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Iphone 14 Pro Max Review: Cameras

T-Mobile Adds Essentials Plan to their 55 Senior Unlimited Plan Line-Up

Apple has shaken things up with its cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, offering a 48MP main wide sensor for the first time. By default, the sensor will group every four pixels in a quad-pixel and optimize for better light capture in 12MP photos. But you can go 48MP in Pro RAW mode if you want the most detail possible, which is ideal for cropping in.

The 48MP camera also enables a new 2x zoom option that joins the 12MP 3x telephoto zoom lens, but you dont get the higher zoom offered by the Galaxy S22 Ultras 10x dual optical setup.

The iPhone Pro Max also features a new 12MP ultrawide camera thats nearly twice the size and 12MP TrueDepth camera now offers autofocus along with a faster f/1.9 aperture for better low-light photos. In fact, better low-light performance is a big theme across the board with this phone, as theres a Photonic Engine powered by the A16 Bionic chip thats designed to offer brighter and more colorful photos for every camera.

You can shoot 48MP photos, but you first have to enable Apple ProRaw and set the ProRaw resolution to 48MP in the Settings app. It would be easier to initially activate this within the camera app, but once enabled, you can toggle between RAW and normal pics in the camera app.

Turning to this photo of peppers, the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers more contrast and depth as you zoom in, and the colors from the S22 Ultra are a bit too oversaturated. Id give the edge to Apple here.

How Much Data Do I Need

In this day and age, most people are using their cell phones to check social media, stream video content, or simply browse the internet. If you think youll be doing any of those, then its definitely worth paying a bit extra to get a data allowance on your cell phone plan.

If you need a bit of help determining how much data youll need, heres a quick guide on how much data TechRadar recommends, based on common uses:

  • Emailing and messaging under 5GB of data a month
  • Social media and web browsing 5GB a month
  • Streaming music 10GB a month
  • Streaming HD video 10GB+ a month

Of course, if you see yourself simply calling and texting only, then you can forgo the data allowance altogether and opt for a cheaper plan a few of which weve included on our best cell phone plans for seniors list above.

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Other Verizon Discounts For Existing Customers

Verizon offers other deals for existing and new customers that include:

  • Deals on Verizon cell phones
  • Discounted streaming services
  • Automatic bill payment and paper-free billing

Each section will cover the discounts details and how to qualify.

Before we continue, I want to cover a previous rewards program Verizon offered. That way, you dont find it elsewhere and think you can get it.

Its the Mobile + Home rewards program. Verizon used to give customers a discount for bundling their Unlimited cellular service and Fios home internet.

In June 2022, they blocked new applicants . So theres no way you can get it anymore.

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Frequently Asked Speedtalk Mobile Question

The following phones work with our service

All 4G LTE GSM phones

All phones purchased through T-mobile

All phones purchased through AT& T, but they have to be unlocked Only 6 and newer phones purchased through Verizon & Sprint.

All 4G LTE GSM phones

All phones purchased through T-mobile

All phones purchased through AT& T but they have to be unlocked Only 2016 and newer phones purchased through Verizon & Sprint.

All 4G LTE GSMUnlocked

Can I transfer my existing cell phone number?

SIM cardSpeedTalkPhone numbercarrierSpeedTalk network

Keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule, but it will never be because of SpeedTalk. Your phone will have to be in good standing with your current or past carrier. You will also have to purchase one of our plans first and you should start the transfer process with SpeedTalk prior to your cancellation with your current carrier. Its very important that you do not cancel your account with your current carrier before the transferring process is completed.

If you currently do not have a phone number. SpeedTalk will generate one for you automatically, you just need to provide a zip code so we can issue a phone number based on that zip code.

Is this service a money back guaranteed?

We are a 100% money back guaranteed service. However, if you have consumed more than 30 minutes, 30 texts, or 30mbs of data within 14 days of the plan cycle, your purchase will be considered buyers remorse and you will no longer qualify for a refund.

Iphone 8 Review: Specs

Cheap Best Senior Mobile Phone, find Best Senior Mobile Phone deals on ...

Dimensions: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mmDisplay: 4.7 inches, 750 x 1334 pixels pixelsProcessor: Apple A11 Bionic / 2GB RAMStorage: 64 / 256GBCamera: 12MP sensor, f/1.8, OIS, quad-LED flash

Liked this? Check out the iPhone 8s rivals in out best smartphone guide

All of our tests are done in a real-world environment not in a lab. You can find out more about how we test at T3 here.

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Best Iphone Deals For December 2022

Cellular carriers in the United States regularly provide discounts and offers on numerous models of Apples iPhone. As of 2022, that means you can find solid bargains on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and many more at AT& T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 in September 2022 and the new iPhone SE in March 2022, and were tracking new offers on these smartphones below. All major carriers have various discounts, offers, and savings on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so be sure to look for more details in each carriers section.

