Temporary Assisted Living For Seniors

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Temporary assisted living options offered at Retirement Living Management communities

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Transitioning After A Rehab Or Hospital Stay

Reimbursement constraints often dictate when seniors are discharged from a hospital stay, even if home isnt the safest option. A short-term Assisted Living stay, where a senior is surrounded by social opportunities, engaging programs and 24-hour awake care staff, can help bridge the gap and reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalization.

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Our Vacation And Recovery Stay Programs Are Ideal For:

  • Family members who need to take a break from their caregiver duties
  • Patients who have completed a hospital stay or rehabilitation, but who would benefit from an added care
  • Those who have undergone same day surgery or other outpatient procedures and want a day or two of rest before resuming their daily routines
  • Prospective residents and their families who would like to evaluate the benefits of Richfield Living before making a permanent move.

Individuals are to check-in for his/her stay Monday through Friday, prior to 3 p.m. To discuss options please contact our admission counselors at 540.380.6523. Temporary senior care stays are also available in our Assisted Living, for those requiring 24-hour nursing care. For more information on our respite care options, call 540-380-6523 .

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Your Loved One Gets To Experience The Dynamic Lifestyle Of Senior Living

Whether your loved one is receiving respite care services or short-term rehabilitation therapies, theyll get a taste of the many advantages of senior living.

Charter Senior Living communities offer residents a full and active lifestyle with an emphasis on well-being. Your family member will have the opportunity to engage in social and recreational activities, socialize with other residents, and enjoy restaurant-style dining.

In some cases, respite care could serve as a trial run to see whether senior living is a good fit for your loved one. In fact, it happens frequently that a respite guest decides to make their stay permanent. It can also be a wonderful way to break up their routine and offer them a new and exciting experience.

What Are Some Services And Amenities Provided In An Independent Living Community

Residents at Hawthorn Park Retirement Residence in Kelowna are ...

When you think about moving out of your home, worries come naturally. Who wouldnt feel trepidation when considering so many options and weighing so many priorities? Heres the thing, though, every independent living community is different, and whats a new idea in one may be the most popular option in another.

You can find the choice thats right for you. The best thing to do first is understand what types of amenities and services you want so you can look for independent living communities that meet those needs.

This list of seven common benefits of independent living communities help you understand which types of services and amenities you might want to look for.

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What To Expect When Moving Into A Short Term Assisted Living Center

Moving into an assisted living facility can be difficult for many seniors, however, when the visit will only be a temporary, short-term thing is much easier. Long-term residents may have to think about selling their home or downsizing their possessions, however, for a short term stay most of these tasks are not required. Regardless of how long the visit will be, it is a good idea to be prepared in advance to make the transition more efficient.

Both short term residents and long-term assisted living residents will need to have a medical assessment prior to moving in or on the first day of their stay. The caregivers at the assisted living community will go over the medical history, medical needs, concerns and any other issues that may be present. This will allow the staff to create a customized care plan that ensures all the senior’s needs are met. Depending on how the senior arrived, there may be a test given to assess their physical ability to complete certain tasks. Seniors who arrive for a short-term stay following a medical procedure will likely be exempt from such tests. The staff will also ask about dietary needs, eating habits and personal meal preferences. Some locations may perform a memory assessment to see if the senior is in need of memory care services, if it seems appropriate.

When Should We Consider A Short Term Assisted Living Stay

Seniors who have spent time in the hospital and are going to be discharged may not feel ready to be at home alone. Seniors that are not in need of rehabilitation, but may need a helping hand can benefit from a short-term stay in an assisted living facility.

Families that live too far to help care for a senior during a medical emergency are good candidates. Those whose family or caregivers work schedule prevents them from providing dedicated care are also good candidates for a short-term stay at an assisted living home.

Seniors who are not sure if they are able to live at home alone and those who would like to try living in a community can benefit from a short term respite stay.

Senior Medicare recipients that are unable to get approval for rehabilitation therapy but will not be safe on their own following surgery are perfect candidates for short term stays in an assisted living community as well. Instead of being placed in a nursing home, the family can secure a short-term spot in a community where Medicare can cover supportive services following treatment.

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Your Loved One Will Receive The Care They Need

Whether your family member enters short-term care after a hospital stay or because their caregiver needs a short reprieve from their duties, they will receive the same comprehensive care offered to residents. Your loved ones care plan will be customized to their individual needs, and caregivers have the peace of mind that their loved ones will be given excellent care.

