Senior Citizen Cell Phone Plans

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What Is The Affordable Connectivity Program

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a new program designed to provide additional support to make broadband more affordable for households.

Your Lifeline and ACP benefits can be combined and applies to the same service plan or applied to different service plans.

This benefit service is provided by Easy Wireless to customers as part of the support from the US government.

With the addition of the ACP seniors can also receive unlimited broadband as well. Seniors can apply for both programs at the same time.

How To Pick The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

We found the best cell phone plans for seniors during the course of our research for the best cell phone plans overall. As a result, we’ve learned that there are a few factors to consider when choosing a cell phone plan aimed at seniors. Most of these plans tend to be more affordable with lower data caps, more flexible, and often offer special benefits.

Some brands, such as AT& T and Verizon, offer discounted prices for seniors or packages specifically designed for people over a certain age. However, these can require you to live in the state of Florida. T-Mobile is unique among the major carriers in having no residency requirement for its best cell phone plan for seniors.

If you don’t live in Florida, your best bet is to focus on what you need. Do you need something with a minimal amount of data and low costs? One of the best cell plans for seniors from Mint Mobile, Tello, or Ultra Mobile should be a good fit for you.

Or, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, T-Mobile offers up unlimited data plans. However, these are going to cost you a fair bit of cash to get. Consumer Cellular has an unlimited plan, too, but at $60 a month, it’s one of the pricier options.

No Contracts No Credit Checks No Commitments

If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With Saving Hundreds Per Year,

You Can Cancel At Any Time With Our Guarantee.

The cost per month of the average Americans cellphone bill for a single line.

Percentage of U.S.A. mobile consumers overpay for unlimited data wireless plans.

There is never any contracts or commitments. Start and continue service when you want.

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At& t’s Alternative Unlimited Plan

AT& T | Value Plus Plan | $50/month | Best AT& T plan for seniors outside of Florida If you live outside of Florida, you’ve still got options for a low-cost unlimited data plan from AT& T. The carrier’s Value Plus Plan costs just $50 a month, but offers unlimited data on top of unlimited talk and text. The catch is that AT& T only offers this option with one line of data couples are out of luck. There are some other restrictions as well namely no hotspot data but you do get 5G coverage with this plan.Pros: Unlimited data for just $50 No residency requirementCons: Limited to just one line Limited perks

Can I Transfer My Existing Number

Best Senior Citizen Cell Phone Plans Free

If you are an existing TELUS customer, you can keep your current phone number.

If you are with another provider, we will assign a temporary TELUS phone number to your account. Once you receive your order, you can easily transfer your existing phone number by creating a My TELUS account and requesting a number transfer.

Note: Please do not cancel your account with your previous service provider until your transfer is complete. Find out more at

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Find The Best Carrier And Cell Plan For Senior Citizens

  • University of Houston

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Best Overall:T-Mobile

“T-Mobile’s Magenta Unlimited 55+ line is a standout deal offering unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for $70 a month for two lines.”

Best Emergency Plan:Lively

“Lively offers rate plans starting at $14.99 for 300 minutes, and offers package add-ons that include emergency help.”

Best Basic:Consumer Cellular

“Consumer Cellular starts with rates as low as $20 per month for unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data.”

Best Flexible:US Mobile

“Customers should look to US Mobile for a wireless carrier that provides a wide selection of buckets to help piece together the right plan.”

Best Data:Boost Mobile

“Boost Mobile offers an attractive solution that is no-frills and includes taxes and fees directly in the rate plan.”

The best cellphone plan for senior citizens is right at your fingertips. No matter your age or cellphone type, there is a plan that is perfect for you out there. The things you need to keep in mind while looking for your dream cellular service are the following: Will you be using a basic or smart device? Will you be traveling internationally? Would you prefer a contract, prepaid, or no-contract system? Lastly, what is a comfortable price range?

Here is our list of the best cellphone plans for seniors.

Seniors Housing Programs From Canadian Provinces And Territories

Seniors housing costs and programs vary by province and territory. If you’re a senior with a low income, see if your province or territory has any programs to help you get affordable housing.

Find out about programs by contacting your provincial or territorial housing office or looking at the following links.

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The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors For November 2022

Here are the best cell phone plans for seniors for you to consider this month

3.Who am I best covered with?

Finding the best cell phone plans for seniors needn’t be a hassle – it can actually be relatively simple thanks to our handy guide. We’ve tirelessly researched all the nation’s favorite carriers to determine which ones, in our opinion, offer particularly strong options for older citizens.

