Snow Shoveling Services For Seniors

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Ways To Get Help With Snow Removal For Your Elderly Parents

Shoveling Snow For Seniors

The winter months are tricky to navigate for anyone, but the group of people who faces the most difficulty is unquestionably the elderly. To start, seniors are very susceptible to slipping and falling–one third of people aged 65 and older falls each year, and approximately 31% of those are due to their environment, making it critical that their pathways stay clear of snow and ice. However, seniors can do little on their own to remove the snow gathering outside of their homes. Not only does shoveling cause a severe strain on the back and heart, but the response of seniors bodies to cold can be diminished by underlying medical conditions or certain medications, putting them at increased risk for hypothermia approximately 600 elderly people die in the US each year from hypothermia, so seniors should take great care when exposing themselves to the cold.The children or family of elderly men and women are usually more than happy to step in and take charge of snow care. But what if you live far away from your ageing parents? How can you ensure that their snow is cleared while they stay safe and warm inside? Fortunately, there are several options.

Boston Snow Removal Service Benefits For Elderly Homeowners

One of the most difficult times of the year in New England for elderly or disabled homeowners is the winter months. Not only do we suffer from freezing temperatures, which can cause energy bills to skyrocket, but there is also all the snow and ice that needs to be taken care of for safetys sake. Senior citizens are much more susceptible to experiencing a winter-related accident, either slipping or falling due to snowy and icy pathways at their own homes.

Adult children who have elderly parents or relatives who are disabled and cannot clear the paths on their own will often turn to seasonal property services in Boston and the surrounding area. Snow plow services are helpful for large driveways and for clearing out driveways so health assistants, family members, and individuals who can still drive on their own can get in and out without trouble. Residential snow removal services can be a wonderful way to provide care for loved ones, especially if you arent close enough to help them shovel and clear the winter weather away on a daily basis.

Even if you do live near an elderly or disabled loved one who cannot shovel their own walk or driveway, it can be a real physical strain to take care of this type of work on your own. Shoveling can cause strain on the heart, back, and negatively impact certain medical conditions, especially for those over the age of 40.

Best Scoop Shovel For Snow Clearinggarant Poly Sleigh Shovel

As can be seen by its shape, the Garant shovel has pretty unique snow shovel technology. Clearing snow during winter weather is easier thanks to its sleigh shape that can help scoop up to five inches of snow, and in some cases, more. Its light weight, deep blade , and ergonomic handle makes this one worth considering as a new snow shovel option and keeps that often expected back pain at a minimum.

I’m 64 years old and have a bad hip and a regular shovel was difficult for me to use, described a buyer. I wish I would have had this shovel last year when we had a lot of snow. It’s already paid for itself with just one use.

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Best Electric Snow Shovelsnow Joe 24v

Removing snow, especially hard packed snow, isnt always easy or possible with other snow shovels. This is where electric snow shovels, such as this Snow Joe option, come in handy. Snow shoveling with a machine like this takes a great amount of pressure and tension off users bodies rather than going to manually shovel an area. Its a battery-operated tool so there wont be cords that can cause tripping hazards.

We are senior citizens and had no problems using this to clear our sidewalks and driveway, wrote a reviewer. The deepest snow we had was six inches and it cleared it easily. Some of the snow was icy underneath and it had no problem. It is so much easier than trying to shovel it and a lot faster.

Before You Buy: The Health Risks Of Shoveling Snow

3 Ways That Seniors Can Avoid Injury While Snow Shovelling

Shoveling snow is strenuous labor. If you arent regularly working out or at least working around the house, it should not be the one physically taxing chore you do every year. With poor form, poor fitness, or poor equipment, you can hurt your back, and put yourself at an increased risk of a heart attack.

In our guide to the best snow blowers for elderly people, we spoke to Dr. Claire Ankuda, assistant professor of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai hospital in New York, who warned that clearing snow is always risky for older people with physical limitations, and that same advice applies here.

Colder temperatures and the intense physical exertion of shoveling snow can push your cardiovascular system, specifically your heart, potentially leading to a cardiac event. It is even more dangerous if you have a pre-existing condition like coronary disease, according to the American Heart Association.

The cardiovascular demands of snow shoveling are akin to an intense workout. As you raise and lower your arms, your blood pressure will increase and put more strain on your heart. The cold air you inhale may also contribute to the problem by constricting blood vessels, including your coronary arteries.

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Best Budget Snow Shoveltrue Temper 18

The best snow shovel for seniors in a wallet-friendly sense comes in the form of this True Temper shovel. The bend in the neck of this quality snow shovel and the steel wear strip give snow shovel users a comfortable experience. Although its price is lower, this brand is a favorite among customers.

