Best Medical Alert Devices For Seniors

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Greatcall Lively Review: Good

Best Medical Alert Systems

GreatCall only offers a mobile medical alert system. The biggest problem we have with GreatCall is the size of its medical alert device and the length of its battery charge. Readers have consistently said the device is too large and bulky, making it a nuisance to wear. While GreatCall advertises its battery should last for 24 hours, several readers have complained it only lasts for 8 hours, making midday charging a necessity. That said, GreatCalls emergency response time was exceptional and it offers some cool extras like a nurse help line and a partnership with Lyft for taxi service.

Bottom Line:

Our Picks For Top Medical Alert Systems Of 2022

These days, almost all quality medical alert systems come with 24/7 monitoring and similar standard features. Wearable devices can help track your health and well-being, and they keep getting smarter and smaller.

We compared highly rated companies on equipment features, recent reviews and pricing* to select our top picks. Read our full methodology for more on how we picked the best. Keep reading to learn how to choose a system.

  • Caregiver app: Yes

Pricing and plans

Upfront equipment fees apply to a few of Medical Guardians devices, including the Mini Guardian and Freedom Guardian. Optional add-ons and upgrades, like fall detection, add to your subscription bill .

What to consider: Its worth noting that theres not a free trial period. At least one reviewer said they have trouble connecting their medical alert to an AT& T signal, and another said the equipment is a little on the bulky side.

What reviewers like: Reliable equipment and peace of mind.

Medical Guardian is popular with people who wear the device and their loved ones. I think they are very responsive about the time. Overall, the experience is good, a reviewer in Arkansas said.

A reviewer in Michigan said that the system let their mother stay independent much longer because if she fell, help would be on the way immediately. They always called me at home to notify me that her device had been activated.

Bay Alarm Medical

  • Upfront cost: $0 to $179
  • Monthly fee: $19.95 to $39.95
  • Featured equipment: SOS Smartwatch

Final Thoughts On Medical Alerts

Medical alert systems may provide the peace of mind and security you may need to continue living at home as you age. With so many high-quality medical alert systems available on the market today, youre sure to find an option that suits your needs well. It may just take a bit of time to sort through your choices and determine the most suitable personal emergency response system for you.

However, choosing any of the top 10 medical alert systems on our list will leave you with a reliable, effective method to get the help you need when you need it. Try one of the medical alert systems on our list today to begin experiencing the life-changing independence and security these systems provide.

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Best Medical Alert Systems: Top 10 Life Alert Devices & Emergency Help Buttons For Seniors

Medical alert systems, also referred to as emergency response systems, are senior safety devices that offer emergency help with a click of a button. The best medical alert systems offer a variety of useful features including automatic fall detection, GPS location tracking, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

But with so many life alert devices on the market, choosing the right medical alert system for your needs can be challenging. Every senior alert system has its own unique features, advantages, and drawbacks.

We’ve reviewed the best medical alert systems on the market to see which emergency response systems are the most affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use. Here are our top picks for the best medical alert companies of 2022.

Why Get Fall Detection


Falls are one of the leading causes of injury or death among older adults. A fall can result in bruises, fractures, and head trauma which can drastically affect an elderly persons mobility and independenceespecially if help doesnt come quickly. Even if the injury isnt grave, trepidation about a further fall can cause people to cut down their physical activity and their quality of life can suffer.

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What Customers Are Saying About Bay Alarm Medical

Ranking first in our Reliability and Reputation category, Bay Alarm Medical enjoys plenty of positive reviews from customers. Here are what actual customers had to say about this company:

Excellent service. I get an email every time theres any service outage . My mother has successfully used Bay Alarm twice to call an ambulance. Cassandra A via BBB

I called Tech Support with a mobile app question. John A. was extremely kind, helpful, and thorough. He walked me through the complete process of setting up and testing my new alert system. Thanks a lot, John! You were a BIG help. I hope everybody else at Bay Alarm is as supportive as you. James of Los Angeles, CA via Consumer Affairs

Got this for my mother-in-law. She had an incident where she fell and laid on the floor for five hours before she finally managed to get to her cell phone. After this incident, I was afraid to go out and sit on the porch or just walk around her home. Now wearing the necklace feels safe and secure and will sit on her porch again. Linda via TrustPilot

Contact Bay Alarm Medical for a Quote Get Quote

Our in-depth review on Bay Alarm Medical Read Review

Comparison of the top medical alert systems Get Details

Is Lifefone Right For Me

LifeFones affordable and versatile at-home and on-the-go systems will be a great match for many different types of users in their golden years:

  • Users looking for large in-home signal range
  • Those who want affordable fall detection
  • Hearing or visually-impaired seniors
  • Those who want a mobile system with an ultra-long battery life

For more information, take a look at our full LifeFone review.

