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Independent Living At A Senior Living Retirement Community

Choosing to Live in a Seniors Nursing Home

At some point, each of us will need to change our living arrangement. As a single senior, youll actually have more flexibility in making decisions for this new lifestyle than many couples do. But the common thread is that no one wants to sacrifice their freedom, and everyone hopes to maintain independence. Retirement communities like Healthpeak South Port Square enable seniors to live independently for longer. They offer services and amenities specifically designed for this. They also provide a continuum of carethat starts with independent senior living and continues through the increasing levels of health care services a person may need over time. And residents of senior living communities in the United States and the U.K. generally report that they are more active, experience less loneliness, have greater security, and just enjoy life more once they move in.

Simple Touches Make A Difference

Once a geriatric care manager puts a basic plan in place, other support organizations can offer additional help. Sometimes a few home modifications are all it takes to allow older people to stay where they are. Improvements such as ramps, grab bars, improved lighting, and special, easy-to-use door and faucet handles are among the easiest changes, but widening hallways and doors or lowering kitchen counters can also help. The AARP publishes a room-by-room checklist with tips for making a home safer other publications are available from the National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification.

For the challenges of daily living, such as housekeeping, errand-running, cooking, and even companionship, companies such as Home Instead have appeared in many cities and towns. For medical care, nurses and aides from a variety of agencies make house calls or stay around the clock if needed.

Loneliness is another problem. A visit to the local senior center, an outing with a companion to a movie, or a chat with a visitor or neighbor may be all that’s needed to solve the problem, but an elderly person living alone may need encouragement and help in making these plans. When seniors can no longer drive, trips to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, or visits with friends can become a challenge. Caretakers or transport services can fill the gap.

Make Your Medical And Financial Wishes Known

As a single senior, who will speak for you if you can no longer speak for yourself? How do you wish to be cared for, and how do you want your finances managed? Its important to document your preferences and to find reliable financial and health proxies to speak on your behalf. Start by consulting an elder law attorney to establish your will, advance medical directives and other documentation. You can also gather, document and secure as much relevant personal information as you can passports, property titles, credit report, account numbers, passwords and the like.

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Security Convenience And Caring

I learned about Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs when two of my neighbors moved there. Another friend and I frequently drove from our home in Kerrville to visit and play bridge with them. I don’t think we ever left that one of us didn’t say ” I’d like to live here someday.” When I realized that “someday” was fast approaching I started visiting retirement communities in several places, including my former home in Colorado where I still had close friends. None of them were as attractive physically as Morningside and none offered as much in the way of programs and services. I chose Morningside for three basic reasons: security, convenience and the sense of a caring community. I have the security of knowing that I will always be cared for, the convenience of having all my needs met in one place and the joy of living in a community where everyone, residents and staff, are considered as family.

Resources To Help You Age In Place

How To Choose an Assisted Living Facility

Here are some resources to start with:Reach out to people you know. Family, friends, and neighbors are the biggest source of help for many older people. Talk with those close to you about the best way to get what you need. If you are physically able, think about trading services with a friend or neighbor. One could do the grocery shopping, and the other could cook dinner, for example.

Learn about community and local government resources. Learn about the services in your community. Health care providers and social workers may have suggestions. The local Area Agency on Aging, local and state offices on aging or social services, and your tribal organization may have lists of services. If you belong to a religious group, talk with the clergy, or check with its local office about any senior services they offer.

Talk to geriatric care managers. These specially trained professionals can help find resources to make your daily life easier. They will work with you to form a long-term care plan and find the services you need. Geriatric care managers can be helpful when family members live far apart. Learn more about geriatric care managers.

Look into Federal Government sources. The federal government offers many resources for seniors., from the Administration for Community Living, is a good place to start.

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Home Care Features And Benefits

While millions of older Americans remain at home for life, even the most robust usually need some help as they age. Physical restrictions can make it challenging to clean their homes, run errands, or even manage personal care. Professional at-home caregivers can help by providing assistance tailored to each clients needs.