I have back issues and this design keeps you from bending down to scoop snow saves your back, wrote a customer who noted that theyre 72 years old. So if you have back or knee problems or are a little older like me, this is the shovel you need to get.

Best Snow Shovel With Wheelsthe Snowcaster 30snc Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel

Shoppers in need of a high-quality snow pusher that has some extra support will find this Snowcaster model with wheels works great for pushing snow. Unlike traditional snow shovels, this angled blade is meant to scoop and shovel snow forward into neat piles, which means that there is much less bending and arm movement. Its also perfect for businesses looking to have an additional removal accessory on top of a plow.

I am disabled with bad hips and this shovel requires very little effort, explained a buyer. My neighbors tried it and went directly inside and ordered their own. Absolutely one of the best investments I’ve made in outdoor tools.

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The Best Snow Shovels For Shoveling Snowsummary

If youre looking for the best snow shovel that puts comfort above everything then Snow Joes Shovelution and its spring assist handle is a great choice with its double handle. However, if you want more of a snow pusher, a product to truly take the brunt of the work, then Snowcasters model is the way to go.

We hope our guide to the best snow shovel for seniors was helpful and you were able to find the right tool to help with deep snow removal whether you were looking for a shoveling angle combined with a shovel scoop or the best snow pusher, or a shovel with an ergonomic handle or an easy push-button telescoping handle.

For more suppliers of snow-related products, including suppliers of snow brooms, ice & snow melters, hand shovels, and snow shovels for cars consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

Q: Is A Plastic Or Metal Snow Shovel Better

Volunteers shovel snow for seniors, veterans in St. Louis area

As we explained, plastic snow shovels are lighter, easier to use, and wont damage delicate surfaces. That said, metal shovels can help you push deeper into frozen snowbanks, and break up solid ice. We recommend a plastic snow shovel for seniors with back, joint, or heart problems who should minimize their effort as much as possible.

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Here Are Ways To Find A Qualified Individual Or Company To Shovel Snow:

  • Ask neighbors if they can recommend a neighborhood teen who will shovel snow for a fee.

Seniors, and others with physical challenges, should never remove snow manually without a doctors approval. Reviewing safety tips before the first snowflake falls can prevent both minor and serious snow-removal injuries.

Here are four important considerations:

Got Snow Clearing Plans For The Disabled Seniors

Winter snow clearing strategies in some cities help seniors and the disabled navigate streets and sidewalks when snow falls and accumulates.

Most cities have a snow clearing plan, but there is not much in it for seniors and others. Municipal snow clearing plans for disabled populations are usually limited to depending on the kindness of neighbors. Automated calls from public works during snow events in smaller cities often remind residents to help their neighbors that need help. The city of Cincinnati’s current snow plan relies on residents to help neighbors with disabilities “navigate through the difficulties of winter.”

Wheelchair users may be stuck in their homes for a really long-time, missing work, doctors’ appointments, school and more, as they wait not just for their streets, bit also sidewalks to be cleared. Navigating through the snow is not always an option, according to Edith Prentiss, a New York City resident and head of a group called Disabled in Action. She told CityLab, “Two years ago, I was in for at least two weeks.”

Prentiss said part of the problem is that residents do not shovel paths wide enough for wheelchairs. In addition to narrow paths on sidewalks and windrows–the piles left after a snow plow goes by–ice and melt water create hazards for wheelchair users, the disabled and seniors.

As municipalities begin to prepare for the upcoming winter, the following city strategies could help foster better snow clearing plans for the disabled and seniors.

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Q: How Do You Make Snow Shoveling Easier

Beyond buying the right snow shovel, we recommend making a plan before you start shoveling, so you spend less time working out in the cold. We also recommend stretching before shoveling: It wont make the work easier, but youre less likely to get hurt or feel aches and pains afterward. Lastly, if youre using a shovel with a straight handle, consider buying a front handle attachment. Having a better, more ergonomic grip on your shovel will ease the strain on your back.

Using Snow Blower Robot

How to Serve on a Snow Day

If you are searching for a proper, safe, and eco-friendly solution for your parents, snow bower robot Snowbot is the perfect machine for you. It is the first snow blower robot in the market that can be controlled by mobile phone and joystick.

Currently, available Snowbot has an autonomous navigation system which enables automatic path planning. That means the robot can automatically set the cleaning path and start working accordingly. Setting the positioning beacons is all you need to set to let the robot know the cleaning area.

Snowbot S1 Pro which is estimated coming next winter can recharge itself when it is run out of battery. That means, Snowbot will go back to its docking station to recharge itself. Older people can also use the joystick controller to drive the robot as needed. The dedicated team behind developing the robot is committed to making the snow removal simple, safe, and satisfying.

