Free Online Tax Filing For Seniors

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How Can Seniors Manage Their Iras And Rmds

VIDEO: Free tax filing service offered to low-income families

Deferring taxes on your retirement savings doesn’t last forever. In the past, seniors needed to begin taking distributions from retirement accounts at age 70 1/2.

Now, after the SECURE Act, you must generally start taking distributions beginning in the year you turn 72. These mandatory distributions are called required minimum distributions . The law requires you to take a minimum amount of money out by April 1 of the year after you turn 72 and then make annual distributions by December 31 of each year.

Two exceptions exist to this rule with the first only applying to 2020:

  • The CARES Act temporarily suspended RMDs on account of the market volatility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing seniors to keep money in their accounts for longer.
  • If you’re still working at age 72 or beyond and have a 401, you might not need to withdraw your 401 funds from your current employer-sponsored plan until you stop working for that employer.
  • If you invested in a traditional IRA, however, you’ll still need to take annual distributions despite continuing to work. If you have a Roth IRA and have made after-tax contributions, you won’t ever need to withdraw money from your account during your lifetime.

    Required minimum distributions work by basing your distribution on your account balance and then accounting for a life expectancy factor set by IRS in Publication 590.

    Top Free Tax Filing Software

    Not all tax filing software is created equal. Some offer more robust free federal filing options, while others nickel and dime you once you cross a certain threshold.

    Many free tax filing options are only available early during tax season. However, with the 2021 filing tax deadline extended until May 17, free filing may still be accessible.

    Before filling out your tax return, check with the software you are using to make sure free filing is available.

    Here is a list of the best free tax filing options.

    Get Virtual Help As You Prepare Your Own Taxes

    If you prefer, you can request virtual assistance. With this option, you can prepare your taxes online for free and get help by sharing your screen with a virtual volunteer. A volunteer will coach you through the tax preparation process as you use free tax software.

    The free software used for virtual assistance is available to taxpayers who have an adjusted gross income between $16,000 and $73,000. If your AGI is greater than $73,000, you can still request tax help — but you won’t get access to free software.

    Whats Good About Turbotax

    You should always feel like you can file your return with confidence before choosing any tax software. TurboTax Free Edition is a good choice for this.

    The average W-2 worker can prepare their return without paying a thing and file knowing that everything is accurate, and theyre not going to get audited later.

    TurboTax comes with simple step-by-step instructions for filling out the return, including on their mobile app. Six million people filed using a mobile device last year, says Intuit, and with TurboTax, this couldnt be easier.

    Heres How Seniors And Retirees Can File Their Taxes For Free

    Free Tax Preparation for low income, seniors &  disabled « Raytown Online

    IRS Tax Tip 2020-16, February 10, 2020

    For taxpayers on a fixed income, every penny saved matters. Many of these are seniors and retirees who can file their taxes for free. IRS Free File provides free online tax preparation for taxpayers with income less than $69,000 a year.

    Free File is one of several ways that older taxpayers can save money and file their taxes. Here are some facts about these programs to help these taxpayers determine which one fits their needs.

    So How Do You Get Started

    You can easily import your W2 form, and the software will then ask you some questions regarding your life to figure out whether youre entitled to any deductions or if there are any aspects that could change your tax affairs.

    Theres also a refund calculator, a real-time audit risk detector, and a free live chat service if you need help with your tax return.

    On a side note, the paid edition comes with Smart Look, where you can have a one-way video chat with a CPA or enrolled agent.

    To qualify for the Free edition of TurboTax, all you must do is be a worker who needs to file a simple 1040 tax return.

    Specifically, this means you have an income under $100,000, you dont own a home or rental property, you dont have any big medical bills, and you dont have any income that would appear on a 1099-MISC form.

    Which Companies Offer Free Federal And Free Efile State Tax Returns

    In 2022, the only company offering free state and Federal filing for ALL users is Cash App Taxes. Cash App Taxes offers a surprisingly robust user experience, audit support guarantees, and support for most major tax situations.

    This year, H& R Block is also offering a robust free pricing tier. It supports all credits related to the American Rescue Plan . If you earned W-2 income or received unemployment income, or Social Security Income, you could qualify for this tier. The free tier also supports student loan interest deductions, educational credits, and child tax credits. However, filers with retirement credits and deductions may have to upgrade. Additionally, those with HSA contributions, and child or dependent care contributions will certainly have to upgrade to claim all their relevant deductions. People in these situations have to upgrade to Deluxe and may be better off using Cash App Taxes. Check out H& R Block Online here > > Were huge fans of H& R Blocks expanded free pricing and Cash App Taxes’ completely free offerings. However, a free product may not be the best fit for you in 2022. Individuals with complex filing situations may want to choose bargain software likeFreeTaxUSA. And active traders or others with complex situations may prefer premium software like H& R Block or TurboTax. This article focuses on free software, but consider your situation before making a selection.

    Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

    The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program offers free tax assistance to citizens making $53,000 or less, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Their offices are typically located locally at community centers, libraries and schools to make them more convenient for you. They have IRS-certified volunteers that provide free basic tax return help with your electronic filing. You can find out more about VITA here.

    Seniors: Tips To Help You This Tax Season

    Local senior, community centers offer help filing taxes

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Canada Revenue Agency

    The Canada Revenue Agency understands that the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected the usual ways seniors manage their taxes. Here are some tips to help prevent disruptions to your tax and benefit affairs, as well as to help you when completing your income tax and benefit return in order to ensure you receive all the benefits and credits to which you are entitled!

    Filing Your Canadian Tax Return Online

    A majority of Canadians can generally file their tax returns electronically. Some instances where a NETFILE submission is restricted are if you:

    • Are filing a tax return for a taxation year before 2017
    • Are a non-resident of Canada and/or your address is outside of Canada
    • Became bankrupt within the two years before your tax filing
    • Are filing a tax return for a deceased person
    • Need to change your name
    • Are filing an amended return
    • Your social insurance number begins with a zero

    You can check out other NETFILE restrictions.

    Taxslayer Free File Edition

    TaxSlayer is another service with a free file option. There are no citizenship or residency requirements to qualify for the TaxSlayer free file option.

    There is free federal filing for those with an AGI of less than $100,000, and one free state return is included. If you need additional state returns, there is a fee.

    Quick Summary

    The free option does have a couple of small downsides.While it was built to support tax situations with varying complexity, the free plan is really only suitable for the simplest of tax situations.

    There are a number of common situations that are not covered with the free plan, including itemized deductions, stock sales, rental property income, self employment income, and Earned Income Tax Credit.

    Additionally, you wont have access to audit assistance or live chat that is offered to those with a paid plan. You can obtain phone support from the TaxSlayer non professional customer support team. Paid plan clients will get priority in the phone queue, however. So if you need to call during a peak period, get set for quite a wait.

    How To File Your Taxes Online In Canada

    There are two main ways to file your taxes online in Canada i.e. using NETFILE or EFILE.

    NETFILE is an online transmission service provided by the Canada Revenue Agency for individual filers to send in their tax returns without needing paper tax forms.

    In order to prepare your online tax return using NETFILE, you must use a CRA-certified tax preparation software such as TurboTax and several others.

    Tax return submissions through NETFILE go directly to the CRA in a secure format.

    EFILE is an electronic submission service used by tax preparers to transmit your income tax return information to the CRA.

    If you are not comfortable with using NETFILE or have a complicated tax return and require professional help, an accountant or tax preparation firm can use EFILE to file your tax return for a fee.

    Starting in 2018, CRA now offers a File My Return service that lower-income Canadians can use to file their income tax and benefit return for free.

    Individuals who qualify for this service receive an invitation letter in February with instructions on how to proceed. For questions relating to using File My Return, call CRA at 1-800-959-8281.

    Irs Tax Help Programs

    Free Tax Preparation Help Is Available to Seniors

    The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is available to taxpayers who generally make $58,000 or less, persons with disabilities, and taxpayers who speak limited English. The IRS also offers a free Tax Counseling for the Elderly program for all taxpayers, particularly those who are age 60 and older. VITA and TCE volunteers are IRS-certified and these sites are open from February through April.

    It is worth noting that there is some crossover between the TCE program and the AARP Tax-Aide program. Nonprofit organizations receive grants from the IRS to provide free tax advice to their local community members.

    Since the VITA and TCE programs are provided by volunteers, availability and specific services may vary. The IRS offers many other online resources and tax help tools, including IRS Free File.

    To learn more about VITA and TCE, find an open site near you, or explore other IRS tools and publications, visit the IRS website.

    Filing Taxes Online For Free

    If you have a simple tax return with just W-2s and/or unemployment income, youll likely be eligible to file your taxes for free. Still, its important to do your research before you choose which tax filing software to use. Not all tax filing services are created the same, and not all of them allow you to file both state and federal returns for free.

    Heres a quick breakdown of what you need to know about the most popular free tax filing services available this year:

    Yes No Filers with simple tax returns including W-2s, unemployment and/or retirement income who are claiming Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Credit

    Youll find more information on each service below to help you decide which software is best for you.

