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Medicare Advantage Dental Benefits In Baltimore

Dental Plans For Seniors | Medicare Dental Plans

Finding affordable healthcare coverage including dental benefits in Baltimore can be challenging for many seniors. Adults over 65 often require dental services to improve their overall health, but theyre also the segment of the population with the least access to affordable dentistry. Once seniors leave the workforce and lose employer-based coverage, they often lose their dental insurance as well. Today, nearly two-thirds of seniors have no dental benefits, and with 10,000 people reaching age 65 daily, this number is likely to increase.

Despite the rising number of uninsured seniors, overall spending on dental services is still rising. In 2016, seniors spent over $28 billion on dental services, and they represent the highest growth rate in dentistry spending across all age groups. According to the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute, 6 million more seniors visited their dentist than in 2006. However, seniors are still facing challenges when it comes to seeing a dentist nearly half of all seniors on Medicare did not see a dentist in the past year. Those who did see the dentist about 19% spent $1,000 themselves. The list below outlines some of the typical costs of dental procedures:

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What Is Medicare Advantage

Completely optional and provided through a private company, Medicare Advantage plans supplement your existing Medicare coverage and offer expanded benefits. Enrollees will be able to select healthcare providers through a larger network, and theyll also receive some price protection through low premiums, cost-sharing measures, and out-of-pocket maximums. Unlike traditional Medicare where the government reimburses healthcare expenses, Medicare Advantage purchases are reimbursed by the insurance provider. Popular Advantage supplement providers include Humana, UHC, and Aetna.

These plans often provide benefits for vision and medication as well. Advantage plan participants receive an ID card similar to those provided with insurance programs. Theyre also quite affordable the average cost of a Advantage plan in 2018 was approximately $420 annually. Its important to note that most dental benefits included with Advantage plans are limited to cleanings, dental exams, and other diagnostic services. More complicated treatment like surgeries and restorations may not be covered a comprehensive standalone plan may be a smarter choice if your dental health problems are extensive.

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Private Dental Insurance For Seniors

A standalone dental policy for people 65 and older is typically $20 to $50 a month, according to AARP. You can expect an annual deductible of $50 to $100 with these policies.

Dental insurance plans usually cover checkups and cleanings 100% but you will probably owe 20% to 50% for other services, such as tooth extractions or dentures.

The devil is in the details with private dental plans: Its important to shop around and carefully compare benefits to make sure youre getting the best deal.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind about private dental insurance plans:

  • You cant enroll in a dental plan through the federal ACA Marketplace if youre already enrolled in Medicare.
  • Private dental policies usually dont charge higher monthly premiums if youre over 65 or in poor health.
  • An insurance company may require you to undergo a waiting period before you can get expensive procedures.
  • Some plans wont cover pre-existing dental conditions you had before enrolling in coverage.
  • You may be restricted to an in-network dentist, so check to see if your dentist is on the list.

Cigna Best Overall Dental Benefits For Seniors

Medicare dental insurance coverage

Cigna is one of the top dental insurance companies, as their dental plans provide the best overall dental benefits for seniors.

Dental plans from Cigna offer coverage for beneficiaries across the United States. Not only do these plans cover dental, but they also provide coverage for hearing and vision benefits within the same plan. Coverage options range from $1,000-$5,000 in annual benefits.

You do not have to enroll in Medicare to enroll in a Cigna dental plan. Enrollment eligibility is open to anyone age 18 to 89. However, Cigna dental plans are ideal for those on Medicare as benefits are specific to their needs. Additionally, Cignas waiting period is waived if you have prior dental coverage.

The biggest benefit to a Cigna dental plan is the option for 100% preventive dental service coverage with no waiting period. Major dental services, such as oral surgery, require a 12-month waiting period and will be covered at 60% from year two and beyond.

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What Do Medicare Advantage Dental Benefits Cover

Medicare Advantage plans with dental coverage generally have preventive coverage and comprehensive coverage. Preventive coverage refers to general dental checkups every six months and includes dental exams, X-rays, and cleanings. Comprehensive coverage includes restorative crowns, fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, prosthodontics , and some oral surgeries.

Bonus: Learn more about affordable dental care for seniors for other dental options outside of Medicare.

Some Medicare Advantage plans with dental benefits combine preventive and comprehensive services in their plans max coverage amount. Other plans have no maximum amount for preventive coverage and a plan limit for comprehensive coverage. Medicare Advantage plans with dental coverage may be comparable to dental coverage under the employer plans you may be used to.

