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Install a Bath Grab Bar and Hand Shower in 1 Hour – Senior Safe Bathroom

As your loved ones begin to age, the need for safety measures rises. While some opt for solutions like nursing homes and assisted living facilities, others may not find those comfortable or practical. Senior home modifications like grab bars for showers, wheelchair ramps, and wider doorways can save the lives of disabled and elderly citizens. Handle With Care is dedicated to making your home as safe as possible by installing a range of different safety modifications.

What Are The Best Grab Bars For Elderly And Seniors Keeping Mom & Dad Safe At Home

Grab bars are an absolute must for seniors and elderly that choose to age in place. Due to declining health, loss of balance, and reduced strength, they are at the highest risk of slips and falls around the house, especially in the bathroom.

On a daily basis, we are contacted by seniors, care providers, concerned sons and daughters like you, who are seeking fall prevention methods around the home for their loved ones. Grab bars assist seniors to prolong their independence in their personal-care, while lowering the risk of a devastating lifestyle-altering fall. Installing grab bars by far is the most simple preventative improvement measure you can make. Its the quickest way to safeguard any home bathroom against slips and falls.

If you are installing grab bars for your elderly parent, be sure to install grab bars in and around the following locations of their home:

  • Grab Bars in Showers and Bathtubs
  • Grab Bars around Toilets
  • Grab Bars alongside Stairs & Steps
  • Grab Bars in Entryways & Halls
  • Grab Bars along Bedside
  • #1 Grab Bars in Showers and Bathtubs for Elderly & Seniors:

    â Did you know that 80% of falls over the age of 65 years old occur in and around the shower and bathtub due to slipping and tripping?

    How should you safety proof a bathroom for an elderly parent? Determining the best grab bars for seniors in and around showers and bathtubs should be your first priority when safety proofing a home for an elderly parent.

    One placed vertically:

    Two placed horizontally:

    The Center For Independence Of Individuals With Disabilities

    The Center for Independence of Individuals with Disabilities is a private, nonprofit corporation located in San Mateo, California. Through its Housing accessibility modifications program, CID installs ramps, handrails, grab bars, vertical lifts, and other modifications to make homes accessible. These modifications assist people with disabilities to remain at home or move back into their homes with greater independence, and not be forced into skilled nursing or other institutional care.

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    The Best Medical Alert Systems Of 2022

    • 1 month of service for free
    • Reliable fall detection
    • One free month and free shipping
    • No equipment or activation fees
    • Price lock guarantee and no contract

    Base stations have large enough range to cover rooms far away, but its possible to signal for help with the aforementioned wall buttons too. Still, the most notable feature is the fall detection pendant, which is capable of alerting monitoring agents while the wearer is lying unconscious.

    But again, we would like to stress that even the highly sensitive fall pendants can fail. Keeping all your eggs in one basket is a serious mistake that could put your beloved seniors life at risk. Thats why we recommend setting up as many anti-fall measures as possible.

    Grab Bar Installation Services

    Houston, TX Grab Bar Installation Services  RN  TX Senior Safety

    Texas Senior Safety is one of the most experienced grab bar & mobility equipment installation companies in Dallas, TX. Listed below are the most commonly requested grab bar installation options by our clients and patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

    • Residential Grab Bar Installation
    • Swing Up Grab Bar Installation
    • Medline Grab Bar Installation
    • Senior Citizen Grab Bar Installation
    • Handicap Grab Bar Installation
    • Special Needs Grab Bar Installation

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    Read Section 38312 Universal Washrooms Of The Obc Code

    These are the Ontario building code accessibility standards 2020. Read of the OBC Code, or read the relevant clauses listed below.

    • A universal washroom shall,
    • have grab bars conforming to,
    • Sentence, if the water closet is located in accordance with Clause, or
    • Sentence, if the water closet is located in accordance with Clause,
  • have a coat hook conforming to Clause and a shelf located not more than 1 200 mm above the finished floor,
  • be provided with a mirror,
  • installed above a lavatory described in Clause , and
  • mounted with its bottom edge not more than 1000 mm above the finished floor or inclined to the vertical to be usable by a person in a wheelchair,
  • Read this practical guide to barrier-free washrooms for a information on setting up a commercial washroom according to the OBC code.

    Grab Bars

    Summary of the OBC code with respect to grab bars:

    According to Division B, The location and placement of blocking for future installation of grab-bars has changed Continuous L-shaped bars are now required. Grab bars are now to be L-shaped and continuous, with the exception of the one located above the toilet tank. Diagonally installed bars are no longer allowed.

    The following was published by the city of Howick, ON but can be perused by any builder or bathroom renovation company for pictorial examples of how to install grab bars according to code.



