What Is The Best Dental Plan For Seniors

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Metlife Dental Insurance : Best Dental Insurance For Families

Who Qualifies for VA Dental? | VA Health Care Dental Program | theSITREP
  • Only two employer-provided plans
  • Often lengthy waiting periods

MetLife is the best dental insurance provider for those seeking cover for their entire family. The PPO and DHMO options are limited to just two plans, but preventative care is covered.

MetLife Dental Insurance offers two kinds of plans: a Dental PPO Plan and a Dental HMO/Managed Care Plan. The latter is available in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas. With these plans, you don’t have deductibles or claims forms to deal with, but you must pick an in-network dentist when enrolling.

The PPO plans give you more freedom when choosing a dentist, and while you can see both in- and out of network dentists, better discounts are available when you have treatment with in-network dental care providers.

Included orthodontics make it ideal for families who have children in need of braces, while low copays help it appeal to anyone hoping to make a decent saving on dental care. With up to 45% to be saved, this is one of the better options out there, spanning over 400 procedures and a network of 90,000 dentists.

Compare Medicare Advantage Dental Plans

Using Medicares Find a Medicare Plan tool, you can log in without an account, choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, type in your ZIP code, and follow the simple instructions to get a list of the available plans. The Plan Details button helps you learn more about the coverage offered, such as preventative dental or comprehensive dental .

What Is The Best Dental For Seniors Included Full Coverage For Vision And Hearing

The best dental insurance companies offer full vision and hearing insurance bundled in one premium insurance policy now. These policies allow access to a pool of funds that can be applied to teeth, eyesight, and hearing exchanges throughout the year. Eyeglasses and hearing aids arent cheap. Having coverage for all three on an affordable policy actually ends most seniors insurance needs when combined with Medicare and Medicare Supplement. top insurance policy. Dental needs, vision problems, or hearing loss are very common. Discuss any current dental coverage and get some notes on what might be best for you to manage your insurance costs. The best dental plans will allow you to use your yearly benefits among all 3.

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Cigna Dental Discount & Savings Plan

CignaPlus Savings Plans are for anyone who doesnt have dental insurance or doesnt want dental insurance. The Cigna dental plan gives you a big discount on almost all routine dental procedures, so you can save on everything from dental checkups to smile makeovers

Plan Highlights

  • Average of 37% savings on dental care
  • All patients accepted no pre-existing limitations
  • No waiting periods, deductibles or copays
  • No annual maximum on services you can use each year
  • 110,000 participating provider listings nationwide


The CignaPlus Dental Savings Plan is an affordable dental option for seniors.


The CignaPlus Dental Savings Plan is a great option for seniors. Not only can you save on dental care, with the CignaPlus plan, but it also includes additional discounts on Vision, LASIK, and Hearing.

The iDental Discount Plan is another dental savings plan, not dental insurance. It offers major savings on popular dental services like regular exams, X-rays, cleanings, root canals, and more.

Plan Highlights

  • Save up to 68% on dental care
  • No referrals needed to access specialists
  • 140,000 participating dentists nationwide
  • No hearing or vision benefits


  • Individual Plan – $134.95/year
  • Family Plan – $189.95/year

The iDental Discount Plan is not only for seniors but an affordable dental care option for the whole family as well.


Best Customer Service: Kaiser Permanente

Pin on Health

Kaiser Permanente

We chose Kaiser Permanente for its excellent customer service. Kaiser garners top scores in customer satisfaction from J.D. Power.

  • Coverage available at any Kaiser Permanente facility

  • Flexible premiums

  • Only available in 8 states

  • Some dental coverage can cost extra

  • In some plans, dental is bundled with hearing and vision coverage

Kaiser gets our nod for best customer service based on their ratings from Medicare and from J.D. Power, the data analytics and consumer intelligence company. Kaiser came in first place in J.D. Power’s Medicare Advantage customer satisfaction study six times in the last seven years. Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is based in Oakland, Calif. and serves 12.6 million members. People enrolled in Kaisers Medicare Advantage plan can get coverage at any Kaiser Permanente facility, and premiums range from $0 to over $100 each month, depending on your needs and where you live.

With many of their Medicare Advantage Plans, Kaiser offers the Silver& Fit senior fitness program. The program is offered with a facility-based option and a home-based option and includes educational materials on healthy aging, social activities, and an activity and exercise tracking tool.

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What Is The Best Dental Insurance For Individuals

Most dental insurance companies offer plans for individuals, but obviously some are better than others. Based on our research the best dental insurance for individuals is offered by Delta Dental. It offers affordable dental plans for single people, and has an extensive network of dentists to pick from in over 330,000 locations nationwide.

You can choose from an HMO plan, with affordable copays on preventive, basic and major dental services, and best of all there are no waiting periods for many services. Theres a PPO plan on offer too, for all three tiers of care. It includes a deductible and there is an annual maximum on treatment, so youll have to cover any additional fees after you have reached that maximum within a year.