Carrier deals do have some downsides, in regards to how many stipulations come with obtaining the discounts. But if youre looking to sign up for a new contract, switch carriers, or buy multiple iPhones at once, you can likely find a few solid bargains at these companies.

In this guide, well break down offers by carriers, and also include a few sales related to refurbished devices. In regards to these sales, the best refurbished discounts are typically related to older iPhone models, but you can still occasionally find refurbished sales on current generation models as well.

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Verizon: Best Cell Phone Plan For Internet

Verizon currently offers only one type of cell phone plan for seniors, costing $60 for an individual line and $80 for two lines. This includes unlimited 4G LTE access, calls, and texts. There is also unlimited mobile hotspot hosting so every device in the household can have access to the Internet. You can also use the mentioned services in Mexico and Canada. Lastly, youll get DVD-quality streaming on your device. Say goodbye to pixelated cat and scenic videos!

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What Is The Least Expensive Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

The least expensive cell phone plan for seniors is Mint Mobiles 55+ plan. This affordable plan helps keep cellular costs low for seniors on a budget. Customers 55 and older pay only $15.00 a month for unlimited talk, text and data, and there are no activation fees or long-term contracts. Because Mint Mobile uses T-Mobiles cellular service, seniors have access to the largest 5G network in the nation for an affordable price. Seniors can also keep start-up costs down by using their existing unlocked phone with Mint Mobiles SIM card.

In comparison, Lively offers seniors a Value Talk & Text plan for $14.99 a month that includes talk and text but no data. The plan includes 300 minutes, and each text sent costs 10 cents, making it a budget-friendly choice for seniors who dont use their cell phones very often.

How Much Do You Save With T

T-Mobile offers plan starting at $10 per month

You can save up to $25 off the regular price of the T-Mobile Essentials plan which means youll pay only $15.50 for 1 line instead of the regular price of $60.

* You must purchase an eligible device from T-Mobile to be eligible for a new line of service at the discounted rate. Not all plans give you the option to switch when you switch phones and devices.

However, if you select 2 lines and set up AutoPay, it costs you $55 per month and there are no early termination fees. This may be one of the best senior smartphone deals available from T-Mobile.

For starters, youll receive a $200 Visa pre-paid card plus a credit line of $100 with a 0% introductory APR for 12 months.

Free international calling to most countries Free domestic calling to up to 4 Canadian numbers Free domestic dialing in the US Free calls to the USA Free calls to Canada Free calls to most countries in Asia Free calls to most countries in Europe Free calls to almost the entire world

So you can take your friends and family to their favorite destinations for free.

$45 is less than double the $20 that youd pay for the basic Magenta Unlimited plan, and the T-Mobile Magenta Max plan is the highest priced plan that T-Mobile offers!

Unlimited nationwide calling

5 GB of high-speed data

$15 per line bonus

$15 per line bonus

500 minutes of unlimited nationwide texting

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Republic Wireless: Best Talk

Republic Wireless is another low-cost carrier that offers the lowest prices on texts, calls, and data plans. They dont have specific cell phone plans for seniors, but they have affordable plans that can still be suitable for seniors. Their plans are flexible for those who only need the essentials texting and calling. Data allocation is optional but available. Prices start at $19.99 per month for unlimited texts and calls. If you want data, youll only add $5 per GB of data. This is already enough if you are just browsing around social media or reading some news on your news feed. There are also no long-term obligations with their plans, thus cancellation can be done anytime without extra charges.

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How Much Is The Senior Discount At T

T-Mobile offers 3 different plans that seniors can choose from, they include:

  • Essentials 55+: Starting at $27.50 per line per month.
  • Magenta 55+: Starting at $35 per line per month.
  • Magenta Max 55+: Starting at $45 per line per month.

Depending on how much data, talk, and text you use, a bigger or smaller plan may be best for you.

Some of the perks that come along with these types of plans include:

  • Netflix subscriptions included.
  • Included 5G access for qualifying devices.

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Essentials 55+ For Basic Users


T-Mobiles basic senior plan is a great choice for budget-conscious older adults on a fixed income. At $40 per month for a single-line plan or $55 per month for two lines, the Essentials 55+ plans price point is substantially cheaper than close competitors like AT& T, whose basic seniors service starts at $60 per line.

FYI: T-Mobiles Essentials 55+ plan comes with access to 5G data, so if you do opt for a 5G-ready phone like the REVVL or iPhone 11, youll be good to go.

A quick heads-up here because this may get lost in the fine print. If you go with the Essentials 55+ plan, taxes and fees arent included, remember to factor the additional cost into your budget. Separate taxes and fees may apply for certain T-Mobile offerings and features on all three T-Mobile 55+ plans.

