Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

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If We Ask You To Design A Garbage Collection For Our Clients How Will You Do It

Senior Software Engineer Mock Technical Interview (Coding/Algorithms in JavaScript)

Garbage collection guarantees that a Java system runs properly and saves the programmer from having to perform it manually. A GC improves memory efficiency in systems. The purpose of garbage collection is to make a system appear to have an infinite quantity of memory. When a system becomes sluggish, a garbage collector enters and gathers what is no longer in use.

As a hiring manager, you need to pay attention to this answer, as through this, you will figure out whether the candidate is able to design the ins and outs of the system and have an efficiency moderation check in place, which was the deliverable that the client required.

Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions On Data Structures And Algorithms

Acing coding interviews is crucial to making it past the on-site interview and landing an offer. Coding interviews mainly involve solving problems in data structures and algorithms. Below is the list of topics to prepare for the eBay coding interview.

  • Graph algorithms, including greedy algorithms

Here are some sample coding interview questions to practice for your senior software engineer interview:

  • For a given rotated array that is sorted, write a program code to find a particular element in the array.
  • Write a program to check if a binary tree is a valid binary search tree.
  • Write a program to find if the permutation of a string is a palindrome or not.
  • Write an error-free program to check if a given binary tree is balanced or not.
  • You are provided with a string in the form of a sentence. Write a program to display the characters of the string in reverse order.
  • For an array of integers and unique values, write a program code to decipher if the sum of any two integers in the array is equal to a given value.
  • For a given two-dimensional array with integers of unique values, write a program to make the entire column or row of the array zero if any element in the array is zero.
  • You are given two linked lists. Each of the linked lists has an integer value. Write a program to add the two linked lists and return the value of their sum.
  • Youâre given the root of a binary tree. Write a code to show the node values at every level.
  • Software Engineering Interview Questions With Answers

    What should you expect in your first software engineering interview? That depends on the role youve applied for! Software engineering jobs tend to fall under two categories: domain-specific or general programming.

    If youre interviewing for a domain-specific role, expect the questions to center around the specific technology you specialize in, such as AWS or cloud infrastructure, or IoT. These highly-technical interviews will be very focused on the technology in question.

    For a general programming or web development role, the process is fundamentally different. These interviews evaluate your problem-solving ability as well as your coding proficiency, so recruiters are likely to ask questions ranging from the technical to the behavioral. Its this general sort of role that were focusing on for this article.

    In this blog post, weve compiled a list of 31 most common software engineering interview questions asked in a software engineering interview along with the best ways to answer them.

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    Example C# Advanced Interview Questions And Answers

    Question 30: What is a Delegate? Explain.

    Answer: A Delegate is a variable that holds the reference to a method. Hence it is a function pointer of reference type. All Delegates are derived from System.Delegate namespace. Both Delegate and the method that it refers to can have the same signature.

    public delegate voidAddNumbers 

    After the declaration of a delegate, the object must be created of the delegate using the new keyword.

    AddNumbersan1 = newAddNumbers 

    The delegate provides a kind of encapsulation to the reference method, which will internally get called when a delegate is called.

    public delegate intmyDel public classProgrampublic voidStart  }

    In the above example, we have a delegate myDel which takes an integer value as a parameter. Class Program has a method of the same signature as the delegate, called AddNumbers.

    If there is another method called Start which creates an object of the delegate, then the object can be assigned to AddNumbers as it has the same signature as that of the delegate.

    Question 31: What are Events?

    Answer:Events are user actions that generate notifications to the application to which it must respond. The user actions can be mouse movements, keypress and so on.

    Programmatically, a class that raises an event is called a publisher and a class which responds/receives the event is called a subscriber. An Event should have at least one subscriber else that event is never raised.

    Delegates are used to declare Events.

    Let us see an Example:

    Use Natural Skill Tests When Interviewing Senior Engineers

    senior software developer interview questions
    • Do not ask senior developers to complete a test to explain a simple algorithm or data structure- most candidates for senior posts havent dealt with such matters in years.
    • Stay away from whiteboard-testing.
    • Ask candidates to share a few work samples
    • Ask the candidate to build on existing code

    Likewise, instead of asking candidates to take a coding test like in a coding interview, it would be better to ask a potential senior developer how they would improve upon existing code.

