Free Computer Classes For Seniors

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Government Assistance Programs For Free Computer For Seniors

Free computer classes offered for Seniors!

You can look for government assistance programs for free computer. When you apply for any government assistance program such as food stamps and others, then you can get some time to access the computers at the office or agency. It may be possible that users may be restricted for the job or the work, but still, you are allowed to search for free computers.

So, you can access the shared computers at different places and get the limited time to access them for your work but with limited websites.

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Digital Literacy Standard Curriculum Version 4

This is a series of free courses on-line about the role of computers in modern society. Specifically how to use a computer, how to use particular software, how to use the Internet, how to secure your computer from on-line threats, and digital audio, video, and photography. A prerequisite for doing the courses is knowledge of how to use a keyboard and mouse. Detailed Courses and includes assessments. Also, doing such courses will make you very tech-savvy, and you will be able to impress your grandchildren with your acquired knowledge.

Computer Classes For Older Adults

Friday, March 1310:00am – 12:00pm

West Kendall Regional


Want to learn basic computer skills? Learn how to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Join us at YOUmake Miami for programs created for older adults.


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Goodwill Community Foundation Inc provided by the Goodwill Community Foundation features a simple interface that makes it easy for seniors to find computer classes. The site offers more than 200 free online computer classes ranging from core skills and technology to work-based tools. Youll find video tutorials for everything from using Zoom and Facetime, to tips on connecting virtually with friends, colleagues, and healthcare providers, to basic HTML courses and guidance on how to stay safe online.

GFC Global has more than 20 years of experience offering free computer classes for seniors. The site boasts more than 2,000 lessons, 1,000 videos, and 50 interactive games to support the learning process. Courses are completely self-paced, so you can work as slowly or as quickly as youd like. The courses are available on-demand 24 hours a day, and theyre constantly adding new classes to keep up with constant changes in technology.

If I Get Stuckhow Do I Get Help

Free computer training for tech savvy seniors

Any basic beginner class is a great computer class for senior citizens.It doesnt have to specifically say “computer classes for senior citizens”. It just has to say for beginners. Or, for people with absolutely no computer skills. Those will usually be the code words for: senior citizens.Why?

Because: Kids seem to have obtained most of these skills through birth. Or, through the air they breathe. Or, osmosis. Or, divine intervention.Kids all seem to be able to just use them. Proficiently. I really dont know how they do it. Sometimes I hate them!And, don’t worry about being the only older person there either. If you sign up for beginner classes at a location, you wont be the odd older person there. You will find almost everyone there is mostly older adults like ourselves. You’ll undoubtedly make some new friends too!Why don’t you find kids in these classes?Because kids already know all of this stuff! Theyre like wizards too! In fact, if you ever need a little coaching, your grand children can probably help you out.But, be prepared. They sometimes just get a little impatient with us.If they start rolling their eyes and acting like little wise guys, you can ask them if they know how to sharpen a pencil.

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Best Computer Classes For Older Adults

No matter your skill level or how much time you have available to commit to learning new computer skills, there are plenty of ways you can educate yourself. The best part? Most of the computer classes listed below are absolutely free!

Here are some of the best computer classes for senior citizens of all ability levels.

Best Computer Classes for Seniors: 10 Top Places to Look

Website Name
True beginners who arent interested in online learning No Link Check Your Local Library, Senior Center, or College for Resources & More Information

Online Language Learning Classes

Learning a new language as a senior is an enlightening undertaking. It is beneficial for multiple areas of the brain. Also, online language classes help seniors improve communication with people from all over the globe.

11. Introduction to Norwegian

The University of Oslos Introduction to Norwegian is an excellent course for seniors looking to learn the Norwegian language, customs, and culture.

This course addresses the main rules of Norwegian grammar and pronunciation. It does so by focusing on basic, everyday conversations. Plus, a Norwegian Chatbot allows you to communicate in your new language with a native Norwegian AI. FutureLearns basic access program lets you take this course for four weeks for free.

  • Class provider: The University of Oslo .
  • Certificate: This course offers a Certificate of Achievement with the FutureLearn Unlimited membership .
  • Curriculum level: No prior Norwegian experience is needed for this course. As such, it is available for everyone.
  • Time to complete: This course is self-paced. It should take four weeks to complete, assuming five hours of weekly study.

