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Inspired By A Personal Experience

Home Instead Senior Care

It was Paul and Lori Hogan’s own personal experience caring for their 100-year-old grandmother in her home that inspired them to launch Home Instead in 1994. They realized many families had the same need for non-medical in-home care and elder companionship that could help seniors live independently at home. The demand for these important services has been so great, that the company’s network now has 800 locally owned franchises across North America and around the globe.

Violations In Overtime Recordkeeping Regulations

The initial investigation of Trusted Senior Care LLC operator of Home Instead Senior Care in Bowling Green found violations of the overtime and recordkeeping regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the USDOL said.

When investigators became aware of the “systemic nature of the violations,” they expanded the investigation to include the six other Home Instead franchise locations in Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee, all owned and operated by Brad Cannon.

In addition to Clarksville and Bowling Green, other Home Instead locations fined in Tennessee were in Franklin, Goodlettsville and Nashville.

The other fined locations are in Rainbow City, Ala. and Frankfort, Ky.

Investigators said they found violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act in all seven locations, including:

Failure to combine all hours worked by employees when they worked in multiple positions within the same workweek, resulting in failure to pay overtime after 40 hours worked in a work week.

Failure to count and pay for hours worked while on-call.

Failure to count and pay for all travel time and work performed before and after scheduled shifts.

Failure to include certain bonuses into the rate-of-pay when calculating overtime pay, resulting in underpayment of overtime hours.

Failure to retain records of all hours worked by employees.

In addition, the division found that the employer failed to compensate some nonexempt employees for all of their hours worked at the Bowling Green establishment.

Affordable Home Care Services

You want the best care for your family, and you need affordable options. Home Instead Senior Care® of Southwest Florida offers trusted home care services at reasonable rates. We can tailor a home care arrangement to fit both your familys lifestyle and budget.

A common misconception is that having a one-on-one caregiver in your home is the most expensive option. As you will see below, Home Care services offer the best solution at the lowest cost when compared to facilities.

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House Parties And The Modern 1960s Woman

People always thought Aunt Karen was my mother, and I was delighted to be compared to this fashionable, fun-loving woman. Her career woman’s life as a secretary seemed so sophisticated, with her new house in the suburbs, not far from Metropolitan Stadium. Neighborhood house parties were sure to include someone who knew Bobby Allison or Harmon Killebrew. We kids hung, entranced, at the top of the stairs, while the adults danced to Bobby Darin and the Everly Brothers in the basement rumpus room.

A Thoroughly Modern Mother

Home Instead Senior Care

What can I say? Mom has always been a bit of a rebel. After high school, she defied her parents, by taking a job as a welder at Calship and working on the Liberty Fleet. Grandpa thought she should work on landing a husband, while Grandma felt at least a secretarial desk or department store counter was more “respectable.”

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An Explorer And Mentor

Most summers, Uncle Bobby joined our family on vacation. Together, we explored the waterfalls and canyons of Starved Rock State Park, visited Lincoln’s birthplace, and hiked in Shawnee National Forest. A true teacher at heart, Uncle Bobby sparked my interest in geology as he explained how sandstone formations like the Devil’s Smokestack were formed millions of years ago.

Apple Pie And Growing Up In Lafayette

Fall was always my favorite time of year. Dad would take me on nature walks at Green Lakes State Park and then we’d pick apples at the orchard. Mom would make the best apple pie … and that’s not just my opinion. She has a few blue ribbons to prove it. We’d help peel the apples while she made the buttery crusts. Then it would be torture waiting for them to come hot out of the oven and be served a la mode.

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Help Him Remain Independent With Home Instead

When family members or friends aren’t able to help the older adults they love, Home Instead Care Professionals can. With a network of locations across New York, and worldwide, Home Instead is all about taking care of older family members long-term in the homes they’ve enjoyed and treasured. We provide a range of services including companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, shopping, errandseverything you’d do for your loved one, and moreto give you peace of mind, whether you live several states away or in the next county.

Final Thoughts On Home Instead

Now Hiring: Home Instead Senior Care Looking To Fill Caregiver Positions

Home Instead is a franchise-based network of more than 1,200 locations worldwide. While reports of client satisfaction can be inconsistent and largely dependent on location it generally has a well-regarded reputation for having dependable, skilled, and compassionate caregivers. Throughout its nearly three decades, the company has evolved from a single family-owned business to a leading force within the senior in-home care industry. Backed by the latest technological innovations, the company remains at the forefront by continuing to develop tools to keep at-home seniors, their families, and caregivers connected and engaged. With its specialized support offerings and suitable pricing that fits most budgets, Home Instead will allow you or your loved one the comfort and peace of mind to age safely at home.