    This can be achieved with a DevSkiller paired programming test . See how your candidate approaches and solves problems, including how they prioritize which problems to solve. Additionally, see how your candidate uses in stack resources like frameworks and libraries and observe when they choose to write their own code

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    Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions Related To Technical Skills

    The next eleven senior software interview questions will help you learn about your candidates technical skills and knowledge. Use them to find out whether their abilities align with the requirements of the role.

  • If you needed to debug a system of applications, how would you accomplish this?
  • Have you ever integrated an Agile framework into your engineering processes?
  • Describe a challenging project that you worked on in the past. Which approach did you use to complete it?
  • What is OOP? Can you explain why its important?
  • What approach do you use for organizing or arranging assets and class modules?
  • In which circumstances should NoSQL be used over SQL?
  • Explain what the software development life cycle is.
  • Can you explain what responsive design is?
  • Explain what fixed layouts are.
  • Explain what liquid layouts are.
  • What do you know about non-deterministic programming?
  • Please Walk Me Through The Process You Use When Assigned A Programming Project Starting With Defining The Requirements And Going Through Delivery

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      An interviewer will be interested in how you approach a software development project. They want to confirm that your approach is well organized, logical, and, most importantly, aligns with the one used by their current software development team. This last criterion will determine your fit for the organization or whether you need to be re-educated on their processes and procedures.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

      How to Answer

      When responding to this question, walk the interviewer through your process, starting from the initial requirements analysis and going through development, testing, and product launch. Keep your explanation at a high level with few details. The interviewer will ask a follow-up question if they want to explore your methodology in more detail.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

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    What Do You Think Are The Most Important Aspects To Pay Attention To When Reviewing Another Team Members Code

    Code reviews are fundamental to the software development process, even when theres only one engineer. By posing this question youll get an idea of the candidates knowledge and problem-solving skills, their attention to detail, and whether they can keep an overview of the project.

    Here is a sample answer:

    I first look for security, functionality, and readability. Is the code simple, or cluttered, bloated, and inefficient? How many lines of unnecessary code will I need to re-write or remove? I check for any weaknesses that could cause vulnerabilities and confirm that regulatory requirements have been met.

    Everyone has their own coding style and every developer or team will have requirements that are specific to their codebase. Effective code reviews often have checklists. Below is a limited list of general suggestions you could consider including:

    • The software passes automated and manual testing
    • Code follows applicable conventions and is easy to understand
    • Code is not duplicated
    • Blocks of code inside loops are as small as possible
    • No memory leaks

    But more important than which exact points a candidate brings up is their reasoning for doing so. Be wary of candidates who get stuck on tabs-versus-spaces bikeshedding at the expense of more crucial engineering elements: The above items shouldnt all carry the same weight.

    Here are ten examples of terms they should be able to define:

    How Does Html5 Use Web Workers And Why Is This Important

    Interview Tips from a Senior Software Engineer… and a 4 year old

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      One of the key responsibilities of a senior software engineer is maintaining their currency in newly developing technologies. Interviewers will ask you about techniques and methodologies associated with the latest software and development tools used in your profession. They want to make sure your knowledge of these is current, and you can employ them in your work if hired.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

      How to Answer

      You should anticipate questions like this and refresh your knowledge about these topics by reviewing vendor websites, technology blogs, and other sources of information before attending the interview. Conversely, you should also be familiar with legacy versions of the applications which the organization may still be using. Being knowledgeable about topics and both of these areas will help you perform well in the interview and likely lead to a job offer.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

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    What Was The Last Team Project You Worked On In Hindsight How Would You Prioritize The Tasks For Better Collaboration

    With these behavioral interview questions, you are finding out whether or not the candidate was a team player and collaborated well with others. You will also find out how they prioritize tasks, and how they explain what they would do differently. This set of questions also draws out how a candidate felt about the project, and whether they express some passion or excitement about it.

    This set of questions can be informed by what is in a candidates resume. For more soft skills to look for, refer to this post.

    When Would You Prefer A Nosql Solution Over Sql

    In the last five years, the default database for small-scale projects and startups has been a NoSQL solution like MongoDB or Couchbase. After a few years of use, the industry is considerably more aware of the benefits and drawbacks of NoSQL solutions.

    This question determines if the senior software engineer applicant knows the benefits and downsides. It can tell you exactly how much the applicant understands about when to choose a specific database architecture and which database to choose for a specific situation. It also allows you to examine how they communicate their ideas and consider the risks and assertiveness of the solution.