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Senior Snow Removal Program

The Senior Citizen Snow Removal Program is a snow removal service provided at no cost to senior citizens whose annual household income is less than 300% of federal poverty guidelines and disabled residents whose annual household income is less than 300% of federal poverty guidelines.

Number of people in family or household

For each additional person, add


For those who qualify, the City will contract to remove snow accumulations of two inches or more from public sidewalks adjacent to participant’s home. Any additional snow that may accumulate due to blowing or drifting snow after the sidewalk has been cleared by the City contractor is the responsibility of the participant.

If you meet the eligibility requirements and wish to receive the snow removal services, please download and fill out the Snow Removal Service Agreement and email it to or send it in the mail to:

City of Ankeny1210 NW Prairie Ridge DriveAnkeny, IA 50023

You may also call 515-963-3538 and ask for Amanda to request a copy be mailed to you. If you have questions or need assistance, please call 515-963-3538 and ask for Amanda.

Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents.They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below.

Snow Shovel For Seniorsbuying Guide

There are a few key aspects to consider when it comes to finding a tool fit for shoveling snow.

Firstly, there are plenty of different types of snow shovels, the usual prototype is made from plastic, aluminum, or metal and has either a fiberglass or wooden handle. However, they vary greatly and the right snow shovel will largely depend on what the snow shovel is needed for, whether its for small patches of land or heavier piles on driveways.

For instance, if you need something thats a bit more heavy-duty but seamless for you to use, you could consider an electric snow shovel, or a snow pusher as this will do most of, if not all of the shoveling snow for you.

Below is a summary of a few components to consider when purchasing a snow shovel.

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Best Snow Pusherthe Snowplow The Original Snow Pusher 36

If a snow pusher sounds more fitting for the job, this is a great option from The Snowplow, earning thousands of five-star reviews from customers. It has a reinforced blade, which keeps it from breaking, bending, or warping when in use, and a long handle to help push snow along. Its also safe for a variety of surfaces, not just pavement.

This push plow is without a doubt the best, highest quality I’ve ever seen, wrote a reviewer with over 60 years of experience in snow removal. For anyone considering this tool for six inches to a foot of snow ‘pushing’ removal, I heartily recommend it. It’s well worth the $$$ and the thing is built like a tank. You will not break it!

What To Look For When Picking The Best Snow Shovel

Volunteers Offer Free Snow Removal For Senior Citizens In Philadelphia

A snow shovel should be light, durable, and offer an ergonomic design that puts less strain on your back. Everything from the material to the shape of the handle and the scoop will significantly impact the overall experience. You shouldnt just grab the first one you can find at the hardware store the day before a blizzard. Take your time, and keep these things in mind while shopping for a new snow shovel.

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Ivation Snow Pusher Lightweight Snow Shovel

Is it difficult for you or any senior in your household to shovel snow with a shovel? Then weve got the thing for you. This Ivation Snow Pusher will assist you in resolving this issue. It comes with wheels that make using this push-button telescopic handle a breeze. Not only that, but it also features a handy extra handle for when youre working in a slick environment. You will not be able to lose control.

This one is tall enough to clear all the snow up to a depth of five inches without difficulty. As a result, cleaning the area will be simple. And youll have no problems with it.

The device also has a smart pushing angle, which is one of its best features. So you wont have to stoop down when youre shoving people all over the place. You will not have to suffer from a back problem as a result of this.

Its not too heavy and is long-lasting. As a result, youll be able to use it for a longer period. You must put this shovel together. But, this one is well worth your money.


  • Height ranges between 45 and 50 inches.
  • Lightweight frame with a heavy-duty frame
  • Need to construct and remove up to five inches of deep snow
  • No need to stoop.

Best Ergonomic Snow Shovel For Smaller Lotsremco 69823 Seamless Hygienic Shovel

If wet, heavy snow and ice are the main issue, this ergonomic shovel might just solve it. It may not be helpful with denser snow, but the plastic blade means itll work a dream on an icy driveway, path, or shipping area, minus the back pain.

The plastic material isnt cause for pause eitherother shovels may be more effective at scooping more snow or fluffy snow, but this plastic material allows to remove ice, icy snow, and wet snow, without it sticking like it would to metal blades. Plus, there is no chance of it rusting either.

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Volunteer Programs From Various Youth Groups

Various volunteer groups in local areas offer special assistance to senior citizens and disabled residents who are unable to clean snow by themselves. You can research local charities and church groups that are offering volunteering services aiming to help older people.

Programs like cleaning snow for senior citizens are common in any snow-affected city.

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