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Guide To Senior Apartments In 2022

Haley Park Apartments offer new affordable housing for senior citizens, veterans

Senior apartments are an affordable option for older adults who want access to independent living, basic amenities, and a supportive network of neighbors. Most of these communities have an age minimum for residents, and they feature basic amenities such as laundry facilities, courtyards, clubhouses, pools, and other shared spaces. Some senior apartment complexes also provide maintenance and housekeeping services along with 24/7 emergency assistance.

In this guide, Ill discuss why senior apartments may be a cost-effective choice and cover some of the benefits of living with other seniors as opposed to alone.

Pro Tip: If youre looking for more affordable independent living options, read our guide to senior housing alternatives.

Apartment For Rent For Seniors

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    Senior Affordable Rental Apartments Program

    HPD’s Senior Affordable Rental Apartments Program provides gap financing in the form of low interest loans to support the construction and renovation of affordable housing for seniors, 62+ years in age, with low incomes. Projects developed with SARA funding must also set aside 30% of units for homeless seniors referred by a City or State agency, typically the New York City Department of Homeless Services. SARA loans carry a minimum 30 year term and may be up to $75,000 per unit.

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    Senior Apartment Care Options

    Assisted Living &  Senior Citizen Apartments

    Senior apartments are typically for individuals who need a low level of care. These apartments do not offer medical care, housekeeping, food preparation, or senior activities. Some senior apartments offer the bare minimum in additional services, but this is not the norm. There are two other types of senior living apartments that offer more amenities and services for older adults.

    For older adults who need more services, such as assistance with laundry or personal transportation, there are independent living senior apartments. These apartments are for older adults who are still active and independent, but need some extra care. Older adults who need medical care on a regular basis, help getting dressed, or assistance with eating should check with assisted living senior apartments. Keep in mind, an assisted living community does not provide around-the-clock care of nurses or other staff. However, with this type of senior living, staff members are available 24/7 for assistance.

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    + / 62+ Senior Apartments

    Senior apartments are age qualified apartment communities geared toward senior living. Senior apartment communities are often categorized for 55+ or 62+. Senior apartments are multi-unit housing structures with each senior having their own self-contained unit to live in. Senior apartments vary in size ranging from just a few units to several hundred. Also called senior housing.

    Accommodations and amenities vary greatly from basic to luxury units. Some senior apartment for rent offer transportation, meals, activities and in-home support at an added cost while other apartment communities offer no such care. As with non-senior apartment communities, grounds keeping and maintenance are included. Seniors pay rent in exchange for living in the apartment and can choose from short or long term rental contracts based upon their needs.

    Senior apartments are an excellent senior housing option for active seniors who are mentally and physically healthy enough to be completely independent, but desire to live amongst their peers. Many senior apartment complexes have a clubhouse geared towards senior activities and socializing.

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    Senior Apartments Near Me

    • Senior Apartments Near Me | Senior Living Apartments 55 and Older

    Many senior citizens are asking one simple question: how do I find senior apartments near me? Locate senior housing through our senior living apartments locator! It used to be the case that older people were either cared for at their homes or went to nursing homes, but with advances in medicine people are living longer and are healthier. There is a vast array of affordable senior apartments for rent and many are finding that local senior living apartments suit their changing lifestyle. The senior citizen generation is the fastest growing percentage of the American population. Housing developments take this demographic very seriously. Seniors need a place to live that meets their wants and needs and it no longer means going to a nursing home.

    Many seniors are very healthy and very mobile. Yet, they do not want the burden of home maintenance and repair. They have spent most of their life working and/or raising a family and now they want to have time to relax and enjoy their time. 55 and older senior apartments are a great answer to this scenario.

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    Are Senior Apartments Right For Me

    Some people live in apartments all their lives and some have never been in an apartment at all. Living in an apartment can be a change in lifestyle. Living in a senior living apartment might mean a greater change in lifestyle.

    If youve never lived in an apartment, looking for a senior retirement apartment near you might seem confining. An individual apartment might seem much smaller than a former house. Downsizing can be liberating, but it might take time getting used to.

    There are more people around in a senior apartment. This is good if you want to be social and increase social interaction. It might seem invasive if you like your privacy. Its important to gauge how you will respond to the environment of a senior community.