Can Assisted Living Be Temporary

Residents of evacuated senior-living apartments find temporary housing
  • Can Assisted Living Be Temporary?
  • People often ask us can assisted living is temporary or can you get short-term assisted living? Yes, it can be temporary, and you may only need assisted living for a short period of time.

    There are short-term assisted living options that we can help you with, maybe you are interested in doing a trial stay in an assisted living community, to see if you will like it, or if they offer you the service that you are looking for.

    You may need assisted living for a short period of time for respite care. Respite care will offer short-term relief for caregivers and family members.

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    Comfortable Transitional Care Guided By Experts

    Belmont Village Senior Living is uniquely positioned to partner with hospitals to prolong recovery periods and reduce the number of preventable readmissions of Medicare patients. We provide transitional care via short-term recovery stays as a mid-stage for patients between hospital and home. We have 7-day-a-week readmission capability, with a licensed nurse on-site 24/7 to assess and monitor patients in recovery from conditions such as acute myocardial infarction, heart failure and pneumonia. Our skilled nurses can also assist in managing underlying conditions such as diabetes. Licensed therapists provide physical, occupational and speech therapies in our on-site fitness center, to allow patients to seamlessly continue their rehab.

    What Charges Are Allowed In Addition To My Monthly Rate

    Assisted living service providers may charge you an additional amount for hydro/heat services .

    You may also be charged a one-time fee for a refundable damage deposit, based on half of the monthly rent for your assisted living unit. Health authorities must ensure that your damage deposit is refunded at the end of your tenancy, unless there is damage which is determined to be more than expected wear and tear.

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    Seniors Care Services Carefully Designed With You In Mind

    Respite Care is a temporary form of support for individuals and their caregivers. Respite Care may be for just a few days, or longer periods, depending on the needs of the person and the needs of their caregiver.

    Respite Care in Assisted Living is an option for seniors seeking temporary accommodation where they can remain as independent as possible, while having access to support and care to meet their changing needs, on a short term basis. Assisted Living provides seniors with personalized care and assistance that may include services such as medication management, bathing and dressing. We provide Private Choice Respite Care in Assisted Living with beautiful private rooms in a home-like setting that are fully paid for by the resident. Please contact us for pricing and room availability.

    Our seniors care facilities offer the convenience of many on-site amenities and services. Recreational programs provide seniors the opportunity to connect with peers and participate in social activities and holiday gatherings. Other services available include on-site hair and barber salon, daily meals, and basic housekeeping and laundry services.

    Three Ways Assisted Living Provides Temporary Care Solutions To Aging Seniors

    At Pueblo Norte Senior Living Community, you can enjoy independent and ...

    Assisted living provides many wonderful options for aging men and women. Some people may be surprised to learn that certain elder care facilities like assisted living may also provide respite care options.

    These short-term, temporary solutions are a great way for both seniors and their family caregivers to get time apart, to take a break. There are numerous ways that the right elder care facility can provide short-term solutions.

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    Financial Assistance For Respite Care

    Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for financial assistance to help cover the costs of respite care:

    • Long-term care insurance. Depending on your loved ones existing plan, coverage is available for home health care, or adult daycare.
    • Medicare. Medicare will pay for short-term inpatient respite care in a Medicare-approved facility such as a hospice facility, hospital, or skilled nursing residence, but the approval process may be complicated and an enrollee may incur costs.
    • Medicaid. This state-run program qualifies lower-income individuals for care services, depending on state regulations. Respite care is covered, but there are complex requirements.
    • VA benefits. Seniors who are eligible for the VA Aid & Attendance benefit and who receive help with activities of daily living, such as bathing or dressing, may receive a supplemental income to pay for these services.

    Can Assisted Living Resident Leave

    Any resident of an assisted living community can leave, they are not forced to stay there, but in most cases, they are in the assisted living home because a family member or their guardian has advised them to live there.

    If the family or the legal guardian decides that they want their loved one to leave the facility, they can leave whenever they want to,

    What Do You Get With Short Term Assisted Living

    With short-term assisted living stays you will receive the highest quality of service, you will receive a health check-up when you check-in and receive a customized care plan.

    Even with short-term stays, you will have a fully furnished apartment or room with a 24-hour emergency response system in the room, with housekeeping, laundry service, and bed making.

