Verizon Phone Plans For Seniors

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How To Sign Up For Verizon Senior Discounts

What Verizon Unlimited Plan Is Best?

Youll need to visit Verizons senior discount eligibility page and enter the following information:

  • Whether you live in Florida
  • The number of phone lines you need
  • Whether youre new to Verizon

Once youre eligible, youll sign up for a Verizon account.

Verizon wont automatically sign you up for the Senior 55+ Unlimited plan once you turn 55. You must contact them to change your accounts status.

Their reasoning is that they dont want to change your plan without authorization.

How Do I Choose A Verizon Plan

  • Budget: First, consider your budget. Verizon’s plans are on the expensive side, so know what you’re willing to pay each month before getting your heart set on a specific plan.
  • Data usage: Assess your online habits. Are you a heavy video streamer? Do you use your phone often for work or to play data-hogging games? If so, you’ll want a plan with a high deprioritization threshold and hefty hotspot allowance so you dont sacrifice speed when you need it most.
  • New phone vs. BYOD: Are you considering a new phone to go with your plan? You can often take advantage of some seriously cheap , but only if you pair the phone with a specific Verizon Unlimited plan. Alternatively, there are typically incentives.
  • Network coverage: Make sure Verizon’s coverage is good where you live. Although Verizon offers excellent network coverage, you might be in one of the few places where a different carrier’s network has a stronger presence.
  • Prepaid vs. postpaid: A Verizon prepaid plan could save you a bit of cash. However, youll miss out on most perks, such as streaming subscriptions and cloud storage. If you want these services, a more traditional postpaid plan could be a good fit.
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    Verizon Senior Plan Pros And Cons

    What We Liked About Verizon
    • Low-cost unlimited plans: Starting at $40 per month per line, Verizons 55+ plans offer one of the most affordable options when it comes to unlimited talk, text, and data.
    • Great network coverage: While there are other carriers that offer unlimited plans for slightly less than Verizon, Verizon offers one of the fastest and most comprehensive networks of cellular coverage.
    • No long-term contracts: Initially infamous for its binding two-year agreements, none of Verizons cell phone plans senior or otherwise require a long-term contract, and you can cancel your service at any time.
    • Wide range of devices: One of the biggest perks of Verizon is that they give you access to simple flip phones in addition to the latest iPhones and smartphones.
    What We Didnt Like About Verizon
    • Limited availability: Currently, Verizons 55+ plans are available to Florida residents only. If youre looking for an affordable senior plan thats available nationwide, Id recommend looking into T-Mobiles senior plans.

    How Do I Switch Cell Phone Providers

    verizon plan for seniors 2021

    The ease of switching providers will depend on your current provider, your current plans details and whether your contract includes early termination fees.

    Some decisions need to be worked out with your current provider and new carriermainly whether to keep your existing phone and phone number. Its also important to find out if youre locked into a plan.

    Regardless, here are a few key steps to preparing to make the switch:

    Do your research. Know which plan youd like to switch to and contact your current provider to get the details of your current contract, particularly if youre locked in.

    If you do have a contract, check with your current provider to find out if there are early termination fees. If youd like to keep your current phone, make sure your phone isnt lockedwhich means you can only use the phone with your existing providers phone plans. Finally, ask your new provider whether you can use your existing phone.

    Prepare your details for your new provider. Be ready to provide the following to your new wireless carrier:

    • Your name and address
    • Your phones ESN/IMEI number if youre keeping the phone
    • Your phone number

    To make the switch, contact your new cell phone carrier online, by phone or in person at a store. Theyll take your information and switch your service to your selected plan. Once you activate your new plan with your new carrier, your old service should automatically terminate. If you experience any issues, contact your old carrier.

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    Verizon Senior Plan Types

    • Unlimited plans: Looking for unlimited talk text and data? Alternative carriers have got you covered. Data hungry users looking for unlimited plus plans can save serious money by switching to one of the cheapest Verizon unlimited data plans. Not sure how much data you need? Check out our data usage calculator.
    • Basic plans: If you only use a cell phone to make a few calls, send a couple of messages and rarely go online then you can opt for a simply prepaid plan. You get basic cell phone functions, an allowance for minutes of talk, and usually around 2GB of data at a great price. Once you run out of your data allotment, speeds slow, but it’s usually very easy to add on more.
    • Family plans: Need four lines or more? Many MVNOs offer group plans. Compare the cheapest Verizon family plans so you can pick and choose what each family member needs.
    • Bring your own phone plans:Verizon BYOP plans are the norm with smaller carriers. Compare cell phone prices and get a great deal to go with your cheap cell phone plan!
    • Single line plans: Stop paying a premium rate just because you only need one line. Find the best Verizon plans for individuals.
    • Talk and text only plans: Don’t need data? No problem – compare cheap Verizon basic plans. Bonus, you’ll save a ton of money if you’re not paying for data!
    • Tablet plans: Find the cheapest Verizon tablet data plan or iPad.