In-home care allows seniors to remain in a comfortable, familiar environment and choose their schedules. Many have their homes remodeled to add safety features like grab bars, walk-in showers, and stairlifts. Families who live at a distance from older relatives can arrange for caregivers to visit regularly to evaluate seniors health and ability to care for themselves.

In-home care can be the most affordable option for those who need minimal help but it can get expensive if they require 24-7 care. Remaining at home can also become a lonely experience that restricts seniors social activities, according to U.S. News Health. If the elderly begin to suffer from cognitive decline, remaining at home may not be safe.

Putting Together A Plan

As a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, Miles specializes in helping seniors live independently for as long as possible in their own homes — which, according to the American Association of Retired Persons , is what 85% of them want to do. Care managers can assess what’s needed, arrange for services, help with legal, financial, and insurance issues, coordinate various government, private, and community services, offer counseling, and act as a liaison for distant families.

A typical new client call comes from a son or daughter, Miles says. “Last year a daughter in Michigan found me through the national association’s web site and called about her mother living alone in the Albuquerque home where she’d been for 45 years. The children had noticed that their mother was forgetful and not keeping up with the bills. They worried that she wasn’t taking her medications. She had a little dog for company and didn’t want to move out of her home.

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Assisted Living Benefits And Features

Communities that offer assisted living in Kyle, TX, provide housing and memory care services for active seniors who cant live independently. This type of care combines housing, support services, and health care if needed.

Per the National Institute on Aging, assisted living communities provide help with activities like bathing, dressing, and eating but dont typically offer ongoing skilled nursing care. Residents are generally offered medication management, housekeeping, meal services, social activities, and assistance with activities of daily living If seniors eventually require more care or want to change their living arrangements, they are free to leave.

Seniors living in a community setting have a chance to make friends and share activities with like-minded others. Even if their social lives are restricted, residents are never isolated or lonely because staff members interact with them constantly.

Homes and communities are designed for safety and accessibility. They include transportation, gyms, and game rooms. Many have movie theaters. Living in a community setting also offers access to 24-7 care while allowing residents to be as independent as they are able.

How To Plan Ahead To Age In Place

SENIOR CARE MOMENT: Choosing An Assisted Living Community

Planning ahead is hard because you never know how your needs might change. The first step is to think about the kinds of help you might want in the near future. Maybe you live alone, so there is no one living in your home who is available to help you. Maybe you don’t need help right now, but you live with a spouse or family member who does. Everyone has a different situation.

One way to begin planning is to look at any illnesses, like diabetes or emphysema, that you or your spouse might have. Talk with your doctor about how these health problems could make it hard for someone to get around or take care of him- or herself in the future. If you’re a caregiver for an older adult, learn how you can get them the support they need to stay in their own home.

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Rightsize To Suit The Scale Of Your Life Today

Nothing will weigh you down and impede forward progress more than attachments and responsibilities that no longer deliver the value they once did. Look for ways to reduce the volume of your possessions as well as the maintenance required to keep a home. Dont let where you live claim all your time and energy. And consider the long-term viability of whatever type of living option you choose. Stairs, for example, may become an insurmountable impediment at some point in the future. Home sharing with other single seniors may provide strength in numbers and help with expenses, but on the other hand, roommates might not be for you. Is it possible to find housing in a walkable neighborhood? This may open up your daily life and help protect you from isolation.

At Ashiana Senior Living

Ashiana Senior Living prepares you to rely less on others with its plenty of offerings, amenities, care services, remodelled homes, smarter architecture, and much more. As most of your requirements are already taken care of, youre ready to live independently and carefree.

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Independence Yes Isolation No

Theres a big difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Personal solitude to reflect, regroup, move at your own pace, and generally pilot your own ship is important especially for the introverts among us. But not having people in your life is not good for anyone, particularly as we grow older. We all need to find ways to avoid emotional loneliness, stay social, and cultivate a support network of reliable, caring people. Helping others and being helped by them is good for the soul. But you need to realize that this work starts now. If your social connections have gone dark, make an effort to shed light on them. Reach out to friends you havent spoken with recently. Take a class or workshop in a subject that interests you its a great way to meet like-minded people. Volunteer your time to something that matters to you. Be open to invitations and extend invitations yourself.