    Faucets and other controls shall:

    View Faucet Installation Diagram

    Best Grab Bars For Seniors

    In a comedy movie, bathrooms are prime sources for slapstick humor with the protagonist accidentally slipping on the soap, only to land in the bathtub while the hairdryer is still in their hand. But what might be funny on the screen can be a painful nightmare in real life. The vision of falling in the bathroom haunts seniors who live on their own, because an accident could render them unable to call for help.

    Not to mention that the bones of an aging adult are frail and can break more easily. According to the National Institute of Aging, falls are the main cause of senior hospitalization, and most accidents happen in the bathroom. Luckily, there are several countermeasures that could safeguard the elderly residents well-being, and grab bars are the most notable ones.

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    Buy Grab Bars For The Shower At Mobility Plus

    Mobility Plus offers a full range of ADA-compliant shower grab bars, bathtub grab bars, and toilet grab bars at our showroom near Denver, Colorado. Our experts will help you find the right grab bars for your specific needs.

    To make your shower safer today, schedule an appointment with us online, call us at 303-993-3010, or visit our Wheat Ridge showroom between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday or 8 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. The experts at Mobility Plus are ready to assist.

    Reliability Accountability And Affordability

    How to Install a Safety Grab Bar with the World’s Strongest Fastener

    Ken Elkins, a licensed RN & founder of Texas Senior Safety, will tailor a needs-specific accessibility solution for you or your loved one. We able to make small upgrades and also have available a full-house safety & mobility grab-bar package. After our job is complete, the patient will enjoy an improved sense of independence in the home as a result of safety measures such as grab bars and handrails being installed in ideal locations.

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    Elderly Bathroom Safety Upgrades: What To Expect

    Remodeling a bathroom takes time, effort and money, but its a great investment for people planning to age in place. Before you start, think about the needs of the user and what changes will be most effective. Some seniors will feel comfortable with a few minor upgrades, while others will require a thorough renovation.

    A big renovation isnt always necessary to decrease fall risk, which is good news to many who cant afford it . The most important areas to remodel depend on a persons specific needs. Its always important to get the users input to understand the issues and how to solve them.

    Nicole Hernandez |

    If a complete senior bathroom makeover is necessary, you may want to consider hiring a professional. While it may cost more, home remodelers will take the labor off your hands and help with accessibility details. If you are completing a full revamp, consider renting a dumpster to dispose of everything at once.

    Need some ideas on making bathrooms safer for the elderly? Here are our top suggestions.

    Grab Bars: An Effective Solution For Fall Prevention

    If youre concerned about the well-being of a loved one or would like to implement fall prevention measures in your home, were ready to help.

    Mounted grab bars in hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, entry and exit of the home, are an ideal and cost-effective solution for making a home comfortable and safe for the elderly and disabled.

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    Multiple Sclerosis Association Of America

    Individuals with MS can experience difficulty with balance, coordination, fine motor skills, and mobility. The MSAA Equipment Distribution Program offers products designed to improve safety, mobility, and activities of daily living, along with exercise/wellness opportunities. MSAA provides these products at no charge to individuals with MS who qualify for assistance, and items are shipped directly to the client. Products distributed through the program range from grab bars, shower chairs, and walkers to wide-grip utensil sets and yoga mats.

    Senior Fall Prevention Grab Bars Available For Free Installation

    Tips for Making a Home Safe for Seniors

    Did you know that if you are financially or physically unable to do it yourself, you can have a falls prevention grab bar installed in your home or a loved ones home free of charge?

    WhidbeyHealth EMS has teamed up with the Home Emergency Action Repair Team of both South Whidbey and Central Whidbey Hearts and Hammers to provide professional installation of these grab bars. The grab bars are funded by the WhidbeyHealth Foundation.

    HEART is a branch of the nonprofit organization, Hearts & Hammers, a group of local volunteers on South Whidbey and Central Whidbey, who repair and rehabilitate the homes of those who are physically or financially unable to do the work alone. The usual workday each year is the first Saturday in May.

    However, the HEART team works year-round if a homeowner needs an emergency repair. This allows for members of our island community to maintain their independence and live the life they choose by staying in their homes safely.

    The free grab bar installation is a response to the prevalence of falls in those 65 years of age or older, says WhidbeyHealth Paramedic Robert May, a Washington State Department of Health certified SAIL Coordinator. .

    Senior falls account for 15 percent of all calls to 911 here on Whidbey Island. Senior falls are not an inevitable part of aging and are absolutely preventable. Grabs bars placed and used in bathrooms will reduce these falls, May says.

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    When A Fall Occurs

    Bear in mind that setting up an expensive grab bar wont prevent falls entirely. The specter of falling haunts the whole bathroom, not just the tub. Other preventive measures include non-slip mats, shower stools and wall-mounted help buttons for those elderly residents that have subscribed to a medical alert system. We recommend installing a series of lights in the hallway as well, so that seniors wont trip during the night.