    Irs Tax Information For Elders

    For those who are simply looking for information on what types of retirement income are taxable or the eligibility requirements for certain tax deductions and credits, the IRS has your back. Visit the IRS Tax Information for Seniors & Retirees site for tax answers that apply specifically to older adults and retired individuals.

    Are There Special Tax Forms Or Support For Seniors

    After turning 65, you can begin filing your tax return with Form 1040-SR , a form specifically designed for senior filers.

    If you prepare your returns by hand, this can assist with your preparation by using a larger font and having the standard deduction information directly on the form. Otherwise, Form 1040-SR remains identical to Form 1040.

    If you require assistance preparing your return, you may qualify to participate in the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs, which offer free tax help.

    Remember, with TurboTax, we’ll ask you simple questions about your life and help you fill out all the right tax forms. With TurboTax you can be confident your taxes are done right, from simple to complex tax returns, no matter what your situation.

    Final Reminder About Free Tax Filing

    Aging Well: AARP Foundation offering free tax preparation services

    The world of “Free Tax Filing” is full of gotchas. Use the guide above to help you choose the right software for your situation.

    And remember, free filing may not be the right move for you. Many people prefer to use expensive tax filing software because it helps them feel confident about their filing. You dont want to be Penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to an expense as large as your taxes. Free software sounds great. But dont go for free if it means missing out on big tax deductions.If you want to estimate your taxes without “Starting For Free,” consider using a tax estimator – those are almost always free.

    Online Taxes At Oltcom Free Federal Edition

    Online Taxes has a service to allow everyone to file Federal taxes free, but as with most of these options on our list, there are fees associated with filing state returns. However, the platform is competitively priced with state returns costing $9.95 and decent pricing for more complicated tax situations.

    Quick Summary

    There are two pricing tiers for OLT services, and the free tier includes all the major filing forms, but it does lack tech support. When you upgrade to Premium, you can enjoy phone technical support, live chat, and guaranteed audit assistance. Both of the plans provide access to the major schedules, and it is possible to import previous year data.

    OLT has also made improvements to the interface and navigation, without bumping up the prices. However, it may still not be straightforward enough for newbies. It is not a perfect filing solution, but if youre an experienced filer who appreciates a guarantee of audit assistance at a low cost, this could be the right option for you.

    File Your Taxes With Nyc Free Tax Prep

    Changes to tax credits mean more money for you when you file.We’ll help you get your money.If you earned $72,000 or less in 2021, file for FREE with an IRS certified VITA/TCE volunteer preparer.Review checklist of documents you need to file your taxes.

    TAX DAY! filing

    • If you think you will owe taxes, it is a good idea to make an estimated payment.
    • If you don’t owe taxes, you will not be penalized for filing late if you request an extension. For example, if your income is below the 2021 requirement to file or if you typically get a refund and do not owe, you will not be penalized.

    Are There Property Tax Breaks For Seniors

    Some states offer tax breaks for seniors by offering a number of different items. Examples can include exempting you from paying property taxes up to a certain threshold, “freezing” your property tax bill, or delaying your property tax payment.

    When considering a move to another state with lower taxes, make sure you look at the overall tax burden. Just because a state offers property tax exemptions or doesn’t have an income tax doesn’t mean you might not pay more overall through other taxes.

    Make sure you look at the fine print for how to qualify for these property tax breaks, whether they’re exemptions, credits, rate freezes, or deferrals. They may come with different restrictions and qualifications based on age, income, length of residence, or more.

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    Filing Your 2022 Income Tax Return For Free

    Free options are available for filing your federal and state income tax returns.


    Its tax time again and taxpayers are being bombarded with commercials from large tax franchises and the corporate owners of do-it-yourself software. But hiring a professional or paying for DIY software can be beyond the means of many low- to middle-income taxpayers. What follows is a list of resources available for taxpayers looking for free help with filing their 2022 income tax returns.

    If you are a military family you can use MilTax from Military One Source. According to the website, and in addition to the filing service itself, MilTax provides consultation services designed specifically for the military community, and an extensive knowledge center of articles and resources designed to help you prepare and file your taxes. This service allows free e-filing of federal and up to three state tax returns. The site is funded by the Department of Defense and does not require a computer . Returns can be prepared using a web browser on a tablet or mobile phone.

    The IRS Tax Counselling for the Elderly program offers free help to seniors age 60 and older using cooperative grants. A complete list of grant-funded partners for the 2022 TCE program can be found here.

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