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    Can You Recall A Time Your Manager Was Unavailable When A Situation Arose That Demanded An Immediate Resolution How Did You React

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      While this appears to be a question about leadership, it addresses your willingness to take the initiative. The interviewer is interested in this because it helps them determine your future growth potential. Organizations like to hire individuals who continually improve themselves and develop new skills, allowing them to advance within the company.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

      How to Answer

      When responding to this question, emphasize your willingness to take the initiative rather than complain about the manager’s absence. Explain why you felt the need to take action and describe how you did so to resolve the immediate situation and then review the issue and your actions with your manager. Be prepared to answer a follow-up question about what you would do differently next time.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

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    Behavioral Interview Questions To Ask A Senior Developer

    Zillow Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

    Behavioral questions can be a useful way of testing how a candidate reacts to certain situations.

    • What would you do to sell new ideas to management? For example, if your manager asks you to select between two technologies, how would you do this? This question tests how well a candidate presents a business case to use a particular type of technology, and what risks and values they consider when making the decision.
    • Have you ever identified a potential business problem, and then proactively implemented a solution?
    • How do you stay up-to-date on new technologies related to full-stack web development?
    • Whats your biggest professional success so far? Why?
    • Tell me about three times in your professional career when you failed.
    • What was the last team project you worked on? What did you work on? In hindsight, how would you prioritize those tasks for better collaboration? With these questions, you are finding out whether or not the candidate was a team player and collaborated well with others. You will also find out how they prioritize tasks, and how well they think through what they would do differently in the future.
    • What would help you to become a better manager?

    Source: Unsplash

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    Assume You Have A Brilliant Concept For A Significant Software Project In Which You Are Not Personally Engaged How Would You React

    This inquiry might assist you in screening for both communication and collaboration abilities. Would they find the appropriate project personnel and meet with them privately to discuss their idea? Would they be bitter if they didn’t get recognition, or would they be content to assist their teammates in succeeding? You may extend this topic by asking what they would do if their concept was rejected.

    Please Describe How You Would Refactor A Class For Easier Testing

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      During the interview for a senior software engineer’s job, you’ll be asked many technical questions. These are meant to provide the interviewer with information about your skills and experience and help them determine if you’re qualified for this role. The technical questions will span several different topics and, in some cases, may ask you to demonstrate your programming skills. As the interview progresses, the questions will become more specific and challenging.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

      How to Answer

      You should review the processes and procedures you currently use to develop software and research those typically used within the industry. This will help you to be familiar with these and ready to respond or demonstrate your programming skills during the interview. Even though you may have a great deal of experience to be confident in the methodology you use, reviewing them before the interview will keep them fresh in your mind. Practicing questions like this will also prepare you to respond to the interviewer’s questions easily.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

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    Tell Me About A Difficult Decision You Had To Make In One Of Your Previous Roles

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      The interviewer is looking for examples of your decision-making process and how you approach difficult challenges or situations. They want to learn more about how decisive you are and whether you are willing to make difficult choices. The interviewer hopes to see that you are willing to put the organization’s interests ahead of your personal feelings.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

      How to Answer

      When answering this question, choose a situation in which you made a decision involving a personal sacrifice or two equally undesirable outcomes. Explain the choice you made, your rationale, and the outcome. Then briefly discuss what, if anything, you would have done differently based on the outcome.

      Written by William Swansen on May 23rd, 2022

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    How Do You Refactor Classes For Parallel And Concurrent Processes

    System Design Interview with a Senior Software Engineer @ Airbnb (2019)

    Similar to refactoring classes for easier unit testing, your ability to refactor classes for parallel and concurrent processing shows the interviewer your understanding of working with non-deterministic programming. In your answer, give examples of how you used threads, background jobs and sub-processes when implementing solutions to support improvements in software designs.

    Example:”When refactoring classes on a recent build, I applied asynchronous processing to manage my organization’s financial databases. By designing parallel and concurrent processing features, I was able to improve the functionality and speed of data retrieval of various user applications. Since the size of the data structure was so large, multiple background processes previously hindered the system’s processing speeds. With concurrent processing, however, my team was able to apply solutions more effectively when updating system data each accounting period.”

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    What Do You Understand By A Stored Procedure Explain With An Example

    This interview question is very important, as it asks the candidate to tell what they understand about the concept, which they should be thoroughly familiar with. Through this question, you can figure out easily if the candidate is actually well versed with the concepts or not. Make sure while providing the example, you reserve some of the questions for the example at the end.

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