The Wow Computer For Seniors Review

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Does The Wow Computer Run On Windows

Telikin Wow Computer Review

No. The WOW! Computer runs on a Linux operating system weve customized to support our touch screen capabilities. We chose Linux to avoid frequent problems with viruses and to provide a more secure, problem-free computer environment. Linux has been developed over the last 20 years by numerous companies and currently runs on millions of computers. In fact, about 60% of all internet servers run Linux.

Ipad Alternatives: Fire Tablets And More

The Amazon Fire HD 10

Why not a non-Apple tablet and keyboard? Absolutely, that’s an option as well. You can pick up something like an — less if you wait for one of Amazon’s sales, which happen every 6-8 weeks or so.

The newest Fire HD 10 tablet also basically doubles as an Echo Show display when docked in the optional Show Mode Charging Dock, which could be a nice bonus for some folks

However, the Fire interface isn’t quite as user-friendly as the iPad’s, and while Amazon’s Appstore has plenty of popular apps, it’s neither as extensive as Apple’s iPad offerings, nor that of Google’s Android.

Why not a Windows tablet like the Surface Go 2? It will definitely boot and shut down faster thanks to its solid-state storage, but it’s still basically a Windows laptop, with few of the senior-friendly amenities of a tablet. I’m not saying it’s a bad product, merely that I think older users are better served elsewhere.

So, bottom line, my personal recommendation is a Chromebook or an iPad. If you’ve come up with a different PC-for-parents solution, share it in the comments!

Wow Computer Cost Considerations

For seniors looking to purchase a Wow Computer, cost is an important consideration. The starting price of the computer is around $600 and comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 Home, a 1 TB hard drive, 8 GB RAM and more. Additional packages range from $100 to $400, depending on the level of customization desired.

The company also offers affordable financing options for those who prefer to spread out their payments over time. A low payment plan can be set up for as little as $25 per month for two years with no interest or fees. Furthermore, a one-year warranty covers all parts of the computer for any manufacturing defects that may arise. In addition, there is ongoing customer support available via phone or email at no extra charge.

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Wow Computer Not Very Wowing

Back page of the September Bulletin was full page ad for WOW! computer. Although not endorsed by AARP one would think that adding a BBB Accredited Business emblem to their ad, it would be checked out by AARP. I went directly to BBB and WOW Computer, where it boldly states:


The advertiser listed as “first STREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc.”, has other AKA’S, also boldly states “THIS BUSINESS IN NOT BBB ACCREDITED” :

Alternate Business Name

Upon Googling the product, Amazon has a eye opening bunch of 1 Star ratings and strong complaints about how terrible the product is and the price a scam on the elderly.

Ive been doing a lot of research on this too because I dont like for any business to scam our seniors and did find A+ Accreditation for this business as far back as 03/18/2015.

Since you wrote this a year ago, I was wondering if you actually went to the BBB website or if you called them to get the information that you got. Reason Im wondering about this, because if you actually went to the BBB website, then Im also wondering about the BBB if we can trust them.

Best Desktop Computers For Seniors In 2022

gailsgiftbydesign: Aarp Wow Computer

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

The best desktop computers for seniors have large screens, simplified controls, and fast performance, all at an affordable price. All of the desktops on this list are also easy to start using.

FYI: If you dont require a desktop computer, then take a look at our guide to the best overall computers for seniors.

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What Do The Wow Computer Reviews Say

Wow Computer reviews from customers are largely positive, citing the device as an excellent tool for seniors who want to stay connected and learn more about computer technology. Customers report that the Wow Computer is easy to set up and navigate, with its large icons and bright colors making it simple to use. The oversized keyboard is also a popular feature, as many seniors struggle with small keyboards. Additionally, customers appreciate the customer service they receive when purchasing or troubleshooting their devices – Wow Computers provides 24/7 live technical support if needed.

The few negative reviews of the Wow Computer tend to focus on the price point being higher than other comparable devices, but some customers feel that itâs worth it for all of the features included.

What Are Your Physical Capabilities

Even seniors who are well-versed in technology may find that their devices become more difficult to use as their physical needs change. That’s why, for example, a larger screen and a keyboard with large-print keys can be useful for older adults with vision limitations. Some seniors find a touchscreen easier to work with, but those with hand tremors or joint issues may prefer the more precise control offered by a mouse. Portable devices work better for adults who have difficulties sitting at a desk, but tablets may not be a good option for those who struggle to hold a device in their hands. Be sure to take any physical limitations into consideration.

