Paint By Numbers For Seniors

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The Beginner Guide To Painting By Number

Paint by Numbers for Adults Winnie’s Picks//New Skillshare Class

If its your very first time, you shouldnt be too scared, you might be a bit impressed with the number of tiny cells that youll have to paint, but nothing to worry about.

As much as this occupation might seem a bit strenuous, it is actually a great way to let go of all your thoughts and just focus on something simple, fun, and entertaining. Since you do not need any extra tools, anyone and everyone can join in and participate, even beginners.

Soon, you will realize that youve become an expert, and youll be up for your next challenge.

Do You Paint Light Or Dark Colors First

Painting from dark to light is a common strategy or approach that most painters adhere to for their painting projects. You usually start with the darkest colors, then the mid-tones then the lighter colors for highlight. This way its easier for you to see how your painting develops. This helps give depth to the painting too. You start with the lowlights or shadows and work on the highlights.

Although this is a great strategy, this does not matter much for paint-by-numbers art kits. With the kits, theres no need for mixing colors or thinking about color values and light so much. You will learn those as you work on your painting but you can start whatever way you like with painting by numbers. Its completely up to you. Whats important is you paint the right color on the right numbered areas and that they dont smudge over other areas.

Paint Your Way To A Clearer Mind

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Whether or not people realize it, theyve probably developed their own strategies for coping with stress throughout their lives. Maybe it involves taking a trip to the batting cages to release some pent-up energy, or going for a walk in the woods to quiet their restless mind. Art is another calming, stress-relieving activity, but one many people forget about as they head into adulthood.

If someone wasnt good at art in school, it may not even occur to them to try their hand at it again as an adult. But theres a key difference: Now no one is being graded, there are no assignments, and, most importantly, the idea is to help people manage stressnot create it. There are many different types of art therapy to explore, so it may take some trial-and-error before finding one that truly helps with relaxation.

Paint-by-number kits can be an effective stress management tool for people of any ageparticularly if they deal with anxiety . When purchasing a paint-by-number kit, there are several things to keep in mind, like whether youd rather paint larger areas or smaller details, and the kind of paint included with the kit.

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Whats Included In A Paint By Numbers Kit

A Paint by Numbers kit comes with all the essential tools you need to get you started on your new artistic project. In the kit, you will find a set of different paintbrushes to help you get even the smallest cells.

The paint pots with the numbers indicated on top of it and reusable, just make sure to hear the click when you close your pots, so it wont dry and you can use it at a later time or for a different painting project. The painting kit comes of course with your canvas rolled and a paper version of it, just in case you were to make a mistake, or if youre not able to read the numbers on the canvas.

Furthermore, your adults paint kit will come enveloped into a beautiful and resistant tube to ensure that all components arrive in good condition and that the canvas comes wrinkles free.

Best For Kids: Colour Talk Little Turtle Paint

Senior Paint By Numbers Seashore


  • Smaller canvas than most

  • Not recommended for children under the age of 4

This isnt the paint-by-numbers kit you got for your 8th birthday that only came with blue, green, red, and yellow dull watercolors and a stringy brush. This one, featuring a picture of a little turtle happily swimming underwater, comes with high-quality materials, and results in a piece of art you would be proud to hang on the wall.

The 8 x 8-inch canvas in this kit is smaller than most of the adult-sized versions, but thats not necessarily a goodor badthing. The smaller size may be easier for little hands to work with, and more proportional to their height. On the other hand, bigger canvasses may give beginning painters a little more leeway when it comes to getting the right colors in the right places.

Size: 8 x 8 inches | Framed: No | Brushes: 3 included | Difficulty: Beginner

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It Combats Feelings Of Loneliness And Loss Of Independence

Elderlies living alone are particularly vulnerable to depression brought on by solitude and a loss of independence. Suffering from loneliness and stress is associated with poorer physical and mental health and overall quality of life for older people. But according to studies, seniors who participate in creative arts experience lower levels of depression and loneliness and are more positive in general. Art practice as part of a group can also be a welcomed occasion for social interactions. Not only can Dare to Paints Paint by Numbers kits help bring out the artist in your elderly loved ones, but they can also boost their sense of belonging.

Find 1000’s of designs on

Do You Paint The Background First

There are plenty of ways to start painting your paint by numbers art kit. From top to bottom, left to right side, from the first number on, darker to lighter colors, background first then the details, etc. There is no wrong way of how to do it. You just need to play with the process and see which one works best for you. Whatever you are most comfortable with, do it.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to paint the canvas. The only rule is to paint the right color on the right numbered area without going over too much on the other areas. Even that, is forgivable and easily solved. Just let the smudged area dry and paint over it.

