National Park Senior Pass Purchase

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Which Pass Do I Need

Seniors line up to buy lifetime national park passes before price hike

To make the best choice on which pass to purchase, you need to know a bit about your recreation plans for the next year. Your best value may be a single-day pass. Or if youre a frequent visitor to one or more sites, a multi-day pass or annual pass that covers a forest or region may be the best buy. Forest Service regions offer more localized passes and you can find information about those on the respective forest and grassland websites.

An Interagency Annual Pass may be your best value if you plan to visit many different federal lands across the nation that include lands managed by other federal agencies. You may also qualify for the Interagency Senior passes or Interagency Access Pass. Below is a list of all the available Interagency Passes.

The Every Kid Outdoors Pass gives fourth graders free access to 2,000-plus federal land and water sites. More detailed information about the pass is available on the kid-friendly Every Kid site

How To Buy Your National Park Pass

We talk a lot about parks. We might love parks more than our morning brew blasphemy, I know. And we love the National Park system , which celebrated its centennial in August 2016.

While it may not be easy to tick all 59 U.S. National Parks off your bucket list, the best way to start is with a National Park pass, better known as America the Beautiful: The National Parks Annual Pass. Plus, with the pass sitting in your glove compartment, burning through your dash, youll be more likely to go check out all these amazing spaces. Everglades? Check. Joshua Tree? Check. The Badlands? Check. You get the idea.

There are over 2000 recreation areas included with your National Parks Pass. Yes, the pass includes free entry to all National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and many National Forest lands. So what are you waiting for?

Badlands National Park. You can visit for free with a National Park Pass! Courtesy QFamily.

How To Use The Senior Pass

The Senior Pass admits pass owners and passengers on bicycles or in a non-commercial vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas, and the pass owner plus three adults, not to exceed four adults, where per-person fees are charged. Children younger than 16 years are always free. Only the vehicle with the pass owner is covered. A second vehicle is subject to an entrance fee or must have a second pass. This applies even if you are traveling together on two motorcycles.

The Senior Pass may also provide the pass owner a discount on some expanded amenity fees such as camping, swimming, boat launching, guided tours, transportation systems, and special-use permit fees. Discounts do not apply at onsite bookstores or gift shops.

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Is There A Pass For The Disabled

The National Park Service does offer an Access Pass to United States citizens or permanent residents which is specifically for the disabled, regardless of age. There is no cost for this pass however, the individual will need to provide documentation of the permanent disability. This pass is a great benefit to those who have mobility issues yet still want to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

What Are The Discount Guidelines

National Park Senior Pass Price to Skyrocket 700 Percent on August 28 ...

The pass program is managed by six Federal agencies that operate under different regulations and have different fees. Therefore, the discount program for the Senior Pass is not handled in the same way on all Federal recreation lands.

In general discounts are honored as follows

  • Individual Campsites: The discount only applies to the fee for the campsite physically occupied by the pass owner, not to any additional campsite occupied by members of the pass owner’s party.
  • Campsites with Utility Hookups: If utility fees are charged separately, there is no discount. The discount may apply if the utility fee is combined with the campsite fee.
  • Group Campsites and Facilities: : There is no discount for group campsites and other group facilities that charge a flat fee. If the group campsite has a per person fee rate, only the pass owner receives a discount others using the site pay the full fee.
  • Guided Tours: The pass offers discounts on some guided tours. Only the pass owner receives a discount if one is offered.
  • Transportation Systems:

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How To Get A National Parks Senior Pass

Its the most valuable card in your wallet. Its your National Parks Senior Pass and it is literally your passport to hundreds of unique locations around the United States. Your America the Beautiful National Parks and Recreational Lands Senior Pass provides first-class outdoor opportunities, whether youre a day tripper or avid camper or hiker. Across Americas national parks, there are picnic spots and ranger talks, walking paths and hiking trails, scenic drives and wilderness adventures. Everyone will find a place for their comfort level and interest on our national lands.

Changes To The Senior Pass

On , the price of the America the Beautiful The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass increased for the first time since 1994. The additional revenue will be used to enhance the visitor experience in parks. Learn more about the changes, what they mean for you, and how the additional funds will be used.

Why did the price of the Senior Pass increase?The price of the America the Beautiful The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass increased as result of the Centennial Legislation P.L. 114-289 passed by the US Congress onDecember 16, 2016.

When was the last time the price increased for the Senior Pass? The Senior Pass has been $10 since 1994.

How much did it increase?The lifetime Senior Pass increased from $10 to $80.

Why $80?The legislation states that the cost of the lifetime Senior Pass be equal to the cost of the annual America the Beautiful The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, which is currently $80.