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What Is Wow Computer For Seniors

Wow Computer for Seniors is a specialized desktop computer that has been designed with senior citizens in mind. This computer system was created to provide seniors with the tools they need to stay connected and engaged in the digital world. The Wow Computer provides a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for seniors to access their favorite websites, stay up-to-date on news and events, send emails, and even watch videos online. With a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the touchscreen, users can access all their favorite features quickly and easily.

The Wow Computer comes preloaded with numerous helpful features that make using it easier than ever before. To start, its large display is adjustable so that seniors can read text without having to strain their eyesight or adjust settings manually.

Wow Computer Operating System Overview

WOW Computer for Seniors

The Wow Computer for Seniors runs on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. This is an easy-to-use, reliable and secure operating system that provides an intuitive user experience. It features several useful tools such as a taskbar, Start menu, search bar, and the Control Panel for making changes to the computer settings. The Windows 7 operating system also includes a desktop background with sliding transitions and numerous themes to customize the look of your computer.

Additionally, the Windows 7 operating system allows users to easily install programs from CDs or downloads from online sources. With built-in antivirus protection and automatic updates from Microsoft, this operating system helps protect users from malware threats while keeping their computers up-to-date with the latest security patches. Furthermore, it offers robust parental control capabilities that help prevent children from accessing inappropriate websites or downloading dangerous content.

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What Operating System Does The Wow Computer Use

The Wow Computer is an ideal device for seniors, providing a wide range of features and easy-to-use programs that make learning how to use technology simple. But which operating system does the Wow Computer use?

The Wow Computer runs on an embedded version of Microsoft Windows 10. This operating system provides users with a familiar interface, allowing them to easily navigate through the deviceâs various functions. It also offers access to a wide range of popular programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Skype. These programs enable seniors to stay connected with friends and family while also helping them work on projects or stay organized. Plus, they can be accessed directly from the desktop without any additional installation required.

The Windows 10 operating system used in the Wow Computer is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors who may not have experience with computers or technology before.

What You Get When You Purchase It

When you purchase your WOW! Computer, you receive a monitor , keyboard, speakers, and mouse. There is a built in webcam and microphone. It has a CD and DVD player. An A/C power adapter is also included.

For the first 30 days you get VIP Support for any questions you may have. After 30 days, you may purchase this support for $9.95/month. This would include services like setting up your contacts or your email.

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The Wow And Open Source

Of course, the WOW!s appeal for most of its target customers is undoubtedly its software, not hardware. And thats where the product becomes interesting for open source users. Built on Tiny Core Linux, the WOW! brings open source software to a demographic that traditionally has been about as far removed from the Free Software movement if not from modern technology in general as anyone could get.

More impressively, FreeStreet is very upfront about the WOW!s use of open source code, and even promotes Linux as the basis for a more secure, problem-free computer environment. That the WOW!s designers even mention Linux is remarkable enough the last thing most vendors of Android-based phones or Linux-powered DVD players are likely to do, after all, is start lecturing their customers on the open source roots of their devices but its even more notable that the company behind the WOW! goes out of its way to talk up the benefits of Linux.

Granted, most of the WOW!s target demographic is unlikely to understand or care whether the computer they buy is powered by Windows, Linux or hamsters, as long as it works. Nonetheless, the WOW! sets some interesting precedents by introducing open source technology in a major way into a niche where it has rarely ventured before. And its doing it with modern, feature-rich hardware that even includes touch an area in which support by mainstream desktop Linux distributions is still hit-and-miss.

Can I Add My Own Software To This Computer

TELIKIN Support is one the best support service for the TELIKIN ...

No. The WOW! Computer is designed as a family or personal computer. We pre-install a broad set of popular and necessary applications including Email, Web Browsing, Photos, Video Phone, Games, Music & Video Playing and a Digital Picture Frame Screensaver. Better still, we include free software updates for life at no extra cost. Our goal is to provide a truly easy, hassle-free computer that is simple to use and maintain. That goal simply isnt possible if we allow thousands of different applications to be installed as with standard computers.

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Wow Computer Easy Setup & Navigation

The Wow computer is designed with seniors in mind, making it easier than ever to navigate and set up. One of the most helpful features is the large, high-resolution screen which makes it easy to see menus and icons. The touchscreen also has large buttons that allow users to quickly tap or swipe their way through menus.

The setup process for the Wow computer is incredibly simple too all you need to do is plug in the power cord, turn on the computer and follow a few easy steps. The included instructions make set up a breeze, so even those with little technical experience can get up and running quickly. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, users can access their favorite websites, check emails or download apps from the internet with ease.

