeding. This means it requires quite a few Calories to digest it. More than carbs and fat.

If you were to eat 100 Calories worth of protein, ~20 of those Calories would be burned off just through digestion.

This study took 54 obese and overweight older women in good health and assigned them to either

-A diet with higher carb intake and resistance exercise

-A diet with high protein intake and resistance exercise

-No diet and resistance exercise.

The higher protein + resistance exercise group experienced greater loss in body weight, fat mass, percent body fat, and waist circumference. They also had better regulation of blood glucose.

It’s worth noting that all participants saw improvements in a number of health, fitness, and functional capacity related variables. This highlights the importance and effectiviness of resistance training for older adults.

What Is Protein And Why Is It Important For Building Muscle

Protein is one of the three macronutrients that provide your body with energy and nutrients to remain healthy and function properly, the other two being carbohydrates and fat.

Carbohydrates and fats provide you with the energy your muscles need to lift weights and perform in the gym. Protein allows your muscles to respond to that effort by growing bigger and stronger.

The protein you eat is made up of 20 amino acids, nine of which are essential. Those are the ones crucial to building muscle and the ones you need to get adequate amounts of to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. A protein source that contain plentiful amounts of all nine essential amino acids is called a complete protein.

Amino acids are the building blocks of almost everything in the human body. When you eat protein-rich foods, like eggs, chicken, or beans, your body breaks the protein down into amino acids and then uses them to build and repair your muscles, organs, skin cells, etc.

Both US and European authorities recommend a daily protein intake of 0.8 to 0.83 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.12 That amount of protein is enough to stay healthy and maintain your muscle mass if youre untrained. Perfect for a sedentary lifestyle.

However, some people, including those who engage in strength training and older adults, benefit from more protein.

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Should Seniors Use Protein Drinks

People in various age ranges can benefit from the muscle-building properties of protein drinks. Protein actually performs several different functions inside the body. As protein is digested it breaks down into amino acids. The body produces some non-essential amino acids, but there are 9 essential amino acids that can only come from foods. Complete proteins generally come from foods like poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy.

Unfortunately, not every senior can eat all of the fish or poultry that is required to provide the recommended amount of proteins. A lack of adequate protein can have a significant impact on your immune system. Thats where protein powders and shakes come into play.

Protein powder is one viable option for seniors who need to add more protein to their daily routine. But you may benefit more from a full RTD protein drink due to the additional vitamins and nutrients that they contain. Some protein drinks can help address the causes of poor nutrition in older adults by including essential vitamins and nutrients.

If you suffer from dietary restrictions that prevent you from eating all of the whole food sources you need for daily protein, then its likely you are lacking in other nutrients as well. You may be missing out on key vitamins like B12, which are commonly found in the same foods that are high in protein.

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Dymatize Iso100 Clear Protein Drink

  • 25 grams of protein from whey isolate
  • No sugar and no fat
  • Only 110 calories per serving
  • Doesnt contain any additional nutrients

This protein drink is unique in a few different ways. The first and most obvious difference is that it is clear. This is a stark contrast to the white and brown protein drinks weve covered already.

Second, it contains no fats, no sugars, and no carbs. This is an excellent protein source for seniors who are trying to stay fit and avoid putting on extra weight.

The drink contains 25 grams of whey protein isolate which tends to be better tolerated by lactose-intolerant people. The whey isolate is absorbed quickly and gets to work inside the body immediately. Its very popular among athletes and seniors who are trying to stay active at the gym.

Whey Protein Powder Side Effects

The Best Protein Powders of 2020  ReviewThis

There are a few potential side effects of whey protein powder for seniors. These include gastrointestinal issues like bloating and cramping, as well as increased bowel movements. Additionally, whey protein can cause dehydration, so seniors should be sure to drink plenty of fluids when taking it. There is also a small risk of kidney damage with whey protein powder, so seniors should consult with their doctor before taking it.

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Best For Flavor Options: Levels Grass

This protein powder is suitable for individuals looking to build lean muscle or lose fat. It is also a good option for people who do not eat soy or gluten. However, it is not suitable for vegans.

Eight flavors are available, including pure chocolate, vanilla cinnamon, chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry. A person can also opt for an unflavored whey protein.

Furthermore, the product page lists the nutritional values that come with each 1-scoop serving:

Taking protein powder may come with a few benefits.

Which Protein Powder Is Best

The bad news is that there is no one best protein powder that covers all the bases. Depending on when and why youre using it, a different protein powder might be best for the occasion. The good news is that you have a wide variety of protein powders to choose from, and there are few bad choices.

Lets look at the best protein powder for men and women over 50.