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Medicare Advantage Dental Benefits In Virginia

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of seniors have no dental benefits in Virginia? Lack of affordable dental care has been a longstanding problem for Americans over 65, who often dont have employer-based medical insurance. Dental services are essential for seniors as they age since they are at risk for multiple dental health problems, yet theyre often the segment of the population without access to affordable care. With 10,000 people reaching age 65 each day, the number of seniors without dental coverage likely will increase.

While millions of seniors lack dental insurance, dental spending among this demographic is on the rise. Last year, over $28 billion was spent on dental services for seniors and adults over 65 represent the highest growth rate in dental spending across all segments. The American Dental Association Health Policy Institute reported that in 2016, 6 million more seniors visited the dentist than in the previous decade.

Despite the fact that more seniors are visiting the dentist overall, those on Medicare are still lacking in dental benefits. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that more than half of recipients didnt see a dentist in 2016, and of those who did, 19% spent at least $1,000 out of pocket. The list below reveals some of the typical prices of dental procedures:

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Veneer. $900 $2,000. To learn more about the potential cost of other dental procedures, please check out our Dental Care Cost Estimator . To see a list of plans that we offer, please visit the individual dental insurance plan page. *Based on internal data between Dec 2018 and May 2019. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four seniors have lost all of their teeth. Seniors susceptible to: Dry mouth. Root decay. Gum disease. Uneven jawbone caused by tooth loss. Denture-induced tissue inflammation. Overgrowth of fungus in the mouth, known as thrush. Attrition (loss of teeth structure by mechanical.

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Does Medicare Have A Dental Plan For Seniors

Dental Plans for Seniors: Medicare Advantage & MORE!

You might be able to get dental and vision insurance for seniors through a Medicare Advantage Plan from a Medicare-approved private insurer.Remember, Original Medicare might only help cover the cost of dental care thats related to things like surgery, hospitalization, and emergencies, so youd be responsible for the cost of dental exams, X-rays, cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures, implants, etc.Keep in mind that, if youre thinking about going with a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes dental coverage, you might be restricted to signing up during certain enrollment periods. And plans can vary from one provider to another, as well as one location to another.Dont worry, if Medicare Part C plans dont meet your needs, you also have the option of buying a stand-alone dental plan, such as one from the companies discussed above. You might find that they provide more comprehensive or more affordable coverage. And you can enroll in a stand-alone plan at any time of the year.

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Senior Dental Care: Importance Of Oral Health For Seniors

With age, dental care and oral health become increasingly more important. According to the Center for Disease control and prevention – about 2 in 3 adults aged 65 or older have gum disease. 1 in 5 adults over 65 have untreated tooth decay.You might not know that oral health conditions like gum disease are linked to major health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimers. This means that maintaining a healthy smile is part of living a happy and healthy life.

Delta Dental Coverage Is Available For Seniors Dont Miss Out On Critical Dental Benefits

Many older Americans are missing out on dental coverage because not all Medicare and Medigap programs cover dental. To ensure you have access to the dental coverage you need, a supplemental dental insurance plan can provide those critical dental benefits that your Medicare or health insurance plans may not cover. If you find yourself without dental coverage, consider one of our Delta Dental plans that may be appropriate for seniors .

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Best For Special Needs: Cigna


If you have special dental needs as a senior on Medicare, then Cigna is a good choice. They offer special needs plans and an increased range of services for customers who need them.

  • Some plans don’t include prescription coverage

We chose Cigna as the best for special needs because of their personalized plan offerings. While other Medicare Advantage Plans limit coverage to individuals with special health conditions or care needs, Cigna offers special needs plans that include access to a wider range of specialists, along with regular health assessment .

Depending on your health care needs, Cigna offers an increased range of services, whether that is more intensive treatments, personalized care treatments, or more individual specialist attention.

Based on a review of Cignas Model of Care, the National Committee for Quality Assurance has approved Cigna to offer Special Needs Plans until 2021 . Annual NCQA approval is required for this plan type.

Cigna offers a health risk assessment that can be used to develop personalized care plans with Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees and their primary care doctor. The HRA also helps match each enrollee with the health and wellness services that best fit their needs.

Humana Affordable Dental Coverage For Seniors

dental plans seniors medicare

Next on our list of dental insurance companies is Humana dental plans which offer different levels of coverage to meet the requirements of any budget. Humana dental plans are available in 28 states and offer straightforward dental coverage with ease in mind.

Humana dental plans are geared toward those looking for great dental coverage with low monthly premiums. Another great perk of Humana dental insurance is the option for a lifetime deductible. Once you meet the lifetime deductible, you will receive the maximum coverage of the plan. Lifetime deductibles range from $50-$150.

Once you meet your deductible, Humana dental insurance offers 100% coverage on all preventive services in-network and 80% coverage out of network. Additionally, Humana offers 50% coverage for basic services. However, their plans do not cover major dental services.