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Medical Guardian Mg Move Smartwatch

Here is a photo of Medical Guardians new medical alert smartwatch, the MG Move. The product user can activate an alert by pushing on the red SOS button for 5 seconds. That will establish a live connection with a monitoring agent.

Questions? Call toll-free or visit visit Medical Guardians website

What stands out about it:

  • Good size for seniors, 1.25 inches diameter clock face
  • Easy-to-use, no smartphone, wifi, internet access, cell phone plan needed
  • Good response time when tested
  • Clear two-way communication through the watch itself
  • Location updates and retrieval through MyGuardian caregiver app

You can read reviews about these and other top-rated companies on our Medical Alert Systems Reviews section. For an overview on how senior alert companies compare, check out the Comparison Chart.

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Is Life Alert Right For Me

Best No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System
  • Older adults who want simplified equipment and plan options
  • Those who prefer a provider with name recognition and dont mind paying extra for it
  • Users who dont want to worry about charging their on-the-go device
  • Seniors who do not have a chronic health condition and are not at a high risk for falls

Take a look at our Life Alert review to get more details on these systems.

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What Is Automatic Fall Detection

Medical alert providers typically offer automatic fall detection pendants in certain packages or as an add-on feature. With fall detection, the user wont even have to press a button after a fall. The pendant will detect the downward motion followed by inactivity and automatically connect to the monitoring center. This is a useful feature for any users, but especially for those more prone to falls due to health conditions or mobility issues. When choosing a system, look into the companys fall detection options. Consider if the person youre buying for will need, or feel more secure with, fall detection and determine whether or not this add on will fit in your budget. To help your search, weve compiled a list of the best medical alert systems with fall detection.

Red Dot Personal Alert Solutions

Red Dot was started in 2018 by Bruyère, an Ottawa research, primary care, long-term care and palliative care services company, in partnership with FCi Communications, a commercial security, technology and telecom company. Red Dot claims to be the only medical alert system created by elderly care specialists, although industry-leader Lifeline was started earlier by elder care specialists a husband and wife gerontologist team. Red Dot offers three services: two at-home services, one with fall detection, that use pendant or bracelet help buttons and a mobile service with fall detection that uses a pendant help button. The mobile service only uses two locating technologies GPS and cellular signal. Red Dot devices are only water-resistant. Help calls are monitored in Canada by a bilingual monitoring centre.

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Types Of Medical Alert Devices

While each specific device is equipped differently, there are essentially two types of systems to consider:

  • On-the-go systems: You’re looking for a wearable or handheld device that can easily move with you or your loved one. This includes products like smartwatches, a portable GPS fall-detection button, a well-connected mobile GPS equipped with 4G, WiFi, GPS or more.
  • Home systems: You want a home-based system equipped with a smart voice assist button that syncs with a designated necklace or wristband. You can also get an at-home device that connects to your landline and also syncs with a necklace or wristband. Both of these types of systems offer a long-lasting battery life and up to 1,400 feet of protection.

and easily view the pros and cons of each medical alert provider.

Helping Buyers Narrow Down Their Options

Best Medical Alert Systems in 2021

To help consumers sift through their options, weve created this guide that compares 10 of the top providers based on the quality of their service, equipment options, cost, and overall value. Each company was evaluated, ranked, and given a star rating, and the companies profiles give you a detailed look at their ranking and offerings to help you see how these products might fit into your life. Weve also created a consumer guide that outlines some of the most important purchasing considerations. Finally, weve answered some common questions to help you make an informed decision if you decide that a medical alert system is right for you.

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How Medical Alert Systems Work In Canada

Medical alert systems work by triggering an alarm which will send a signal to monitoring systems. The call can go out to family, caregivers, and an emergency response base. The situation will be assessed and medical personnel can be dispatched if needed.

There are some medical alert systems that include wireless voice, data, and GPS technology. This allows for monitoring in real-time, location tracking, and quick emergency services when needed. Perfect for Canadians who are on the move often.

Medical alert systems have a button that can be pressed when help is needed. Pressing the button will send an alarm out to a 24-hour emergency call center. An operator will answer the call while being able to view the users medical history and a list of emergency contacts. The help button can be worn by the user either on the wrist or as a pendant. The buttons are usually waterproof so that they can even be worn in the shower.

GPS technology allows the operator to find the location of the user. This provides added safety for the user who may be out of the home when assistance is required.