    When there are a lot of people, there will be rules. A senior living apartment complex offering senior apartments for rent will have rules to keep the peace. You probably wont have to call to complain about a wild party in the apartment next door, but there will be guidelines in place to ensure that things run in an orderly fashion. Managements goal should be to make it a peaceful environment for all older adult residents. That might mean you must change a habit.

    Buying A Senior Apartment

    Senior apartment residents upset after notified of rent increase

    Apartments are generally rented, rather than purchased outright since these are in multi-family buildings and there isn’t the ability to sell units to anyone other than older adults. If you want to purchase a senior apartment, then you want to look into continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs. These are communities that older adults purchase into, either in the form of condominiums, apartments, or single-family houses. When you purchase into a CCRC you are buying into a multi-faceted network of senior living options.

    This typically includes the option to live in senior apartments, active senior housing, independent living units, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice care centers. Every type of housing you might utilize as a senior is available to you in most CCRCs. This allows you to transition to different types of senior living without having to pay more money for housing or senior care services throughout your retirement years.

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    Low Income Senior Apartments For Rent

    For a lot of people, retirement is the ultimate goal. The younger generation coming out of school and into their first career might have to work upwards of 40 years to reach this point. There are a number of resources for seniors who want retire the old fashioned way, but for those on the low income side, there are not many resources available.

    Enter low income senior apartments for rent. These places are designed for people who are looking for an apartment that is less expensive but still provides the same amenities as a larger, more expensive place. These apartments can be a godsend for those who have been living on a limited income and have no other way of finding an affordable place to live.

    Moving into an apartment with reasonable rent can make the difference between quality of life and just getting by. A person with a limited income has to make wise choices when it comes to spending money. Larger homes, nice clothes, brand name items and multiple cars just arent in the cards for someone who relies on a fixed income.

    Low income senior apartments for rent can be a lifesaver for those seniors who are struggling in todays economy. They offer a place to live where everything starts off affordable, but includes the same amenities that larger apartments offer, meaning you dont need to sacrifice any quality of life just because youre on a limited income.


    New Windsor Senior Housing

    New Windsor Senior Housing offers a comfortable yet stylish lifestyle right in the heart of the community. With a wide range of amenities and an efficient floor plan, each airy one-bedroom apartment provides the perfect solution for comfortable senior living.

    New Windsor

    With a history richly steeped in the Revolutionary War, opens in a new windowNew Windsor today offers a solid mix of cultural amenities, historical sites and modern comforts. Home to opens in a new windowStewart International Airport and close to opens in a new windowSt. Lukes Hospital, New Windsor residents enjoy abundant local shopping options, attractions like opens in a new windowStorm King Art Center and the opens in a new windowNew Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, the popular opens in a new windowMarasco Center for Seniors and a great many transportation, dining and recreation opportunities.

    New Windsor Senior Housing

    New Windsor Senior Housing is conveniently located close to excellent dining and two major shopping centers, as well as medical walk in, physician, and dental health care services. A stones throw away is Rite Aid which carries items often needed on a daily basis like milk, bread and butter. Without crossing a street, residents can enjoy fast food, restaurants, hair salon, nails and spa, all within walking distance.

    • Applicants with mobility impairments
    • Applicants with visual/hearing impairments

    2115 Senior Ct New Windsor, NY 12553

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    How Much Do Senior Apartments Cost

    The cost of senior apartments varies greatly depending on your location and the type of amenities youre looking for. The number of senior renters is growing nationwide, and senior renters are projected to reach 31 percent of the rental population by 2035.

    The average cost of senior apartments ranges from $800 to $6,000 for luxury apartments in some states. Ive compiled approximate prices for market-rate senior apartments below, but prices will vary.

    • California: $1,300+ per month
    • Florida: $400+ per month

    Renting A Senior Apartment

    Fort Lincoln Senior Citizen

    The majority of apartment residents rent from an apartment manager. In addition, most senior living apartments are income-based according to government guidelines. These are considered affordable living apartments for older adults or low-income housing. To meet these income requirements, you must earn below an income guideline. Also, you cannot have assets in your name that could be considered income and will increase your overall income level.