Like all phone users, the requirements of older folks differ widely from person to person, so we’ve made sure our best cell phone plans for seniors takes into account a wide array of differing requirements. Just need the basics? We’ve got you covered with some fantastic, easy-to-use plans. Alternatively, if you’re interested in getting a plan with unlimited data then you’ll also find the best value options rounded up here.

Firstly, here’s a very quick summary of our top choices.

We’re deep-diving into why these are the best cell phone plans for seniors just down below and you’ll find plenty more options to consider as well. Before we do that, however, here are a few top tips to help you find the right plan for you as well as a quick explainer on the jargon that’s commonly used with senior cell phone plans. If you’d like to see a run-down of the market as a whole, head on over to our main best cell phone plans article to see our top contenders this month.

Phone Plans For Senior Citizens

Affordable Jitterbug Smart2 Phone Plans With Data for Seniors | Lively

SpeedTalk Mobiles smarter than unlimited, Senior mobile phone plan Services, offer the lowest, most affordable, rate options on the market. How you use your phone determines what you pay. This means you can budget your usage accordingly depending on your needs each month instead of paying a recurring monthly suscription fee with a regular cell phone plan. Meet the smarter wireless plan and start saving today!


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Best Flexible: Us Mobile

For a truly flexible solution, cellphone customers should look to US Mobile for a wireless carrier that provides a wide selection of buckets to help piece together the right plan for you.

With prices starting as low as $2 for 75 minutes, $1.50 for 50 texts, and $2 for 100 MB of data, it’s easy to see right off the bat just how flexible and inexpensive US Mobile can be. Alternatively, prices can go as high as $8 for unlimited minutes, $6 for unlimited texts, and $26 for 15 GB of 5G data. If you prefer unlimited everything, there’s an Unlimited Basic talk, text, and data plan for $35 per month, which drops to $30 per line for two lines, $25 per line for three lines, and $20 per line for four or more lines.

To help make things easier, US Mobile offers a 14-day risk-free trial to make sure you’re on the right plan and with the right provider, with the promise of a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

Customers who select US Mobile can supply their own device but are required to purchase a US Mobile SIM card for a nominal $3.99 fee to activate the service.

The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Since cell phones are used for so much more than making calls now, it is important to consider what features and functions a senior will actually use and benefit from most. For example, the best phone and service plan for an aging adult who lives in an assisted living facility and is technology averse probably wouldnt work well for an active senior who has made a point of evolving along with new gadgets. Even a tech savvy senior may not enjoy using Facebook or watching TV and movies on their mobile device.

Ask the following questions to get a better idea of what type of phone and plan might be the best fit:

  • Do they enjoy chatting on the phone, or do they typically only call friends and family for brief check-ins?
  • Do they use social media to keep in touch with people?
  • Do they like learning how to use new types of technology?
  • Do they tend to stay at home most of the time, or do they enjoy traveling?
  • Do they have any physical limitations, such a low vision, hearing loss, or limited dexterity?

Expenses also play a significant role in choosing a telephone and contract. A senior who is on a limited income likely cannot afford a pricy smart phone and yet another monthly expense. Fortunately, there are a combination of phones, plans and prices that seniors can select from.

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Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

When choosing the best cell phone plans for seniors, plenty of affordable options can maximize ease of use and functionality. To accompany these, the best cell phone plans for seniors tend to come with many customizable options for talk, text, and data

Top cell phone providers, including Verizon, Sprint, and AT& T have a basic package and more advanced options that allow seniors to save money. However, take note that some providers require proof of residency in order to let seniors avail of their plans. For example, AT& T and Verizon only offers major discounts for phone plans for seniors if the applicant can prove their Florida residency.

Compare Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Five Best Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

When evaluating cell phone plans for seniors, comparing options head-to-head can be tough. But strip away the hype, and youâll find most cell phone plans, regardless of whether they are specifically tailored for seniors, are based around three core services.

Talk, text, and data form the backbone of most phone plans.

Talk: Even though the last thing most of us use our âphonesâ for these days seems to be pushing buttons and making phone calls, the first component of every phone plan is a set number of talk minutes. Are you a big talker or a person of few words? The answer will help to determine the starting point for choosing a plan thatâs right.

People who arenât big conversationalists may not need a plan with a huge number of included minutes . It may not make sense to pay a high monthly premium for a plan that allows you to use thousands of minutes if you only call one or two people to check in from time to time.

If you donât talk much, a flexible, prepaid, or pay-as-you-go plan may cost less on a per-month basis than a standard plan with a generous number of monthly minutes.

All those photos we upload to Facebook of the grandkids, pets, vacations, sunsets, the adorable little umbrellas in hand-crafted mocktails at the new beachside hot spot? All of that data transfer takes resources, and our carriers pass the cost along, charging us per gigabyte of data per month.