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Prevention And Management Of Under

A greater appreciation of the high rates and significant adverse effects of undernutrition and sarcopenia, which often co-exist in older people, has led to attempts to prevent and treat these conditions. Both exercise and nutritional measures have been shown to have benefits, particularly when combined .

Why Is Protein Important For Older Adults

TOP 7: BEST Protein Powder [2020] | Protein Powders For Muscle Building

Protein is extra important for the elderly. While aging is a natural process, it does take a toll on the body. Luckily, paying attention to sources and intake of protein can support a healthy aging process.

1. Supports Overall Health & Wellness

A diet sufficient in protein is imperative for many reasons, regardless of age or fitness level. Seniors need the right amount of protein in order to maintain:

  • Muscle strength

Protein acts as a potent building block for the body. They essentially stimulate building processes, and they aid in nearly every cell and body process. Especially for seniors, protein can help ease the aging process and maintain health in a way that minimizes risk.

2. Aids Digestion

With age, digestion slows down. Protein powder is much easier to digest than its more meaty alternatives. Protein provides a crucial function by balancing hormones and digestive enzymes involved in the digestion process.

It is worth looking closely at the ingredients list before deciding between options. For example, casein protein powder is especially slow-digesting. Protein helps the body to feel full for longer, and slow-digesting proteins especially can support a lingering feeling of fullness.

3. Improves Muscle Mass

Loss of muscle mass is normal in older adults. Sometimes this phenomenon can be linked to diminished strength or health issues.

4. Supports The Body On A Cellular Level

  • Skin, hair, and nails

5. Facilitates Several Body Processes

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What Are Some Complete Protein Food Sources For Seniors

While consuming various proteins from food and supplemental sources helps you stay healthy, it is vital to ensure that you get the majority of these nutrients from complete protein sources. So what is a complete protein? A complete protein is a protein that contains all nine of the amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own.

Some examples of complete proteins are:

While most of these options are animal-based, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can still get a sufficient amount of complete proteins by eating quinoa and buckwheat. Though they are considered incomplete proteins, foods like nuts, legumes, or lentils help you get many of the essential amino acids if you pair them.

Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Price: $$

Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder features a variety of plant-based ingredients, including peas, rice, sprouted quinoa, amaranth, and hemp seed.

Its not only suitable for those who are vegan or vegetarian but also a great option for people who are lactose intolerant or who follow a gluten-free diet.

Additionally, this vegan protein powder is certified organic and tested for heavy metals by third-party labs to ensure safety.

Its also free of artificial ingredients and sweetened with stevia, monk fruit, and brown rice syrup. However, it does contain coconut, which some people may need to avoid.

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Orgain Organic Nutrition Nutritional Shake

Orgain Nutritional Shake relies on organic ingredients to create something thats healthy and delicious. Not only does their shake provide 16 grams of protein per serving, but it also contains an organic fruit and vegetable blend to provide antioxidants and other plant-based compounds.

Theres a vitamins and minerals blend too, giving between 10% and 30% of your daily needs for many critical nutrients. This is perfect for boosting nutrient intake.

There are two versions of the shakes. One is plant based, using pea protein and chia seeds as the protein source. The other relies on milk protein and whey protein instead. The two versions are similar nutritionally, although the vegan shakes are slightly lower in calories.

The main downside here is the sugar content, as youre getting 10 or 12 grams of sugar per serving, with just 16 grams of protein. This balance isnt ideal, but may still be helpful for seniors who need a drink that tastes good.

What Do We Mean By Protein Quality

Swanson Senior Muscle Retention Protein Powder

It’s important to briefly discuss protein “quality”

Protein quality simply refers to the amount of amino acids present in the food or drink you are consuming.

Now the best protein drink for elderly people will include good quality protein . But what about other foods that we are eating as part of our diet?

For example all meat products contain all 20 amino acids making it a source of high quality protein.

The same goes for dairy products.

However, the same cannot be said for plant based foods. Most plant based foods only contain a certain amount of the amino acids. They may only contain 12 of the 20 amino acids needed to make 1 complete protein molecule. Some more and some less.

For that reason, those who don’t eat meat or dairy as part of their diet need to pay closer attention to ensuring they get a good amount of quality protein into their diet.

Vegans for example need to eat a bigger array foods to ensure that they are getting all 20 amino acids needed for muscle growth and repair.

As a nutritionist, the modern day extreme narratives regarding diet are very frustrating. Lot’s of my new clients will come to me and talk about how they’ve become a vegan for better health.

Eating lots of plant based foods is great, but totally eliminating other food groups can very easily lead to deficiency.