What Support Can Help Me Age At Home

Independent Living for Seniors: Choosing a Retirement Home or ...

You can get almost any type of help you want in your home often for a cost. You can get more information on many of the services listed here from your local Area Agency on Aging, local and state offices on aging or social services, tribal organization, or nearby senior center.

Personal care. Is bathing, washing your hair, or dressing getting harder to do? Maybe a relative or friend could help. Or, you could hire a trained aide for a short time each day.

Household chores. Do you need help with chores like housecleaning, yard work, grocery shopping, or laundry? Some grocery stores and drug stores will take your order over the phone and bring the items to your home. There are cleaning and yard services you can hire, or maybe someone you know has a housekeeper or gardener to suggest. Some housekeepers will help with laundry. Some drycleaners will pick up and deliver your clothes.

Meals. Worried that you might not be eating nutritious meals or tired of eating alone? Sometimes you could share cooking with a friend or have a potluck dinner with a group of friends. Find out if meals are served at a nearby senior center or house of worship. Eating out may give you a chance to visit with others. Is it hard for you to get out? Ask someone to bring you a healthy meal a few times a week. Meal delivery programs bring hot meals into your home some of these programs are free or low-cost.

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How Much Will It Cost To Age In Place

An important part of planning is thinking about how you are going to pay for the help you need. Some things you want may cost a lot. Others may be free. Some might be covered by Medicare or other health insurance. Some may not. Check with your insurance provider. It’s possible that paying for a few services out of pocket could cost less than moving into an independent living, assisted living, or long-term care facility. And you will have your wish of still living on your own. Resources like and BenefitsCheckUp® can help you find out about possible benefits you might qualify for.

Are you eligible for benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ? The VA sometimes provides medical care in your home. In some areas, they offer homemaker/ home health aide services, adult day health care, and hospice. To learn more, visit, call the VA Health Care Benefits number, 877-222-8387 or contact the VA medical center nearest you.

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Reasons To Choose An Independent Living Community In Dallas Over Staying At Home

Are you or a loved one thinking about moving to a senior independent living community? Some seniors are hesitant to move out of their current home and into an independent living apartment. They fear losing some of their freedom. Or maybe they think they arent old enough yet for the move. However, they may not know all that a senior living community has to offer.

Most adults want to stay active well into their golden years. And independent living is specifically designed to support that wish. These senior living communities not only remove the burden of some daily tasks. They also add in chances for new adventures and the chance to be social. Here are a few reasons why seniors find independent living communities are the best choice for them.

Seniors Have A Right To Choose Where They Want To Live

Erickson Senior Living: Why Choose A Continuing Care Retirement Community?

As long as an older person is able to understand the risks of living alone and accept those consequences, they should be allowed to exercise their autonomy and decide for themselves, says Dr Tan. Photo:

Don’t you dare send me to a retirement home, CK Ngs 75-year-old father said to him.

But as an only child and someone who works long hours, even on weekends, Ng wasnt able to properly care for his father who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.

I initially hired a full-time nursing aide to look after him. But the cost was exorbitant, says the 45-year-old factory manager who is married to a schoolteacher, and has three children aged 14, 11 and eight.

Ngs 38-year-old wife even considered staying home to look after their children and her father-in-law, but in her condition , it was difficult. Also, it was not viable for a family of six, with one more on the way, to survive on just one persons income.

Ng explored other options such as having a live-in maid, but none of the ones he hired lasted for more than a few months.

I tried getting a full-time maid to look after him, but as my dad grew more irritable and reclusive, he would often lose his temper and scold or yell at the maid for no reason, and sometimes even threw things at her, he laments.

After exploring all the available options, Ng finally decided to send his father to a private nursing home.

Ethical issue

Different types of homes

Risks and consequences

Restorative and rehabilitative care

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