    Medical alert systems are also designed to protect against bathroom hazards in more than one way. The help button is waterproof, therefore the pendant or wristwatch can be worn in the shower or bath.

    Straight Wall Mount Bars

    These types of grab bars are the ones that you most often see in bathrooms in homes and also public bathrooms. They are easily mounted to the wall and come in a number of different sizes and colors. The ones that are most common are polished stainless steel and satin stainless steel.

    A straight grab bar is perfect for beside a toilet, and inside of a bathtub or shower. They can also be added near an entrance that has a large step to provide another an “extra hand” when going up or down the step. These types of bars can be installed horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally. Below are some pros and cons of each direction:

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    Ontario Building Code Compliance For Commercial Washrooms

    The province of Ontario has a set of building regulations that are meant to increase the safety of existing buildings and new development builds.

    The building code is a legislative framework that governs the construction and renovation of a building in the Province of Ontario.

    The Ontario Building Code is a regulation under the Building Code Act that establishes specific technical and administrative requirements that must be followed when building new buildings or renovating existing ones.

    The building code requirements apply to various types of building or construction including applying upgrades to a commercial bathroom.

    The Building Code also defines the accessibility requirements for the majority of new construction projects and/or long-term building/office renovations.

    The requirements apply to:

    • barrier-free access paths of travel
    • fire safety devices
    • access to pools and saunas
    • seating in public spaces

    Existing buildings do not fall under these regulations unless the undergoing a long-term renovation or remodel.

    How Much Do Grab Bars Cost

    How To Install Bathroom Grab Bars

    A single grab bar can cost anywhere from a little over $10 to over $150. As with anything else, it all depends on the brand and the quality. As long as you buy from a reputable retailer, theres no reason you shouldnt opt for a cheaper option. However, if youre overweight and believe that the bar will be placed under a lot of strain and stress, you may want to look at some of the more expensive options.

    With regards to installation, this is something you can do yourself or with help from friends or family. You dont need to pay professional installers, as the process is very straightforward and only requires a few basic tools.

    If a professional installs them, they may charge a couple hundred dollars, depending on how many bars youre fitting and where youre fitting them. If you hire a professional, make sure you work with a company that is reputable and comes recommended.

    Companies that specialize in mobility installations may try to sell you additional bars, rails, and other safety features. In such cases, remember that you are under no obligation to buy and are within your rights to compare their services/products and get quotes from elsewhere.

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    Driving Options And Related Costs:

    When it comes to costs of transportation, and ensuring proper vehicle insurance is in place, there are a few important notes to consider. Caregivers can accompany clients on outings and appointments in 3 different ways:

    1. Accompanying the client in a taxi or other third-party transportation company.

    • When a caregiver accompanies a client in a taxi, the client will pay the normal cost for the caregivers time.
    • The client also pays for the cost of the taxi.
    • If arranged in advance, the Affinity Health caregiver can pay for the taxi, and the cost can be added to the clients regular invoice. There is no upcharge on the taxi cost from Affinity Health.

    2. Driving the Client in the Caregivers Vehicle

    • Many of our caregivers have a vehicle that they use to get to and from work. Just because a caregiver has a vehicle, does not mean they have the proper insurance to drive a client as a passenger.
    • If a client would like to have a Affinity Health caregiver drive them to and from appointments in the caregivers vehicle, Affinity Health will ensure the proper insurance is in place before booking the shift for an outing.
    • When caregivers use their own vehicle to drive a client, the client will pay the normal hourly rate for the caregiver, as well as a modest per-kilometer charge to cover gas and wear-and-tear on the vehicle.
    • Affinity Health has a special waiver form that must be signed once in advance of taking this service.

    3. Driving the Client in the Clients Vehicle

    Affordable Grab Bar Installation For Seniors

    One in four adults over the age of 65 fall each year in the United States. That adds up to 36 million falls, and, according to the CDC, those falls result in over 32,000 deaths per year. Those are pretty staggering numbers, and they will continue to rise as more boomers age past 65 years old. If you, or your parents, grandparents, or any loved ones you know are at an age where mobility issues can arise, you should know that APA Medical offers affordable grab bar installation for seniors and anyone else who would like a safer living environment.

    In addition to the number of falls and deaths caused by falls, the CDC also lists the following facts about older adult falls.

    • Every year, about 3 million older adults are treated in emergency departments for injuries caused by a fall
    • One out of every five falls causes an injury, such as broken bones or a head injury
    • Each year at least 300,000 older people are hospitalized for hip fractures
    • More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by fallingusually by falling sideways
    • Women fall more often than men, and account for three quarters of all hip fractures

    If all those statistics make you worry about yourself, or loved ones, they should. You should also know that many of those falls are preventable. Grab bar installation for seniors is not only affordable but can go a long way toward helping to prevent falls in the home.

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