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Does Medicare Advantage Provide Dental Benefits In New Castle

Medicare Advantage, also called Medicare Part C, offers a different way to receive Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. Private insurance companies approved by Medicare offer Medicare Advantage plans. Most plans offer supplement coverage beyond Original Medicare, such as hearing, vision and dental benefits. Leading companies offering plans include Humana, Aetna, UHC and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Common options for plans include Health Maintenance Organization plans, Preferred Provider Organization plan and Private Fee-for-Service plans. Since Medicare Advantage plans are sold by different insurance companies, their premiums, supplemental coverage and out-of-pocket expenses will differ. The most commonly offered dental coverage includes routine exams, cleanings and x-rays. According to AARP, Medicare Advantage plans with comprehensive dental coverage usually include an insurance rider.

Services Excluded Under Part B

The following two categories of services are excluded from coverage:

A primary service provided for the care, treatment, removal, or replacement of teeth or structures directly supporting teeth, e.g., preparation of the mouth for dentures, removal of diseased teeth in an infected jaw.

A secondary service that is related to the teeth or structures directly supporting the teeth unless it is incident to and an integral part of a covered primary service that is necessary to treat a non-dental condition and it is performed at the same time as the covered primary service and by the same physician/dentist. In those cases in which these requirements are met and the secondary services are covered, Medicare does not make payment for the cost of dental appliances, such as dentures, even though the covered service resulted in the need for the teeth to be replaced, the cost of preparing the mouth for dentures, or the cost of directly repairing teeth or structures directly supporting teeth .

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Does Medicare Part A And B Cover Dental And Vision

Medicare parts A and B, also known as Original Medicare, do not typically cover dental or vision services. Part A covers hospitalizations, while Part B covers medical services such as doctors visits. Once you turn 65, youre usually eligible for Part A at no cost if youve paid into the Medicare system through your taxes for at least 10 years. If youre a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, youre eligible for Part B.

The only situation where Original Medicare may cover some dental or vision services is in complicated or serious cases where a hospital stay is required, like if you severely injure your jaw or eye. In this case, Original Medicare may cover some expenses related to dental or vision work.

The Best Dental Plans For Seniors In 2020

Dental Insurance For Seniors – Medicare Dental Coverage

The best dental plan for seniors is the dental plan that is best for you. That said, there are some standout policies and providers worth investigating. is one source that has compiled a list of the best dental plans for seniors in 2020. Humana is ranked as the best overall, while Cigna offers the best coverage in terms of actual benefits, and Guardian has the best value.

To see the complete list and rankings, go here. also has a list of the 10 best dental insurance companies of 2020. Guardian tops the list at #1. To see where others rank, go here.

Another site offering up reviews is The Senior List. Aetna earns the top spot with the best overall plans. AARP offers the best senior discounts. Others are ranked according to other criteria. Go here to see the rest of the reviews.

Benzinga Money rates Delta Dental the highest while Humana is the most affordable. To see more, go here.

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Is Dental And Vision Insurance For Seniors Necessary

Dental and vision insurance for seniors is crucial to promote proper dental and vision health through retirement. Once you reach age 65, you are ten times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, including oral cancers.

Additionally, the risk for other oral diseases increases. These include:

Routine dental care can nip these health complications in the bud. Although you can receive dental care without coverage, it can become costly. For example, a basic cleaning can cost upwards of $300, depending on your location. Beyond the basic cleaning, dental procedures can cost tens of thousands of dollars without proper coverage.

In addition to dental, vision coverage is also essential in keeping seniors on Medicare healthy. Approximately one in three seniors on Medicare develop a vision-reducing eye disease. These can include:

Most of these diseases are treatable if found early. Vision coverage can help you access treatment as soon as an issue is detected. Luckily, dental and vision plans for seniors are available to cover both necessary benefits.

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Is Dental Insurance Via Medicare Advantage Worth The Money

Depending on the plan, yes. If you dont foresee yourself needing much in the way of dental care except maybe the occasional cleaning or X-ray, then a simple plan that covers preventative dental care may be right for you. If you know youll have certain dental needs , its worth shopping for different Medicare Advantage plans and exploring exactly what each plan covers because all Medicare Advantage plans that offer comprehensive dental care do not cover every single aspect of dental care. Some plans do, though, and its worth looking into the comparative costs of these plans, especially in the case of surgery and similar big-ticket expenses. However, most of these plans have a yearly maximum coverage amount, so if you know you have some big dental bills ahead of you, it might be worth it to look for a plan thats built specifically for dental care. Prices may be more affordable for more detailed care.

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