12. Spanish I

As the second-most spoken language globally, Spanish is a beautiful and beneficial language for everyone to learn. Offered by MIT, Spanish I is a series of 26 half-hour videos. Each video provides an authentically Spanish dive into the culture, emotions, and language.

  • Class provider: MIT OpenCourseWare.

13. Contemporary Chinese

14. Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full

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Low Income Cable Tv & Internet For Seniors

Where to Find Free Computers for Seniors As it seems that everyone likes to do work so that they will maintain their daily life routine and does not feel bored. But when someone gets older and they have to take retirement from their work and it is compulsory for everyone. Still, some seniors like to do work and engage with technology. They like to work and know about more new technologies and learn how the technologies work and how they can use them. With this, they stay up to date with new things which come in the market and also like to enjoy their life as a young. But for this, they need computers or laptops, so that they can work continuously.

However, it is understood to all that buying a computer or a laptop is not so easy because it is too expensive to buy. But seniors who want to work continuously and enjoy their life can look for various sources to get free computers for seniors. There are various sources from that they can get the computers for themselves. Even they can look for low-cost computers as well if they can afford it. As there are lots of sources to get a computer, so they can look for them to get help for the free computer for seniors. Such as, local and national corporate-sponsored programs, nonprofit organizations that help the elderly, government programs, or they can also look for computer recycling enterprises. All these are the sources that provide help for seniors to get a free or low-cost computer with ease.

Becoming Tech Savvy Seniors

Free computer classes for seniors available

It may sound fancy and unrealistic to some, but it is not that hard to become tech savvy seniors. Just try and keep an open mind and let go of any preconceived notions that technology is complicated and not your thing.

Its true that most of your lives were lived without the modern gadgets of today, and you did just fine thank you very much, but that doesnt mean you cant use technology. Give it a chance and let technology show you what it can do for you.

Its nice to know that you can stay connected to loved ones and friends .

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Northeast Regional Center Computer Classes

Each class has a maximum of twelve students, and each student will have his/her own computer.

4 weeks $65.00

For further information and class schedule, phone Mike Toma at 312.742.2630 or Court Chilton at 312.742.2623.

Introduction to Computers

The Introduction to Computers is a beginning class geared to the student who has little or no computer skills, covering the basics of computer use.

Computer Graphics class covers the design and creation of greeting cards, posters and calendars.

Internet Class

The Internet class offers an introduction to searching the World Wide Web, sending and receiving e-mail with attachments.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera gives an introduction to the wonders of digital photography, scanning images, and using Adobe Photoshop Elements to improve and manipulate the pictures.

For other information, please phone the Northeast Regional Center at 312.744.0784.

What Isthe Best Computer To Start With

A free one.Seriously.Often a relative will buy a newer more powerful computer and have a very decent one that still works well that they will never use again.Hint that you want to learn to use one and ask if they have an old one they dont need anymore. Save a few bucks.If thats not happening, buy a very basic Laptop or PC new. You can get a nice basic one for under $300.You dont need anything but a very basic PC to take computer classes for senior citizens and to learn to do all the things youll want to do. You’re not going to be running a company with dozens of employees from this machine. You’re just going to have fun writings emails, shopping, surfing the internet, watching movies, listening to music and concerts, etc….More about this in a minute.

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Special Computersforthe Very Elderly

If your loved one, learning to use a PC, is quite elderly and requires the visual aids and easy links I just mentioned, then you might want to look into those specially designed machines. That is who they are really designed for.

Otherwise, we always tell most seniors to forget about them. PCs are really quite simple and easy to use once you get the feel for them.Dont waste money on a senior citizen computer unless you absolutely need the features. If you really do need the special feature, the extra dollars are well spent.

The Top Free Computer Classes For Seniors

Online Computer Training

We put together a list of some easy-to-use online programs for seniors to become educated on computers and how to use them. Additionally, the classes make it easy enough for anyone to understand and everyone is welcome.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Age is no limitation check some of these programs out and discover the right one for you.