The content, including without limitation any viewpoint or opinion in any profile, article or video, contained on this website is for informational purposes only. Any third party contributor to any such profile, article or video has been compensated by for such contribution. It is advised that you conduct your own investigation as to the accuracy of any information contained herein as such information, including without limitation any medical advice, is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. Further, shall not be liable for any informational error or for any action taken in reliance on information contained herein.

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Totem Poles Ferry Rides And Other Altered Vacations

Poor Mom. I don’t think a single family vacation ever went as planned. Like the trip to Kalama to see the totem poles, which ended up as a trip to the emergency room when my brother stepped on a nail. Or the ferry ride in Seattle where we first learned that I get seasick easily. And then there was the nature trail hike at Spirit Lake. Back then, before Mount St. Helens erupted, the forest was dense and the massive firs towered over us. How was I to know it was poison ivy I was inspecting?

Help Them Stay In The Home They Love With Home Instead

When family members or friends aren’t able to help the older adults they love, Home Instead Care Professionals can. With a network of locations across The Evergreen State and worldwide, Home Instead is all about taking care of older family members long-term in the homes they’ve enjoyed and treasured. We provide a range of services including companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, shopping, errands — everything you’d do for your loved one, and more — to give you peace of mind, whether you live several states away or in the next county.

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Free Consultation Trusted Advice

Your Home Instead representative can help you decide if our services could assist your loved one in preserving a good quality of life and remaining safely in his or her home. When you request home care a representative will contact you within 24 hours and you’ll receive a free, no-obligation personal consultation.

Care Services for Aging Adults

A Sweet Life In Texas


After Dad got out of the Army, they bought the house in Beaumont where they raised four kids, three dogs and a cat. The big yard has been the site of pirate battles, Easter egg hunts, sing-a-longs around bonfires and more than one flag football game. That house has survived 7 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, two hurricanes and the sadness of our father’s passing last year.

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How Do You Open A Home Instead Franchise

To start the process of opening a Home Instead franchise, you may want to evaluate the competition in your area. Debate if a Home Instead franchise would succeed in your area. If there are many other at-home senior care businesses in yourdesired location, you may want to reconsider.

During the review and onboarding process, you may receive a call from the franchise development team, who will probably take you through the process of opening a Home Instead franchise. You’ll usually receive an information packet and informationalemails.

You should be prepared for intensive training before you can open the doors to your business. Home Instead is ready to walk with their franchisees the entire way, which will hopefully allow your franchise to succeed.

Are exclusive territories available?

Definition: An exclusive territory is a fixed area in which you are given the right to operate and in which no other units of the same franchise may be opened.

What you need to know: Territory size may be based on factors such as radius, population size, zip codes, and more. Details can be found in Item 12 of the FDD.

Interested in franchise ownership like Home Instead? Request a free consultation with a Franchise Advisor now.

A Hero’s Changing Needs

I owe a lot to Uncle Bobby. He urged me to attend college and study geology — a traditionally male field. It was difficult, but my uncle was always there to encourage me. Since Aunt Sheila died, I’ve wished I lived closer, so I could be there for him, like he was for me. We still talk and laugh on the phone, but it’s obvious he’s forgetful and getting confused at times. I worry that he’s not eating properly and he might forget to take his medications.

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    Home Care Services Offered

    ClearCare Go Tutorial

    Home Instead’s caregivers provide home care services ranging from personal care and help with activities of daily living , such as bathing and grooming, meal prep, light housekeeping, transportation, and companionship.

    Home Instead’s customized or person-centered approach means that each of their professional CAREGivers is carefully matched with a senior based on their level of need. Further, all CAREGivers are given a comprehensive background check and must undergo ongoing services training.

    Home Instead services source:

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    Heres What You Need To Know If Youre Interested In Opening A Home Instead Franchise

    Home Instead, which was founded in 1994 and began to franchise the following year, is one of the leading senior care providers worldwide. Home Instead is dedicated to providing tailor-made, flexible at-home care for the elderly. They believe thateverybody should be able to live independently at home regardless of their age. With over 1,000 locations worldwide, Home Instead has one of the largest networks of senior-care facilities in the world.