What if a senior citizen is on a fixed budget?The legislation also establishes an annual Senior Pass for $20. That pass is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Four annual Senior Passes purchased in prior years can be traded in for a lifetime pass. Additionally, access to the majority of National Park Service sites remains freeonly 108 of more than 400 National Park Service sites have an entrance fee.

What if I have a current Senior Pass?The current passes are lifetime passes and will remain valid.

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What Is The Senior Pass

The $80.00 lifetime and $20 Annual Senior Passes provide admittance to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by six Federal agencies, with up to 100% of the proceeds being used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services.

At many sites the Senior Pass provides the pass owner a discount on Expanded Amenity Fees .

Where Can I Use My Senior Pass

Seniors Flocking To Buy $10 National Park Passes Before Big Price Hike

Please contact a site directly if you have a question about pass acceptance and fees.

The Forest Service, the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, USACE, and Bureau of Reclamation honor the Senior Pass at sites where Entrance or Standard Amenity Fee are charged.

In addition, the Tennessee Valley Authority may honor the Senior Pass for entrance or camping discounts.

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • US Army Corps of Engineers

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What Other Types Of Passes Do National Parks Offer

Aside from the standard America the Beautiful and national park Seniors Pass, there are also passes for military members, citizens with permanent disabilities, and individuals who have volunteered 250 service hours with participating federal agencies.

There is an additional pass only available to US 4th grade students. This pass is available for all students, including home school and free-choice learners. Youll need to complete some paperwork and take it to a federal recreation site to get the pass.

Keep in Mind:If youre into geological wonders and hiking, then youll love this National Park!

Is A National Park Pass For Seniors Worth It

Getting outdoors and staying active are essential activities for seniors. Getting a national park pass for seniors makes it easy and affordable to do both while enjoying some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. With more than 2,000 locations, youll have no trouble finding a place to use your pass. If you plan to visit multiple sites, the pass can pay for itself in no time! We think its an excellent investment or gift for a loved one! Which national park will you visit first?

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Every Kid Outdoors: 4th Graders



Who Qualifies:

4th graders for the 2021-2022 School Year. To get this benefit, 4th Graders must go to the Every Kid Outdoors website at click on the Get Your Pass icon at the top of the screen to get your free voucher. Complete the request, print the 4th grade voucher, and present the voucher to a ranger before entering a site or simply leave it face up on the dashboard at unstaffed sites.

The 4th grade voucher currently covers entrance fees and standard amenity/day use fees for lands and waters managed by the Department of the Interior, USDA Forest Service and US Army Corps of Engineers. It does not cover expanded amenity fees like camping, tours, special recreation permits etc., or organized groups or concession-operated facilities or activities.


  • Available to U.S. 4th graders who present a valid Every Kid Outdoors paper pass.
  • Valid for the duration of the school year through the following summer .
  • Honored nationwide at Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Fish & Wildlife Service sites charging entrance or standard amenity fees.
  • Admits pass holder and any accompanying passengers in a private non-commercial vehicle.
  • At per-person fee sites, admits pass holder and up to 3 people who are 16 and older . Anyone 15 and younger is free of charge.

Learn More:

Educators can also be involved! Learn more at Every Kid Outdoors.

National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass

National parks senior passes a hot seller

There are two great options for seniors to choose from when considering National Parks passes: Annual and Lifetime. The Annual option, at $20, is good for one year of visitation. On the other hand, the Lifetime pass, at $80, offers a great value for seniors who plan to visit often.

Here is an overview of the benefits offered with each of National Parks passes for seniors.

National Parks Pass for Seniors Comparison

  • Brochure with complete list of sites
  • Unlimited access or entry to federal recreation sites for owner and all passengers in a single vehicle
  • 50 percent discount on recreation site amenities
  • Brochure with complete list of sites

Senior passes are available to all U.S. citizens or permanent residents of at least 62 years of age. To purchase your pass, you must be able to provide proof of age and residency. In most cases, a standard drivers license or passport will suffice.

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You Will Need The Following:

1.) A copy of your Massachusetts drivers license showing Massachusetts residency and age 62+.

  • Government Issued ID showing age 62+ANDProof of Massachusetts Residency

2.) A contact phone number or email in case we need to reach you.

3.) Senior passes are not offered to out of state residents. This means your registration and license needs to be issued by the state of Massachusetts.

Senior Parking Passes cannot be purchased online or at the parks.

More Info For Get A Senior Parking Pass

Some libraries allow you to borrow a Parking Pass free of charge. Contact your local library to find out more info.

The Parking Pass is not valid for camping or at the following locations Quabbin Reservoir, Squantum Point, North Point, and Draw Seven Commuter lots.

