Who Has The Cheapest Life Insurance For Seniors

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Cheapest Life Insurance Rates For Men

Finding Affordable Senior Life Insurance

Below are some examples of cheap rates for men under a Preferred health class. If you qualify for these rates, you may be taking medication for a mild health condition but have no serious health complications. Quotes are for term life insurance policies with a duration of 20 years.



Methodology: Average monthly rates are calculated for male non-smokers in a Preferred health classification, obtaining a $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 20-year term policy from AIG, Banner Life, Pacific Life, Protective, and Transamerica. Rates may vary by insurer, term coverage amount, health class, and state. Not all policies available in all states. Rate illustration valid as of 12/01/2022.

Life Insurance Over 65

If longevity runs in your family, or you want to guarantee that you will leave something behind, whether to cover final expenses or just leave an inheritance, you might want to consider a policy that never expires. While the price tag is higher than a term policy, some people want permanent policies. If you are in this category than I recommend you consider a Guaranteed No-Lapse Universal Life Policy. These policies are guaranteed to last forever, and are significantly less expensive than Whole Life policies. The reason for this is that unlike Whole Life policies, guaranteed universal life policies are not designed to build cash value, and the death benefit stays level. With a whole life policy, there is a build up of cash value that can increase the death benefit over time. Most seniors find the pricing of Guaranteed Universal Life policies much more affordable than Whole Life.Lets take an example of a 65 year old male at a $100,000 Guaranteed Universal Life policy at Standard and Preferred Plus rates:

Most Affordable Life Insurance Rates For People Eligible For A Substandard Health Class

If you fall into this category you may have several moderate health conditions or one high-risk health condition such as a history of heart attack. Or, you may take medications that are classified as immunosuppressants. Quotes are for term life insurance policies with a duration of 20 years.


Methodology: Average monthly rates are calculated for male and female non-smokers in a Substandard Table 2 health classification, obtaining a $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 20-year term policy from AIG, Banner Life, Pacific Life, Protective, and Transamerica. Rates may vary by insurer, term coverage amount, health class, and state. Not all policies available in all states. Rate illustration valid as of 12/01/2022.

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What Is The Life Insurance Policy Age Limit

If you are looking for life insurance for seniors it is a good idea to know which products are available and to what age.

For example, for a term policy, the cutoff age is 80.

Also, a traditional whole life policy you can purchase up to age 80.

In addition, burial insurance in most cases is 85, but AETNA offers up to 89. AS we mentioned above, John Hancock offers a UL product of up to 89.

If you are getting a term policy, you want to make sure you purchase at the age of 70, This will still be an age of affordability.

As we said above, over 70 life insurance policies will get expensive as you close in on, mortality age.

So if you purchase life insurance for seniors and you want affordable insurance quotes dont wait to purchase life insurance for over 80.

This will be the age of 99% of the policies or companies offerings drastically getting reduced.

How To Shop For Senior Life Insurance

The Best Guide to Affordable Life Insurance Over 60! 30 Year Term for ...

Shopping for senior life insurance doesnt have to be hard! Its easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of life insurance companies offering coverage, the types of policies available, and the ways you can customize your coverage. Before you start to get overwhelmed about shopping for life insurance, review these steps so you know what to expect. This is the best way to shop for senior life insurance.

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Shop Around For Life Insurance

Its easy to get life insurance quotes, and quotes are free. Dont settle for the first quote you get. For starters, life insurance quotes you see online are often for the lowest available rate. Only a small percentage of applicants actually meet the criteria to qualify for the best quotes. Many people discover that their final quote is higher after the application process.

Its also smart to shop around because life insurance rates vary significantly from company to company.

If you want to take a DIY approach, get quotes from several insurers. Otherwise, work with an independent insurance broker who works with several companies and will know which one is likely to give you the cheapest life insurance based on your health and age.

Best For Seniors Over : Aarp


Offers low-cost policies for minors

Online quotes with transparent pricing


J.D. Power : 771.5* AM Best Rating: A++* NAIC Complaint Index: 0.16*

MoneyGeek’s Take: AARP offers different policies with guaranteed acceptance and does not require a medical exam, making it the best option for seniors over 70.

Company Description: If youre over 70 years of age, AARP is MoneyGeeks top pick for your life insurance provider. The company offers life insurance policies with guaranteed acceptance without a medical exam requirement. Policies are underwritten by New York Life, one of the oldest and most reputable providers in the life insurance industry.

AARP offers three types of life insurance plans level benefit term, permanent and guaranteed acceptance. The best feature of AARPs policies is that you do not need to undergo a medical exam to qualify. For the companys guaranteed acceptance life insurance, you also arent required to answer health questions.