    Final Take: Are Verizon Fios Packages And Bundles Worth It

    We think Verizon bundles are worth it for most folks who want live TV with their home internet service.

    While you dont receive any discounts for bundling Verizon Fios services, all the options are still relatively cheap for what youre getting. The speeds are generous, as are the channel counts. So if you need more than just internet service, Verizon internet and TV bundles are a convenient deal.

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    Love The Power Love The Price Iphone Se Only $30

    The most affordable iPhone now with 5G. On the network with more 5G bars in more places. With 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in a qualifying device.

    During congestion, the small fraction of customers using > 50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on tablet at DVD quality . Unlimited data on our network.

    Final Thoughts On Pricing And Value For T

    T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT& T Unlimited Plan Comparison!

    Compared to rival brands, T-Mobile’s 55+ Unlimited plans are impressively affordable . T-Mobile also delivers solid speeds, data allowances, and coverage across the board, especially when it comes to 5G.

    With unlimited calls, texts, and data across their network, T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ lineup has a plan for every customer, whether you use your phone once in a while or you don’t leave the house without it. Most importantly, T-Mobile doesn’t dumb down its plans for subscribers over 55. You get real smartphones and real perks, like HD video, Netflix, and data transfer speeds that are as fast as anyone else’s.

    This makes the T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan a good option for older Americans seeking sophisticated cellular service without the extra fees associated with traditional seniors plans.

    Watch our video review below for a closer look at T-Mobile’s 55+ Unlimited plans.

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    Verizon Free Government Phones For Senior Citizens Providers

    You can only get a free Verizon phone from dedicated Lifeline Assistance providers. A Lifeline Assistance provider may operate in only one state or the entire country. Examples of national providers include Verizon Wireless, Assurance Wireless, and SafeLink Wireless. You may also get a Verizon free phone from a regional Lifeline provider.

    Of course, Lifeline providers do not come the same. Some offer free phones for senior citizens and unlimited data, tests, and minutes. Apart from flip phones, senior citizens can also get Android smartphones.

    How Can I Get A Better Deal From Verizon

    Verizon frequently offers deals on service, , or both. To get the best discount on a handset, we recommend keeping your current phone in great shape so as to maximize your trade-in value. Additionally, shop around and find a good discount on phone you want. Consider any extras you’re paying for like and see where you can cut costs to get a better deal.

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    Who Has The Best Coverage

    Nearly all carriers, including the ones on our best cell phone plans for seniors list operate their own network or under a big network. There are essentially three main networks at the moment – Verizon, AT& T, and T-Mobile – and they all have nationwide coverage of varying quality, depending on your location. If you want to see how good coverage will be in your area you can follow these links just below to visit each network’s coverage check pages:

    Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: How Old Do You Have To Be

    Top 10 Verizon Cell Phone Plans For Seniors 2020

    Getting older can have its perkslike saving money on your cell phone plan. Recently, many of the larger service providers released plans specifically designed for seniors, aiming to keep things simple and affordable with discounts.

    Sprint and T-Mobile offer discounts to anyone at least 55 years old. Both provide two phone lines with unlimited talk, text and data for around $80 a monthan average savings of $40 a month. Verizon also has a 55+ plan limited to seniors living in Florida, and AT& T has the Senior Nation Plan available for anyone over the age of 65.

    If you expand your search beyond the big-name wireless carriers, you find additional providers and plans that are great choices for seniors.

    Lively, for example, doesnt have a specific age requirement, but offers a number of services and features seniors may find helpful, such as access to virtual urgent care, fall detection technologies and operators who can help call ride services, make phone calls or look up phone numbers.

    Meanwhile, AARPs membership benefits include discounts on cellular services. Anyone over age 50 can join AARP.

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    Other Verizon Discounts For Existing Customers

    Verizon offers other deals for existing and new customers that include:

    • Deals on Verizon cell phones
    • Discounted streaming services
    • Automatic bill payment and paper-free billing

    Each section will cover the discounts details and how to qualify.

    Before we continue, I want to cover a previous rewards program Verizon offered. That way, you dont find it elsewhere and think you can get it.

    Its the Mobile + Home rewards program. Verizon used to give customers a discount for bundling their Unlimited cellular service and Fios home internet.

    In June 2022, they blocked new applicants . So theres no way you can get it anymore.