Some systems even come with automatic fall detection. The button can detect a fall and activate the emergency call.

In short:

  • The user presses the pendant or emergency fall button
  • Information is transmitted to the emergency call center
  • An operator will set up 2-way communication to see if help is needed
  • Depending on the need, an operator will contact a family member, caregiver, or emergency service

Who Needs A Medical Alert System

INDEPENDENT AND ACTIVE SENIORS Like to bike, hike, run and walk? If you worry about being alone in an emergency medical situation one of the new mobile medical alert systems with automatic fall detection and activity monitoring might be just the solution for your peace of mind!

SENIORS LIVING ALONE If you or your parent lives alone, making sure they have some type of access to help in the event of a fall or medical emergency can give you and them peace of mind. Dont wait for the first fall to happen.

SENIORS WITH ALZHEIMERS OR DEMENTIA If your loved one has dementia, and is starting to get disoriented, or unstable on their feet, you may want to consider a mobile medical alert system with GPS tracking and automatic fall detection.

SENIORS WITH HIGH RISK MEDICAL CONDITIONS Medical alert systems arent only for falls. If youre worried about a stroke, seizure or coronary and dont trust a phone will be nearby, or youll have the ability to use it, a medical alert device may be the answer to calling for help.

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Does Medicare Pay For Med Alert

As we age, its important to think about our health and safety. One question that many people have is whether Medicare will pay for a medical alert system. A medical alert system is a device that can help seniors who live alone feel safer and more independent.

There are many different types of medical alert products on the market, so its important to do your research before choosing one. This blog post will provide information on what Medicare covers and how you can find the right product for your needs.

Medical Alert System Buyers Guide

Medical Alert Systems No Monthly Fee | Our 6 Picks

Its no secret that there are lots of medical alert systems to choose from. But narrowing down your options and making a decision doesnt have to be complicated. In fact, it should be easy! That said, youll want to look out for little things that can turn into big-time deal-breakers.

For instance, not all help buttons are waterproof . And did you know that some only have a 300 ft. range from the base station, while others work up to 1,300 ft. or more. Also, certain alert systems only work at home, while others work on-the-go. Dont worry were going to show you exactly what to look for in a medical alert system.

FYI: Most slip and falls happen in the bathroom, thats why we always recommend a waterproof alert system. With a waterproof device, you or your loved one can bathe or shower without sacrificing safety.

As they say, you dont know what you dont know! Thats why you have us. Were going to cover features and monitoring, monthly costs and fees, customer service, and other important points you should keep in mind. So lets dive right in.

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Reviews & Comparisons To Help You Find The Best System

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Review & Compare the Best Medical Alert Systems

Welcome to the Medical Alert Systems HQ site, where you will find reviews of the best medical alert systems. Our site provides medical alert systems reviews and detailed guides to help you quickly compare and find the best medical alert systems for your or your parents needs.

Weve purchased and tested many medical alert products hands-on in order to share real-life product usage experiences and performance details. Medical alert devices allow seniors and other product users to quickly call for help at the push of a button. Skip to see top recommended list of products.

In the quick video below, we demonstrate how a medical alert button works. You can see an example of how the call process unfolds.

Check out our list of the Top Recommended list, and what stands out about each product.

In a hurry? Leave us your email, well follow-up with the best tips.

Check out our detailed Medical Alert Systems Reviews of the top companies and use the Compare Medical Alert Systems chart provided for a quick side-by-side review of these systems. You can read more about how we review and rate here.

Too much information? Skip to see the Top Recommended list.

All About Medical Alert Systems

Lifefone Review: Very Good

We really like LifeFone. We spoke to the management team and they get it. Theyre more than just an alert company, they try to make caregiving from a distance easier for family members. The company is one of the pioneers in the industry and theyve been around since 1976. Theyve just come out with some new and exciting products. If youre looking for more than just a medical alert system, LifeFones Caregiver Tools include services like making daily check-in calls to your loved one, medication reminders and GPS location services. Of course you have to pay a little extra for the service. Their contracts are fully cancellable and it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try before you buy. Best medical alert system for extra caregiver services, and a great company.

Bottom Line:

  • Excellent broad range of product solutions
  • New optional caregiver solutions with VIPX
  • New mobile voice-in system, VIP Active
  • Price lock guarantee

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Can Medical Alert Systems Be Purchased At Walmart

In fact, Walmart does offer these products. There you can find both systems that are monitored or unmonitored. However, its a good suggestion to shop around for the best products for you at the best prices. This includes shopping and gathering information online. For more help, consider this article: Buyers Guide to Walmart Medical Alert Systems.

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