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Taking Good Care Of Senior Feet

SwissKlip Heavy Duty Toenail Clippers

Maintaining foot hygiene can be difficult for many seniors because this area has so many concerns and is difficult to access. On the other hand, foot care should be at the top of a seniors hygiene checklist, as neglecting small difficulties can progress to more serious problems. Diabetics, in particular, must pay close attention to their feet for a variety of reasons. Here are some easy guidelines for geriatric toenail care:

Clip Nails After a Warm Bath

After bathing in warm water, clip your toenails to soften them and make them simpler to cut. It will also guarantee clean and clear of any potential irritants, such as dirt or grime, which nail clippers can drive further into the nail bed.

Inspect Feet Frequently

Check your feet regularly to make sure they dont have any strange sores or cuts. This problem may quickly become exasperating if not addressed promptly, so regular examination is critical, especially for the elderly. If you cannot check them regularly, seek assistance from family or professional care.

Keep Your Feet Stay Dry and Nourished

Cut Your Toenails Regularly

Trim your nails regularly to avoid debris being trapped beneath them. When trimming your nails, use the best toenail clippers for seniors, and be careful not to cut or nick the skin around your nails accidentally. Depending on your circumstances, you may require the aid of live-in caretakers for this work.

Why Do Seniors Need Specialized Nail Clippers

It is critical to take good care of ones feet, especially if one is elderly. Poor circulation is one of the many issues that plague aging feet. Other skin ailments, such as dry skin, can lead to more serious problems like persistent irritation, surface pain, and even infection. One of the most important components of healthy foot care is ensuring that toenails are cut regularly and safely. However, many senior people find this to be one of the most difficult duties to complete because they are unable to bend comfortably. Other factors that make it harder for elders to care for their own feet are as follows:

  • Toenails become thick, hard, or dry, brittle, making cutting them tough because it requires a lot of strength.
  • They are having difficulty bending their bodies in such a way that they can reach their toes.
  • Inability to grip the clippers properly or securely in hand.
  • Toes that are deformed or malformed as a result of arthritis or other disorders.

In most situations, seniors continue to use the same common nail clippers theyve always used, frequently without recognizing that even a minor cut or nick can lead to a painful and difficult infection. As a result, they should carefully cut their toenails and utilize the best toenail clippers for seniors to care for their feet, which they may not even be aware of.

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Is Toenail Reconstruction For Everyone

No. It is recommended there be at least 15% of the nail remaining for the resin to attach. Certain health conditions should not have this procedure and can be discussed with your foot specialist. However, this is an option for someone looking to temporarily improve the appearance of a missing nail for special occasions or events.

Use Care And Maintenance Sharp Toe Nail Clippers, Professional Podiatrist Toenail ...

Dermatologist Chris Adigun told us that tools arent usually the issue when an ingrowth leaves a patient hobbling. Problems I encounter with my patients do not tend to stem from the type of nail clippers they are using, but rather how they are clipping their nails, she said. Even if you have the best clippers, take care to use them correctly.

For one, dont clip your cuticles. Clipping cuticles, as a rule, is bad for the health of the nail unit, Adigun said. Cuticles provide necessary protection from infection and insulation from water loss.

When trimming your toenails, Wirecutter contributor Jim McDannald advises: Cut them short and straight across. Clipping the nails with a small taper in the corners is okay, but if you take too much off the corners or dig into the sides, there is an opportunity for the skin to impede on the space and the potential for an ingrown toenail to develop.

Problems I encounter with my patients do not tend to stem from the type of nail clippers they are using, but rather how they are clipping their nails. Chris Adigun

Be especially careful not to cut your nails too short. Its one of the most common issues Adigun has seen in her practice. Clippers that clip only the nail and not the surrounding skin or cuticle, and clip in a predictable way, are ones that I prefer, she said. That means fewer accidents, such as the common, I had no idea I was cutting that short.

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Could I Hurt Myself Using This Clipper

Of course, you must be careful when using any product with sharp blades. However, if used correctly, Heavy Duty’s special design minimizes the chances of an accident.

How Much Does a Heavy Duty Cost?

At the time we wrote our Swissklip reviews, one Heavy Duty clipper was $59.98. However, if you buy now, you get 50% off. That means the clipper can be yours for just $29.99!

In the same manner, you can purchase a special double pack for only $46.49, thanks to this amazing discount. Or, if you want a special nail kit that features one Swissklip 360 fingernail clipper and one Heavy Duty toenail clipper, you can buy the Nailed It Bundle for a discounted price of $68.49.

Where Can I Buy a Swissklip Heavy Duty?

You can buy Heavy Duty, the best toenail clippers for seniors, only on the official website. The Swissklip Amazon page doesn’t exist. So, similar products you can see on other web pages are cheap copies of the Swissklip’s clipper that can be potentially dangerous and cause injuries.