Introducing a glass of milk as part of your breakfast routine is a great way to boost your consumption of quality protein.

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Is It Worth Looking Out For Extra Benefits From Protein Powder Such As Vitamins And Minerals Or Fibre

The simple answer is no! While these make for an excellent selling point, if you are eating a balanced diet alongside the protein supplement you should not need additional vitamins.

Is there a limit to how much protein the body can absorb from a serving?

The human body is an impressive machine, which likes to maintain a balanced constant internal environment. We can fill ourselves with protein, but we will only absorb as much as we require for muscle synthesis.

The Department of Health recommends approximately 55g of protein a day for male adults and a little less for females. Obviously, if we exercise at high intensity, muscle turnover is higher and protein demand is therefore greater, so we will often require more than this. But if we consume too much protein, the body will simply metabolise and excrete it. This means you could literally be flushing money and protein down the pan.

Who Shouldnt Take Protein Supplements

Children shouldnt take protein supplements unless directed by a dietitian. The NHS advises that consuming too much protein in the long term is linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis, and may worsen existing kidney problems.

Some people find protein powders difficult to digest its best to include them gradually into your diet, and see how you get on.

Although allergens should be stated on the label, anyone with allergies should be cautious about using a new supplement as there is an obvious risk of cross-contamination in factories. Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or being treated for existing medical conditions should consult their GP before starting new supplements.

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What Is The Best Tasting Protein Drinks For Seniors

I get asked this question a lot.

Of course it is subjective as to what the best tasting protein drink is however there are some things that do change the texture and consistency of protein shakes.

As I mentioned in the last section, whey protein is generally much tastier than vegan/plant based options. Whey protein is very creamy and smooth whilst plant based proteins are generally grainy and more watery.

There’s also varying types of whey protein to look out for.

The 2 main types of whey protein are whey concentrate and whey isolate.

The concentrate variety usually contains around 80-90% protein content whilst isolate is up there at 95% plus.

There’s not a whole lot of difference between the two but concentrate is generally a bit cheaper and mixes a little better than isolate. Either choice is fine.

Finding a tasty plant based protein is a harder. Stick to better known brands and read the reviews to see what other people have said about it.

Other than that, it’s a case of trial and error.

Personally, I mostly use whey concentrate vanilla flavour as it works well with smoothies.

Who Could Benefit From Using A Protein Supplement

Best Protein Powders in 2020 [Top 5 PIcks]

If you’re regularly getting enough protein from your diet, adding a supplement might not make a noticeable difference to your health.

However, those who are either unable to regularly eat enough protein due to decreased appetite or illness, or who have increased protein needs as a result of high-intensity exercise might benefit from taking a supplement.

Kerry explains: ‘One example, which is probably not an obvious one, is the elderly. This group often has a greater need for protein, but a lower appetite. Increasing protein intake in a form that is palatable and suits their lowered appetite may be effective in protecting against muscle loss. That said, in this group other aspects, such as kidney health and osteoporosis, need to be considered and monitored its worth checking with a GP that protein supplements are safe and suitable for each individual.

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How Much Protein Do I Need Each Day

Most people need roughly 0.8 to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, but you may need up to 2 grams per kilogram if youre really active. If you need more clarity and help to find the right protein goal, then you should definitely reach out to a registered dietitian nutritionist in your area and make an appointment!

Does The Type Of Protein Or Amino Acid In The Supplement Matter

Yes, it probably does. Not all ingested proteins are the same, particularly in terms of their anabolic effects on skeletal muscle . The available evidence indicates that branched chain amino acids, particularly leucine, are the most effective amino acids in stimulating muscle protein synthesis . Consistent with this, in one longitudinal study, older people with dietary leucine intakes in the upper quartile had preservation of lean body mass over 6 years, whereas those with intakes in the lowest quartile had loss of lean body mass . The extent of MPS is proportional to the peak leucine plasma concentration after protein ingestion .

Animal-derived dietary proteins appear to be stronger in stimulating MPS than plant-based proteins, and milk-based proteins in particular are a good source of leucine containing proteins . Whey protein, obtained from milk in the cheese making process, is high in leucine, about 1015%, and more rapidly absorbed than casein, factors that may contribute to its greater stimulatory effect than casein on MPS in older men . The maximum stimulatory effects on MPS probably occur after ingestion of 22.5 gm leucine in young and middle aged adults, with little additional effect of higher intakes. Ingestion of 20 gm whey protein concentrate at one time is probably sufficient to optimise MPS in young and middle aged adults . In contrast, because of anabolic resistance, older adults appear to need 3035 gm or more of whey to achieve similar anabolic effects .

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