With the level benefit term life plan, you can get up to $100,000 coverage. However, you cant choose your term, and the policy expires when you turn 80. The Permanent Life plan offers you up to $50,000 of whole life coverage, so your premiums never increase.

If you opt for the guaranteed acceptance plan, you wont be asked medical questions or required to pass a medical exam, but coverage is limited to $25,000.

*These scores are for New York Life, the company that underwrites all AARP life insurance policies.

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Best For Term Insurance : Protective

  • AM Best Rating:AM Best is a credit rating agency that assigns insurance companies a letter grade from A++ to D. A companys grade indicates its ability to pay its claims and honor its financial obligations.A+
  • Accepts Credit Cards:Yes
  • High issue ages on term coverage

  • Allows credit card payments

  • Ranked 16 out of 21 companies for customer satisfaction

Protective is our pick for best term insurance company for over-50s because term policies are very affordable and issue ages are high. We collected quotes for $250,000 30-year term policies for healthy 55-year-old male and female applicants. We found that Protectives quotes were among the cheapest we evaluated.

Importantly, the company has some of the highest issue ages for term coverage weve seen. If youre 58 or younger, youre eligible for a 30-year term policy if youre 50 or younger, youre eligible for a 35-year plan. Most companies dont even offer 35-year term coverageonly four of the 91 life insurance carriers we reviewed do. An added benefit is that the company accepts credit card payments, which is also uncommon among life insurance carriers.

However, customer satisfaction is lacking, according to J.D. Powers 2021 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study. Protective came in 16th out of 21 of the largest life insurers, well below the industry average.

  • Long history of paying dividends

  • Highest financial strength rating

  • Only one living benefit included

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Affordable Coverage with Senior Life Insurance Company

Simplified issue life insurance doesnt require a medical exam, but you generally must answer a handful of health-related questions. These questions influence the insurance companys decision on whether to insure you.

Simplified issue policies cost more than standard fully underwritten policies, but they dont require a medical exam, which means they can be a convenient way to get life insurance.

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Can I Switch Life Insurance Providers To Lower My Rate

Typically, the policy type and riders you choose will have the most significant impact on your premium, although its worth comparing how your rate compares for a policy from one company versus another. Keep in mind that life insurance companies generally quote the best life insurance rates to young and healthy applicants. A low-risk, healthy lifestyle may not only grant you a cheap life insurance premium, but you may live a longer, happier life, too.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Not everyone needs a big life insurance payout amount when getting a policy.

Final expense is a type of life insurance policy designed to cover:

  • The expenses of the policyholders funeral costs.
  • Take care of your final expenses which includes your debts.

This policy, similar to guaranteed acceptance, will help pay outstanding bills, medical expenses, and burial costs. The major difference, you may have to answer a few more health-related questions in order to qualify.

If you do have health issues or pre-existing conditions, it might be a great deal easier to apply for guaranteed acceptance instead. It will depend on the condition and the severity. That said, you might want to get with a life insurance expert to find the right policy for you as everyones situations are different.

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Best Final Expense For Seniors: Aig


Does not require a medical exam for all policies

Guaranteed acceptance for some policies


Does not offer online quotes


J.D. Power : 737.2 AM Best Rating: A NAIC Complaint Index: N/A

MoneyGeek’s Take: Since AIG does not require a medical exam and offers guaranteed acceptance for most policies, its the best choice if youre looking for final expense insurance.

Company Description: If youre looking for an insurance policy to cover your funeral and burial expenses, AIG is MoneyGeeks top choice. The company offers a wide range of flexible policies and multiple rider options, and some of the policies offered do not require a medical exam and have guaranteed acceptance.

With AIGs guaranteed issue life insurance plan, you get lifelong coverage up to $25,000 and dont need to pass a medical exam or answer any health questions. This plan offers you guaranteed acceptance if youre between 50 and 80.

AIG accidental death insurance provides your family with $500,000 worth of coverage in case of your death or serious injury in an accident. If youre between 18 and 80, you dont need a medical exam to qualify.

This provider also offers quality of life insurance, which can provide financial support to your loved ones while youre still alive. Your beneficiaries can access these living benefits if youre diagnosed with a chronic illness, critical illness or terminal illness.

