Xfinity Tv Packages For Seniors

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Xfinity Cable Senior Plans And Discounts

Xfinity TV Prices, Packages, and Channels | Xfinity TV Review

Xfinity doesnt offer any senior-specific cable plans however, wed recommend looking into Xfinity Choice TV, which offers over 10 channels at an affordable monthly price of $30. If you opt for paperless billing, you can potentially get $10 off per month, which brings the price of basic cable TV down to just $20 per month. The plan also offers Streampix for free and a DVR to record your favorite shows.

Do Seniors Need Cable Tv

Since 58 percent of those over 65 get their news from cable TV,1 most seniors need to have a quality cable TV provider to stay aware of all the latest happenings, especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To stay safe, many older adults remained at home, while TV provided critical local and national news updates, entertainment, and education. For seniors who are at home most of the day and arent interested in getting their news online, we highly recommend cable TV for staying in the loop.

Comcast Raising Mandatory Fees

Comcast does not offer straightforward pricing.

Instead, it has a core price that it then jacks up by adding regional sports and broadcast TV fees. These seem likes taxes, a sort of mandated charge that the company has no control over. In reality, both are fully under Comcast’s control and they’re really just a way to advertise a low price even though that not what anyone actually pays.

“Comcast is raising its broadcast TV fee from $19.15 to $23.20 and its regional sports fee from $15 to $17.25, according to customer bills,”PennLive reported.

The cable giant will also raise its modem-rental fee from $14 to $15 while the cost of a TV remote and a box will go from $8.50 to $10.

Customers, it’s important to note, can’t opt out of the broadcast-TV or regional-sports-network fees. In some cases, you can buy your own modem, but cable boxes and remotes are also not a choice for customers.

Comcast has added about 2 million broadband customers over the past two years while its cable audience has dropped by about 3.5 million subscribers.

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How We Chose The Best Cable Tv Providers For Seniors

Many companies provide cable TV service in the U.S., but weve narrowed it down to the top five we believe are the best choices for seniors. After many hours of research, reading fine print, and comparing prices, weve created a comprehensive list based on three metrics. To debut on our Best list, providers had to have a stellar reputation and offer seniors the following benefits.

  • Bundling Options: Since an internet connection is a basic necessity nowadays, many cable TV providers offer great discounts when you bundle your cable and internet service together. We made sure to include those bundling options in our overview below.
  • Deals and Discounts: Some cable providers offer discounts for seniors and AARP members, or they have special deals at certain times of the year. Since getting you the best price was important, to make our list, providers needed to offer industry-leading deals and discounts.
  • Channels: Local and national TV channels are essential for getting the latest news. Plus, we made sure these providers offered popular entertainment channels like HGTV, Hallmark, and CBS. Many also provided add-on channels if you wanted to boost your cable package.

Get The Best Deals And Discounts At Xfinity Today

Xfinity Cable Packages For Existing Customers

Xfinity offers some of the best internet and cable TV deals for seniors. While there’s no specific Xfinity senior discount 2022, there are countless plans and savings opportunities to get high-speed internet for your entertainment and connectivity needs.

Worried about the effects of technology on seniors? Read about the benefits of technology for seniors in this Senior Strong blog.

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Contract Vs No Contract

Many Xfinity competitors offer two-year contracts. However, you can get a one-year agreement with an Xfinity TV plan instead.

Your first year agreement will typically include a nice introductory rate offered inside one of their promotions. Of course, this means your second year agreement and future years cost you a higher rate than that first year. Build this into your budgeting when deciding which package makes the most sense for you and your family.

You always have the option of canceling after the first year agreement if youre not enjoying your Xfinity TV service.

Would you rather avoid entering into a television plan contract? Then, youre in luck because Xfinity TV offers a no-contract option.

The negative aspect of a no-contract plan is cost. Youre charged an additional $10 per month on your chosen TV plan . This adds up significantly over the long term after you get past your first six months.

