Curtis Adams Exercises For Seniors

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Seated / Chair Workouts

AMAZING- CORE Workout: Express workout for Core & Back
  • Location: Dauer Museum of Classic Cars

    Extras: Linda Moye & David Moye

    Exercises: Warm Up, Cardio Craze, Strength + Cardio , Core + Cardio , Cool Down, Balance/Stretching

    Equipment: Dumbbells & Chair

  • Location: Marriott Harbor Beach, Palm Terrace

    Extras: Linda Moye & David Moye

    Exercises: Warm Up, Seated Explosion, Seated Cardio Explosion, Dumbbell Explosion, Cool Down, Balance/Stretching, Curtis / Sky Wellness

    Equipment: 2 Dumbbells & Chair

    All exercises c…

  • Location: Gulfstream Park, Horse Fountain.

    Extras: Linda Moye & David Moye .

    Exercises: Warm Up, Sports Training, Seated Dumbbells, Weighted Abs/Core, Cool Down, Balance/Stretching, Health Tip.

    Equipment: 2 Dumbbells & Chair.

    All exercises can be done seated or …

  • Extras: Linda Moye & David Moye

    Exercises: Warm Up, Seated Strength, Seated Core, Seated Cardio, Cool Down, Stretching, Winners Circle

    Equipment: 2 Dumbbells & Chair

    All exercises are seated in chair.

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale Executive Jet Center

    Extras: Lynda & Marshall

    Exercises: Warm Up, Cardio Speed Burst, Strength Training Calorie Blast, Seated Core, Balance & Stretching, Fitness Tip with Marshall

    Equipment: 1 Dumbbell & Chair

    All exercises can be don…

Weight Loss Express For Seniors And Beginners

If your major concern is obesity, go for this DVD. It contains 100 minutes of video and ideal for losing those extra pounds. It includes cardio and some aerobic exercises where you can lose weight without hopping or jumping.

The exercises strengthen abs, legs, and your entire body. As your endurance and stamina will increase, the program will grow with you. Moreover, the instructor is quite charismatic and cheerful and makes the entire session fun, entertaining, and energetic.


  • All the exercises are uniquely designed to meet the expectations.
  • The set includes resistance bands.
  • Ideal for weight loss regime.
  • Perfect for seniors age 55 and above.


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How Can Workout Dvds Help Seniors

Workout DVDs are ideal for seniors because they allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home without having to move around a lot. You need not depend on your instructors time you can start whenever you feel like it.

If there are challenging exercises that your loved ones are finding difficult, they can always pause the video and complete the exercise at your own pace, before moving to the next set.

Videos are always more illustrative than actual classes. Trainers try and give their best to keep the students hooked till the end.

Lastly, you need not feel guilty about skipping a class due to a doctors appointment, you can start whenever you like and can skip a session or two if youre not feeling well, without the fear of having missed out.

This is why, for best results, you should try out the best workout DVD for seniors as the perfect gift to help them get up and get moving!

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Seated Mix Chair Exercises For Seniors

This DVD is ideal for disabled and senior people. It contains almost 30 chair exercises which are quite simple and easy to do. All the exercises are unique and specially designed to give your body flexibility, mobility, and many things more.

You can easily do exercises at your own pace as the speed of the video is lower than usual. The DVD comes with its own set of resistance bands, which can be used to further enhance your performance.


  • Each DVD has almost 60 minutes of video.
  • The set includes 3DVDs and one resistance band.
  • All these sitting exercises will grow with you as you will grow stronger.
  • The chair exercises are designed for every skill level.


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Types Of Senior Exercise

Vitality 4 Life with Curtis Adams Latex Free Extra Light Resistance ...

Balance Exercises

These exercises are important for fall prevention because they help you improve your ability to control your body. They can also help build your lower body strength, which is important for maintaining and improving your stability. When you do any balance exercises, be sure to have a sturdy chair or surface nearby so that you have something to hold on to if you become unsteady. Also, do a combination of exercises for both standing and moving balance.

Check out these three exercises that you can try out:

1. Standing on one foot

  • Stand behind a sturdy chair and place your hands on it for balance.
  • Lift one leg up so that your foot is off the floor.
  • Hold that position for 10 seconds .
  • Repeat that motion 10 to 15 times and then switch to your other leg and do the same thing.
  • Try to repeat the whole routine two or three more times.