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Enhanced Motor Skills And Pain Relief

When older people practice skills like painting, knitting or drawing, they are challenged to physically exercise their hands and arms through movement. In doing so, seniors improve their physical ability .

Painting by Numbers practice can also help seniors to deal with pain more efficiently and reduce inflammation in case of Arthritis. Focussing on creativity and the task ahead is also helpful to take their mind away from any chronic pains. In cases of Parkison’s, patients feel more relaxed, therefore tremors decrease. Because painting introduces novel motions that are not part of everyday life, the body can no longer operate on autopilot, which also decreases the likelihood of the temporary, involuntary inability to move, called freezing.

Find 1000’s of designs on

Minimalist Paint By Numbers Kit

7 Common Mistakes that will RUIN your painting by numbers
  • Cons: Needs two layers of paint
  • Size: 12″ x 16″ or 16″ x 20″
  • Difficulty level: Beginner adult

Great for beginners due to its simplistic design. Although simple, the design is beautiful and modern and would look fabulous hanging in any home. Within this kit, you’ll receive a linen canvas, eco-friendly paint and paintbrushes. If you would like you can choose the option to include a frame.

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The Many Benefits Of Paint By Numbers For Seniors

1. Improved memory function:

Frequent activities that promote concentration such as painting by numbers can be beneficial for elders suffering from memory loss. Artistic activities involve the intellect on both sides of the brain, engaging many various brain areas and lobes at the same time. Moreover, doing creative arts might benefit elders suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia-related cognitive loss. According to several studies and research, immersing in different forms of art such as painting and music may even aid in the recovery of long-forgotten memories of loved ones and other previous important events. It can also provide patients suffering from memory loss with a brief period of clarity and the capacity to work properly.

2. Aids in the treatment of chronic pain:

Doing creative pursuits may also aid in the treatment of illnesses related to chronic pain. Accordingly, painting by numbers can help people with joint diseases like arthritis and may help in decreasing discomfort from inflammation because it allows them to focus on their creative tasks rather than the pain that they’re suffering. Furthermore, painting by numbers for seniors also promotes relaxation, which can aid in the relief of emotional discomfort.

3. Painting helps in improving emotions:

4. Helps in enhancing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination:

5. Painting can help in emotional release:

6. Helps in improving social skills and communication with others:

Healthy Ageing: Why Is Paint By Numbers Great For Our Elderly Loved Ones’ Mental And Physical Health And Wellness

Healthy ageing: you may wonder what Painting-by-Numbers has to do with it. Painting, and in particular using Paint by Numbers kits, is not only the perfect pastime for art lovers with time on their hands, but also proves to positively stimulate bodies and minds that have been affected by age.

A wealth of studies have shown this type of activity has positive effects on our seniors mental and physical health. It is especially helpful for people with degenerative diseases that come with age, such as Dementia, Alzheimer or Parkinson, or physical limitations like arthritis. So why not treat your elderly loved ones with a Dare to Paint kit?

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The Golden Years And Dementia

We firmly believe that nourishing creativity is important at any age, but becomes even more crucial in the golden years. Diseases like Alzheimer become more prevalent as we grow older, and though more studies need to be done, evidence is growing that engaging the brain in creative ways can help stave off or even reverse their effects.

As a society it is increasingly likely that we live past 100. While that is absolutely wonderful, diseases of the mind also grow likelier with age. Therefore, a greater proportion of us will probably suffer from a loss of thinking, remembering, and reasoning skills. These diseases also disproportionately affect women.

As an individual with access to the internet reading this right now, it is very scary thought. Imagine the terror it would evoke for a senior with limited opportunities to engage with the outside world.

We have long touted the therapeutic effects of paint by number kits and are proud to give the opportunity for seniors to experience it for themselves. Second Wind Dreams® believes that age does not erase hopes and dreams. My Paint by Numbers believes all people of any age should be able to experience in the joys of life. A dream and a joy that is near and dear to both of us is painting. We cannot think of a better way to help seniors engage their minds and ward off these threats than by painting by numbers!

What Is Paint By Numbers

Senior Paint By Numbers Covered Bridge*

Paint by numbers is a painting kit that was invented in the 20th century and became very popular. The paint-by-numbers art form was created by Dan Robbins in 1950. The idea was to create a painting that anyone could create, regardless of their skill level. The kit comes with a canvas and numbers pre-printed on it. All you have to do is match the number on the canvas with the corresponding color and fill in the area. The kit consists of a canvas with a printed image and numbered areas corresponding to different colors. A set of paints and brushes is also included. The user paints the numbered areas on the canvas according to the color key provided, creating a finished work of art.