This might be the best Xfinity TV option, though, if you know youre going to move in the next several months and dont want to enter into a one-year contract.

How To Get Xfinity Senior Discount

After coming across some lucrative benefits associated with Xfinity senior discount days, you as a senior citizen must be planning to grab it for yourself. To become eligible for the special offers, the steps to be followed are:

  • Firstly, you need to qualify for the internet essentials by Xfinity. For that, the following criteria must be fulfilled:
  • Have no subscription to the Comcast Internet within the last twenty days
  • Have zero outstanding debts to Comcast
  • The person must be eligible for SSI, Medicaid, SNAP, and other public assistance programs
  • Due to the hitting of the pandemic of a novel coronavirus, households having any outstanding debt may also be eligible for the plan benefits. After June, standard eligibility rules will be applicable.
  • The application has to be submitted online through All the details must be filled in after cross-checking before submission.
  • Next, you need to wait for the approval of the application. A detailed screening of the application form will be fulfilled by the respective team. If the application gets approved, then you will receive an email or SMS. In case of documentation, the screened photo must be captured followed by uploading the same.
  • Finally, after application approval, you will have a home-based internet connection within a week. The instruction guide will help you to set up your internet equipment.

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Why Comcast Discount For Senior Citizens

There are many benefits of affordable Comcast plans for seniors. And while the company does not offer any explicitComcast discount for senior citizens. It is their affordability that is suitable for seniors belonging to low-income households.

Exactly how much is Comcast for seniors depends on the package you choose. It can vary from $10 per month to $80 per month or more. With Comcast senior discount options, one has a lot to benefit from. Like affordable internet plans to seamless cable services. More benefits are:

  • Specific packages inclusive of activation or Installation fees
  • Amazing download speed of minimum 25 Mbps to 200 Mbps
  • Unlimited access to nation-wide Xfinity WiFi Hotspots
  • Free internet skills training that is online, in print, or in-person

Plans from Comcast for senior citizens can be bought not only by seniors but also by others eligible. Any other new Xfinity customers can also take advantage of various plans by this service provider. Moreover, there are no complex eligibility requirements to enjoy Comcast cheapest internet service. You must be a resident of an area that has Xfinity internet services. Also, no installation fee is to be paid in many plans. Moreover, no background or credit verification is done.

Senior citizens get low-priced internet plans and cable services offering a wide range of benefits. As they do not usually require any extra data benefits, so the plans become very affordable for them.

How Can Seniors Bundle Tv Service With Internet

Get to know Xfinity Flex

TV and internet bundling can save you money every month on services you would be paying for anyway. We provide a listing of the best TV and internet bundles from Optimum, Spectrum, and many more so you can find the best deal.

Another way to watch TV shows is to sign up for a streaming service. You can subscribe to streaming services like Hulu and Disney+ to access movies and TV shows over the internet, without paying for a separate TV plan. These services also stream on demand, so youre free to binge-watch your favorite shows whenever you want.

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Best Xfinity Packages For Seniors 2022

Xfinity by Comcast Cable Communications is an American telecommunications company that offers cable TV, internet, telephone, and wireless services. The company offers numerous versatile internet, mobile, home phone, cable TV, and wireless plans, which attract many subscribers from 40 states. In this article, we will take a closer look at Xfinity packages for seniors.

Can You Get Xfinity Tv Without Cable

Yes, if you have Xfinity internet. Xfinity Flex is a free streaming device and service available to Xfinity internet customers .

With the Flex box, you can stream hundreds of live channels and binge 10,000+ hours of on-demand titles through a variety of free and paid streaming apps. Is this what couch potato heaven is? Why yes, yes it is. To learn more about Flex, read our full Xfinity Flex review.