2. Walking heel to toe

  • To help you maintain balance during this exercise, place your arms straight out from your sides. You can also do this exercise in a hallway or near a wall.
  • Start by placing the heel of your one foot directly in front of the toes of your other foot.
  • Focus your eyes on a spot in front of you to help you maintain your balance.
  • Step forward with your back foot and place your heel directly in front of your toes on your other foot.
  • Repeat until you have taken 20 steps.

3. Knee marching

Endurance Exercises

There are many ways to endurance train. Here are some examples:

Flexibility Exercises

2. Back stretch

1. Bicep curl

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Why Do Our Elders Need To Exercise

As mentioned before, a large percentage of our elder population is suffering from chronic health conditions. Diseases like heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes occur mostly due to unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise, and unhealthy food.

Hence if our elders start taking care of themselves, they can help reduce the onset and severity of such diseases. Whoever said that it is never too late to start anything good knew what he was talking about.

Here we have a video that shows how physical activity affects mobility in older adults.

Strength Training Core Coordination And Cardio

This DVD is perfect for senior exercises and is fun to follow. The host keeps the exercising session fun and interesting and quite interactive. Also, he demonstrates all exercises in the seated position or the standing position.

Hence its ideal for disabled seniors also. The exercises ensure loss in body weight, flexibility, body-balancing, and strength building. Therefore it can also be called as all-in-one DVD.


  • The DVD is ideal for muscle, core, and strength training.
  • It helps to lose excess fat from the body.
  • It comes with a resistance band hence enhances results.
  • All exercises are easy to do and illustrative.


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Senior Exercise: Making Fitness A Part Of Your Daily Routine

For almost every senior, exercise can be an important part of maintaining overall health, well-being, and longevity. Beneficial exercises and activities exist for every age group and health and fitness level. Adopting a regular workout routine can help you combat the effects of aging. And it can help you maintain your youthful vitality, sharpen your mind, and enhance your joy for life.

For a senior, exercises completed daily can also help improve immune function and allow you to live with less pain and more mobility. Plus, they can help you maintain or lose weight after 60 in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way. And those benefits can result in being able to reduce your healthcare spending and extend the amount of time that you’re able to live independently at home, in a retirement community, or at an assisted living facility.

So take a moment right now to uncover all of the great reasons why you should start a fitness program. Learn about the currently recommended guidelines for your age group, find exercises that you can incorporate into your routine, and watch examples. Plus, explore tips for successfully keeping your health and fitness goals on track and check out some books and equipment that can help you get started!

  • Fewer falls and injuries
  • Lower rates of hospitalization
  • Lower rates of chronic disease

Myths And Facts Regarding Exercise And Aging

CARDIO EXERCISE FOR SENIORS- Senior fitness that is fun! Standing and Chair exercises for seniors.

Myth: I am getting old there is no point in exercising.

Fact: Regular exercise helps you look and feel younger. Hence you stay independent for longer. It also lowers the risk of all chronic diseases. Therefore, no matter what is your age, exercising is always fruitful.

Myth: There is a great risk of falling down.

Fact: You build your strength, stamina, and balance when you exercise regularly. Also, it helps prevent loss of bone mass, which reduces your risk of falling down.

Myth: I am too old to start exercising again.

Fact: there is no age to start something good keep this in your mindadults who exercise show greater mental and physical improvements than their younger counterparts.

Myth: I am a disabled senior hence I cannot exercise

Fact: chair bound people can lift weights, stretch, do chair yoga, and aerobics. This increases their motion, flexibility, improves muscle tone and also enhances cardiovascular health.

Myth: I am weak and have too many pains.

Fact: exercises never increase pain on the other hand, it helps you manage pain and improve your self-confidence and strength.

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Recommended Guidelines When It Comes To Exercises For Seniors

For adults who are 65 or older, don’t have any limiting health concerns, and are generally fit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week . Seniors who want to achieve even greater health benefits can up their moderate-intensity exercise to 300 minutes a week or vigorous-intensity exercise to 150 minutes a week. The CDC also recommends taking part in muscle-strengthening exercises that work all major muscle groups at least two days per week.

Aerobic exercisealso called cardiois any activity that makes you breathe harder and raises your heart rate. It includes activities like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, as long as you’re doing the activity for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time. Doing it at moderate intensity means that you should still be able to talk. An example would be going on a brisk walk. Exercising at a vigorous intensity means that you would only be able to speak a few words without having to stop what you’re doing.