Swissklip Toenail Clipper Pros and Cons

After detailed Swissklip reviews, we can say that we are generally satisfied with this clipper. Of course, no product is perfect. Also, while some features are seen as great by certain people, they might not be as useful to others. So, let’s check out the pros and cons of Heavy Duty.



  • A bit on the pricey side
  • It is available only on the official page
  • It might not be suitable for people with thin nails

Swissklip Reviews: Final Verdict

Reduces Cases Of Food Poisoning

Research indicates that if you come into contact with chemical substances, many of the particles are likely to be left beneath your nails. These particles may lead to food poisoning. To avoid this problem, it is therefore important for seniors to trim their nails regularly to clean off the chemicals.

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Three Good Reasons To Care For Your Toenails

If cutting toenails is too challenging to manage due to old age, health reasons, or reliable clippers, most people will give up. But there are several reasons seniors should take care of their toenails.

To Maintain Personal Hygiene

Long fingernails and toenails can accumulate dirt, dead skin, and fungus especially when toenails are curved or bent, then toes can become very unhygienic. Not only will this aggravate abnormal toenail growth, but accelerate fungus growth, leading to bad odor and potentially skin infection.

Normally a bath or shower is sufficient to keep your feet clean, but when nail growth is left unchecked, then washing and drying your toes well becomes harder, especially when you lack the flexibility to reach down to your feet easily.

To Avoid Fungal Infections

Once personal hygiene suffers, fungal growth can quickly get out of hand. With fungus comes the risk of infections that can lead to much more severe problems, possibly requiring surgical intervention.

Humid conditions aggravated fungus. If you dont dry your toes properly, and then put on socks and closed shoes, the fungus is literally in its element. All it needs is the starter culture under your toenails, and before you know it, the skin on your feet is peeling off. Its not a pleasant picture but an important warning to take the time to maintain your toenails.

To Avoid Injury

Podiatrist Toenail Clippers Professional Thick & Ingrown Toe Nail Clippers For Men & Seniors Pedicure Clippers Toenail Cutters Super Sharp Curved Blade Grooming Tool

SwissKlip Heavy Duty Toenail Clippers UGC

If youre looking for a pair of podiatrist-approved toenail clippers that can handle even the thickest and most ingrown nails, then youll want to check out our Professional Thick & Ingrown Toe Nail Clippers.

Made of high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel, our clippers are designed for long-lasting use and feature a sharp, curved blade that makes it easy to cut through even the toughest nails. Plus, our updated handle is made with soft, non-slip ABS material for a comfortable grip and easy cutting.

And because were confident in the quality of our clippers, we offer a one-year promise: if youre not satisfied with our clippers, simply return them for a refund or replacement. So why wait? Give our clippers a try today and see the difference for yourself!

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Buying Guide: Find The Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors

When buying the best toenail clippers for seniors, its crucial to remember a few fundamentals about how this equipment works and how theyre designed. Then, based on your requirements, select the best toenail clippers. Before making a decision, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the clippers strong enough to be used without exerting excessive pressure?
  • Are the handles long and ergonomic enough to allow for simple operation without bending over?
  • Are the handles long enough and supple enough to allow for simple handling?
  • Is there a wide jaw on the clippers to cut thicker nails?
  • Is there a protective tip cover to prevent accidental pokes and cuts?
  • Is there a lid on the clippers to capture the clipped nails?
  • What is the material that they are composed of? Do they rust or corrode easily?

Answering questions like these will assist you in finding the best toenail clippers for seniors in your life and offer you confidence in your final decision.

Best Curved Blade Design: Dejlig Podiatrist Toenail Clipper

This high-quality toenail clipper by DEJLIG is super sharp. It has an ergonomic handle that ensures easy cutting, a firm grip, and premium comfort. It has an anti-slip coating to prevent any mishaps and accidents. This clipper is also equipped with a double spring to ensures better grip and longer life. It is specifically designed for seniors, as it effectively cuts nails with problems caused by diabetes, fungus, paronychia, and aging. The clipper features a curved blade that conforms to the shape of your toenails for precise and safe trimming.


Material: High-grade tempered stainless steel, ABS resin

Color: Black

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The Best Nail Clippers

See our list of expert-recommended tools for DIY manicures.

By upgrading your nail clippers from a set with dull blades and lightweight levers to a super-sharp, hefty-yet-ergonomic set, you can elevate nail trimming from a chore to a ritual. After interviewing a podiatrist and testing a total of 10 nail clippers over the past five yearsmost recently with the help of a nail technician who has a decade of experiencewere certain that the Green Bell G-1008 clippers are the best and well worth the splurge. They have sharp blades that cut cleanly through toenails and fingernails alike, as well as excellent build quality.