    Can Seniors Get Internet Service For Free

    Technically, yes, but itâll take a few maneuvers. First, youâll need to be eligible for the federal program, Lifeline. Itâs not explicitly for seniors, but if you participate in Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income or Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, you may likely qualify. Once you do that, you become eligible for a subsidy program from the FCC called the Affordable Connectivity Program. This would provide you with $30 a month toward your internet service. If your ISP is participating in the ACP and offers an internet plan for $30 or less , you would be able to get your internet service for free.

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    Moto E5 Smartphone For Seniors Best For Functionality

    The Motorola Moto E5 Smartphone offers a 5.7 screen with a quality of 720 x 1440 pixels for lively and detailed visional display. The expansive screen with a ratio of 18:9 provides seniors with bigger fonts and more content on a page for more visibility. Thus, the elderly will not find it hard to read texts on the screen.

    In terms of hardware, the Motorola Moto E5 smartphone features a generous internal storage of 16GB with microSD compatibility for extended memory. Combining with an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, users will feel free to capture and store memorable moments.

    Although it is a cell plan for seniors, it offers full functions that you can see in other smartphones. It can meet your parents demand for listening to the radio with a built-in FM system. Besides, it features a fingering reader for the optimal convenience in waking up and unlocking the device.

    When it comes to connectivity, the Moto E5 integrates a Bluetooth and GLONASS GPS. Also, it is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G technology for Internet access. It can be used with wireless carriers such as Verizon network, Tmobile, and ATT.

    Why its suitable for seniors?

    • Easy to open apps with simple gestures
    • All-day 4000mAh battery
    • Expansive screen for better visibility
    • Rear and front cameras with excellent quality


    • Problems with the fingerprint reader
    • Older users might find it hard to access functions

    How To Get Verizon Free Cell Phones For Seniors 2022

    Top 5 Verizon Plans for 2022 | Which Verizon Plan is BEST?

    Verizon is one of the largest wireless network providers in the United States. It provides services to people from all walks of life, including senior citizens. Those who cannot ordinarily afford a phone can get one of the Verizon free phones for senior citizens.

    It is the easiest and most convenient way to stay connected with family members and friends. With a phone, itâs also easier to access emergency services, especially healthcare.

    But do you know that Verizon offers free cell phones for seniors? This articles article discusses that in greater detail. It aims to help you and other senior citizens lay hands on a free phone from Verizon.

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    Does Verizon Have A Package For Seniors

    As of 2019, Verizon does not have a package specifically for seniors. However, they do have a few discounts that seniors may be eligible for. These include a discount for customers who are 65 or older, as well as a military discount.

    Additionally, Verizon offers a variety of plans that can be customized to fit each customers needs so seniors can still find a plan that works for them, even if its not specifically marketed as a senior plan.

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

    Verizons plan service leads with its unlimited post-paid options which serve as a sort of flagship offering from the service. In a nutshell, these unlimited data plans provide Ultra Wideband 5G access , access to the premium network , and a ton of streaming and cloud storage perks. These are the best Verizon plans currently available, although as youd expect carry a pretty premium price tag. Wed recommend these to someone who really uses their phone a lot and would make the most of that unlimited data allowance.

    Other gadgets you can hook up with a Verizon Connected plan include cars, hotspots, sat navs, and streaming cameras generally for the same rates as above.

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    How Many Lines Do I Use With This Phone Plan

    The Verizon 55+ plan is essentially an unlimited plan for seniors, with coverage provided by Verizons dependable, high-speed countrywide cellular network. When utilizing autopay, the Verizon 55 plus gives unlimited text, talk, and high-speed 4G LTE internet for $60 per month for the first line. So, with the autopay discount, you may get the two lines for $80 per month. However, it is vital to note that taxes and fees are not included. The Verizon Go Unlimited plan, on the other hand, offers a single line for $75 per month with an autopay discount, and two lines for $130 per month with an autopay discount.

    The Importance Of A Cell Phone For Seniors

    Top 10 Best Verizon Phones For Seniors In 2020 Review

    There are a few reasons why a Verizon cell phone plan might be a good choice for seniors. First, Verizon has a reputation for excellent coverage, so seniors can feel confident that theyll be able to stay connected even in rural areas or when travelling. Additionally, Verizon offers a variety of plan options, so seniors can find a plan that fits their needs and budget. Finally, Verizon has great customer service, so seniors can always get help if they need it.

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    Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: Top Tips

    5G: the latest, fastest phone network connectionData allowance: how much internet you can usePrepaid: no-contract plan renewed each monthPostpaid: contracted plan paid for in installmentsPay as you go: only pay for what you useCoverage: how good cellular service is near you

    1. Determine budgetSet an upper limit to how much you’re willing to spend

    2. Determine data usageMore data equals higher bills, so cut out what you don’t need

    3. Check if you’re coveredCheck to see if you’re best covered on AT& T, Verizon, or T-Mobile

    4. Compare the marketSee who offers the cheapest rate possible for your requirements

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