Plan Features

As with all of T-Mobiles 55+ plans, youll also get unlimited talk, text, and data with the Essentials 55+ plan, so you can chat with your friends and grandkids all day long. One caveat on the data with this plan: After you use 50 GB of data in a month, you may experience slower speeds during high-traffic times. If youre a light internet user, 50 GB of monthly data should be plenty. While T-Mobile cant match the 19 million Wi-Fi hotspots of an Xfinity prepaid plan, you can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot to power your laptop if youre on the go and need Wi-Fi in a pinch.

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Apple Watch Se 40mm Only $99

The 15 Best AT& T Cell Phones For Seniors in 2022

If you cancel wireless service before receiving 24 bill credits, credits stop and remaining balance on full device amount becomes due . Tax on pre-credit price due at sale.Limited-time offer subject to change. Qualifying credit & service required. If you have cancelled wearable lines in past 90 days, reactivate them first. $35 assisted support, upgrade support, or device connection charge due at sale. $200.99 via bill credits must be active and in good standing to receive credits allow 2 bill cycles. Max 12 discounted devices/account. May not be combinable with some offers or discounts.

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How To Get A 55+ Plan

The primary account holder needs to be 55 years of age.

Eligible new customers can go into any T-Mobile store and sign up. A 55 year old or older adult will need to bring valid government proof of age to prove eligibility.

Existing T-Mobile customers can switch in a T-Mobile store, or by calling T-Mobile. The customer may be asked to provide proof of eligibility if T-Mobile does not have their date of birth on record.

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Iphone 14 Pro Max Problems And Issues

Some iPhone 14 Pro owners are complaining about the camera shaking or rattling when using apps like Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram. The issue could be related to the optical image stabilization system in the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. While we have not been able to replicate the issue, some users have posted videos of the problem.

We would anticipate that a software update would address this problem in the iPhone 14 Pro series and will report back.

Consumer Cellular Aarp Discount

How to Get Perks with T-Mobile Tuesdays | T-Mobile

For over a decade, Consumer Cellular has been an official partner of AARP, meaning that current members of this group receive a 5% discount on their monthly fees.

Now, Im not an AARP member just yet, but lets say for the sake of argument that I was. Since my monthly service charge from Consumer Cellular was $90, this would have added up to an annual savings of $54.

In addition to this generous discount, AARP members receive an extended 45-day money back guarantee on their devices and service plan, 15 days more than that of regular customers. Trust me, Im counting down the days until Im eligible for membership and all that it has to offer!

To learn more about AARP discounts, read my guide: Is AARP Worth It?

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Is It Easy To Switch To T

is incredibly simple. Even if you , The Un-carrier often offers incentives for jumping carriers. Moreover, you can to save. Simply pick out the plan and phone you want, decide if you want to keep your number, and begin the process of jumping to T-Mobile. Whether youre hopping from another major carrier or an MVNO, its easy to switch to T-Mobile.

The Senior Magenta 55+ Plan Is The Perfect Choice For Frequent Flyers And Travelers

On the Magenta 55+ plan, a single line costs $50 per month, while two lines cost $70 per month. Each extra line beyond two costs an additional $35 per month. This plan supports up to four lines.In addition to unlimited talk, text, and data, the Magenta 55+ plan includes unlimited voice minutes, text messages, and data.

T-Mobile also offers 5 GB of mobile hotspot access, 5 GB of 4G data in Mexico and Canada, and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi. In addition, you will get access to unlimited texting and data in more than 210 countries and regions. These qualities are perfect for seniors who are mobile and regular travelers.


  • Unlimited talk, text, and 5G data

  • Free Scam Shield caller ID

  • Mobile hotspot data

  • 5 GB data in Canada and Mexico

  • Gogo In-Flight: unlimited texting and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi

  • Data and texting abroad

Price: $50 per month, 20% discount with a Black Friday deal Smartphone bundle

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Other Inexpensive Cell Phone Plans For Seniors To Consider

Livelys Value Talk & Text plan, at $14.99 a month, is a good choice for seniors who dont use their cell phones often and rarely send text messages. However, seniors who spend more time talking to family and enjoy texting with their grandkids may want to consider Livelys Unlimited Talk & Text plan for $19.99 per month.

Livelyoffers plans for seniors based on their budget and cell phone use

Livelys Unlimited Talk & Text plan allows seniors to talk and text as much as theyd like without any overages or additional charges. This inexpensive plan makes it easy for older adults to stay in touch with family and friends. Its also beneficial for those who dont have a landline at home. Data plans can be added with prices starting at $2.49 per month for 100 MB and up to $30 per month for unlimited data.

To learn more, please read our full product review of Lively

Consumer Cellular offers an inexpensive talk plan and mix and match talk, text and data plans

Seniors can customize their cell phone plans with Consumer Cellular, mixing talk, text and data based on their use. The least expensive plan at $15.00 per month includes unlimited talk only, without texting or data. Seniors who want the ability to text and surf the web can choose from varying amounts of minutes, texts and data to create a money-saving plan that includes only what they need.

To learn more, please read our full product review of Consumer Cellular.

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