    As with all assisted living, you will receive personal care with getting dressed, bathing, toileting, and any other daily activities that they need, with medication reminders.

    With all assisted living homes you can expect to have 24-hour staff that is available, no matter what the time is.

    All of the meals will be provided, and they will receive the nutrition that they need, to promote all the nutrition that they need and the best foods for their brain health.

    Your loved one will also experience all of the social, educational, and wellness activities. If they need some memory care work, that will also be provided.

    Short Term Assisted Living Following Rehab or Hospitalization

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    Other Respite Care Options

    Depending on where you live, respite care may also be offered through the following:

    • Volunteer organizations. People who love working with seniors volunteer through local and national organizations, such as Senior Corps. Programs like these typically provide companionship and light care assistance for your loved one.
    • State agencies. The National Respite Network has an interactive map that allows you to view different types of respite care in your area.
    • Adult day care providers. Adult day care services can provide supervision, activities, personal care, and companionship. Although their hours are typically more limited than what is available at a senior living community, adult day care can still be a way to provide caregivers the time off they need. The Administration for Community Living maintains a page on the topic.
    • Supportive care providers. Also called comfort care or palliative treatment, supportive care is more involved and is usually meant for patients recovering from a procedure or other medical intervention. It also often coincides with ongoing medical care addressing a specific concern. Seek medical advice if you think this kind of care may be what your loved one needs.

    Respite Care Conveniently Tailored To Meet The Short

    Senior living centers struggling with staff shortages

    Richfields Vacation & Recovery Stay Program, a temporary senior care option, offers convenience and flexibility, allowing caregivers time to vacation, deal with personal or business affairs, travel or enjoy needed rest from the stress and strain of round-the-clock caregiving.

    Based on room availability, respite care stays are available in our assisted living residences, The Oaks, and the Joseph C. Thomas Center. For stays lasting longer than 30 days, prevailing rates will apply.

    Individuals seeking respite care are evaluated by the Richfield care team to determine individual care needs and complete the necessary paperwork prior to admission. If the individual is recovering from subacute or short-term rehabilitation, he or she must no longer be eligible for Medicare Part A-related benefits.

    Temporary guests have their own private or semi-private room. Each room is attractively furnished and includes a private bath. Housekeeping, linens and dining services are provided. Three delicious meals are served and snacks and beverages are always available upon request. Our assisted living residences provide a supportive environment where team members are available round-the-clock, medications are administered, and assistance with personal care is provided.

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    The Ability To Have A Pet

    This one might be surprising to many seniors, but independent living communities are about setting you free from what might be holding you back from enjoying retirement years to the fullest. They arent about creating nonstop rules to limit that enjoyment, and the ability to have pets is one way many communities ensure that.

    Obviously, you do have to follow some guidelines for sharing space with others in the community, and the size of the pet may matter. Most facilities allow cats and small to medium-size dogs. Communities with more space may allow larger dogs, but unless youve found a specifically farm or agricultural community, youre unlikely to be able to have a horse.

    Some communities do have community animals, though. That may include dogs, cats and even livestock, depending on the location of and type of community. These animals are often cared for by staff in conjunction with residents and enjoyed by all within the community.

    If animals are important to you, this is definitely a question to ask as you consider independent living situations. Each community may have its own restrictions or requirements.

    Social And Entertainment Opportunities

    One reason folks often hesitate before making a move into an independent living community is worry over potential isolation. First, they may worry that theyll be removed from their existing neighborhoods or social structures. Second, they may mistakenly believe a facility or community for seniors will be either limited or depressing.

    Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to most independent living communities. Theyre set up to promote active, social lifestyles, but youre still in control of that lifestyle.

    Here are just some of the social and activity benefits you can get from many independent living communities.

    • You can invite guests to spend time in your residence.
    • You can come and go as you please, even driving, if that is applicable to you, to take part in your regular lifestyle.
    • Community staff provide planned events both on the premises and in the nearby town or city, making it easy for you to engage with new friends, learn new hobbies or attend local events.
    • Many independent living communities have common areas and extra amenities, making it easy to socialize or stay active on your own time. This might include options such as exercise rooms, computer rooms, libraries, television and entertainment areas, salons or barber shops and restaurants or coffee shops.
    • Some communities are near clubs or parks, letting you engage in outdoor activities including walking, golfing, tennis, frisbee golf or swimming.

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