Guardian Direct Dental User Reviews And Ratings

  • Rated A+ at Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 4.8 at Consumer Advocate

Depending on which site you search, Guardian Direct Dental Insurance reviews are also wildly mixed, which is interesting. According to Consumer Advocate, Guardian Direct Dental has a 4.8 rating out of 5.

One recent review stated that, ‘I’m so thankful that my employer chose Guardian Dental as our provider – they have covered so much and even have a rollover plan that has come very handy when I maxed out my yearly benefit.’

Other customers were unhappy with the customer service, complaining that staff need to be more clear when explaining benefits, caps and reimbursements.

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Most Comprehensive Coverage: Aarp

  • Some plans have a $500 maximum yearly limit for comprehensive dental care

  • Some plans give yearly maximum coverage amount for preventative and comprehensive dental combined

Its nice to feel secure with your insurance. Thats what AARP providesno matter what plan you choose, your pearly whites are covered. Most plans come with at least preventative dental care covered, and most also include comprehensive care covered, though at a yearly maximum cap. That means you may not need to pay anything at the dentist, depending on the procedure youre having done. However, if you think youll be having more intensive work done that would exceed the annual maximum, it may be best to look into plans that have more detailed, broader coverage options available. The PPO Plan A offers the most comprehensive coverage with a $40 deductible and $1,500 in annual coverage. The PPO Plan B offers a lower monthly premium but a $90 deductible and $1,000 in annual coverage.

Best For Affordable Options: Humana

Don’t Get Dental Implants WITHOUT Knowing This!


Humana offers several plan options with loyalty advantages, lifetime deductibles, and the ability to add vision coverage. With so many options to choose from, Humana is our top pick for the best affordable options because seniors can find the plan that meets their needs and budgets.

  • Several plans to choose from

  • Waiting periods may be waived with proof of prior insurance

  • Loyalty plans with increasing maximum benefits

  • Some plans offer lifetime deductibles

  • Up to six-month waiting period for fillings

  • Annual plan maximum $1,000 in the first year

  • Some states charge enrollment fees of $35

  • Not all plans are available in all states

Founded in 1961 with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana has a long history in health insurance. Their excellent reputation has earned them a solid A- financial strength rating from AM Best. Humana’s complaints trend with the NAIC shows them receiving a slightly above average number of complaints.

Humana offers dental insurance plans in most states and with several options, whether you want a preventive-only policy or more extensive coverage.

There’s a variety of options from Humana that will help save you money, and you can find exactly which ones fit your personal needs and work within your budget. For instance, you can add vision coverage to your plan for as little as $15 per month on average.

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Dental Grants In Oregon

  • Financial Assistance
  • Oregon is one of the best states for seniors in the USA. In 2019, Sharecare Wellbeing Index ranked it the fifth-best state to stay in. This can be attributed to the many social events organized to enjoy and appreciate local arts. Also, let us not forget the breathtaking beaches and forests that make Oregon a site to behold.

    However, one thing that may put you off about living in Oregon is it rains for most of the year. This increases the prices of utility bills because heating alternatives are necessary for nine out of 12 months, posing a challenge for seniors with little to no income to settle these bills.

    Besides the weather, there are challenges that seniors face, like immobility, cognitive disorders, dental health deterioration, and immune compromise, that requires external support to curb them. Expensive amenities like dental care services may push the elderly to ignore their oral health due to financial concerns. The state government and other groups need to look into strategies to ensure that cost is the least of any Oregonians worries.

    Best For Preventative Care: United Healthcare


    • No adult orthodontic coverage

    • Plan availability varies by state

    United Healthcare is a prominent brand for insurance with nationwide coverage available all across the country with a stellar rating from AM Best. United Healthcare dental insurance is available at work or as an individual, although plan availability varies by state, as will your premium rates. In addition to their direct individual and employer-sponsored plans, United Healthcare offers two Medicare Advantage plans through AARP that cover dental, one with no monthly premium covering preventative dental with no deductible and copay.

    The lack of waiting periods on preventative care covered 100%, high coverage amounts, and shorter waiting periods for coverage on many plans make United Healthcare’s plans the best dental insurance for preventative care. Moreover, several plans cover preventative at 100% with no waiting periods.

    The brochure highlights what makes each program the most valuable to subscribers, so it’s easier for you to find the right fit. For example, the monthly premium for a woman 65+ in California ranges from about $24 to $63, depending on the plan.

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    Standalone Individual Dental And Vision Bundles

    Standalone dental plans are available for purchase. Some even offer plans designed with older adults in mind. In contrast to Medigap, Original Medicare, and a large number of Medicare Advantage plans, standalone plans and bundles ensure youre covered for every type of dental and vision care you need.

    Here are three providers that offer dental and vision care, some as part of Medicare Advantage and others as standalone insurance.

    Best For Special Needs: Cigna

    What Are the Best Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors?


    If you have special dental needs as a senior on Medicare, then Cigna is a good choice. They offer special needs plans and an increased range of services for customers who need them.

    • Some plans don’t include prescription coverage

    We chose Cigna as the best for special needs because of their personalized plan offerings. While other Medicare Advantage Plans limit coverage to individuals with special health conditions or care needs, Cigna offers special needs plans that include access to a wider range of specialists, along with regular health assessment .