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Are Therecomputer Classes For Senior Citizens

Where can you find these short video classes?We found a great resource just for these types of classes here: Teach an Old Dog New TricksCute name. Right? This website, by Tony Holowitz, offers excellent FREE computer classes for senior citizens. There are short videos to take you step by step through what they teach.You can watch them over and over again until you get the skill mastered. That is why we think these are some of the best computer classes for senior citizens. Or, anyone who wants to learn how to use a PC.And, very important, you learn one small thing at a time. You wont get information overload. That was heaven for me!

Free Senior Computer Scams

When you are searching online for free computers for seniors you have to beware of scams that prey on senior citizens. There are various online websites which ask for your personal information and also some ask for the money to provide you with a free computer. Thats why before continuing with them, you have to search for the website and look for their offers complete by checking the details of the offer. So, first read all the details and be cautious while looking for free computers online.

When you look for a website that offers free computer online, then you have to make sure that the computer is complete and have all the spare parts. Also, the computer is usable and provides the tools which benefit seniors. But if you doubt the computer or the online website, then you can contact the Better Business Bureau for getting help from them.

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Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium

The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium offers a Basic Online Skills tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about basic computing. In less than an hour, youll learn how to use a mouse, open and close software files, connect to the Internet, and save or copy/paste files. Make sure to pay attentiontheres a quiz at the end!

Why Should Seniors Learn Computers

Free computer classes offered to Seniors!

Older adults tend to have a crippling fear of all things digital. Unlike kids these days, all they had to operate in their childhoods was probably a television. It is natural for them to be nostalgic and shun computers. But if you are reading this, you will know that there is a lot of value in learning basic computer skills. Try persuading your parents with these three reasons:

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Alliance Allows Oats/senior Planet To Offer Its Free Classes Across The Country

by Linda Dono, AARP, February 8, 2021

OATS/Senior Planet

Senior Planet Colorado participants celebrate Red Shirt Day on Zoom.

En español | A nonprofit organization that specializes in teaching technology skills to older adults is uniting with AARP to offer its courses to even more older adults nationwide for free.

Senior Planet and its parent organization, Older Adults Technology Services , have been working with AARP on projects for a decade or more, including a How to Use Zoom class early in the coronavirus pandemic that drew more than 10,000 participants, says Tom Kamber, executive director of OATS/Senior Planet. Now OATS has joined forces with AARP as an affiliated charity, like AARP Foundation, Legal Counsel for the Elderly and Wish of a Lifetime.

OATS will continue to offer its programs independently. AARP will support OATS in expanding its offerings and making them known to a wider audience through AARPs new Virtual Community Center. The relationship with AARP allows both organizations to help more people learn the computer skills they need now more than ever because so many activities and events are available only online.

AARP Membership -Join AARP for just $12 for your first year when you enroll in automatic renewal

Join today and save 25% off the standard annual rate. Get instant access to discounts, programs, services, and the information you need to benefit every area of your life.

Benefits Of Computer Lessons For Seniors

Technology can make life easier for seniors. Thats why its a good idea for seniors to learn how to use a computer. By learning to harness the power of technology and apps like Snug, Facetime, and Skype, youll be able to stay connected with just the click of a few buttons. That means socializing is easier than ever, especially if you have a medical condition that makes travel difficult. Plus, you can access games and puzzles that can provide entertainment. Computers help seniors stay active and can reduce feelings of isolation.

Computers also make daily tasks like grocery shopping and paying bills even easier. Instead of leaving your house or having to deal with mailing forms, you can simply take care of these tasks online using a home computer

In addition, computers can make it easier for seniors to attend to medical needs. Instead of arranging medical transportation to see a doctor, you can simply schedule a virtual visit with a healthcare provider so you dont have to leave your home.

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Skillful Senior Http: //wwwskillfulseniorcom/skills/

Skillful Senior is a computer skills site for the elderly that believes basic navigation skills are important specifically because it is a great help for accessing health information on the web. The site has interactive animated tutorials that teach how to use a mouse, the arrow keys on the keyboard, and touch typing. But first learn a bit about ergonomics too . Each tutorial is helped along with a voiceover by a digital character.

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