Our pick

These clippers are razor sharp, feel sturdy in hand, and look nicer than the competition.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $14.

The Green Bell G-1008 clippers cut so cleanly that you may not even need to file off the edges when youre donethough they do have a built-in file if you want to anyway. They also have a sturdier, more ergonomically sculpted body than the other clippers we tried. Theyre usually less expensive than the next-sharpest clippers weve tested and feel better in hand. They had a good weight, our nail-tech tester said about the Green Bell clippers. I had good control, and I didnt have to tip around at an angle to get a clean cut.

If our top pick is unavailable, these seriously sharp clippersmade by the same parent companyare the next best bet.

Buying Options

Budget pick

Budget Pick: Muji Silver Nail Clippers Sharp Toe Nail Clippers, Professional Podiatrist Toenail ...

These inexpensive clippers are compact and effective, and they come with a nail file strip and removable nail catcher.

Buying Options

The small, solidly constructed Muji Silver Nail Clippers snip cleanly without much force, though weve found that theyre inferior to both the Green Bell and Seki clippers. Still, these are quality clippers that can be had for a notch above the price of the drugstore variety.

If you want basic, no-frills clippers, these will suit you just fine. But we think spending a few more dollars for our top pick is worthwhile. Some Amazon reviewers and a Wirecutter staffer have reported that the Muji clippers they own have rusted after a short while. We recommend storing these only in dry environments, if possible.

Like the Green Bell and Harperton clippers, the Muji ones have an onboard filing strip for use in a pinch. The former nail care professional said she wouldnt use these clippers again at all, but one tester liked their simple rectangular shape, which he said felt comfortable in both his dominant and nondominant hands.

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The Worst Toenail Clippers

Ive seen my fair share of supposedly professional toenail clippers. Ive bought some of them for my own workplace, and been terribly let down.

  • Some are extremely uncomfortable in the hand. Slippery even!
  • Some clippers dont seem to be designed very well because it takes a lot of effort to perform a single clip, even on nails of normal thickness.
  • The jaws have to open wide enough to get the the nail between the cutting edges.
  • Ive received many that arent sharp enough to start with, let alone after repeated use.
  • And perhaps surprisingly, clippers that dont grip the nail. These are the most frustrating ones of all. Unfortunately, they comprise a good proportion of the cheap professional range of podiatry clippers the type you find at chemists and jewelry shops. And you wont know it until you get home and use them.

I wouldnt recommend these nail scissors or clippers for difficult-to-cut toenails

Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors

If you are short on time, watch this video on best toenail clippers for seniors.

In terms of foot care and nail clippers, several pieces of equipment are available that cater to the unique needs of the elderly. Any clippers sold to the elderly should be easy to hold and use and reduce the risk of damage or overall discomfort.


Seniors, pregnant ladies, overweight persons, people with back difficulties, and anybody with a limited range of motion will benefit from the Pistol Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper. Clipping toenails is easier with less bending because of the long handle and pistol grip. The trigger action provides increased leverage.

Clippers with long handles are ideal for seniors who take care of their feet but cannot fully bend over and complete the action required to clip their toenails effectively. With a simple trigger maneuver, these best toenail clippers for seniors give excellent leverage and control over the clipper component. This can be done with either your right or left hand, depending on your preference.


This Clippers Swivel Action eliminates unpleasant twisting and allows you to trim your nails at a comfortable angle. The ergonomically built wide easy-grip handles allow safe, secure, and comfortable handling when clipping your nails.





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Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors : Reviews And Ultimate Buying Guide

Self-care is important regardless of how old we are. However, as people get older, they face more difficulties while caring for themselves and their needs. Chronic conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis can make it difficult with fulfilling even the most mundane needs, some of which include clipping toenails regularly.

Luckily, various companies work around the clock to design products that will make a life for seniors easier. There are numerous self-care products, and some of them include toenail clippers that were designed specifically for the elderly.

In this article, were going to talk about the best toenail clippers for seniors, and what is the best way to use them without injuring themselves. As mentioned before, there are various manufacturers and they design their products using their internal standards and technologies. Thats why not every toenail clipper is the same.

Why Do Seniors Require Specialized Nail Clippers

Testing Heavy Duty Toenail Clippers. Are they worth it?

The key issues that the elderly face with regular nail cutters are:

  • Their toenails are thicker and hard to cut through.
  • They find it difficult to reach the toe with a small nail clipper.
  • Regular clipping nails increase the chances of mishaps and accidental cuts, and the risk of infections, especially in those who have diabetes.
  • It is hard to cut with bent or unusually shaped nails due to health conditions like arthritis, which may affect the joints, cause mobility issues, making it tough to use the regular clipper.

As older adults face these problems, a special nail cutter is essential to do the job safely, easily, and comfortably!

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