    Depending on your health care needs, Cigna offers an increased range of services, whether that is more intensive treatments, personalized care treatments, or more individual specialist attention.

    Based on a review of Cignas Model of Care, the National Committee for Quality Assurance has approved Cigna to offer Special Needs Plans until 2021 . Annual NCQA approval is required for this plan type.

    Cigna offers a health risk assessment that can be used to develop personalized care plans with Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees and their primary care doctor. The HRA also helps match each enrollee with the health and wellness services that best fit their needs.

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    Is It Less Expensive To Buy Dental Insurance Outside Of Medicare

    It depends on what dental coverage you need. In addition to the various price points offered by these plans, if you purchase through Medicare, you can take advantage of bundles that lower the price point and give you the ease of paying just one provider. If you dont need or want to get your dental coverage through your Medicare provider, it may be worth looking into separate dental coverage, especially if you have more specific needs than what Medicare Advantage plans can offer.

    How Much Does Dental Insurance Typically Cost For Seniors

    What you pay for dental insurance as a senior depends on several factors. Most of the websites will get you a quote after collecting a bit of information about you, like where you live, your date of birth, and your gender.

    You can expect to pay more to get more coverage. Preventative plans tend to be less expensive, and from there, the premiums often double when you add in Major services coverage.

    It’s important to keep in mind that the numbers change based on the variables we mentioned above. Some plans have discounts for seniors, like Liberty. However, most of the plans premiums are higher for older people than younger ones. Our estimates took place in CA, and the Cigna dental plans were advertised at about $19 to $35 for the rates, but our personalized estimates were around $24 to $49.

    The Medicare Advantage plans that included dental care were much more affordable than dental insurance plans for seniors. Some had no additional premiums at all and covered preventative care and diagnoses at 100%.

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    How Much Coverage Does Dental Insurance Provide

    Dental plans require you to pay many of the same out-of-pocket costs as regular health insurance, including a monthly premium, a deductible, copays and coinsurance.

    The coinsurance you pay will likely be more than youre used to paying. For example, Medicare beneficiaries are typically responsible for 20% coinsurance, but its not unusual for dental plans to require 40% coinsurance or higher.

    Another important factor to consider is that dental insurance plans often have a cap , and its usually very low . After you meet the maximum, youll pay for 100% of the cost of your care.

    For years when preventive care and a filling or two are the only services you need, that works just fine. But if you need more than very basic dental work, you will quickly exceed that benefit. For example, the cost of a root canal and crown together can be upward of $3,000.

    There are plans that have no annual limit, but be aware that even dental insurance that bills itself as comprehensive or full coverage almost certainly will not cover 100% of the cost of your dental care.

    Best Value: Delta Dental

    Best Medicare Supplement Plan 2023 – Which to Choose?

    Delta Dental

    Delta Dental offers plans geared toward seniors either through the AARP and directly on their website. They provide a lot of information and resources for retirees on their site, and they were one of the few insurers we reviewed offering immediate coverage for fillings, denture repair, tooth removal, and root canals in the AARP Plan.

    • No waiting periods for many services

    • Guaranteed acceptance for AARP members

    • 12 month waiting period for major work on some plans

    • PPO plans feature deductibles and maximums

    Delta Dental is the leading provider of dental insurance in the U.S., offering coverage in all states and serving over 80 million Americans. Delta Dental is a not-for-profit organization made up of 39 independent Delta Dental companies. They have an AM Best financial strength rating of A .

    Delta Dental has contracted with AARP to provide members with special pricing to help seniors fit dental insurance into their budgets, and there are HMO and PPO plans available. The HMO is the cheapest option, followed by the PPO B, and lastly, the PPO A is the most expensive option. The PPO plans allow you to choose any dentist, while the HMO plan utilizes a network of dental facilities.

    There is no annual maximum and no deductible on the DeltaCare USA plan. The PPO plans have an annual maximum of $1,000 to $1,500 with deductibles ranging from $40 to $90 depending on service and plan.

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    Best Medicare Dental Coverage For Seniors

    The best dental insurance for most seniors is a Medicare Advantage plan from AARP/UnitedHealthcare because of its large network of dentists. We also recommend Aetna for low-cost dental coverage. If you need dental care right away, a stand-alone plan from Humana can provide comprehensive benefits starting the first day of coverage.

    What Are Dental Discount Cards

    Another facet of dental insurance for seniors is whats known as dental discount cards or savings plans. These cards are supplemental to dental insurance and not a replacement instead, a cardholder will pay an annual fee instead of a monthly premium. A discount plan holder will receive special discounts and reduced prices on select procedures outlined in the plan.

    While dental discount plans arent insurance, they could be a cheaper option for those who cant afford insurance and instead pay for all dental work out of pocket. Discount plans, like insurance, give customers a limited list of providers to choose from. Practitioners who participate in the dental discount plan have agreed to the reduced pricing structure associated with the card. These discount plans are not insurance, and payment for dental procedures is given directly to dentists.

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