Best Workout Dvd For Seniors

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

We have reviewed the best workout DVD for seniors. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6.

Did you know that in the year2012, there were 43.1 million people in the US above the age of 65, and nearly 60% of them suffered from 2 or more chronic health conditions?

Some common chronic conditions include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers, and stroke. These chronic conditions have lowered the quality of life of seniors and made them dependent on medicines and treatments.

Proper exercise and regular medication can bring a massive difference in the health of our elderly. Workout DVDs are a great way to inspire our seniors to get up from that recliner and move about to get the right amount of exercise to keep their bodies fit.

Workout DVDs are quite popular these days. Almost everyone has used one at some point or the other. However, not all workout DVDs are ideal for elders. Due to the age factor and health issues, rigorous exercises are not recommended for seniors.

Hence, before buying one, it is critical to make sure that the DVD is meant for seniors.

In this article, we talk about the best workout DVD for seniors. We hope that you will be able to use this list to buy the right DVD for your loved one.

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Cardio Exercises For Seniors By Curtis Adams & Curtis Adams takes seniors through an exciting cardio workout. Fitness program is done standing and seated. Heart health, senior citizens, older adults, workout program, fitness plan, exercises, seated exercises, low impact, aerobic, physical training, wellness, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, rehabilitation, arthritis, weight loss.

  • Something light that me and my senior Mom can do together.

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  • Weight Training & Standing Abs

    Senior Fitness Classes

    Location: Beautiful Beach Front at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & SpaExtras: George Levitt & Anita Simon Exercises: Warm Up, Resistance Band, Standing Abs Workout, Cool Down, Balance/Stretching.Equipment: Dumbbells & Chair

  • Location: Tropical Pool Side Setting at Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & SpaExtras: David Moye & Linda Moye Exercises: Warm Up, Seated Compound Movements, Body Weight Training, Cool Down, Balance/Stretching.Equipment: Dumbbells & Chair

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    Grow Young Starter Pack For Seniors

    If you are a beginner, these simple chair exercises are ideal for you. These exercises will help you improve your mobility, energy, stability, balance, and much more. Not only this, but its also ideal for relieving from arthritis, back, joint, injury, and other kinds of pain.

    The DVD is recommended by doctors all over the US and gives you a smooth beginning. It offers foundation, core, cardio, balance, and yoga exercises.

    The entire video is of about three and a half hours, so you can easily split your days according to the kind of exercises you do. You can either do one form of exercise every day or take a combination of exercises.


    • It is ideal for losing weight and trimming the body.
    • It helps in regaining confidence.
    • The set does not contain resistance bands.
    • The DVD is not available for deaf people.

    Cardio Core And Balance Active Seniors Curtis Adams

    A New Way 2 Move with host Curtis Adams. Cardio and Ab mix with Balance and Wellness.

    • Great video Curtis! Way to go!!! Cheers

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  • Hi Curtis. Would it be possible as I live in the UK to upload a full 20-30 minute workout from warm up to cool down please. I love your vibe and would love to do a complete workout with you. Thanks x

  • Curtis Adams

    IM going upload a full eps of a new way 2 move today. Thanks

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    Simply Seated Energized Series

    If you have even one percent doubt that these DVD workouts will not work for you, go for this DVD. The DVD is one of the best among the lot and is ideal to meet all your expectations.

    It not only makes you exercising session fun and painless but also fills you with energy after the session as well. All exercises are designed, keeping you and your health conditions in mind and meant just the way you want them to be.

    The instructor is the best-in-class who delivers excellently and gives simple instructions. His approach is result-oriented and concentrates on your entire body.


    • The video is ideal for all the lazy people who are looking for some energy in their life.
    • The session is quite interactive.
    • The length of the video is perfect.
    • It has a great impact on seniors after the session.


    What Exercises Are Ideal For Seniors And What Are Their Benefits

    Senior fitness: STRENGTH TRAINING + CARDIO+ CORE exercises for seniors + Balance workout for seniors

    Exercises are an essential part of our healthy lifestyle, and when we age, the requirements are ever-changing. Not all exercises are ideal for elders hence its imperative to choose activities that suit them.

    If your loved ones have not worked out for a while, starting up again can be daunting. It will be difficult in the early days as they might struggle to cope with the soreness and pain due to stretching out their muscles.

    Hence, advise them to start slow, give their body time to adapt again, and keep going once they are on track.

    If they start with some simple exercises mentioned below, they might find the path to good health easier:

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