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    Affordable Senior Apartments With Utilities Included

    Many senior citizens are struggling with paying rent, and with the price of housing continuing to rise, many citizens are living in poverty. Affordable senior apartments are a solution to help aged citizens who are struggling with their finances. Seniors are often looked to as the backbone of society. There is an increasing need for flats for these elders. Low income senior apartments 55 consists of flats or homes that are affordable to aged people and their families who are in a difficult financial situation.

    Can Children And Spouses Live In Senior Apartments

    In some cases, children and spouses can live in senior apartments. Usually, one member of the household must meet the minimum age requirement so younger members can reside in the same apartment. The Fair Housing Act provides exemptions from liability or familial status discrimination for older adults with family members who are younger than 18. The Housing for Older Persons exemptions apply when a senior facility is designed to assist elderly persons.

    For a facility to qualify for a housing exemption for older persons, it needs to meet specific requirements. One of the requirements is that at least 80 percent of its units have at least one occupant who is 55 or over.

    If you have a child or younger spouse who would live with you in a senior apartment, confirm with the property manager that its allowed.

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    Types Of Senior Apartments

    There are generally three pricing categories of senior living apartmentsaffordable, market rate, and luxury though you may not find all three in every market.

    • The definition of affordable senior living apartments changes from community to community because of the local cost of living. In general, affordable means that a renter pays no more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities. A combination of federal, state, and local laws provide other determining factors as well as provide funding. Qualified residents can receive vouchers that enable them to rent in certain senior living apartment communities.
    • senior living apartments are offered at competitive rates, which are usually about 15 percent below regular apartment rates. These complexes typically offer senior-related amenities such as community dining, housekeeping and transportation.
    • Luxury senior living apartments for many older adults may be their second home and are often located in cities close to cultural activities. They are larger, up to 2,000 square feet, and provide dozens of upscale amenities for their residents.

    How Do I Find Senior Apartments Near Me

    Seniors struggle to afford rent

    If you want to live in senior apartments that are not based on income guidelines, you will need to check with privately-owned apartments and senior living facilities. Contact CCRCs, assisted living facilities, independent living centers, and active senior housing managers near you. From there you can determine exactly what type of senior apartment will be best suited for your lifestyle and expectations.

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    How To Choose A 55 And Older Senior Apartment

    A home is still a home, regardless of the type. You must find one that you like, that meets your needs, that is located close to you, and that you can afford. There are some questions you can ask when looking for senior apartments near you:

    • What is available?
    • Are there senior apartments near me?
    • Are you sure you want a senior apartment, or are you looking for assisted living nearby?
    • What is the cost?
    • What is included in that cost or what services are available to add to meet your needs?
    • Will that work for you?
    • Is the location convenient? Is it close to things that you need? Low crime?
    • Are there like people nearby is the apartment part of a large senior community?
    • Is it a good environment that you will enjoy?
    • Is it safe? Is it well kept with low risks of injury and properly equipped for senior citizens?
    • Would you be paying for services that arent needed?

    What Are Senior Living Apartments

    Senior living apartments in your area might also be advertised as senior citizen apartments, 55 and older communities, low income housing for 55 and older or senior retirement apartments. They can be independent buildings or part of a senior living community, as in 55 Plus communities, independent senior living communities, or age-restricted communities. Unlike assisted living and nursing homes, senior apartments generally do not include any care options, unless part of a larger community that offers multiple senior living lifestyles. Senior citizen apartments can come in the form of studio, one bedroom, two-bedroom apartments and even shared apartments.

    55 and over senior citizen apartments and 55 plus communities are designed with the senior in mind. They often resemble a resort in layout. There is usually a community of homes, either freestanding condos, mobile homes or apartment style. There is usually a central clubhouse or common area for use by the residents.

    The homes or senior living apartments within this type of age-restricted community are designed to be low maintenance and address the daily living concerns of seniors. There are usually walk in showers, single story buildings to avoid stairs, and wide entryways to allow for wheelchairs and walkers.

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    Who Should Consider Senior Apartments

    Senior apartments are ideal for people who want to downsize and relinquish the maintenance tasks of living in a house. They offer the freedom to travel without worrying about whats going to happen to your apartment while youre gone. Depending on the number of amenities and maintenance services your complex provides, you wont have to deal with major upkeep costs.

    Most senior communities are exclusive to people over the age of 55, but the age minimum is 62 in some states.

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