Policy Types Offered:

Whole Life Vs Term Life Insurance For Seniors

Life Insurance For 80 Year Olds

When thinking about whether you should buy term vs whole life insurance, you need to keep two things in mind: your age and your budget. Keep in mind that as you age, renewing a term life insurance policy will become more difficult which is why whole life insurance may be a smarter choice for seniors.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Life Insurance For Seniors In 2022

The average cost of a senior life insurance policy may range from $199 per month to $667 per month. While life insurance coverage for seniors might be costly, it can help your family pay off any outstanding debts after you pass away. The money may be used to pay for funeral expenses, unpaid bills, or other mortgage or education costs for your children. It may also be put away for later retirement in certain situations.

What Should You Look For In A Senior Life Insurance Policy

Ideally, it’s best to consider a life insurance policy that offers fixed rates you can afford as well as payouts large enough to cover your final expenses and benefit your beneficiaries.

“The insurer’s financial strength is important, too you want to make sure the company will still be around and solvent when you die,” recommends Martucci.

Additionally, opt for first-day coverage, if available, which will trigger the lowest rates and the most coverage.

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What Is Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Guaranteed universal life insurance is the best solution for someone that needs permanent life insurance protection without any surprises down the road, and it

Apr 21, 2022 If you want to have a predictable payment that covers your lifespan, guaranteed universal life insurance may be right for you. With the same

Pros And Cons Of Buying Life Insurance As A Senior

What Is The Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60?

The pros to buying life insurance as a senior are similar to buying life insurance at other stages of life youll have peace of mind knowing your financial obligations are covered and your loved ones wont struggle financially in your absence. Seniors likely need less coverage than younger adults who are just starting their families. On the other hand, life insurance premiums increase every year we age at the time of application, so its increasingly more expensive to buy life insurance the older you get.

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Term Life Insurance Policy

Term life insurance for seniors over 80 is only possible if youre actually age 80. Once you turn 81, you will not be able to get a term policy any longer.

At most, a 10-year term policy is the longest youll be able to get. That would mean youd be covered until youre 90.

Then at age 90, the policy would terminate, and youd no longer be insured.

Also, youll likely have to take a medical exam to get a term life policy over 80.

Its only advisable to buy term at this age if you need to cover a temporary liability such as financial debt.

Dont buy a term policy to cover funeral costs.

Early Shopping Pays Off If Youre A Senior Looking For Life Insurance

As you age, your life insurance options diminish and your premiums increase. This is built into the fabric of life insurance which uses risk of mortality as its standard of measure.

You can avoid some of the challenges seniors face by locking in your coverage before you retire. Shopping early lets you front-load your premiums so you can worry less about keeping them active during retirement.

Plus, shopping earlier gives your permanent insurance time to accrue enough cash value to help you during retirement.

But, if you are a senior who needs life insurance, use our 5-step approach above and reach out in the comments below if you need help.

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Most Affordable Life Insurance Rates For Families

Below are some approximations of rates for families with different compositions. Speaking with a licensed agent can help you find out how much you can expect to pay to cover your family members. Rates are calculated using the Preferred health classification, which means if you qualify, you might be managing a mild health condition or two but have overall no major complications.

Family member


Methodology: Average monthly rates are calculated for male and female non-smokers obtaining a $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 10-year term life insurance policy in a Preferred Plus health classification from AIG, Banner Life, Pacific Life, Protective, and Transamerica. Rates may vary by insurer, term coverage amount, health class, and state. Not all policies available in all states. Rate illustration valid as of 12/01/2022.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 65

Life insurance rates are calculated based on the risk that the insurance company will have to pay out. Essentially, theyre based on your life expectancy. Life insurance companies will calculate that using:

  • Lifestyle risks like smoking or alcohol use
  • Occupation and hobbies

You will usually need to complete a medical exam, including a blood test, as part of the application process. While there are affordable life insurance policies with no medical exam out there, if youre healthy youll find you get lower life insurance rates if you go through the full underwriting process, including the exam.

Finally, the amount of coverage you choose and the type of policy will also have an impact on rates.

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Choose The Best Policy Available

This is why its really important that you weigh your options and get a policy that is the best for you. If you simply get a policy that is less expensive or has options that, in the long run, will not be beneficial to you. Bottom line, down the road you will probably regret it. Decide if you should go with Permanent Coverage vs Term Life.

What Is The Best Life Insurance For A Senior In Poor Medical Condition

A no-medical exam policy that offers guaranteed acceptance may be the best or only option if you are in poor health, although you can expect to pay more for this type of policy.

“These policies are approved for seniors in poor health as long as they don’t have a terminal illness, are not confined to a nursing home or hospice, and can perform activities of daily living on their own,” notes VanderVaate. “People under these circumstances can also be approved for guaranteed issue life insurance, but they need to wait two years before they will be fully covered.”

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