These are the region-specific Xfinity TV and internet bundles that have Xfinitys highest channel counts, lowest costs per channel, and highest internet speeds:

  • West: Premier Double Play has 1,200 Mbps download speeds and185+ channels for $155.70/mo.
  • Central: Ultimate TV with Gigabit Extra has 1,200 Mbps download speeds and 185+ channels for $176.00/mo.
  • Northeast: Super+ More with Gigabit Internet has 1,200 Mbps download speeds and 185+ channels for $149.99/mo.

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Xfinity Choice Double Play Package Meets All Your Basic Needs For Surfing Streaming And Cable Tv

Choice Double Play is the most popular choice for seniors. It has a download speed of up to 100Mbps and 10 or more popular cable channels, so you can keep up with the news and watch old songs. Its more than enough for light streaming and watching your favorite shows. Even though it doesnt come with internet security or a virtual private network , you can buy both for about $5 per month.

Benefits of Choice Double Play Package:

  • Speed of 100Mbps to download

  • 10 Plus popular cable channels

  • Only $39.99 per month for a one-year deal

Most Seniors will tell you to go with Xfinitys 1224 month contracts, which are discounted even more. Still, its important to keep in mind that the brands prices tend to go up after the promotional period is over, so be sure to plan for this when youre figuring out how much your broadband connection will cost. There are always new deals on the market. If you sign up for a promotional 1-year contract, you can switch to another promotional package after 12 months.

The Overviews Of Comcast Cable Packages For Seniors In 2023


Comcast is the brand behind Xfinity and is the largest cable TV provider in the United States. However, it is available to more than a third of the U.S, covering more than 40 states. With such an extensive coverage area, specific Comcast Xfinity TV-only channels and Comcast cable packages for seniors and special offers will often vary depending on location. Comcast has a lot to offer, ranging from basic cable services with numerous add-ons to DVR services and streaming services.

Most importantly, seniors aged 65 and older are still presumably cable subscribers, as cable TV remains one of the reliable, straightforward ways to watch. Xfinity provides various packages and price options curtailed for older age. Additionally, Xfinity internet and cable deals vary widely based on your location and package choice. Here, you will learn about the companys most popular cable TV packages, features and prices, and a lot more.

On the other hand, Comcasts Xfinity website features a handy comparison tool defined by channels. This tool is ideal for comparing prices and features, but most people dont purchase cable services based on the number of channels alone. Notably, with more than 50 years of experience, consumers have the confidence that Xfinity is a reputable company that can deliver excellent service at a reasonably affordable rate for every type of customer.

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Xfinity Flex Streaming Device

Xfinity Flex

If you have heard of Roku or Fire TV Stick, then Xfinity Flex is just another way to stream television to your TV through your internet connection. The Xfinity Flex device is compatible with most major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, it includes Peacock Premium for free, which is NBC’s exclusive content app. Xfinity Flex is included with any Xfinity internet plan at no additional cost. Before you spend money on a third-party streaming device, find out if this add-on is available with your internet package.

Xfinity Internet Packages For Seniors

Below, we have covered some of the best Xfinity internet packages for seniors

Xfinity Internet Essentials

Xfinity Internet Essentials is a plan for low-income people who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you are looking for a senior-friendly plan, this Xfinity Internet Essentials can be a good choice.

You get the benefits of free internet skills training, the opportunity to purchase a low-cost computer at a discounted price of $149.99, and unlimited access to Xfinity hotspots. It comes with a data limit of 1.2 TB at a download speed of up to 50mbps, including activation or installation fees and equipment rental. This plan costs around $9.95 per month.

Xfinity Performance Pro

Xfinity Performance Pro internet plan comes with a data limit of 1.2 TB at a speed of 300mbps. It also comes up with a self-installation kit and rental equipment. This plan costs you $39.99 per month.

Xfinity Connect

It is a senior-friendly internet plan from Xfinity with a download speed of 300mbps and a data limit of 1.2 TB. It also comes with a self-installation kit and rental equipment. Xfinity Connect plan costs around $30 per month.