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Free Phone For Seniors Eligibility And Restrictions

Requirements for a free phone for seniors may vary by state, but you must meet the income guidelines or participate in one of the following programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • National School Lunch Programs Free Lunch Program
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • State assistance programs

As mentioned above, you have to qualify for a free cell phone or cell phone plan. In addition, there are rules that have to be followed to get and keep your free phone for seniors. For instance, you are not allowed to have more than one per household. And, you can use the program to get a cell phone OR a home phone, but not both.

The Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company. It is funded by the Universal Service Fund. Please visit the website link below for the programs full details.

Do You Offer Support And Training To Help Me Learn How To Use My Device

You can access device-specific, interactive tutorials and support information on our website . Additionally, we encourage you to visit TELUS Wise for information and resources on how to safely navigate our digital world. TELUS Wise online basics helps people just getting started with digital technology learn basic, everyday digital skills.

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Faqs About Cell Phones For Seniors

How old do I have to be to purchase a senior phone?

While you do not have to be a certain age to have a senior-focused cell phone, certain cell phone plans do have age requirements for discounts. For example, Sprints Unlimited55+ and Verizons 55+ Plan both offer unlimited data use and discounts on extra lines added on the plan. Also, some carriers offer discounts for AARP members, in which all people ages 50 and up are eligible for full membership.

Do cell phone companies offer senior discounts?

Cell phones labeled “for seniors are designed to be easy-to-use for anyone with mobility, vision, or cognitive difficulties that make it difficult to use a regular cell phone. Because of this, many of these cell phones feature larger buttons, an emergency alert to quickly call medical services, hands-free operation, and simpler controls than an average cell phone.

How are senior cellphones different from regular cellphones?

Cell phones labeled as senior cell phones are designed to be easily used by anyone who has trouble using a regular cellphone due to mobility, eyesight, or cognitive difficulties. Because of this, many of these cell phones feature larger buttons, an emergency alert to call medical services with one-touch, hands-free operation, and simpler controls than the regular touchscreen smartphone.

What safety features do senior cellphones have?

Do I have to be a certain age to have a senior phone and plan?

The Best Cell Phone Plan For Senior Citizens

The Perfect Cell Phone Solutions for Seniors

Picking the right cell phone plan may seem more difficult for senior citizens, but it is achievable. Like everyone else, they just need to consider their needs. Most seniors prefer using their phone strictly for calls.

Still, there are some tech-savvy seniors out there who can find their way around a smartphone. People like that would like packages that include a lot of cell phone data and text messages. There are many great deals on the market, including both major and less recognized carriers.

The best major carriers include AT& T and T-Mobile, while smaller carriers like Boost or Consumer Cellular also provide great senior service.

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Does Verizon Give Senior Discounts When Buying A Phone

Seniors these days have started adapting to modern innovations. Technology for seniors has become more popular, particularly when it comes to smartphones. These gadgets allow seniors to stay in touch with their loved ones and be updated with the latest news. As one of the major US carriers, Verizon has a plan for senior citizens who are interested in getting smartphones.

Although this is not exactly considered a senior discount for phone purchases, Verizon has a 55+ Unlimited Plan, which is essentially the discounted version of their existing basic unlimited plan. It includes the following:

  • Unlimited 4G/LTE data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot
  • High quality streaming services
  • Service in Canada or Mexico if needed

One caveat, however, is that the plan is currently only available in Florida. If you are a Florida resident and want to get their 55+ Unlimited Plan, you can expect to pay:

  • $60 for one line/month
  • $80 for two lines/month

On average, this plan lets you save around $5-15/line in contrast to their regular unlimited plans. To qualify for this plan, you have to be a new Verizon wireless customer, with a Florida billing address, and 1-2 phones in your account.

While we can only hope that the coverage of the 55+ Unlimited Plan will expand to the other coverage areas in the US, Verizon has a few other good deals. These are not necessarily meant for seniors alone, but could be a good starting point if you are looking for reasonable plans:

How Do Seniors Get Free Cell Phones

The Lifeline Assistance Program is one of your best bets for getting free cell phones for senior citizens. If you qualify for Medicaid or are part of other government-related programs, you may also receive free smartphones and monthly plans.

As a government-sponsored program, Lifeline Assistance seeks to provide low-income individuals and seniors with free cell phones. In addition to this, you can also get free cell phone plans monthly, that give you minutes, messages, and data. Aside from Medicaid, if you qualify for the following kinds of government assistance, then you can likely get free phones and plans:

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Supplementary Security Income
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • National School Lunch Programâs Free School Lunch
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

An alternate way to qualify for a free phone is to prove your income is less than 135% of your stateâs Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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