    Home Instead offers professional companionship care to the elderly and strives to ensure that they can live as independently as possible in their own homes. As a Home Instead franchisee, you may help make the lives of the elderly and their familiesmore comfortable, more relaxing, and more capable through at-home senior care.

    Help Him Stay Independent With Home Instead

    When family members or friends aren’t able to help the older adults they love, Home Instead Care Professionals can. With a network of locations across Wisconsin and worldwide, Home Instead is all about taking care of older family members long-term in the homes they’ve enjoyed and treasured. We provide a range of services including companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, shopping, errands — everything you’d do for your loved one, and more — to give you peace of mind, whether you live several states away or in the next county.

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    Why You May Want To Start A Home Instead Franchise

    If you love the idea of offering quality and personal senior care, then opening a Home Instead franchise may be the right opportunity for you. Seen by some as more of a service to the community than a business, Home Instead wishes to function as ahaven for overwhelmed families everywhere. Running a Home Instead franchise may offer you the chance to serve as a tremendous service to your community.

    As one of the leading providers of non-medical senior care in-home worldwide, Home Instead tries to give hope and offers practical solutions to elderly care. Being warm, inviting, and caring may make it so elderly people do not feel like second-ratecitizens or burdens to their families.

    You Can’t Clip A Snowbird’s Wings

    In Home Senior Care

    I freaked out a little when mom and dad decided to become snowbirds, flying to Florida each year before the nor’easters made their first chilling appearance. And when they decided to stay there year round, it was hard to understand how they could leave a place they’d called home their whole lives. And what would I do without them nearby?

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    Handling Life’s Unexpected Turns

    My folks have spent over 50 years in the house in Yakima, and it’s been their pride and joy — landscaped to perfection and neat as a pin. But it’s different now that Dad’s in a wheelchair. Mom has handled the change with her usual grace. She takes care of him, just like she did for us, fixing his favorite meals, lovingly tying his shoes and smoothing his hair… always followed by a kiss on the forehead. They really want to stay in the house they’ve shared for so long, but there’s so much for mom to do. My brother and I do what we can, but we’ve got our jobs and she deserves to have some help every day.

    What Any Good Mother Would Do

    I came down with the flu at the “space age” world’s fair, so mom spent two days in a motel room, feeding me saltine crackers and reading to me while Dad and the boys rode the monorail and ascended in the “bubbleator” to the “world of tomorrow.” Mom and I would just have to wait to see what the future would hold.

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    Why Opening A Home Instead Franchise May Be A Good Choice

    To be part of the Home Instead team, you should make sure youre financially ready for an initial investment made up of a franchise fee and other startup costs. In addition, you should prepare yourself for ongoing fees that will include advertising,royalty, and potential renewal fees.

    Being a leading senior care brand, Home Instead may have both the notoriety and the global market necessary to offer their franchisees a great opportunity. After receiving their business training, you may provide the elderly with excellent, personalizedhome service and maintain a good business reputation.

    Home Instead strives to have a great culture and operate as a large and happily functioning family. As a franchisee, you will likely receive a protected territory to avoid overlap with other franchisees. This usually protects your business.

    The ideal franchisee is someone who has a heartfelt desire to work with seniors, a passion for leadership and business, good communication and relationship skills, and compassion.

    A Father’s Gift Of Time

    Message for our CAREGivers: We are joining forces with Honor

    As soon as we left home, Dad left all thoughts of work behind and we had his full attention. Of course there was sightseeing — a ferry ride to Mackinac Island, a visit to a lighthouse, hiking to a waterfall or a tour at the iron mines. But thinking back, I realized the best thing about these trips, was the fact that we had time… for unhurried walks in the woods … for laughing ’til it hurt watching Dad trying to master the hula hoop… for singing silly songs around the campfire… for thinking and dreaming.

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    Home Care Rates In Southwest Florida

    We specialize in serving families throughout the Southwest Florida area. We believe you should spend your money on care, so understanding the amount of care your loved one will receive is most important. Facilities roll the cost of rent and facilities into their rates which results in less actual care for the client.

    Unlike the high, fixed costs associated with assisted living facilities or nursing homes, the price of in-home care stays flexible to meet your needs. Home caregiving allows you to keep control of your budget by scheduling as few or as many hours of care as you need.

    The chart below is a cost comparison of the many types of senior care from the 2018 Genworth Cost of Care Survey for the Southwest Florida.

    Our clients average 20-25 hours of care a week. That is how we provide at least a 50% cost savings compared to any facility or community based care options. Also, the care is in your home, on your schedule and tailored to you!

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