Standard+Double Pay

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Benefits Of Comcast Discount For Senior Citizens

There are numerous benefits of affordable Comcast plans for seniors. Although the company does not provide any specific Comcast discount for senior citizens, its affordability is suitable for seniors from low-income households. However, the exact Comcast discount for seniors depends on the package you choose. It can change from $10 per month to $80 per month and more.

Perhaps, Comcasts senior discount options feature a lot to benefit like the cheapest Xfinity cable and internet packageoffers. Additional benefits include:

  • Specific packages that feature activation or Installation fees.
  • Unlimited access to nationwide Xfinity WiFi Hotspots.
  • Free internet online skills training, in print, or in-person.
  • On the other hand, plans from Comcast for senior citizens get purchased not only by seniors but also by other eligible customers. If you are a new Xfinity customer, you can take advantage of various Comcast cable deals from this service provider.

    Moreover, there are no complicated eligibility qualifications to enjoy Comcasts cheapest internet and cable service. You must live in an area with Xfinity internet and cable services. Also, there is no installation fee required in many plans and no background or credit verification checks.

    How Can Seniors Help Their Families Afford Internet

    Xfinity Prepaid Instant TV

    Nearly three in four parents with adult children helped them financially during the pandemic, most often with basic living expenses.3 Internet service can be one of the larger monthly bills in a household, so getting those costs down can make a big impact on budgets. Many younger people experiencing financial distress can benefit from government internet assistance programs. Those in school can also benefit from internet discounts for students.

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    Here Are Some Tips For Getting The Best Cable Tv Deals For Seniors

  • Ask for Senior Discounts -If you’re hoping to save some money this year, check with your cable company before buying. There’s a good chance they offer discounts for seniors and AARP members who need them most! Ask about any special offerings that might be available by asking customer service representatives. If you prefer signing up for TV service online, Cable TV Advisors offers an option to .
  • Compare Prices from Multiple Providers In Your Area – When you’re searching for an affordable cable TV plan for seniors, the #1 rule is to shop around for the best price. There are many deals and offers out there, but you want to make sure you select the plan that works best for you and your family.
  • Ask For New Customer Promotions and Discounts –The most obvious tip is often overlooked. Sometimes just asking if the provider offers cable discounts for seniors can either save you a few dollars, or it can get you a few freebies, upgrades, or credits on your bill. Don’t overlook the obvious way to save a few dollars.
  • Redeem Any Pre-Approved Offers –Sometimes you’ll receive pre-approved offers in the mail when you’re not in the market for new TV service. If you’ve thrown some of those old offers in the junk drawer, bring them out when you’re shopping for your new senior TV service. These offers can easily save money on equipment fees and installation costs.
  • Comcast Customers Are Not Going To Like This

    • Publish date: Dec 7, 2022 10:02 AM EST

    Cable companies like Comcast – Get Free Report and Charter Communications – Get Free Report began their business lives as monopolies by contract. In exchange for building out the required infrastructure in a town or city, they got long-term exclusivity in the market.

    That has changed with cable simply because of streaming, but in many cases Comcast and Charter remain the only viable choices for many Americans. That has enabled both companies to grow their broadband-subscriber base while they lose cable customers.

    Yes, people could opt for phone-company-provided DSL or even T-Mobile’s – Get Free Report 5G internet, but those services are inferior to high-speed broadband. Basically, many Americans have no real options, according to a 2020 report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

    “At least 49.7 million Americans only have access to broadband from one of the seven largest cable and telephone companies,” the report said. “In total, at least 83.3 million Americans can only access broadband through a single provider”

    Comcast also ties its broadband business to its cable business, Customers get a. break on broadband for keeping cable, and that gives the company leverage even though streaming options do make it easier to cut the cord.

    There’s more choice in cable compared with broadband, but for millions of Americans, cord-cutting is simply not an option.


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