Navigating through different programs and options is also straightforward thanks to its intuitive interface.

A Linux Computer For Grandpa And Grandma

The ad loudly proclaims that it’s A Computer Designed for YOU, Not Your Grandchildren! And, that’s it Easy to read! Easy to set up! Easy to use! And, if you look closely you’ll find that it runs Linux.

I’ve also known that the FUD about Linux being hard to use was myth, My 80-year old mother-in-law, who’s also an Ubuntu 12.04 user is living proof that Linux is easy to use. What I hadn’t expected to see was a vendor targeting the older boomer generation and beyond with Linux computers.

The WOW! Computer is a product from firstSTREET, a company that specialized in products for Boomers and Beyond. So, what are they doing selling Linux PCs to seniors? The company explained, The WOW! Computer runs on a Linux operating system weve customized to support our touch screen capabilities. We chose Linux to avoid frequent problems with viruses and to provide a more secure, problem-free computer environment.

They add, One of the many benefits of using the Linux based operating platform is that it is highly secure. Most computer viruses out there are targeted at computers running Windows and as such cannot infect computers running a Linux operating system . We provide ‘server side’ virus protection on our end for an extra measure of safety and security.

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Here’s The Best Computer For Seniors And Elderly Parents

Surprise: It might be something other than a computer.

Rick Broida

Senior Editor

Rick Broida is the author of numerous books and thousands of reviews, features and blog posts. He writes CNET’s popular Cheapskate blog and co-hosts Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast . He lives in Michigan, where he previously owned two escape rooms .

What’s the best computer for an older person, someone in their 60s, 70s, 80s or beyond? That’s a tricky question, and it’s not meant to suggest that elderly users are somehow limited in their skills or capabilities. These generations simply didn’t have the benefit of growing up surrounded by screens, and they may have specific challenges associated with age.

I’m seeing this firsthand with my own parents, who are both in their 80s. Although they’ve owned and used computers for decades, modern technology seems to cause them more and more confusion. That’s frustrating for them, of course, but also for me, because it’s difficult to offer assistance from afar.

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I have some ideas.

Can I Write And Print My Own Documents

WOW Computer is a SCAM

The WOW! Computer has an integrated word processor that lets you write, edit, save and print your own text documents. It also includes software for spreadsheets and slide presentations. Most recent HP printers will work with your WOW! Computer just plug the USB cable from your printer into the WOW! Computer.

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Desktop Computers Vs Laptops Vs Tablets

Among seniors, traditional computers such as desktops and laptops are more widely used than tablets, but tablets have become increasingly popular in recent years. In the 2016 Pew Research Center survey, 32 percent of Americans over age 65 said they owned tablets, up from 18 percent in a 2013 survey. In order to select the most appropriate device, it’s important to understand how they compare. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Are There Any Wow Computer Complaints

When it comes to technology specifically designed for seniors, the Wow Computer has been a popular choice. This computer was created with larger fonts, simplified menus and easier navigation, making it ideal for seniors who may not be as tech-savvy as the younger generation. But are there any drawbacks to this device? Are there any Wow Computer complaints?

The most common complaint about the Wow Computer is its cost. While some people find that its features make it worth the price tag of approximately $600 USD, others feel that such a high cost isn’t necessary for a simple computer designed for seniors. Additionally, some users have found that the advertised larger fonts and menus don’t always match what they end up getting on their actual device. Finally, there have been reports of customer service issues when attempting to get help with technical problems or questions about their device.

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What Is Vip Support And How Much Does It Cost

Every WOW! Computer comes with 30 days of VIP Support at no cost. This includes ongoing personal help from our USA based support staff with how to use your WOW! Computers many functions, technical issues, automatic backup of your files and settings and several other benefits. Unlimited use of VIP Support is only $9.95/month.

Wow Computers: What Are They

Telikin Elite Silver Computer

Computers arent always easy on the eyes. With their dim screens, small images, and not-so-simple interfaces, they can give you a headache when your eyesight isnt quite what it used to be. Couple this problem with their constantly changing technology, and its easy for a computer to quickly frustrate even the most patient person.

The WOW! Computer is designed with seniors in mind. With its larger-than-standard screen and keyboard, many people find this design more suitable for people with eyesight difficulties or fine motor skills problems.

Whether youre a computer whiz already or youre still taking introductory computer classes, WOW! Computers for seniors are a convenient option for people who are looking for a simplified version of some of the newest technology. A computer is just one of many useful digital products that can help seniors maintain independence longer, and for many people, its worth investing in one thats a perfect fit for their needs.

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