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Why Trust Verywell Mind

As a seasoned health writer and editor with a special focus on mental health and well-being, Elizabeth Yuko, PhD understands how powerful stress-relieving activities can be for many peopleas well as the fact that theyre not one-size-fits-all. With decades of first-hand experience dealing with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, shes always on the lookout for new products, techniques, and services that can help people cope with stress and other mental health challenges.

Modern Paint By Number Kits

In the world of art, there are many different mediums that an artist can choose to use. One such medium is paint by numbers. This type of artwork is popular among beginner artists because it is a relatively simple way to create a painting. The paint by numbers kits were designed for anyone to be able to create a masterpiece. These kits come in various sizes so they can fit any space or budget. Paint by number kits have been used for years as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas presents, and more!

When you want something unique but still affordable, these paint by numbers kits are perfect for you.

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Driving Options And Related Costs:

When it comes to costs of transportation, and ensuring proper vehicle insurance is in place, there are a few important notes to consider. Caregivers can accompany clients on outings and appointments in 3 different ways:

1. Accompanying the client in a taxi or other third-party transportation company.

  • When a caregiver accompanies a client in a taxi, the client will pay the normal cost for the caregivers time.
  • The client also pays for the cost of the taxi.
  • If arranged in advance, the Affinity Health caregiver can pay for the taxi, and the cost can be added to the clients regular invoice. There is no upcharge on the taxi cost from Affinity Health.

2. Driving the Client in the Caregivers Vehicle

  • Many of our caregivers have a vehicle that they use to get to and from work. Just because a caregiver has a vehicle, does not mean they have the proper insurance to drive a client as a passenger.
  • If a client would like to have a Affinity Health caregiver drive them to and from appointments in the caregivers vehicle, Affinity Health will ensure the proper insurance is in place before booking the shift for an outing.
  • When caregivers use their own vehicle to drive a client, the client will pay the normal hourly rate for the caregiver, as well as a modest per-kilometer charge to cover gas and wear-and-tear on the vehicle.
  • Affinity Health has a special waiver form that must be signed once in advance of taking this service.

3. Driving the Client in the Clients Vehicle

How Long Does Paint By Numbers Take

Top 10 Easy Paint By Number Tips To Help You Succeed

Three main factors affect the time it takes to finish a paint by numbers canvas. One is the canvas difficulty level. You can find collections that are best for beginners. They are less detailed and therefore require less time. Some templates are more intricate and require more time and attention.

Another factor is your experience level. How fast do you paint? How much attention do you put to each detail of the painting? How steady are your hands? Although you can try to do it all in one sitting, we recommend not to.

That takes away the whole point of the painting by numbers: to relax, clear your mind, and get away from your everyday stress. We recommend spending at least 45 minutes every day on the kit until you complete the painting.

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Reeves Senior Painting By Numbers

Paint by numbers for seniors. While for a beginner acrylic paints are preferable for a beginner because the paint dries quickly. Download and print these Free Printable Paint By Numbers For Adults coloring pages for free. Free Printable Paint By Numbers For Adults.

Painting by numbers may seem childish but this activity has many positive health benefits for seniors including reducing anxiety and stress increasing attention span enhancing cognitive memory function and improving motor coordination. Most of us love nature and the better way to depict it than with crittersfrightening on trees. Take a break and have some fun with this collection of free printable paint by numbers.

Love Birds Paint By Numbers Kit For Adults. Yet you can find just a. This selection comes from Winnies Picks adults paint by numbers.

If you are looking for something more personal you can choose a large DIY custom painting by number kit. Get it as soon as Thu May 13. FREE Shipping by Amazon.

Most widely recognized paints are acrylic and oil paints however you do get units with watercolour or pencil colours. Check out our paint by numbers for seniors selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from our shops. All Paint by Numbers Canvas by Numbers Easy Paint by Numbers Masterpiece by Numbers My Paint by Numbers Original Paint by Number Paint by Numbers Home Paint by Numbers Kit.

3299 2295. Heres where it gets more interesting. A painted canvas is worth a thousand words.

How To Make Your Paint By Numbers Look Better

So you have finished your project and youre wondering how to make it look even better? You can decide how youd like to frame it, thats your personal touch to make your painting stand out. From wooden stretchers to big frames, you decide.

If youre looking to improve the look of your masterpiece, we strongly advise you to head over to our painting tutorials. Youll learn new painting techniques, how to use our art supplies like a pro, and how to master the art of acrylic painting!

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