Daily parking fees are waived for vehicles with a:

  • Handicapped license plate or placard
  • Purple Heart Recipient license plate
  • Disabled veteran license plate

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How Old Do I Have To Be

You must be 62 or older to qualify for a Senior Pass. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

  • Lost passes are not eligible for replacement they must be repurchased.
  • Proof of age and U.S. citizenship is required at purchase.
  • You must have your pass with you to receive discounts and fee-free entry.
  • Some private concessionaires run campgrounds or tours and may not provide discounts for Senior Pass holders. Always call ahead to explore your options.
  • Always have an ID with you when using your pass to verify you are the pass owner.
  • How And Where To Get A National Parks Senior Pass In 2020

    National Parks raise lifetime senior pass prices 700 percent

    Your golden years are all about putting yourself first. This is the chance to explore the world beyond your backyard. One of the best ways to see this great country is with a National Parks Senior Pass. This pass is specifically designed for those over the age of 61 to gain entry into National Parks all over the country.

    Jump ahead to these sections:

    If youre hoping to cross some of the countrys best parks off your travel bucket list or your retirement bucket list, now is your chance. The cost of visiting multiple National Parks adds up quickly, so a pass saves you big on some of the best sights in the world. In this guide, well explain how and where to get a National Park senior pass this year.

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    What Are The National Parks Senior Pass Benefits

    The Senior Passes admit pass owner/s and passengers in a noncommercial vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas and pass owners plus three adults, not to exceed four adults, where per-person fees are charged.

    So if the entrance fee is based on the vehicle everybody inside gets in free but if the entrance fee is based on a per person basis, only a total of four adults will get in free.

    Also, at many sites, the Senior Passes provide the pass owner a discount on things like camping, swimming, boat launching, and guided tours.

    In general discounts are honored as follows:

    How Do I Show My Pass

    At Federal recreation sites with entrance stations, youll simply show your card to the park ranger working the entrance stations.

    But if youre arriving to a site with no entrance station or theres no staff member there to verify your pass, youll need to display your pass or show proof of pass ownership to compliance officers via one of the two following methods:

    • HANGTAGS A valid national parks pass can either be displayed on your rearview mirror using a free hangtag or on your dashboard with the signature side showing.
    • If you own an open-topped vehicle you can obtain a free decal to display on your vehicle to serve as proof of payment

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    Senior Pass To National Parks Benefits

    • In National Parks that charge an entrance or standard amenity fee, the Senior Pass admits you and the passengers in your car or another private vehicle.
    • In National Parks where a “per person” entrance fee is charged, the Senior Pass admits you plus three other adults . This is an especially good deal if you are also traveling with grandchildren because children under 16 have free admission.
    • The lifetime national parks Senior Pass also gives seniors a 50 percent discount on federal use fees charged for camping, swimming, boat launching, parking, and tours.
    • In some cases where use fees are charged, only the person named on the Senior Pass will be given the 50 percent discount.
    • The senior pass is non-transferable and does not cover or reduce special recreation permit fees or concession fees charged by private companies.

    How To Get A Senior Pass

    Grab a National Parks Senior Pass Before Price Jumps to $80

    To be eligible for a pass, you must have turned 62 and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. A Senior Pass can be obtained in person from a participating federal recreation site or office. Passes can also be purchased by mail or online at these participating agencies. Additional fees may apply.

    Purchase a pass online by uploading documentation issued by an authorized U.S. agency that proves U.S. citizenship or permanent residence and your birthdate. Acceptable documentation is a driver’s license, passport, green card, U.S. birth certificate, or state-issued identification card.

    Purchase a pass by mail and include photocopies of documentation showing your citizenship, permanent residence, and birthdate.

    If your pass doesn’t arrive before your trip, purchase a pass when you arrive at the recreation site. After your pass comes, return it for a refund. Do not sign it before returning it.

    Senior Passes are not transferable even between spouses.

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    Can I Replace My National Parks Senior Pass

    If you lose your National Parks Senior Pass or it gets stolen there is no way for you to purchase another pass.

    However, if the pass is damaged, it can be replaced as long as a portion of the pass is identifiable and you show proper identification.

    The replacement will be subject to a $10 replacement processing fee.

    How Much Does The Lifetime Pass Cost

    Lifetime Senior Pass provides seniors with free entry into all National Park sites for the remainder of their life. Prior to August 28th, 2017, the Lifetime Senior pass was only $10. The cost of the Lifetime Senior Pass now is $80. Seniors can also get an Annual Senior Pass, which provides seniors with free entry into the parks for one year. The cost of the Annual Senior Pass is only $20. The reason for the increase was due to the Centennial Legislation P.L. 114-289, which passed by the US Congress on December 16, 2016. The increase helps the park service maintain the beauty of the national parks and the land which it stands on.

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